Juicy J


Author’s note: This is a companion piece to “Lovely Lilly.” It is a far more lighthearted story. If you want to read a darker story with villains etc, then feel free to check out “Lovely Lilly.” It shows how evil Jessica and Lilly’s mother is.
I’m sure there are millions of webcam (insert close relative here) stories, but this is my version of one.

Editing thanks go to Todger65!

Juicy J

Chapter 1

“Ah yes, that’s it, that’s it,” Effren said, slamming his fist down at the base of this pre-cum oozing cock.

“So perfect, so perfect,” He whispered, watching the short video on his computer monitor. Ten seconds later the video ended and he released his grip from his cock and doubled clicked to play another.

“Mmmmm,” he moaned watching the delicious woman in the video. He loved her breasts, her waist, her hips, her thighs, and her butt; however, he was unsure about her face. None of the videos he managed to download, all 20 to 30 second clips, showed her face.

That video ended and he opened another, “This is the one baby, this is one I’m going to blow my load to, pretending it’s all over that sexy flat stomach of yours.”

These were preview videos of the woman’s online webcam show. 18 year old Effren didn’t have a subscription to her channel on the cam-girl website. He hadn’t yet started his summer job as a lifeguard. His number one, sole mission was to get his first paycheck, deposit it, whip out his very own check card, whip out his cock, and subscribe to the website and this goddess’ channel.

Then she’d be all his – along with most likely thousands of other subscribers. It was a $10 monthly subscription fee. That’s less than what some of his friend’s parent’s pay for their online gaming subscriptions. Also, for $20 he would get 15 minutes of a one on one chat time. He figured he could handle that once a month.

Effren was tired of only watching these short previews of her many videos. He was tired of taking screenshots at key moments of her preview videos where her hourglass body bent in a sexy way, or her hips were at a sexy angle, or she bent over just enough to see a nipple slip over the tiny bra she wore. Effren wanted to see her naked, he wanted to see her face, and he wanted to jack his cock until it exploded and/or fell off – whichever was fine with him, it’d be worth it.

“Yes! I love you, I love you!” he grunted watching the last video, right as his cock sprayed semen upward like a fountain, landing on his shirt and shorts.

Leaning back in his chair, exhaling a huge sigh of relief and pleasure, he looked to the ceiling, “Oh Sweet Juicy J. How I wished I could bite that juicy ass of yours.”

“Effren! It’s getting cloudy! Get out there and mow the yard before it rains,” His mother yelled to him from the kitchen.

“Uh huh,” he said, a goofy smile on his face. The smile faded when he heard her footsteps approaching. He hurriedly closed every single window on his computer – the favorite screenshots that were opened, the video player, and the folder containing his Juicy J masturbation materials.

Right as his mother entered his room, he tossed a nearby towel on his lap, covering any semen deposits that she may see.

“Did you hear me? It may rain soon. So hurry up and mow it,” Jessica said, giving him a stern look.

“Yep! Will do mom. I’m going to change right now and mow the yard,” Effren replied a little too enthusiastically.

His mother raised an eyebrow, giving him a weird look, “Ok.” She shook her head and closed his door.

Effren sighed once more, “That was close,” he thought.

“I pledge allegiance to Juicy J, my favorite webcam girl. One day I’ll see your face and I’ll see you nude. I’ll jack off hard, thinking of you,” Effren chuckled at his silliness while changing clothes.


The weather always seemed perfect in Los Angles. It rarely rained too much, and sure enough, it did not rain while he was mowing the yard. The clouds had passed by the time he was done. Effren shook his head in annoyance at his mother as he put the lawn mower away in the garage.

Wiping his forehead of sweat with the back of his hand, Effren watched Gary, his grandfather get out of his car. He met Gary when he was 10 years old. He came back into his mother’s life after a 10 year absence. He was a really nice guy, teaching Effren how to surf, sometimes taking them on weekend trips, and helping out with bills every once in awhile. He was 54 and looked 10 years younger. If it wasn’t for the wrinkles brought out by time in the sun, he’d look even younger.

“Hey pal, your mom inside?” Gary asked.

“Hey gramps, she is,” Effren called out to him. They looked similar. Effren was a half Mexican version of Gary, having darker hair, darker skin, and brown eyes instead of green like Gary’s and Jessica’s. But the smile was similar, same boyish features of his face, and a matching thin athletic body type.

They sat around the small kitchen table making small talk a few minutes later. Effren’s mother, as always in her pajama pants and matching over sized t-shirt, poured her son and father some lemonade. She worked from home in an additional room that was built onto the house a few years ago. It was an office-like room and only accessible from her bedroom. Jessica did graphic and web design work remotely, all in the comfort of her home and pajamas. She kept it locked; telling Effren it was to protect computer equipment and so on. Effren thought nothing of it, not caring about some office she had anyway. She poured the lemonade, took off her glasses, and sat next to her father.

“So dad, you wanted to tell us something?” She asked.

“I did. The boy is graduating high school in a few weeks and as a present I want to take you two on a little vacation with me,” Gary said.

“Oh dad, you don’t have to do that,” Jessica said, patting his hand. “You’ve done so much for us in the past decade.”

“I know, but I want to. I can afford it and it’ll be a lot of fun for us. You two ever been to Hawaii?” Gary asked.

Effren’s mouth dropped. His mother spoke, “Dad, no, that’s too much!”

“No it’s not. No arguing, it’s already set,” Gary said.

Effren shrugged at his mother. Jessica shook her head and sighed, “Dad.”

“Can you get off of work for three days? We’d leave on a Wednesday and get back on Sunday,” Gary asked.

“I, I suppose,” Jessica said, smiling at the older man. She looked over to her son, offering a weak smile.

“Sounds like it’ll be a great time!” Effren said, smiling at the two of them.

Chapter 2

Effren gripped his cock the night before their flight, aiming it upward, an orgasm triggering its eruption. He was looking at new preview pictures from Juicy J the night before their flight to Hawaii the next morning.

“I’ll miss you my beloved Juicy,” He said, running his fingers over her hips and waist on the monitor. He looked to her online status next to her channel name. The text indicating she was online blinked orange. Suddenly the text disappeared, only to be replaced with “is currently offline” underneath the Juicy J username. Below that was a “last online” label that had the current date next to it.

Effren smiled once more, thinking back to the last couple hours of jacking off to his favorite webcam girl. He stood, stretching his arms and back, and then headed to the kitchen. It was just past midnight so he tried to be as quiet as possible, knowing his mother would nag him about going to bed due to the early flight.

Making his way down the hallway, he smelled it, rather, he smelled her – his mother’s friend Sandee. Effren knew her intoxicating perfume from anywhere. He had no idea she was there. He shrugged making his way to the kitchen to get some water, casually thinking about how hot he thought Sandee was.

After taking a few gulps from his glass he heard the two women exit his mother’s bedroom, laughing and giggling, “Yes I had fun! I can’t wait to do it again,” Sandee said.

Jessica gasped, going rigid when she saw Effren in the kitchen, “Hey. What are you doing up?” She asked.

“Water,” he shrugged, nodding politely to Sandee. His mother looked slightly flustered; her dyed black hair was down and not in its usual ponytail. Both women were wearing pajamas. Effren assumed they were doing each other’s nails while Sandee went on and on about her love life.

“Ok well head to bed soon. We have an early flight,” Jessica reminded him.

“I know,” Effren said smiling at Sandee as he walked passed her, causing her to chuckle a bit. Effren knew she knew he had a crush on her, but didn’t care, also knowing he didn’t stand a chance at dating the 35 year old. He nodded, smiled, called her ma’am as if he were tipping an imaginary cowboy at her – it was all in good fun. Effren wondered what Sandee was talking about. Do what again, he thought, assuming it was just pedicure or manicure stuff.


Effren slept most of the way to Hawaii. His mother slept too, laying her head on her father’s shoulder, while he read a book.

After landing and grabbing their luggage, they headed to their room. Effren and Jessica had one for themselves and Gary had one right next door. They were modest hotel rooms, but had a great view of the ocean.

The days were filled with surfing for Effren. Gary occasionally joined in too. He mostly spent time on the beach with his daughter. Effren watched them walk along the beach, noticing his mother’s blue one piece bathing suit. He rolled his eyes wondering why she wore such an older style suit. His mother was 36 and women that age, who were in fairly good shape, wore bikinis. Effren figured she was just being modest in front of him and her father. He shrugged and caught the next wave.

On Friday evening, Effren was hanging out in the swimming pool of the hotel, checking out a few girls that walked by. “Wow,” he mouth, seconds later, he was startled by his mother’s arrival in the pool next to him. She jabbed his sides and said hello.

“Now, since we all went out to dinner tonight,” Jessica said, putting her arms around his shoulders, as he treaded water in the deep end, “me and dad are going out to dinner tomorrow. Just us.”

Effren could smell wine on her breath. She wasn’t a huge drinker, but when she did, she was very friendly and flirtatious with Effren. It made him feel slightly uncomfortable, but it always passed, Jessica returning to her normal sober self by the next morning.

“Ok cool, I’ll just hang out in the room, or walk on the beach,” Effren said.

“Or go spend time with those girls. I saw you checking them out,” Jessica said.

“Mom, I was just – ”

“Shhh, they don’t know what they’re missing,” she said, placing a slow kiss on his cheek, and slowly wrapping her legs around his waist.

“Ok, time to go,” Effren said, moving to the shallower water, feeling uncomfortable.

