John + Rosemary + Me (Part 3)

Female Ejaculation

Looking back, that hazy summer Saturday was like Independence Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and several other important holidays I couldn’t think of at the moment all lumped together. After John blew his load down my throat a second time, Rosemary fetched a couple of thick cotton towels and we proceeded to rub each other dry.  Both of them had white terrycloth robes to match the towels and slipped them on.“Here,” John said, pulling another, smaller bathrobe from the closet. “We found this especially for you.”“Thanks,” I smiled at him, slipping on the garment, feeling the rough fabric rubbing my nipples. The moment I cinched the robe together, he planted a deep, wet kiss on my mouth. I exhaled, returning the kiss, our mouths exploring for a moment. I noticed we were both erect again.“We better let our cocks rest for a while,” he whispered in my ear. His breath made me shiver, and I whimpered as his hand slipped beneath my robe to touch my naked skin.“Fuck,” Rosemary said, watching us make out like teenagers – well, a teenager and a grown man – “All of this has made me hungry.”“Then make with the victuals, mine wench!” John commanded.“Yes, sire!” She disappeared into the kitchen.                   John and I, our erections still poking out between the folds of our robes, relaxed on the living room sofa, the flickering television mildly distracting us from our touching and kissing. Rosemary moved about the kitchen, making discreet noises until the heavenly scent of bacon reached our nostrils. In spite of his suggestion that we cool it, John couldn’t keep his hands off my body. I returned the favor, resting my head against his bare chest as his hand rubbed up and down my thigh. I tried to steer my bobbing cock toward his hand, but he resisted. What a fucking tease he was! I could’ve sucked and fucked the rest of the afternoon.Not only was I glad we had broken the seal, I was relieved. I was tired of the torture and of jacking off alone in secret. I wanted them to touch me, and they knew it. When John grasped my cock for the first time, pleasure surging through my body under his grip, my insides spilled out and there would be no reeling them back in. Now I realize they were fully aware of what I wanted and needed, and what would transpire. At seventeen, my body and emotions were evolving at such a blinding pace, I could hardly keep up. They knew I balanced precariously on the fence between late adolescence and adulthood, and made the most of it.“Come and get thy sustenance!” Rosemary heralded from the kitchen.“Coming!” Both John and I replied at the same time. We paused, looking at each other, then burst into laughter at the irony of our response.“Well, maybe later.” John kissed the top of my head and face, planting one last kiss on my upturned mouth. He took my hand and pulled me off the sofa.As I walked with him across the living room, my feet caressed by the thick beige carpet, my body sang a song of need. I needed to be taken, to be ravished thoroughly. I had yet to get over the shock of the newness and think about being the aggressor. That would take some time. At the moment, I just wanted, needed, to come. I needed adult hands all over my body, exploring every square centimeter of my flesh, titillating every erotic nerve ending, manipulating me to a crescendo, then holding me firmly as I convulsed with each liberating new orgasm.We ate in relative silence. I relished the sight of Rosemary’s hard, pointed nipple playing peek-a-boo from behind her robe. I looked up and our eyes met.“Don’t worry,” she said. “You’ll get some more.”“You’ll get a LOT more,” John added.“I hope so,” I managed to whisper, averting my eyes with mild embarrassment.Under the table, Rosemary rubbed her foot against my calf. After breakfast, all three of us watched television for several hours, digesting, recharging our batteries, pacing ourselves, trying not to gorge out at the sexual banquet like mindless pigs. It was hard. Literally. We had slipped fully into late afternoon when John spoke up.“Let’s get in the hot tub,” he suggested.“Good idea,” Rosemary said. “Let me go make the beds and tidy up.” She rose to her feet, cinching the sash on her robe. I’ll be with you in a minute.”