Joe, Danny and Me Pt. 02


NOTE TO READERS: Thank you so much for the response to Pt. 1! This was my first submission, and the feedback from you guys has been amazing! Now I’m spurred on to continue. I hope you enjoy!


“Thank you for your order! This will be delivered to you tomorrow.”

Last order of business before bedtime. I don’t know whether I’m still in a state of euphoria from this evening’s occurrence with Danny or I’ve just had too many cans. Either way, I’m drowning in a pool of emotions right now.

For those of you who don’t know, I gave one of my best friends a blowjob today. No, in fact it was more than that. My best friend sniffed my boxer shorts and then face fucked me and shot his load down my throat.

As I look down at my raging hard-on, I’m struggling to determine whether this is because I’m reliving what happened, or if my dick just hasn’t gone down since! Either way, I’ll need to wait until tomorrow before I find out whether my order was a useless impulse purchase, or if I’ll actually get some use out of it.

As I get undressed for bed, my attention is brought back to the leaky tentpole pulling on the fabric of my boxers. Okay, one more order of business before bed.

I deliberately pull the fabric of my boxers over my dick as I remove them, not freeing it immediately. I carefully ease the elastic strap over my bellend, before allowing my meat to bounce up towards me before letting my boxers fall to my ankles. A faint whiff of precum hits my nostrils, reminding me of how I took in the air around Danny’s glistening tip. As I let myself fall onto the bed, my head barely hits the pillow before I’ve and begun to stroke. I close my eyes and elaborate further on my fantasy…

I hear Michelle giggling to my right as she continues to apply pressure to the back of my head, pushing me down further onto Danny’s wet meat. As I begin to gag, she allows me to come up for air before taking over on Danny.

I look up at him to find him in a state of complete pleasure, his eyes fastened shut and his mouth wide open. His hips let out involuntary little thrusts against Michelle, as she bobs up and down like an absolute pro.

I bring my hand up to the tip of my dick, gathering precum as I get lost in the hottest fantasy I’ve ever conjured. I use the precum to lube myself up, thrusting into my own hand in the same way that I’m imagining Danny thrusting.

As I began to reach my climax, I fast forward my hot dream a few paces.

I straddle Danny as we tongue each other, like we were in my bedroom earlier on. Michelle is on her knees, softly sucking on Danny’s balls, as I share the leftover precum in my mouth with him. As our kiss breaks, I feel Michelle come up behind me. She gives me a little smile as she grabs Danny’s soaking wet pole, positioning it for me to drop down onto it. I feel myself open up to him, as the tip of his dick snuggles into my tight-

I’m no longer able to hold on, as a thick rope of cum shoots out and splashes all over my chest and stomach, some of it hitting my face. As my jerking hand begins to slow down, I scrape the juice off my face with my other hand, bringing it to my mouth. I’d never been able to do this before, always wanting to try, but losing the desire after cumming. However, the vivid memory of receiving Danny’s load made me as eager as I was before climaxing. Once I finished cleaning my face, I scooped the rest off my torso and lapped it up, pretending that Danny was still here, giving me a second helping.

It seems there’s no denying it now. I wanted more. I still wasn’t sure how much more though…I don’t think I’m looking for a relationship? I was a straight man a few hours ago, but now…. I’m not so sure. One thing I was sure of though…I wanted Danny’s dick.

As I wake up the next morning, I stretch out wide and routinely grab my phone to check the time. I noticed a notification blinking on the front screen:

“Order update: Your item has been dispatched!”


After I got up and dressed, I threw a piece of toast down me and headed out the door. I merrily strolled through the forest lanes, almost skipping with joy and determination. I was going to tell Danny. I wasn’t going to freak him out about feelings or whatever, I just wanted him to know that I’d be there if he ever needed it, as a friend and as a newly-discovered insatiable cock slut.

As I neared the football pitch, I spotted Danny’s wavy hair amidst the crowd of lads and headed straight for him.

“Morning dickheads!” I shout out, addressing everyone, but only looking for Danny to turn and see me.

“Aw there he is!” Joe shouts out. “Here you are, on the heads!”

I look across to see Joe at the end of the pitch, releasing a football from his hands and booting it straight into the air. I shuffle around as I try to follow the ball, positioning myself to receive it. My head makes contact with the ball, sending it at full speed towards the goal and…

Wide. I’ve always been shit at headers.

“Closer, that time!” Danny mocks.