“Aww, I’m just messing with you,” Jessica sulked.

When Effren got to a standing position in the shallow water, his mother reached to his swim trunk and attempted to pull them down, “Mom! Cut it out!”

Jessica laughed, pulling him back into the water, “Sit. Let’s chat for awhile.”

Effren groaned, sitting in the shallow end of the pool. Jessica sat on his lap, putting her arms around him. He looked to her thigh, noticing they were about the same skin tone as Juicy J. He thought about his favorite webcam girl, but quickly squashed those thoughts before he got an erection with his mother on his lap.

“Mom, how come you haven’t told Aunt Lilly about you finding Grandpa?” Effren asked.

His mother shrugged, not really wanting to talk about it, “I don’t know. Guess I want him to myself for a bit.”

“Yeah but it’s been several years now since you two have reconnected, don’t you think maybe your sister would want to know where he is?” Effren asked.

Jessica sighed, shaking her head, “Look, we’re here to have fun and relax. You don’t need to worry about that stuff. Remember tomorrow, we’re going to dinner.”

His mother got off his lap, stumbling out of the pool, “Don’t wait up for us, we may go to a luau afterward!”

Effren watched her making her way indoors, the dizzying effect of the wine having taken place. An hour later, water clogged, and prune-like Effren made his way back to the hotel room, finding his mother in her bed asleep.

Chapter 3

Effren had the room to himself the following evening, his grandfather taking his mother to dinner and possibly a luau afterward. He sat on the edge of the bed looking for a movie, hoping to run across an adult channel. Not having any luck, he found an action movie and watched it.

He checked the time, seeing it was 10:30pm. He wondered what his mother and grandfather were up to. Figuring he had more time alone, Effren decided to do the most logical thing. He stood up, undressed, and started thinking about Juicy J.


“I’ve had a great evening tonight, dad,” Jessica told her father, walking with him along the beach, holding hands.

“So have I,” He said patting her hand. “It’s not much further just ahead.”

“Looks like it’s low tide,” Jessica noted as they walked along the beach.

“Here we are,” Gary said, pointing to a large volcanic rock on the beach. “Have a look around; tell me if you think this will work.”

Jessica did as she was asked, holding her long, flowing skirt up, peeping around the huge rock. She noticed the tide was far out, only a few tide pools at the base of the huge boulder remained. She looked around for signs of people, seeing none.

Out of Gary’s view she undid her dress, removing it, placing it on top of the rock. She slid out of her thong, took off her shirt, and removed her bra, placing all of them on top of the same rock. She stepped out of the shadows, naked, her hands on her hips.

“I think this spot will work just fine,” She smiled.

Gary laughed, making his way to her, unbuttoning his shirt. Jessica helped speed things up, removing his shirt from his shoulders, grabbing his face, kissing him passionately.

“Ah yeah there we go!” Effren said at that same moment, back in the hotel room. He was working his cock into a frenzy, thinking of Juicy J.

“I love your tummy, your tits, your ass, your body!” he cried out. “I can’t wait to see that face of yours! It won’t be long now!”

It would be a couple weeks until he got paid. He’d start his lifeguard job on the day after they returned from Hawaii. By June he would be seeing her naked. According the website, the cam girls did shows with dildos and other toys, shows with other people, other men and women. Effren was so excited.

Back on the beach, Gary kissed along Jessica’s neck. His cock was embedded into her. He was holding her up by her butt, thrusting upward, pushing her against the rock, “Does it hurt? I don’t want you to get scratched.”

“It’s ok,” Jessica said in between heavy breaths. She held her father close, not caring if the boulder scratched her back some. “It’s been a few weeks since we’ve been together.”

“Almost there!” Effren cried out, in the hotel room. “Yes!”

He was ejaculating, spraying his young, potent cum everywhere, moaning and proclaiming his desire for Juicy J.

“Ahhh,” he moaned once more, he body going limp, lying back on the bed. “I don’t know why you do what you do, but I love it.”

Effren laughed, coming down off his orgasm, and made his way to the shower.

“Ahh yes!” Jessica was climaxing as well. Her arms wrapped around her father as he held her tight. Gary grunted in return, his own climax surging through him.

“I love you sweety,” He said kissing her full lips slowly after making love to her in the moonlit beach. He knew once he saw her after long absence things were different between them. They savored each other there on the beach, not sure when they would get another chance to make love, keeping their trysts a secret as best as possible.


Effren smiled, when his mother returned, thinking about his sneaky masturbatory ways. She showered and headed straight to bed. By then Effren was sleeping soundly, looking forward to returning to his computer.

Chapter 4

Effren’s first evening at home was quite the disappointment. The last online text was the day before they left for their Hawaiian vacation.

“That’s weird,” Effren thought. “Maybe she’s busy,” he shrugged, opting to jack off to the pictures of short preview videos he had saved to his computer.

He started his job as a lifeguard the next day. Afterward, he went surfing for a few hours to kill a little time before going home.

“Vamos pequeño!” Some of the nearby surfers called out to Effren in incorrect Spanish, telling him to go away, mocking him further by speaking those words in an American accent. He rolled his eyes and moved to another area, hoping to catch a few more waves before going home.

“I don’t even speak Spanish,” Effren shook his head, gliding along on his board.

He was annoyed at home for a different reason. Juicy J still hadn’t been online since before they left for Hawaii. Effren angrily shut down his computer and headed to the kitchen. There’d be no new preview videos to watch or possible new screenshots to fuel his addiction.

His mother was sitting at the table, with her laptop, reading some emails. “Hey,” She said when he entered the kitchen. “I’m going to be busy for the next few days. These clients apparently forgot I’d be out of town for a few days and kept sending me stuff to work on.”

“I’m sorry, mom, that sucks,” Effren said, sitting next to her with his water.

“Yep. The really annoying emails are ones asking for updates. They knew I would be away from my computer for a few days. Never get involved with graphic or web work – it’s some of the worse clients you’ll ever encounter.”

Effren nodded, halfway paying attention, figuring that he might go to bed a little early instead of jacking off again.

His mother rose from her chair, kissed the top of his head, and made her way back to her office, taking her laptop with her.

The rest of the week was more of the same. Effren was bored, sitting at his lifeguard post, bored at home, not seeing any activity at all from his favorite web came babe. Effren didn’t even feel like subscribing to the site anymore. He attempted to look at other girl’s profiles to see if any of the preview videos piqued his interest. There were a few hot babes, but none compared to Juicy J.

That weekend after a longer than normal shift on Saturday, Effren came home, seeing his grandfather’s car in the driveway.

“Hey pal,” Gary said, leaving the house, just as Effren reached the front door.

“Hey gramps, you heading home already?”

“Yeah. Been a long day. I took your mom to breakfast, then shopping, and then we just hung out here some. I’ll see you again soon,” Gary answered, giving Effren a friend hug as he left. He was such a cool older guy.

Jessica was sitting at the kitchen table, sipping on hot tea, checking her emails. She was wearing a long, pink bathrobe and unbeknownst to Effren, nothing underneath.

“Hey there. Have fun at work?” Jessica asked her son.

“Boring,” Effren shrugged, doing a double take at his mother’s cleavage, immediately looking away. He couldn’t recall when or if he had ever seen her cleavage. Her nice tan reminded him of Juicy J’s. Oh how he wished she would return.

“Dinner is in the fridge. I’m going to take a long, hot bath, and I might head to bed early. I’m exhausted,” Jessica said, rising from her chair, kissing his cheek as she walked out of the room, humming playfully to herself. Effren assumed her good mood was due to finishing all the work she had to catch up on.

Effren heated up some of the lasagna, blankly staring out in to space, hoping he’d find a new reason to subscribe to the webcam site that evening.

He found the original reason to subscribe to that site 45 minutes later while sitting in front of his computer, a huge grin on his face, a nice sized cock in his hand, and a piece of paper on his desk with the date he would get his first pay check scribbled on it. Juicy J was back. A new preview video was uploaded. He watched it five times. He came like a volcano.

The rest of the week he jacked off to her to her each night. Hardly seeing much of his mother, assuming she was working, he had plenty of undisturbed time to admire Juicy J.

He took 20 new screenshots, pausing the videos at the right moment, carefully cropping some of the plain white wall on either side of her body out of the shot. Effren counted down the days until he got paid.

When Effren received that first pay check, depositing it with a mischievous grin on his face, he knew this was it. This was the moment he had waited for. He would see her face, he would see her naked body, he would take more screenshots of her, and he would have countless fun evenings jacking off to her.

With his erect cock in hand, his very own check card in the other, he typed the card number with the index finger of the non-cock stroking hand and became an official member of his favorite website. He immediately went to her profile to subscribe to her channel.

Effren’s face went white, his erection subsided, he dropped his check card, his heart pounded loudly in his head, he stopped breathing – he was staring at his mother’s naked body. She was smiling to the camera, giving it a playful wave, her nice sized breasts jiggling as she waved.

The orange blinking text read: “Juicy J is online!”

Chapter 5

Effren paced around the kitchen in shock. He had immediately logged out of the site, upon discovering his mother was Juicy J, shut down his computer and headed to the kitchen. He contemplated going for a sprint down the street, running for as long as he could, as fast as he could, hoping to release some of the mixed emotions he was feeling.

He was angry at her for doing this and hiding it, he was embarrassed that he never figured it out on his own – the locked office room, Juicy J not being active the entire time they were in Hawaii, his mother catching up on work upon their return, furthering the inactive time on the account; Sandee’s late night visit causing him to wonder if she was in on it too.