“Such a good housekeeper,” John smirked. “But we’re just going Kartal Escort to mess them up again.”“Still, I like a tidy home,” his wife replied, “so humor me.”“Can we help?” I asked.“No, you two get things going. I won’t be long,” she responded, her voice trailing off as she disappeared into the back portion of the house.Letting his robe fall to the sofa to reveal his mouthwatering, nude body, John vanished out the sliding glass back door onto the patio. Getting to my feet, I followed his lead, disrobing, treading from the plush carpet of the living room, out the sliding glass door, to the soft, polished pebbles embedded in the patio’s concrete. My toes wriggled, pleasuring in the smooth, caressing bumps pressing against my feet. The afternoon sun had already dropped to the opposite side of the house, covering half of the backyard in shadow.The roof of the patio stretched out to cover the small, wood-framed hot tub. His eyes closed, John had already settled into the steaming water. His smooth, firm chest, punctuated by two hard nipples, glistened, caressed by the steam, ready to suck. Wordlessly, I eased up the steps and pushed a toe in. Mmmm, it felt wonderful! As I slid my naked body into the water, John sensed my presence.  Lazily, he opened his eyes, smiling.”Hey, kid.”The second our eyes met, I flashed back to what had transpired since last night. I began to quiver as my body flushed hotly, the fire reignited. It amazed me, after years of being around John and Rosemary, how I now became so nervous. As opposed to the past, when they were just surrogate parents and I their almost-child, I became acutely aware of my exposed flesh and the hardness of my nipples. Caressed by the warm water, my cock jutted out, well beneath the surface. John looked at me serenely.”You okay, kid?”  He asked. “How are you handling this? I know it must be a shock to you, but we figured you were now an adult…”  John arched his eyebrow, “…at least on paper.”“I’m fine,” I said, but I don’t think that convinced him.”You know, last night we didn’t mean to scare you.” His toes came out and brushed against one of my calves. God, how much can one person be so aroused without bursting into flames? His touch electrified me.”No,” I replied, surprisingly without stammering. “I liked it.” Pausing, I said bluntly, “We can’t tell anyone, though.” John shook his head. “No, Neil. That’s just for us, what happened.” His foot continued to rub against my flesh. My cock throbbed painfully, making me wince.  I wanted to be nearer to my new, male lover. He noticed my discomfort.”What’s wrong?” he asked me. I suppose he was still afraid of traumatizing me for the rest of my life. “Please tell me.” His voice caressed me like a soft, warm blanket against my bare skin. “It’s okay, really.”I gazed into his eyes, unable to find the proper words, but managed to choke out a response.”I need to play some more.” Yes, I knew how crude it sounded as I said it. I merely wanted John to move closer to me. Within the tight confines of the hot tub, he wouldn’t need to move far. He didn’t reply but merely granted my wish, smiling.  Involuntarily, I stood, not knowing why. Perhaps it would allow him to access – and relieve – the center of my need, my cock?”The first thing you need to do,” John said, placing his hands firmly on my hips, “is to sit back down.” Our cocks touched under the water.For a delicious moment, his gaze shifted down to my swollen tool, and I ached for his touch. He refrained, though, pushing me back down into the sitting position.  His hand brushed my cheek, then disappeared into the water.From that moment on, time became a blur. John’s hands drifted to the source of my discomfort, slowly working their magic. His mouth pressed against mine as we kissed languidly, our tongues playing, sucking gently. My eyelids fluttered, my body relaxing against the edge of the tub as he worked me over. Above the water, all one could see was the subtle, almost imperceptible movement of his muscles.  