As we all bahis siteleri chat away and settle in, I find an opening to discreetly pull Danny away from the crowd of guys.

“Listen mate,” I mutter softly, “about last night-“

“Hold up a sec mate,” Danny interrupts, “Check it out!”

I follow his eyes to the bottom of the pitch, towards a crowd of girls heading past. Amongst them is resident bombshell, Michelle. She’s back in the famous fishnets, coupled with a skimpy pair of denim shorts, and a Metallica crop top showing plenty of midriff.

“Fuuuuck,” Danny dribbles to himself. Why does she have to make it so difficult for us? One thing was for sure, despite my recent discoveries, I wasn’t entirely over girls.

Once I’d finished oogling with the lads, I was suddenly overcome with a wave of doubt. What if Danny doesn’t feel the same? He’d said himself, the only reason he went for my pants was from a sexual overdrive fuelled by the woman in view. I could be jeopardising years of friendship over a quick blowjob that he’s probably regretting now.

“Sorry man, what was you saying?” Danny returns, interrupting my thought.

“Oh, I was just….I just wondered if you fancied another Fifa session later,” I lied.

“Sure man! I’ve got football practice this evening so I’ll be pretty late, maybe I could crash over?”

“Yeah absolutely!” I reply, perhaps a bit too enthusiastically. He didn’t seem to react to it though, so I think I got away with it.

I didn’t stick around much longer before heading back down the forest trail towards home. I’ve walked the path so many times, it’s become my favourite thinking spot. And I was thinking about a lot today.

Danny was coming over, which is great. The perfect opportunity to take him inside me again. But, what if there isn’t an ‘again’? I didn’t want to push it if it’s not what he wants. At the end of the day, our friendship comes first, and the last thing I wanted was for him to stop coming over, in fear that I’d keep coming onto him or whatever.

I was distracted from my crisis when I saw a cardboard box placed up against the front door of my house. I locked the door behind me as I flew upstairs to my room, tossing the parcel onto the bed.

As I removed the cellotape and eagerly ripped the box open, my cock twitched in excitement as I unearthed the 6 inch suction cup dildo.

I removed the plastic packaging around it and held it in my hand for a moment, adjusting my crotch as my growing cock became too stiff for its current position. “It’s not Danny’s,” I thought to myself, “but it’ll do for now.”

I couldn’t undress fast enough as I headed for the shower, my flailing plastic fucktoy being dragged along with me. I turn the shower head on and firmly plant the fake cock on the shower wall at around waist height. There wasn’t anyone around to enjoy, but I was still going to be biggest slut ever.

I teased myself a bit first, playing hard-to-get with my dildo as I soaped myself up with bodywash. As I lathered myself up, I felt my hips begin to move as I give my imaginary bull a little dance. I imagine his boner start to form as I shake my soapy ass in front of him.

“Mmm do you wanna fuck me, Danny?”

“Ooh yes I do. Come here.”

I obey my fantasy’s order, getting down on my knees and wrapping my hand around the dildo. I start kissing the plastic tip, a little disappointed that I’m not met with the sweet taste I’ve begun to crave. Nevertheless, I started to take it deeper into my mouth.

Even though the house was empty, I feel glad that the noise of the shower was there to cover me, as I audibly began to gag and glug on my fake master’s meat, moaning with the pleasure that comes with serving.

I arch my back a little and began to massage my ass with a finger, while I continue going to town on the dildo.

“Mmm fuck yeah daddy,” I giggle to myself, beginning to feel overwhelmed from the hot water raining on my 4D fantasy.

As I release the dildo from my mouth’s grasp, I gather as much of the spit trail as possible in my hand. I return to my ass, lubing myself up with a mixture of spit and a little soap. My massage slowly moves to a gentle prod, as I ease a finger into my hole.

Overcome with desire, I return to the dildo on the wall, violently deepthroating it as my hand begins to quicken on my ass. I put my other hand against the shower wall, imagining that I’m caressing my master’s firm body while I please his dick. One finger turns to two, then to three, as I slowly open myself up.

“I’m ready, Danny.”

I try not to tumble over as I stand up, knees dead and weakened from a mixture of body position and my delicate g-spot being disturbed. As I turn around, I extend my ass out, as I try to sexily bend over for the shower wall. I gather a bit of precum from my sopping wet cock and use it to lube up the dildo from behind me.

I brace myself up against the shower door as I position the dildo near my entryway. My moan escalates from a soft whisper to an involuntary, guttural groan as I’m penetrated, feeling every canlı bahis siteleri inch make it’s way into my virgin asshole.