Then Effren felt disgust at himself for jacking off to her. He didn’t know Juicy J was his mother, but still, he couldn’t help but feel disappointed in himself. He shook his head, his face wincing like he just tasted something horrible.

He eventually did leave the house, but walked instead of running. “I didn’t know it was her,” he said to himself over and over, regretting subscribing to the site. He tried to rationalize it from that standpoint – had he known she was his mother he wouldn’t have joined, he wouldn’t have watched and saved her preview videos, and he certainly wouldn’t have masturbated to her.

He walked in circle for hours, eventually making his way to the beach nearby. He climbed up into his lifeguard tower, sitting silently alone. Within an izmit escort bayan hour he was asleep.

“Perdóneme. ¿Duerme allá arriba?” The officer said, shining his flashlight onto the sleeping Effren, causing him to stir.

“I don’t speak Spanish!” Effren replied, holding his hands up to block the bright flashlight.

The officer cleared his throat, “Sorry. I was asking if you were asleep up there. Why don’t you go on home kid? Do you need a ride?”

“No sir,” Effren climbing out of life guard tower. “I went for a walk and took a break up there. I must’ve dozed off. I don’t live far from here.”

“Alright. Have a safe night,” the officer said.

Effren made his way back home, not wanting to enter, wondering if his mother was still in her back office putting on a show.
The house was quiet, there was no lights coming from her open room. Effren peeped in seeing she was in her bed asleep.

Sitting on his own bed, he looked at his powered down computer, shaking his head. “If I had only known,” he whispered.

Restless sleep finally took him again. He tossed and turned most of the night. The next morning he rushed off the beach to surf in an attempt to take his mind off the situation and avoid his mother.

Gliding along the ocean water brought him comfort. There were no jerks out to usher him off their supposed territory. He was mostly alone, thinking about his mother. He didn’t know why she was doing this. He thought it might be for extra income. He knew her actual job was true, so this webcam stuff must be a side job.

Effren found himself in his room after he warmed up leftovers for the dinner he missed. He assumed his mother was in her back office room, but didn’t dare go back there to say hello. He was still too embarrassed and if she was in the middle of a webcam show, he didn’t want to disturb her.

Wide awake in bed after 1 am, Effren sat up, rubbing his neck. He sighed shaking his head. He wondered if his mother was online, but dared not log on to the site to see. He did boot up his computer and opened his Juicy J folder. Scrolling through screenshots and video files he saw the woman he masturbated too regularly. He didn’t see her face or a naked body, but saw her perfect curves and tanned skin in a bikini. He wasn’t erect. He just looked at the pictures with a blank look on his face, thinking back to when he didn’t know the truth about her – wishing he never knew the woman was his mother.

“She is hot though,” he whispered. Sighing once more he turned off his computer, hoping to get some sleep. The last thought before sleep found him was Juicy J’s flat tummy gyrating like a belly dancer in one of her preview videos.

Chapter 6

“You ok, Effren?” Jessica asked her son the next morning.

“Yep, I’m fine,” he said grabbing some toast.

“Ok, I just haven’t seen you much the past few days.”

“I’m fine, just busy. Later!” He called out to her, heading to his job, hoping he didn’t sound suspicious. He had decided he would never tell his mother what he knew about her. He figured she wasn’t hurting anyone and she still treated him normally, perhaps this was just a phase she was going through, a way to unwind or express herself sexually. He thought about his mother having sex. She wasn’t dating anyone and seemed to have zero interest in dating anyone. Effren felt a little better about this situation as he sat on top of his lifeguard tower.

Watching the people along the water play, he thought about how she was a good mom. They always got along; she worked hard to provide for him. Effren thought this side job was like a hobby, a fun release. He had to admit his mother, Juicy J, had a gorgeous body. He figured she was using it for a little fun while she still had it.

That evening he found himself once again looking at past screenshots and video that didn’t show her face. He wasn’t jacking off; instead, he was looking at her body admiringly. A slight smile came across Effren’s face, “She does look amazing.”

“Maybe I’ll just see if she’s online,” He thought, logging into the site. She wasn’t. Effren breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that he might’ve tried to peak at her nude body, guilt ensuing.

He went to the kitchen once more and found his mother working late at the table. Effren could see her laptop monitor from behind her, noticing graphics software was open, along with a client’s logo. He smiled, making his way to the refrigerator.

“Hi again,” His mother said.

“Hey,” he replied.

“Ugh, I’ll be so glad to finish this assignment. Such a picky client,” Jessica said, trying to make conversation with her elusive son.

“Yeah, sorry.”

“Have a seat. I’m almost done here,” Jessica said. Effren obliged sitting adjacent to her. She was wearing pajamas pants, a big white t-shirt, her hair was back in a pony tail, and her large reading glasses were on.

“So you like your job?” Jessica asked.

“Yeah, it’s fine.”

“I bet you probably spend most of your day checking out girls, right?” Jessica joked.

Effren smiled at her, “No, not always.”

“You’re a cute guy,” his mother said.

“Thanks,” he smiled.

“Almost done with this. Then I can unwind,” she said.

Effren sat in silence sipping his water for another five minutes. His mother finished up, shutting down her lap top.

“Let’s have a seat on the couch. I haven’t seen you much lately,” Jessica said, pulling a somewhat hesitant Effren along.

Snuggling up next to him, she grabbed his arm, putting it around her. They watched TV for a bit. “Juicy J is sitting next to me. I have my arm around her,” Effren thought to himself, chuckling out loud. Luckily the show was amusing, so it didn’t seem out of the ordinary for his mother to hear a chuckle.

Effren closed his eyes, breathing in her scent, her hair smelled so good. He closed his eyes, imagining himself holding Juicy J tightly, his arm pulling her closer to him, his hand sliding down her back, rubbing her hips and butt affectionately. Then he remembered Juicy J was his mother and squashed those thoughts.

The show ended and Jessica sat up, yawning, giving Effren a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek, “I’m heading to bed. Goodnight.”

Effren smiled, watching her leave. He didn’t feel as horrible anymore. A few minutes later he was logged into the webcam site. Juicy J was offline. “She’s sleeping soundly in the room down the hall,” Effren thought.

Sleep came much easier for him that night. A small smile was on his face when he lost consciousness.

Chapter 7

Curiosity got the best of him. He wanted to see her. He wanted to see what his mother was up to on that site. What he found not only shocked him, but aroused him as well.

Effren’s mouth hung open the next night watching his mother, full makeup, long black hair down, wearing nothing, moving her hands over her body, grabbing her breasts, caressing her stomach, and eventually, casually rubbing her clit. He shook the image from his head, looking away from the computer, buthe was still curious. She was doing a sexy dance mixed with masturbation. “Wow,” Effren thought.

He couldn’t deny how sexy she looked, “This is insane,” he thought watching this goddess move on camera.

He then saw something that made him more curious. There were different categories of short videos to choose from on her channel. They were not 20-30 second preview videos that didn’t show her face or nudity. These were actual clips from her “shows.”

Effren read the categories. There was a toys category, a lingerie category and another category that intrigued Effren even more. It was a category simply called “Sandee.”

He immediately clicked on it. “Holy shit!” he nearly shouted in his room, hoping his mother didn’t hear. She had done several shows with Sandee. Most of them were of the two women kissing, sucking breasts, eating pussy, and essentially having sex with each other.

Effren had to log out and step away. He had to process this. He wondered if his mother was a lesbian or was just putting on a show. “Do her subscribers go up when she does that?” Effren asked himself, pacing back and forth in his room.

Sitting on the edge of his bed, shaking his head, trying to calm himself down, Effren thought about everything. “Ok, so she’s doing a webcam show. She’s stripping, playing with herself, and sometimes, with another woman on her show for money. If she’s a lesbian or not doesn’t matter, I’d still love her. She’s been a great mom to me. And finally,” Effren thought, pausing a bit, looking to his computer, “she looks so very hot.”

The rest of the evening was spent watching her insert dildos into her pussy and ass, watching her do sexy strip teases, and watching her and Sandee get it on in past show clips.

He lay in bed wide awake after Juicy J went offline. “Wow,” he thought to himself once more. “This is insane.”


The next night was more of the same. He avoided his mother as best he could again, but was on the computer watching her and, little by little, inching his hand to his crotch, pushing down on his growing erection, until finally, he was fully hard – for her.

“Ahh!” Effren cried out an hour later, he was watching her ride a dildo, her beautiful backside on display. Her long dark hair was down to her lower back as she rode the toy. When Effren ejaculated, it was when his mother took the dildo out of her, turned around facing the camera and sucked the toy clean. Effren lost it, spraying semen everywhere, moaning while staring into her face.

Shortly after cumming, he logged out, shut computer down and went to bed feeling like an idiot. “I gotta talk to her about this. I want to know why she’s doing it. But I can’t talk to her directly, I’m too embarrassed.”

Effren thought of the $20 per 15 minutes he could purchase to chat with her. He was going to do it the following evening.


There was a queue to get into a one on one chat with her. Effren continued to think about what to tell her during his 30 minutes wait. He had picked a username, Halfmex, slightly poking fun of his heritage. He waited. Went to the bathroom, came back, and waited some more.

Finally it was time. “Hi there,” His mother said in a sultry tone, causing Effren to panic, turning down his speakers. He typed a “hello” back to her. She wasn’t naked. She was wearing sexy, lacey, red lingerie.