His pecs, biceps and triceps slowly and rhythmically flexed as I drifted into a state of bliss. My breathing became deep and steady. My legs became taut, pushing my feet against the bottom of the tub. My arms rested on the rim as my head fell Kartal Escort Bayan back. The only sounds we made were the sound of the water and the wisps of my breathing.The pleasure John gave me became almost intolerable. My body began to move, almost involuntarily, almost interrupting our blissful tableau. The firm grip John had on my cock coerced me into increasing the friction. I became greedy for more pleasure, impatiently wanting to be properly jacked off.”Be still, kiddo,” John whispered in a throaty voice, “you’ll come eventually.”  Then he drew closer, “but I want to draw out as much come as I can, and that takes time.”My legs touched his, crossing them under the water. I licked my lips, sliding down and toward him a couple of inches. His legs continued rubbing against mine. The water caressed my nipples. I thought the orgasm would never arrive. The pleasure was indeed there, but it hesitated on the edge. John wouldn’t let me move, to mash out the fire he stoked in my cock. Then, without warning, it hit.Suddenly, a deep groan wrenched out of my throat. I gripped John’s arms and thrashed about in the water as I gave up my load.”Ahhh, yes, my horny boy,” John cooed. “Let me have all of it.  Let me have all of your come.”His expert hands gripped me perfectly, drawing out one shock wave after another. I clenched my teeth and growled with each new eruption.Oh, what sweet come! I grasped his strong shoulders and fucked his hand. Again, I came harder than I had ever imagined. My reserves drained away as the climaxing sensation kept beating against my loins.Too much. It was too much. I don’t know what his jacking technique was, but I couldn’t stop coming. I hung onto John for dear life. Yelping and sobbing as the inner core of my sexuality broke free, I slammed forward, pressing my orgasm-contorted face into John’s chest. Immediately, I began to lick his skin, moaning like a boy-slut in heat. My lush, red lips danced across his flesh, coming to a halt when they brushed across one of his nipples. I had to suck something, so I pressed my mouth against his breast.Half crying and suckling John like a starved infant, I lost consciousness for a moment, so completely spent from coming. The next thing I remember is looking up at John’s blissful face. His eyes were closed as he savored the electricity arcing through his nipple. Now I would try to return the pleasure. I circled John’s tit with my tongue, greedily sucking on the swollen bud. “Goddamnit!”  He grunted.  “Tug on the other one, too.”I obeyed, rubbing and tugging his other nipple. I could hear his slow, steady breathing and a slight hiss of pleasure. I was a hungry young succubus trying to draw all of the nourishment I could from my charge and John willingly obliged. I wondered what was taking Rosemary so long to join us. Suddenly, I felt the water move around me, rising a bit. Another body had moved alongside us.”Well, he certainly seems to be enjoying himself,” her light, airy voice taunted.  I moaned against John’s breast as Rosemary’s soft, naked flesh rubbed against mine.With John’s firm body on one side and Rosemary’s soft, yielding form on the other, I thought I would die of pleasure. As he continued nursing me, I felt his wife’s slender fingers gently brush down my stomach. My body stiffened and I arched my back slightly as her hand caressed my spent cock.“Why, John,” she said. “You achieved the impossible. His boner has gone to sleep!”“Well, fuck,” he groaned back. “He almost passed out from that last orgasm I gave him.”“Good…good,” She said approvingly. “I don’t want him wanking off in secret anymore.”“Yeah, as long as he’s here, that cock’s going to be perpetually spent.”I switched nipples, eliciting sounds of approval from both of them.Rosemary released my penis, choosing to pay attention to her husband. I sighed as her breasts pressed against my back, her thighs rubbing against mine and John’s. She gripped his cock, making him shudder. Keeping my mouth glued to his tit, I opened my eyes and glanced around. Panting, John gripped the sides of the tub. His mouth was open and he looked like he was about to explode from arousal. Rosemary spoke. “I think he needs to come, Neil” she purred.  “Don’t you?”I stopped sucking, Escort Kartal if only for a moment. “Yeah,” I replied in a groggy voice as if waking from a deep sleep. So engrossed I was in sucking John’s tit. “Maybe I need to suck something else.”