I use a second hand to hold myself up against the door, as I back up onto the dildo. Once I feel the synthetic balls press against my asscheeks, I push myself forward, starting a slow rocking motion back and for on my fake master.

This is it. I may still fancy girls. I may still dream of getting between Michelle’s legs. But I will never be fully satisfied until I feel a man inside me. I need to be fucked.

I begin to jerk off as my ass is pummeled by my new friend. I feel my legs begin to quiver as I draw close to the end. My fast rocking motion changes to a slow, hard drive onto the dildo, as the plastic head crashes into my g-spot.

“Fuck, Dannyyyyyyyyyy” I wail as I release myself all over the shower door. My orgasm feels neverending as I jerk back onto the dildo, heightening the orgasm once more.


My new animalistic side was still in full force, despite already finishing. I slowly dismount the dildo and drop to my knees, hungrily lapping away at the shower door. I’d never let myself get away with this before, but this is the second time that I’ve had no trouble eating my own load. It’s as if I’ve unlocked something within myself, a mode that must’ve always been there without me realising. I was turning into a right little cumslut.

My phone buzzed as I dried myself off. My heart skipped a little in excitement. Was it Danny?

I entered the passcode and opened the notification:

From: Joe

“Hey mate, I’ve just got home. Fancy popping over?”

I checked the time. I still had a few hours before Danny would finish training. It also dawned on me that I hadn’t actually been to Joe’s for a few days.

“Sure, just getting changed and I’ll be over,” I replied.

I had to go past the football pitch to get to Joe’s, meaning I had a bit of time through the forest trail to get lost in my thoughts again. What was happening to me? I thought back to my alone time in the shower. I screamed Danny’s name! I was well aware that he was the only one I was fantasising about this time. No Michelle. No women at all. I mean, as I think about it now, there’s no way I’m saying no to a hot chick. But would I also say yes to a hot guy? It certainly seemed that way.

The plus to being as chummy as us three is that you don’t have to worry about knocking. I let myself in through Joe’s front door and, as if on autopilot, made my way straight upstairs to his bedroom. I found him in his usual position, led in bed playing Call of Duty.

“Hey mate, anyone else online?” I enquire as I take a seat at the foot of the bed.

“Just Barry, mate” he replied. “There’s a can on the side there.”

I thank him as I take hold of the cool cider can and crack it open. We spent the next couple of hours chatting shit, drinking and taking it in turns shooting Barry in the head on Call of Duty. Our conversation eventually landed, as per usual, on girls.

“Did you see Michelle today?” I asked. “She’s getting worse, man. She knows what she’s doing.”

“I know, dude” Joe replied. “She never used to go near the football pitch until she realised all the lads went there. Now she’s always strutting past! The boner count that she’s caused is astronomical!” he chuckled. His laugh then turned to a little, mournful sigh. “No Rachel today, though.”

“You’ve really got a soft spot for that girl!” I teased.

“She drives me crazy, man” he whispered, obviously losing himself a little in thought. As his round finishes, he sits himself up and places the controller down. “I just can’t pick up the courage to talk to her. Plus, it’s either that she’s with her girls or I’m with the lads. I never get a chance to get her alone, y’know. That’s if she’d ever go for me anyway.”

I feel a little sorry for Joe. Even though he’s as active as the rest of us, and he’s not an ugly guy by any means, but he’s always been a little chubbier than the other guys, which has done no favours for his confidence.

“I see no reason why she wouldn’t go for you,” I encouraged. “I’ve seen her giving those little looks across town. She never does that for anyone else.”

“Really?” he asks, a glint of hope in his eyes.

“Yeah. Don’t put yourself down, Joe. You don’t need me repeating myself, but you’re a great guy. And even if she’s not after a personality, I’ve seen what you’re packing. You’ll win her over” I say with a wink and a chuckle.

Joe chuckles back, but remains serious. “Thanks Darren,” he sighs, slapping a hand on my leg.

I felt myself twitch a little. I look at him to see if he’s noticed my reaction, to find him looking into my eyes. No one seemed to be the first to decide, as we both leant into each other for a kiss.

I bring a hand up to his neck as we embrace each others’ mouths. I was not fucking expecting this. For the first time, my man-thoughts were directed towards someone other than Danny. Who would’ve thought that I’d experience this with not one best friend, canlı bahis but two!