“What can I do for you?” Jessica asked, running her hand down her stomach, seductively.

“Talk,” Effren typed.

“Just talk?” His mother asked. “Alright. We can do that. What do you want to talk about? Maybe tell me what you’re doing right now? Playing that cock of yours?”

“Wow,” Effren whispered, before typing a reply. “No. Just talk about other stuff.”

“Ok baby, well lead the way!” Jessica said, turning around, pulling the short, lacey, camisole up, revealing her thong covered butt.

Effren tried not to stare, shaking his head, gathering his thoughts. “How old are you?” he typed, knowing the answer.

“Would you believe I’m 36?” His mother said, after reading his chat. She now sat in the chair, sliding her hand into the thong.

“You got a family?” Effren typed.

“I do. But how about we not worry about that, let’s just have fun, ok?” his mother said.

“Sorry. So why do you do this?” Effren typed.

His mother sighed, “It’s for a little extra money. Plus it’s fun. Now then, let’s focus on other things,” She said, pulling her camisole over her head, revealing a matching bra.

“Do you make a lot of money?” Effren asked.

“Halfmex, I make very good money doing this. Now, can we please focus on what you want me to do with myself?”

“I just want to talk though,” Effren replied.

“Well I have other subscribers to tend to. So if you want to talk and not have fun then maybe you should leave.”

“Sorry,” Effren typed. He had no idea what to do at this point. He felt defeated. “I’ll leave.”

“Come back if you want to have some naughty fun with me!” Jessica said, trying to hide her annoyance at this subscriber.

“You’re beautiful. I’ve always thought that. I wish you well, maybe I’ll return tomorrow,” Effren typed, speaking from the heart.

His mother smiled and nodded on the camera and Effren logged out. He felt he had just wasted $20, but in the back of his mind, he had made progress. Progress to what exactly? He wasn’t sure. Perhaps he understood her better, maybe even trying to get her to stop doing this, since he could never tell anyone of this hobby of hers.

The next night, another $20, he was sitting at his computer once more in a one-on-one chat with Juicy J. She remembered him, joking about the guy that only wanted to talk. Effren smiled, watching her in a black bikini. “She looks so hot,” he thought.

“What else do you do?” Effren asked her in the chat program.

After reading it, his mother responded, “I do some web work.”

“Are you happy?”

Jessica laughed, “You are an odd one Halfmex. I would say I’m fairly happy yes.”

“Do you feel slutty doing this?” Effren asked.

“I wouldn’t say slutty. I think of a slut as a woman who sleeps with many different people all the time. I don’t do that.”

“Do you have a boyfriend? Does he know?” Effren typed.

“I do not have a boyfriend,” Jessica sat down, realizing this guy wasn’t going to ask her to do anything.

“Are you just saying that?”

“I don’t have one,” Jessica smiled, thinking about Gary. “What else do you want to know?”
“How many subscribers do you have that come on here and watch you?”

“A few hundred active ones. There’s several hundred more that aren’t as active.”

“What’s it like to know there are that many people that watch you?”

“I don’t think too much of it. I don’t know any of them, they don’t know me. See this?” his mother asked, holding up a dildo. “Many people own and play with these; I just do it on camera sometimes. There’s not really a connection with the people that watch me. Usually I’m here in this room alone. I don’t feel anything other than thinking about what outfit to wear or what song to play.”
Effren paused, thinking about what she said, before resuming typing. “I think you are gorgeous. You really are. I didn’t know what your face looked like until I purchased a membership, but wow, you are so pretty.”

His mother smiled softly into the camera, “That’s very nice of you, Halfmex.”

There was another pause. Effren sat at his computer staring into his mother’s face. She had no idea he knew her secret, she had no idea she was responding to his chats.

Jessica cleared her throat, “Well, anything else you want to know?”

“Sorry, I just wanted to look at you for a bit.”

“Well, by all means, go ahead,” his mother said, standing, removing her bikini top, sliding out of her bottoms. She stood in front of the camera, her hands on her hips, fully nude.

Effren’s mouth dropped slightly as he looked admiringly upon her body.

“You like it?” his mother asked.

Effren stared at her, unmoving, thinking about how stunning her body was. He finally typed in reply, “You’re perfect.”

“You’re sweet,” his mother said. She turned around slowly for Effren to get a better look. He stared at her breasts from the side, her nice ass, her toned back, everything. He was at a loss for words. Knowing who she really was now, amplified how he felt. No longer thinking she was the hottest webcam girl he ever saw, he watched her, slowly showing her body for him and thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever saw.

He didn’t masturbate to her; he only stared at her, admiring her. He placed his hand on the computer monitor, tracing her curves with his fingers.

“Our time is almost up. You sure you don’t want anything?” Jessica asked.

Shaking himself from his trance, Effren typed a reply. “No, just wanted to talk to you. I hope you have a great evening, maybe I’ll come back tomorrow.”

“You know, I think that’d actually be somewhat nice if you did, Halfmex,” his mother said. “Good night!” she blew a kiss to the camera and ended the show.

Effren had trouble sleeping again. He thought about asking his mother about Sandee the next time he logged on.

Chapter 8

After Effren got off work the next day, he went home, and helped his mother with dinner. They didn’t speak much, only sharing an occasional smile. Afterward they sat on the couch watching TV; Effren had his arm around her once more.

Jessica planted a kiss on her cheek, telling Effren she had some work today. He thought he knew better though, and waited five minutes after she left to log onto the site.

“She’s not there. She must actually be doing work,” Effren thought, seeing Juicy J’s status as offline.

He waited until the next night. After a repeat of their quality time together, Effren logged into see Juicy J was online. He purchased some more time with her.

“Hi. You look great tonight,” Effren typed.

“Well thank you,” his mother said. “You’re quite a nice guy. Most of them on here just want to get off on me.”

“How does that make you feel?”

“Well it’s why I’m here doing this I suppose. I don’t really care either way. It’s fun, I’m not hurting anyone, I’m making extra cash,” his mother explained.

“So you aren’t into jacking off for me?” she asked.

Effren didn’t reply. He watched his mother remove her bathrobe.

“Please? Just for me? I want you to have some fun on here too, Halfmex,” His mother pleaded, standing nude for him.

“You still there? Or are you busy pumping that cock for me?” She asked.

“I’m here,” Effren typed.

“Good. Take it out for me,” His mother commanded.

Effren was having trouble breathing, “This is crazy!” he thought.

“Pleeeeease?” his mother pouted. “You said you thought I was beautiful. Why don’t you unwind a bit and stroke, what I’m sure is, a very impressive cock for me?”

Effren felt like passing out, this was unreal. “Yes ma’am!” he said aloud in his room, unzipping his pants, quickly fishing out his cock and slamming his fists up and down on it repeatedly.

“Are you doing it?” his mother asked.

“Yes,” was his one handed reply.

“Good,” Jessica said, standing up, running her hands all over her body, squeezing her breasts.

Effren was busy jacking his cock, watching her move and perform for him. She guided two fingers into her pussy, taking them out, licking them clean and moaning.

She swirled her tongue around her fingers, “I wished you could taste this, taste me,” she said seductively. “Would you like to?”

“Yes,” Effren typed back almost immediately. He was furiously masturbating to her now.

“Good. Cum for me. I want you to do it so badly. Please, I beg of you! Jack that cock of yours until you cum,” his mother pleaded.

It was too much, he couldn’t contain if he tried. His cock erupted once more, his eyes laser focused on his mother. He nearly fell out of his chair.

“Mmm, did you do it? Did you cum for me? I bet it tastes sooo good. I wished I could – ” His mother was saying. Effren began typing, the chat notification ring interrupting her.

“I did. I’m done,” Effren had typed.

“Good. I know that feels so much better. I feel better too, thank you,” She winked at the camera. “We have a few minutes left. Anything else on your mind?”

Effren’s breathing slowed down, his legs still limp. He remembered Sandee. He was going to his mother about her. Bringing his hands to his keyboard after wiping them off on his shorts, he typed her name.

“Ah yes. She’s my good friend. She joins me on here every once in awhile for some naughty fun. She’ll be back in a few days if you want to come back and watch us,” Jessica said.

“Are you and her together?” Effren slowly typed. He didn’t think his mother was a lesbian or bi, but he was still curious.

“No, we’re just friends. She doesn’t have her own channel, so she’s a guest on mine sometimes. She’s very hot, you’d really like her!” Jessica answered.

Effren nodded his tired head, “Yeah.” He wondered what his mother and the honey-brown hair with matching honey-brown eyed friend would do on their show.

“She usually brings toys and things like that. She’s a lot of fun,” his mother said, hoping to sell some more time to this Halfmex person.

Effren had trouble staying awake. The orgasm brought about by jacking off to images of his webcam babe of a mom, at her urging, exhausted him and made him feel guilty. He wanted to log off and head to bed.

“You there?” his mother asked.

“Yeah. Sleepy now,” He typed, watching his mother smile. “You’re so pretty. Have a good night.”

“Awww thanks again. You’re a sweetie. Good night!” She answered, ending the session.

Chapter 9

Effren was surprised that he wasn’t thoroughly disgusted by his actions. He felt slight guilt, but not total hatred of himself. He wondered if he was desensitized to it via months of jacking off to Juicy J’s body – her face not visible.

As his mother was getting off the couch to head to her office, Effren stood with her, grabbing her arm and pulling her in for a hug. She was so warm and soft. “I love you,” he whispered, smiling softly at her, caressing her face after the hug.