“That’s an option,” she said. Gripping her husband’s penis, she rubbed the tip up and down my thigh, making him squirm. “But we’ve had enough sucking for now.”  She released her husband’s agony and slipped behind me. I jumped as her finger slid up my ass, pushing against my anus. “Let’s not forget about fucking.”“But who’s fucking who this time?” John asked, his cock brushing against my skin.“I wonder if he’s ready for it?” Rosemary asked her husband.“I dunno,” he looked into my eyes, rubbing his cock against me more and more.  “Maybe we should wait.”“What the fuck are you talking about?” I asked.“Fucking you in the ass, my love,” Rosemary answered. I squirmed as her finger slipped deeper into my body. Goddammit, if my cock wasn’t responding to her touch magnificently.“That’s a tall order, honey,” John said. “I don’t want him traumatized.”“Maybe you’re right.” Her finger went deeper and started to massage my prostate. Jesus Christ, it felt so good! I relaxed my head against her shoulder as the pleasure intensified.“I…I don’t mind,” I stammered, unsure if my anus was up to the task. “We can try.”John grasped my shoulders, massaging them gently.“We’ll go slow, and you know we can stop at any time.”“Let me get the lube,” Rosemary said. With a splash, she extracted herself from the foaming water and disappeared into the house. In a moment, she returned with a white tube of lubricant. Sliding back into the water with a mischievous smile, she motioned to her husband.“Get that thing up here,” she commanded. Her husband obeyed, lifting himself out of the water to expose his jutting hardness.“Hold your hand out,” she told me. I did, and she squirted the clear lubricant into my palm. “Go ahead and lube him up.” She motioned toward her suffering mate.I wasted no time in covering his cock with lubricant. He moaned and writhed as I made sure every square centimeter was thoroughly slick.“Damn, I say,” he clenched his teeth. “Stop before I come in your face. I want to come in your ass.”“Okay,” Rosemary said, nodding to me. “Get your ass up in the air.”I stood up and leaned over the rim of the hot tub. Positioning myself like that, ready to take whatever came – literally – made me quiver with expectation. Up and exposed like that, I felt like a come slut, ready to get fucked by whoever walked by. There was no dignified way for me to present myself. It was very obvious what was going to happen. It was like I was begging, “Fuck me…fuck my ass.”Suddenly, I felt a fingertip, slick with lube, pressing against my anus. It wasn’t urgent or invasive. Not yet. It was also not Rosemary’s slender finger, but John’s thick, strong digit. His fingertip just rubbed circles at the opening, slowly and surely, making my cock jut out like a flagpole.“That’s it, kid,” he purred, gripping my shoulder with his free hand. “Just let me in slowwwly. We have plenty of time.”It didn’t take long before my anus relaxed, and with that, he went inside.All of what I had fantasized about up until that moment didn’t prepare me for what happened next. John’s finger went deeper, and the sensation of it filled my lower regions. I was so worked up and horny, he could’ve done anything to me at that moment and I wouldn’t have minded. The fullness swelled in my body, almost like he was pushing my cock further out from the inside. With his larger finger, it was new and invasive and extremely erotic.I squirmed as he slowly finger-fucked my ass, clenching my butt cheeks anxiously, moaning with pleasure. The new sensations brought out something else in me, something lurking just below the surface. I relished being taken by this beautiful stud. I felt I was being taken like a woman, and loved it. Warmth glowed throughout my body. Was this what being submissive was all about? I didn’t know, but craved more.“Damn, John,” Rosemary whispered. “He’s loving this.” “Uh huh,” I whimpered like a girl losing her cherry.John snorted, pleased with himself that he could get me so worked up,“Damn,” I rasped, “Don’t stop, don’t stop.”“You’ve never been fucked in the ass, honey?” Rosemary teased, her fingertip brushing across one of my nipples. She knew the answer.“Uh…no,” I hesitated. “I’ve always been afraid.”“Of what?”“I dunno.” John’s firm hand, gripping my waist as he fingered me, gave me a warm, safe feeling. I felt nurtured and, yes,…

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