Joe lays back on the bed as I follow him, positioning myself on top of him. I feel his dick pressing against me, growing into a solid bar as we begin to open our tongues up to each other. I run my hands up his T-shirt, lifting it up enough to reveal his hardening nipples. I break our kiss and make my way down to take one of them into my mouth, feeling it’s hardness with the tip of my tongue.

Joe throws his head back with pleasure as I start to nibble lightly on him. I play around with his nipples in my mouth a little longer before straying further down, kissing his stomach as I go. Time to please my new master.

I unbutton his jeans and help him bring them to his ankles, noticing his hard dick pushing on the fabric of his boxers. I press my head up close and breathe in the air radiating off his cock, catching the scent of precum through the fabric. I plant little kisses through his boxer shorts, feeling it press down and bounce lightly, hitting my face. I move down slightly and begin to run my tongue along his thighs, feeling him moan through the agony of my tease. I do the same on the other thigh before eventually releasing him from his pants. Fuck, he’s big. As much as I loved Danny’s cock, I’d wager that Joe had at least an extra inch on him. Joe seemed to be a lot hornier too, as I watch his veins grow more prominent against his long, stiff member.

I begin to unleash the slut I unlocked earlier, locking eyes with Joe as I take him inside me. He runs his hand through my hair as I begin bobbing on his ready dick. So much better than a dildo.

There was no shower noise to mask me this time, as I fully hear every gagging noise I make as I take Joe into my throat. Even though I was only a day into this newfound desire, I felt right at home.

Not unlike Danny, it wasn’t long before Joe decided to take control, and I was all for it.

I brought my hands up to his nipples and began squeezing them as Joe grabbed my head and thrusted against my throat. I let out a whimper as my new master fucked my mouth as fast as he could. His irregular, jerky movements let me know that he was close.

“Fuck Darren, I’m-” was all he had time to let out before he rammed himself in as far and as hard as he could. shooting a jet of hot spunk right down my throat.

I brought myself up slowly, giving his shaft one last, long suck. I giggled at the popping sound his dick made when I released the end of it.

I leant back on the end of the bed, basking in another job well done, when I felt Joe grab at my crotch.

He yanked my jogging bottoms down, making my hard dick bounce in all directions. He caught it in his hand and swiftly put his mouth to it, taking me straight into his waiting tongue. Fuck, this was new.

I couldn’t contain my moans as Joe became the new slut, cupping my aching balls as he sucked and slobbered all over my member.

I’d been the serving slut, eager to please. Now, I was in control.

I thrusted into Joe’s mouth, feeling his hands explore my thighs and up to my stomach. He reached up through my T-shirt as I grabbed his head, fucking it as hard as I dare. I got so worked up from pleasing his cock, that it wasn’t long before I was ready to burst.

“Fuck Joe, I’m gonna cum,” I exclaimed. I tried talking as dirty as I could at him, making the most of this beautiful moment.

“Fuck I’m gonna shoot my load in your slut mouth, baby. I want you to fucking swallow me. Take it all, baby.”

I managed to work myself up with my words, pulling on his hair as I release myself into his mouth, letting out short, sharp thrusts as each rope of cum left my body. That was fucking incredible.

I heard my phone buzz on Joe’s bedside table as we cleaned ourselves up. I reached over to have a look:

From: Danny

“I’m at yours mate. Where are you?”

I quickly send a text back to him:

“At Joe’s mate. Just heading back now.”

I get one last look at Joe’s limp, spent cock before it disappears into his pants.

“Danny’s at my place,” I say to him. “Fancy coming over for a few?”

“I can’t, sorry mate” he replies. “I’ll be heading out to dinner with my parents soon an-” he interrupts himself with a sudden wave of panic. “You won’t tell Danny about this. will you?!”

I didn’t know how to respond. I felt ready to reveal everything to him about what happened yesterday, but decided in the moment not to say anything.

“No of course not.”

I wanted to play this the right way. I’d had two perfect moments with my two best friends, and I didn’t want it all to fall apart. And even though they’d both seemed as eager as me, I was still worried that this was just a fleeting moment based on heated emotions. I didn’t want to push it with either of them.

I left Joe and head back through the familiar forest trail, I hope, from one conquest to another. However, the closer I got to home, the more doubtful I became. I couldn’t just leave it all up in the air, I had to say something. But what do I say? What if he reacts badly and leaves? I feared that he was just using me as a placeholder, a piece of ass that wasn’t Michelle. Not that I really minded the thought of being used as a piece of ass, but you know what I mean.

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