“Effren, I love you too darling,” She smiled at him, visibly touched by his tenderness. “Is everything ok?”

“Mmhmm, just a bit tired,” He replied.

“Well you have been out in the sun all day. Get some good sleep tonight, ok?” his mother said, giving his lips a quick kiss and heading toward her office.

Later that night, Effren sat in front of his computer, watching Juicy J once more. He thought about buying some more time with her, but decided against it. “Maybe another night. This is pretty intense.”

He was asleep within an hour.


It was the weekend and Gary was over once more. He took the three of them to dinner. Afterward, Effren sat on the couch next to his mother, Gary sat on the other side of her. She seemed so happy, holding both their hands as they watched TV.

Gary left a little later and Jessica took a shower. Effren waited patiently at his computer.

“Do you have children?” he typed into the chat an hour later.

“Yes, I have a son,” Jessica answered.

“So you do this stuff to help support him?” Effren asked.

“I thought we were going to have more naughty fun,” Jessica chuckled. “Yes this is a means for extra income. I’ve saved a lot for college.”

Effren sighed, looking to his keyboard. He shook his head and replied, “That’s very nice of you. You seem like you’d be a great mom.”

“Well thank you! I think I’m doing the best I can.”

“I bet your son loves you very much,” Effren typed.

“And I love him very much,” a nude Jessica smiled into the camera.

“Does he know about your side job?” Effren asked.

Jessica laughed, “I hope not! I’d be mortified.”

Effren, thinking about izmit eve gelen escort the other night wrote, “Maybe he’d think you were cool. Or maybe he’d like what he saw.”

“I don’t know about that,” his mother said skeptically. “I doubt it.”

“You are so beautiful, maybe he couldn’t help it. Maybe he’d see you doing this and think about how lucky he was to live with such a sexy woman.”

Jessica smiled and shrugged, “Maybe. Who knows?”

“Oh, my friend Sandee will be here in a couple nights. She was a little busy, so we postponed our team up. Will you be back to watch us?” she asked.

“I’ll try,” Effren responded.

Jessica did another strip for him a few minutes later. She got close to the camera, smiled sexily and asked Halfmex to jack off for her. Effren sat looking at her, “I can’t say no to her.”

He did what he was asked, spewing semen all over himself once again. His mother thanked him, both for cumming and buying time with her.

Effren was wide awake in bed, wondering if this was going to be a nightly ritual. He wondered if he’d ever tell her about what he knew.


After another long day at the lifeguard tower, Effren came home, collapsing on the couch. He was running low on funds. He could afford two more sessions with her before he got paid next.

After a loving hug to his mother, he logged back on and waiting his turn in the chat queue. She popped up on the screen, naked, smiling at the camera. “Hi, Halfmex, glad you’re back.”

“Hi,” Effren typed.

“You going to jack off for me again?” Jessica asked.


“Ah, I see. You’d rather talk more huh?” his mother guessed.

“Yeah, kinda,” he typed.

“Well, what do you want to know tonight?”

“Would you ever tell your son you did this?” he asked.

“Ha! Maybe one day, many years from now, after he’s out of college, perhaps.”

“Is he a young kid?” Effren typed.

“Nope. 18.”

“Hard to believe a woman with a body like yours has a kid.”

“Thank you baby. Yes I worked hard to keep my figure.”

“I bet your son takes after his mother and is quite attractive too,” Effren smiled a little as he typed that.

“Oh he is! Very cute, very sweet and funny. Beautiful inside and out,” She replied, rummaging through a bag of toys.

“You never know, he may want to join in on your show with you,” Effren suggested.

“I highly doubt that! You’re being silly now aren’t you?” She chuckled.

“You never know. Some people are like that. They do some weird stuff. I bet he has a crush on you,” Effren typed.

Jessica paused for a moment, thinking of her father, “Who knows? But I doubt he’s like that.”

“You could flirt with him. Or go on a date with him. Maybe kiss him?”

“Sounds like you have a certain fantasy rolling around in your head, eh?” His mother said.

“I don’t know. Maybe,” Effren sighed as he typed. “Just a thought.”

“My friend will be with me tomorrow night. I hope you’ll tune in!” Jessica said.

After that subject change, she did more dancing; she rode a dildo, she begged Halfmex to cum. He did so without hesitation.

Chapter 10

“So you looking forward to tonight?” Sandee asked Jessica at lunch the next day.

“I am! Always a fun time with you,” Jessica said, reaching across the table to pat her friend’s hand. “There’s a special subscriber that may tune in to watch us tonight.”

“Oh yeah? A big fan of yours?” Sandee asked.

“I think he is. The odd thing about it though, is that he talks to me. He’ll ask questions about why I do this, about my family, if I make good money and so on.”

“That is odd.”

“I have to egg him on to jack off to me. Like I said, he likes to just chat.”

“Maybe he’s interesting in getting involved with this fun little hobby,” Sandee suggested.

“Could be, but you know what he kept asking me about?” Jessica asked a confused Sandee. “My son. First I told him I had one, and then he kept asking questions. He asked his age, and then,” Jessica started giggling, “he suggested that maybe my son would like to watch my show and that he’d have a crush on me and – ”

“Stop right there,” Sandee said. “Baby, if you don’t stop, I’m going to have to leave this table, go the bathroom, mount the dildo I have in my purse to a toilet, and ride it to a climax. I’ve done it before.”

Jessica laughed at her friend. “Serves you right for all dirty emails you sent me while I’m trying to work!”

“I will drag you in there with me. You better stop right there. A naughty mommy is a HUGE fetish of mine, ok?” Sandee said.

“Well I told this subscriber that my son probably wouldn’t be interested in me like that,” Jessica said.

Sandee stood, bending down to Jessica, bringing her lips into a slow kiss, “I bet you he would.” She smiled at Jessica and made her way to the bathroom.


Effren sat at his computer that night, his mouth agape, watching his mother and Sandee furiously make out on camera, nude. Sandee was sitting in a chair, Jessica straddling her, their profiles turned to the camera. Effren could see everything. He could hear everything. He heard their moans and the sounds of their tongue swirling around the other’s mouth. He wasn’t jacking off; he simply stared at them in astonished shock.

Jessica ended the kiss by sucking on Sandee’s tongue similar to sucking on a cock. “You like it?” She asked Halfmex.

Effren typed “yep” into the chat line.

Sandee, always mischievous, started talking next. “Maybe we should go get her son. Would you like that Halfmex?”

“Sandee,” Jessica said, giving her a look.

“I think that’d be a great idea,” Sandee said, turning to the camera. “Juicy J is a naughty mommy. She would love to have her son in here and put on a show with him.”


Effren looked to his door, quickly moving to lock it. When he returned to his computer, Sandee had gotten up and was rummaging through a bag of toys. Effren watched her step in and pull up a belt of sorts. When she turned around, he saw large strap-on. His mouth dropped once more.

“Suck my dick, mom,” Sandee said to Jessica, pointing the fake, flesh colored cock in her face.

“Sandee,” Jessica said, shaking her head.

“Come on, suck it. At least pretend I’m him. Pretend I’m your son for Halfmex. He wants to see how naughty of a mother you are,” Sandee egged her on.

Effren sat on the edge of his seat. He watched his mother smile nervously at the camera. She returned her gaze to Sandee’s strap on.

“Come on, show him how bad you want your son,” Sandee said.

Effren moved in close, his mouth open. Jessica gave the camera one more nervous smile, looked to Sandee, then to the strap on, took a deep breath and grabbed it by the base. She opened wide and began hungrily sucking the dildo, moaning as she did. Effren almost ejaculated right there. He gripped the edge of his desk so hard, his hands hurt.

Jessica was moaning as she sucked the fake cock. “I’m him,” Sandee reminded her. “Mmm you’re a naughty mom.”

Jessica took it out of her mouth and glared up at Sandee. Effren watch his mother rise to her feet, move the chair so it was facing the camera, quickly guide Sandee to sit on it, grabbed the fake cock, and plunged it deep into her pussy.

Effren almost messed up his pants. He watched his mother straddle Sandee, a strap-on dildo in her pussy, and bounce up and down on it.

“That’s it! Ride it baby!” Sandee said, slapping her ass. “Ride your son’s cock!”

“Ahh!” Jessica cried out, throwing her head back, her long hair flowing down her back.

“Make him cum!” Sandee ordered, gripping her waist as she bounced on it.

“I’m the one, ahhh, that’s cumming!” Jessica cried out then stopped bouncing. Effren watch closely as he saw her butt muscles tense up and her body shake in Sandee’s arms. Effren couldn’t move; he just sat there, his mouth hanging open, watching his mother come down off an orgasm.

Jessica stood, climbing off of Sandee, and went off camera. “You still there?” Sandee asked, looking into the camera.

Effren was frozen, still in shock, he couldn’t type a response.

“Hello? You there?” Sandee asked again.

“Yeah,” was Effren’s reply.

His mother came into view, looking flustered, “That’s all the time we have tonight, Halfmex.” Just as she was clicking the button to end the show, Effren heard Sandee ask if she really thought of “him” – meaning Effren. The last thing he saw before the show went to black was his mother nodding her head.

Chapter 11

Effren couldn’t believe this was happening in his home; down the hall, behind a closed bedroom door, then again, behind a locked office. He sat looking to his trembling hands for a moment. He wanted to jack off and finish his session, but needed fresh air.

Walking around the small driveway, he took some deep breaths, calming himself down. He looked at Sandee’s car, wondering what she and his mother were doing now. Suddenly the front door opened. Effren ducked behind Sandee’s car. He heard the two women chatting.

“Thanks again for inviting me over,” Sandee said.

“Yeah,” Jessica replied.

“Aww what’s wrong?” Effren heard Sandee ask.

His mother chuckled, “You have a way of getting me so riled up.”

Effren heard kissing sounds. “That stuff about your son and being a naughty mommy got you excited huh?” More kissing noises.

“It did,” His mother replied, followed by more kissing.

“You sure you don’t want me to spend the night?” Sandee asked, the sounds of their lips smacking several more times.

“No, it’s fine, I need to shower anyway,” Jessica answered.

“Ok,” Sandee ended their embrace. “I’ll talk to you later. Maybe pretend Effren joins you in the shower.”

“Sandee!” Jessica rolled her eyes. “See you later,” She closed the door. Effren watched Sandee appear around the corner, walking slowly to her car. He stood.

“Effren! You scared the crap out of me!” Sandee exclaimed, startled by seeing him standing on the other side of her car.

“Sandee,” Effren started to say.

“Are you ok?”

Effren shook his head, taking a deep breath, the need to tell someone overtaking him, “I know.”

“You know? Know what? Me and your mom were kissing? Yeah, we’re just friends, she doesn’t mind that I’m really affectionate,” Sandee explained.

“No, no, not that. I know why you’re here. I know what you and her were doing in her office. I know about the webcam show,” Effren said.

Sandee’s eyes shot open and she gasped. “You, you do?!?”


“Oh no, um, I can explain,” Sandee said.

“No need. I’ve watched her shows, I’ve chatted with her on her channel,” Effren confessed.

“You have?” Sandee winced.

Effren sighed, looking to his feet, and quietly said, “I’m Halfmex.”

Sandee brought her hand to her mouth; unable to speak.

“Don’t tell her I know. Please?” Effren asked. Sandee shook her head.

“Did you like what you saw?” Sandee asked, taking a few steps toward Effren.

He sighed and nodded his head “yes.”

Sandee paused, standing in front of him now, leaning toward him, she whispered in his ear, “Get in the car.”


“I said get in my car,” She grinned, turning around, opening the back door for him. “Get in.”

“Sandee, I – ”

She forcefully pushed him into her back seat. He was on his back and Sandee was working at his shorts, tugging and pulling at the button and zipper.

“Sandee,” Effren said, watching the woman work, pulling his shorts down, a shocked look on his face when she pulled her pajama pants down; she wasn’t wearing underwear. She watched her pull his boxers down and climb on top of him.

“I’m still horny from our little show. To know you watched it and liked it, makes me even hornier,” Sandee said, peering down at his face. “Now then, close your eyes.”


“I said close your eyes,” Sandee said through grit teeth. Effren did as he was told. Sandee began kissing his neck, his cheeks, and then his mouth. “Pretend I’m her,” She whispered, licking against his ear.

“Juicy J?” he asked, panting, shaking at her playful licks.

“No. Your mother,” Sandee corrected him. Reaching behind her, she grabbed his cock, slowly guiding it into her, and sat all the way down on it. “I’m her right now.”

Effren was frozen, “I don’t know, I – ”

“Do it!” Sandee fussed at him. “Right now I’m your mother, and I’m telling you to fuck me.”

“Yes ma’am!” Effren grabbed her butt hard, squeezing her toned cheeks. His hips began bucking upward, Sandee’s head nearly hitting the roof of her car. Effren moaned and grunted as he worked, seeing Juicy J, his mother in his mind. She was the one on top of him; she was the one he was plunging into over and over again in the back of the car.

“Oh!” Effren cried out, pulling Sandee down on top of him, thrusting in and out of her as fast as he could. Several more long moans and his balls tightened, his cock erupted, and he coated her insides with semen.

“I love you,” he whispered to his mother, holding Sandee tight against him.

“And she loves you,” She replied, kissing his cheek. “My house tomorrow morning. Do you understand?” Sandee commanded.

“Uh huh,” Effren said out of breath.

Effren was awakened from his slumber in his bed 45 minutes later, when he heard his mother close her car door, start the engine, and leave. He wondered where she was going. He closed his eyes once more, thoughts of his upcoming day on his mind, and fell asleep.


“Yes! Yes!” Jessica screamed out, throwing her head back, her body shaking after having one of the most powerful orgasms in her life. She collapsed on her father’s chest afterward.

Gary held her against, running his fingers through her hair, “Glad I could help. I don’t mind being woken up for this.”

Jessica, still out of breath, managed to reply, “I thought of Effren. I thought of him earlier; and then again just now.”

Her father chuckled, “I see, do you think he might be like you and I? Do you think he’d be interested in showing love the way we do?”

“I don’t know. I have no idea,” She said, her head resting on his chest.

“Well, perhaps when the time is right, you’ll find out,” her father said.

“Can I come back tomorrow morning?” Jessica asked.

“Of course you can. I’m always glad to help you, in whatever way you need,” Gary answered.

Chapter 12

“Come on! Come on! That’s it!” Sandee said, on her back, Effren on top the next morning slamming into her. “Picture her cumming for you, picture her screaming your name!”

“Uhnnn,” Effren moaned, his eyes closed shut.

At that same moment at Gary’s house, Jessica was bouncing wildly on his cock, his hands gripping her waist. She was moaning Effren’s name over and over, her eyes closed just as tightly as Effren’s were at Sandee’s.

“Good girl,” Her father said. “Let it come over you.” He smiled watching Jessica climax, feeling her body tense up and shake.

Several miles away at Sandee’s, Effren was cumming as well in that very same moment. “Give her your cum, baby, your mother needs it!” Sandee commanded, feeling his cock pulsate and spurt semen into her.

Effren fell on top of Sandee, her hands trailing over his back, “Your mother will come visit you at lunch, ok? We’ll find a nice quite spot where I can take care of you.”

Effren rose to his elbow, smiling into Sandee’s face.

Four hours later on his lunch break, Sandee had indeed showed up. He led her to a bathroom near the beach, locked the door, turned her around over the toilet and went to work. He pretended she was his mother just like she asked him too. When he was done, he pulled out, his semen oozing out of her and dripping into the toilet.

“See you when you get off work?” Sandee asked.

“Absolutely, mom,” Effren grinned.

Jessica was soaking wet with sweat, she had lost count of how many orgasms she had that day at her father’s house not far from her own. She had dragged her clit across him while grinding him, his cock balls deep, so much that her butt hurt, her hips hurt, and her thighs hurt. “I want him, I want him to experience this,” She said out of breath.

“Then take the boy and make love to him,” Gary said sitting up, pushing Jessica off him, flipping her over on her tummy. She instinctually went to all fours as Gary entered her from behind.

“Curse you Sandee,” She said to herself, annoyed at her friend for awakening these urges; urges she had never had toward her son before.

“You too Dad,” she smiled as he pummeled her from behind, knowing full well, she was to blame just as much as him for their incestuous relationship – a relationship that has opened her mind and help sow the seed of desire for her own son.

She felt him, in her mind, Effren, grip her hips harder, approaching his own orgasm after a very long day. Jessica’s eyes rolled into the back of her head. The warm semen that coated her insides, in her mind, was Effren’s. She climaxed again.

At that same moment, so did Effren. He stopped by Sandee’s on his way home from work. He took her in the kitchen, standing behind her, Sandee pretending to be Jessica cooking him dinner. She jokingly sent him to his room for being so naughty.


Effren and his mother arrived at home the same time, unaware of what the other had been up to all day. They smiled, said hello, and walked inside.

Jessica was humming quietly to herself, while cooking dinner. Effren, freshly showered, approached her from behind, kissing the top of her head, resting his hands on her stomach.

“Hey there,” His mother said, stirring the pot on the stove.

“Mmm, smells wonderful,” Effren said, running his hands up and down her tummy.

“Yes it does,” his mother replied, turning around, giving him a quick kiss on the lips. His hands resting on the small of her back, the gazed into one another’s eyes for a moment before Jessica remembered dinner and turned around to keep stirring.

After watching some TV, Jessica running her hands up and down Effren’s thigh, she brought his face to hers, kissing his lips again. “I’m going to shower, then get some work done; today has been a busy day.”

Effren smiled, watching her leave, thinking how new and nice it was for her to rub his thigh.

Sitting down to his computer a few minutes later, he thought he heard moans coming from his mother’s bedroom. Creeping down the hallway he saw her door was open. Peeping in to her bedroom, he noticed her bathroom door was cracked.

Listening at the door, he heard her do her best to conceal an orgasm. Effren smiled, walking back to his room, “Thinking of me perhaps?”

Chapter 12

The next day Effren arched his back, pulled his cock out, letting it spew semen all over Sandee’s stomach. Jessica hopped off Gary’s cock right before he ejaculated, taking his seed into her mouth.

“Lick here,” Sandee pointed to her neck a few days after that, while Effren slammed into her from behind. She was teaching him so many wonderful things. Jessica bit her bottom lip, closing her eyes, thinking of Effren as her father pummeled her once more from behind.

A week later Effren was bouncing Sandee up and down while he stood in her shower. She commended him on being so strong, successfully being able to pull off this position. In Gary’s shower he and his daughter were in the same position. Jessica climaxed again, holding him tightly, thinking of Effren. Gary smiled at her, thanking her for letting him live out a fantasy – one that she could make real if she wanted.

This was the routine for two weeks. Each morning Effren would leave the house, followed by his mother a little later, he would go to Sandee’s, and she would go to her father’s.

The only difference is that Effren would go to work, see Sandee on his lunch break, then again after work, while his mother spent her entire day in bed with Gary.

“Ahh! I want him!” Jessica tits were bouncing as she squatted up and down on Gary’s cock.

“Get him baby! Get him!” Gary said meeting her squats with his own upward thrusts.

At that same moment, Sandee lay on her tummy, Effren busy above her. She squeezed her butt cheeks together, as Effren slammed into her pussy, propping himself with his hands.

“Mmm, take her! Make her yours!” Sandee cried out. Effren collapsed on top of Sandee’s back, kissing and licking at her neck.

Their relationship was changing. Effren had no idea what was going on, but didn’t care. They would laugh together on the couch, flirting with each other, tickling each other. They would hold hands and go on walks after dinner. It was small and subtle changes. Effren thought of her less and less as a mother. One night, Jessica suggested they go out to dinner the upcoming weekend.

“We’re going out to dinner tomorrow night,” He said, catching his breath. Sandee rolled over to her side, Effren rolling too, holding her in his arms.

“Are you going to make a move on her?” she asked.

“I have no idea,” Effren answered.

Jessica had been asked the exact same question by her father, lying in his arms, “I’ll just have to see how things go,” She said after giving a similar answer.

Gary moaned, holding Jessica close to him. “Sorry you didn’t get along very well with your mother. I’m glad he gets along so well with his.”

“Me too,” Jessica smiled softly, closing her eyes for a moment.

Each night Jessica would stay up late working on all the things she didn’t get done during the day. Effren went to bed with a huge smile on his face each night. Juicy J’s account was inactive.


Effren was at home before his mother the night before their dinner. He had just logged out of the webcam site, seeing that Juicy J hadn’t been online since Sandee was last over at the house. He shrugged and began tidying up his room.

“Hi!” His mother said a moment later, after just arriving.

“Hey,” Effren smiled at her. Jessica made her way to him, grabbed his face, pulling it in for a kiss.

“How was your day?” she asked.

“It was great,” Effren smiled at her.

“I’m really looking forward to our dinner tomorrow night,” his mother said.

“Me too!”

“Good,” She pulled him in for another, slightly longer, kiss on the lips. “I’m going to get dinner started. First I’m going to shower. Want to join me?” Jessica playfully asked.

“Mmm, maybe after our date tomorrow night,” Effren said, his hand resting on her lower back, just where the rise of her buttocks began.

“I like the sound of that, ‘our date.’ I think a mother should take her son out every once in awhile, don’t you?” she asked, trailing her index finger up and down his chest.

“I agree. Now hit the showers and fix my dinner!” Effren joked, slapping her ass, leaving his hand there.

“Mmm you’re naughty,” Jessica said, kissing his lips once again, before slowly walking izmit otele gelen escort away.


They traded several smiles and gazes at dinner, afterward Jessica straddled him on the couch, chatting with him about the next day, occasionally peppering his face with kisses. Effren was in heaven.

He would rub her waist with one hand, the other making circles around her lower back and butt. His mother talked on and on about work without once complaining about Effren’s touches.

Effren was surprised when his mother followed him into his room. She pushed him down on his bed, climbing on top of him, “I’m joining you in here tonight if that’s ok.”

“Of course it is!” Effren replied, grabbing her waist, pulling her off him, rolling to their sides.

Jessica looked on his face, her hand caressing it gently, “I can’t wait to spend the day with you tomorrow.”

They had discussed going to the beach first, then to dinner afterward. “Me neither,” Effren smiled at her.

Jessica slowly kissed him, holding her lips against his for nearly 10 seconds. “Goodnight,” she whispered, rolling over to her other side.

“Goodnight,” Effren said, rolling to his back, smiling as he looked to the ceiling.

Chapter 13

Effren couldn’t believe his luck; his mother was actually wearing a bikini the next day at the beach. It wasn’t an old style one piece, but a lime green bikini similar to what she’s worn as Juicy J.

Jessica tried to surf, but wasn’t very successful, falling off the board into her son’s arms repeatedly. After a few hours, they gave up, opting to walk along the beach holding hands instead.

As the sun was setting, Effren sat on the beach, watching his mother in the water. She slicked her long black hair back with water and walked toward her son. Effren was smiling as he watched her hips move from side to side, watched her flat stomach and nice breasts, finally ending on her face, seeing her smiling at him.

Jessica pushed her son back onto the sand, laying herself on top of him. “I like this bikini. You look great in it,” Effren said, holding her against him.

“Thank you,” his mother said, kissing lips.

“No, thank you,” He said.

“For what?”

“For wearing this and showing me how incredibly sexy you are,” Effren answered.

Jessica moaned, planting another long, slow kiss on his lips.

Effren sat up, his mother straddling him once more, “Today has been a great day with you.”

“Tonight will be even better,” she replied, kissing him once more.


Effren’s mouth dropped when he saw his mother. She was wearing a black, spaghetti strapped, open cleavage dress that came down mid-thigh. He felt slightly underdressed in his tucked in dress shirt and black pants. Her hair was down, slightly curled, and her makeup was just as sexy as it is in some of her shows. He couldn’t help but think he was taking Juicy J out on a date.

It was certainly a date too. Nothing about it felt platonic. The way they held hands, the way they sat on the same side of the booth, the way his arm was around her, pulling her against him, her hand resting on his thigh and the way they shared desert along with several sweet kisses during the night.

After dinner, Jessica drove. Effren thought the night was over, he was mistaken. His mother took him to a club in downtown Los Angeles. He was old enough to get in, but obviously couldn’t buy alcohol. It was some sort of rave club; lasers, strobes, and techno music, flooded his senses. Before Effren could nervously back out, his mother pulled him onto the dance floor.

“It’s just you and me baby, no one else is here,” She told him over the loud music. Effren nodded, grabbing her by the waist, pulling her close to him. They stared into each other’s eyes for a moment, their foreheads inches from the other.

Effren took one last look around the crowded, busy, dance floor seeing that everyone there was in their own little world. No one was looking at them or paying attention to what they were doing. He grinned, turning back to face his mother, grabbing her left leg her brought it up around his waist.

Jessica grabbed his face as they danced; staring into each other’s eyes, practically dry humping each other. Several songs later and he turned her around.

Jessica closed her eyes, her butt grinding against Effren’s crotch, feeling an erection. He wrapped his hands around her stomach, pulling her back against him. He placed one hand on her neck, turning her head so he could plant several kisses along her neck.

“You’re so sexy,” He said into her ear, then kissed her shoulder.

His mother turned around, flung her arms around his shoulders and kissed him. It wasn’t a five or 10 second kiss; it was a much longer one, Jessica moaning as her tongue grazed his bottom lip.

When it finally ended, she spoke up, “Let’s go home.”


They were silent on the way home. Effren drove, resting his hand on her thigh, Jessica smiling down at it, caressing it with her own. He couldn’t wipe the smug smile off his face if he wanted to. He knew where this night would end up. He had been visualizing it, imaging it, and acting it out with Sandee’s help.

Looking to his hand, Jessica knew too, where this night would end. She felt so naughty, so sexy, envisioning crossing that line with her son, like she had with her father. She prepared for this night by spending marathon sex sessions with Gary, overloading in incestuous orgasms with him.

He smiled at her when he opened the front door. Making his way to the couch, watching her walk to the kitchen to get some water, he sat down.

Jessica smiled seductively at him, sipping from the water, sitting it down on the coffee table. She walked over to Effren, pulled her short dress up even further and straddled him. Effren ran his hands up and down her thighs, over her hips and back again.

She chuckled a bit and grabbed his face, bringing him to another steaming kiss. Effren moaned, sliding his hands up her to her waist, their mouths continuously kissing each other. Their tongues met, lapping at each other’s lips.

A few minutes passed and Jessica stood, grabbing Effren by the hand, pulling him up, “Let’s go to bed.”

“Awww,” Effren joked.

“We aren’t going to sleep, silly,” His mother said, leading him down the hallway.

“What are we doing then?”

She stopped in the hallway, turned around, grabbing his face kissing him once more, “I think you know exactly what we’ll be doing.”

“Mmm, I think I do,” He grinned grabbing her ass with both hands.

Chapter 14

They were kissing, walking backward toward Jessica’s bedroom. She pushed the door open, backing them in, their mouths joined together. She was unbuttoning his shirt, guiding him back to her bed. She lay herself back on it, taking Effren with her. Scooting up on the mattress a bit, still kissing, she pulled his shirt open, un-tucked it, and threw it off the bed.

Effren lowered himself on top of her, kissing her neck, loving her moans. Jessica pushed him up off her, sitting up she began tugging at his belt, and licking her lips. Effren smiled down at her, his fingers running through her hair, he watched her.

Jessica quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, pulled them down, along with his boxers, grabbed his cock and began sucking immediately. Effren held her head in place and moaned, watching her work. There was no other foreplay, no slow lovemaking, just primal lust.

Effren stopped her, pushing her back a bit, pulling her dress away from her breasts. He pulled her to her knees, grabbing a tit to suckle, before pulling her dress up over her head.

“I want you so bad,” he said, pushing her naked body back onto the mattress, kissing at her neck again.

“Fuck me,” Jessica commanded, stopping his kissing, grabbing his face, staring into his eyes. She locked her legs around his back, holding him in place.

Effren smiled devilishly at her, slowly reaching to his cock, feeling her legs open wider for him. His mother was breathing heavily, nodding her head. Not looking away, both smiling at each other, he guided himself in. Jessica moaned when she felt him slide slowly all the way to her cervix.

“Ready?” Effren asked.

“Mmm, yes!” She grabbed his face, pulling it in hard for more kissing, locking her feet around his butt. Effren began pumping into her, rolling his hips against her.

They broke the kiss and stared into each other’s eyes once more. “You’re gorgeous,” Effren told her. Jessica was panting heavily once more, her mouth open, looking to Effren’s face.

“You feel so good,” He said, slamming away into her. His mother was moaning more and more now. She slid her hands down his body, clutching his ass, while he worked.

“Ah,” she cried, Effren speeding up, the bed banging against the wall.

Continuing to roll into her, sliding his cock in and out, flexing and engaging his glute muscles, he kept going and going and his mother kept moaning and moaning. “Cum for me. I want to feel that pussy of yours massage my cock,” Effren ordered, thinking about his session with Sandee, how she helped him and taught him.

“Ahh!” Jessica cried out once more, “yes!”

“That’s it, that’s it, you’re perfect,” He told her, feeling her body tense up, her stomach and thigh shaking.

“Oh Effren! I love you!” She released his butt, wrapping her arms around his shoulders, kissing him once more as the orgasm flooded over her.

Effren didn’t stop. Feeling her shake beneath him, he rolled over onto his back, taking her with him. Sitting up, he clinched her waist, holding her tight, grinning as he thrust upward, into her. Watching her tits bounce, her hand in her hair holding her own head, she ground against him.

“Yes! Again!” Effren ordered during his unrelenting thrusts.

Jessica gripped his back, holding him against her and shook once more, “Yesssssss!”

Her body went limp; Effren sat up, slammed her down on her back once more and continued. “My turn,” he said.

“Ahh yes! Yes! Effren!” She cried once more. He felt his balls tightening, his cockhead tingling, he knew it was time.

“Cum in me baby! Please!” she begged, whimpering with ongoing orgasmic pleasure.

Several more hard thrusts and Effren’s cock erupted in her. Arching his back, holding still as his cock injected his sperm into her, he let out a long moan, his mother’s quivering body below him.

He collapsed on top her. She was smiling, running her fingers through his hair, her legs still locked around his waist. After a few minutes they began kissing again – slowly taking their time, kissing each other’s mouth and neck.

30 minutes of making out and Effren was ready again. They made love this time. He kissed all over her body, licking her stomach, her hips, her pussy. She guided him to his back, offering a breast to him, slowly grinding against him over and over.

They eventually grew tired. Laying on their sides, their foreheads inches from each other, they fell asleep.

Chapter 15

All day the next day they went at it. In the shower, in the kitchen, on the couch, nowhere was spared. He even took her while she was putting clothes into the dryer, spinning her around, picking her and setting her on the machine, slamming into her as the vibrating appliance provided a little extra pleasure.

That night they went for a walk on the beach. Effren showed his mother his lifeguard tower.

“Can I climb up there?” She asked.

“Well, I don’t know,” Effren looked around. “It’s getting late.”

“Aw come on, please?” His mother asked, biting her lower lip. Effren looked her over, she was wearing a thin sun dress that billowed slightly in the breeze.

“Sure, why not,” he said.

His mother turned around and began climbing the ladder. Effren looked up her skirt, seeing she wasn’t wearing underwear. “Wait, hold still,” he said, climbing up behind her.

He pulled her dress up, revealing her bare butt. “Effren?” she asked.

“Shhh,” he said.

He kissed it, licked it, and then bit it several times causing her to squeal. He turned himself around, so her crotch was right in his face. Jessica held on to the railing, and Effren sat on one of the rungs below her. “Keep a look out for me,” He said.

“Effren!” his mother moaned. He was swirling his tongue all around her vaginal walls, his hands reaching behind her, holding her in place. Sucking on her clit, bringing her to an orgasm, he moved behind her, climbing up a few rungs.

“Oh Effren, I don’t know about this,” She said.

“I’ll be quick,” He answered. He hastily took his cock out, still holding her dress up, and guided it to her soaking wet entrance.

A few minutes later, still on the ladder, Jessica’s eye’s rolled into the back of her head. Effren looked to the moon and blew his load into her, moaning as he came.

They finally made their way up the ladder, sitting in his lifeguard chair, enjoying another make out session.

“Tiempo de salir de la playa,” A police officer interrupted them with their flashlight.

“We don’t speak Spanish!” Effren said holding his hands out to block the light.

“Sí, señor. Estamos. Ahora mismo,” His mother said, shocking Effren. She smiled at him and then made their way down the tower.

“Where did you lean that?” Effren asked, holding her hand as they walked back to the house.

“For the short time I was with your father, I learned a good bit of Spanish,” his mother explained.

“Wow,” he replied.

“I’m full of surprises,” Jessica jabbed his side.

Later that night, Effren discovered that she was indeed full of surprises. His cock was slowly sliding in and out of his mother’s stretched out anus. Laying on their sides, sliding his hands up and down her stomach, gently squeezing her breasts, her rectal walls massaged his shaft to orgasm.


It was close to dawn, they were kissing and chatting, laying in each other’s arms. Effren’s hands sliding up and down her back, squeezing her butt every so often.

“Ahh, this has been a great weekend, mom,” He said.

“It sure has,” she replied, kissing his chest.

“I never thought I’d nail Juicy J. Mmm,” Effren smiled.

His mother sat up, a shocked look on her face, “How did you, I mean, what – “

“Yeah I’ve been watching Juicy J for awhile. Once I got a job I subscribed to that website and her channel. Wouldn’t you know Juicy J turned out to be my mom! Funny,” He smiled at her.

Jessica chuckled softly, “I guess we all have secrets.” Lying back down on his chest, “Speaking of which, how did you get to be so, um, talented in bed?”

“Sandee,” Effren replied nonchalantly.

“What?!?” his mother replied sitting up once more.

“Oh yeah. Her and I have been going at it for a couple weeks now. She taught me everything I know. The rolling my hips thing? That was her who told me about that. She said she wanted to prepare me for you! I guess since the last show you did with her. I saw you, you naughty mommy, riding that strap on.”

Jessica didn’t know what to say. She laughed once more, “Well then, I suppose I’ll have to thank her.”

She sighed looking down, “I guess I should be honest with you about something.”

“Oh yeah? You have more secrets?”

“Well, yes,” She started. Jessica took a deep breath and closed her eyes, “Your grandfather and I have been in a sexual relationship for almost 8 years now.”

“Whoa! Really?”

Jessica nodded her head, wincing, hoping that Effren wouldn’t take the news poorly.

“Wow, what a lucky guy,” He smiled. “How and why?”

“You never met my mother. What little you know about her is that she’s very evil and psychotic. She treated me and my sister very poorly. No sexual abuse, but emotional for sure. She also treated gramps poorly too. She manipulated him, cheated on him and so on. At 18 I left home in Florida and came out here, assuming I’d never see any of them again. I missed him the most. My sis and I were always very loving and close to him. Sometimes we’d flirt. Sometimes we’d show a little too much affection. Maybe it was our way of getting back at mom for the way she treated us. I don’t know,” Jessica explained.

“So he came out here to find you?”

“Not really. We all just moved on to start new lives and new chapters. He found me by accident. It was a wonderful accident,” Jessica smiled.

“Anyway, we were so happy to see each other again, flirtations and affections continued. I was in my late 20’s, not a kid anymore, and well,” Jessica smiled, looking to the side, “things happened.”

“I’m not about to be in a three-way with him. I do not want to see him, or any other dudes, naked, just saying,” Effren said, causing his mother to erupt in laughter.

They shared more kisses, more caresses, Effren enjoyed some breakfast – her pussy.

Eating an actual breakfast a couple hours later, eggs, bacon, toast, Effren spoke up. “Mom, since you and I have been honest with each other, don’t you think there’s someone else you need to be honest with?”

“Oh, grandpa already knows about my webcam show. I even practiced some dance moves for him,” Jessica admitted.

“No mom. I mean someone else. Don’t you think your sister would want to know about her father?”

Jessica sighed, looking to her eggs, “I have been pretty selfish haven’t I? I guess I wanted him all to myself. I figured if he wanted to reach out to her, he could. She never left Florida, so perhaps he felt she may still be in contact with that witch of a ex-wife of his.”

“Maybe you should call her and find out. It’s been a couple years since you’ve spoken to her.”

“You’re right,” his mother agreed. “Ooh I need to call dad too. I told him I’d let him know if you and I got it on!”

“He knows you wanted to?”

“Oh yeah. He and I have been going at it for a couple weeks now. I’ve been pretending it was you I was having sex with. He really helped me make this a reality,” she said, nonchalantly, making fun of her son.

Chapter 16

“Ok so what do I do?” Effren asked, sitting naked on the chair in his mother’s office.

“You insert your penis into my vagina,” His mother replied, making fun of him once more.

“I know that, but – “

“We just have sex. The camera will roll behind us and it’ll be for my subscribers to see. Just sit here in the chair and I’ll ride you. It’ll be fun!”

“Ok cool.”

“You don’t care if your face gets shown? I mean, it might, I’ll be blocking it to some degree with my body.”

“Nah I don’t care. This will be exciting!”

Jessica smiled at her son, turned on the webcam and started her first of many shows with him.

At that same moment, a few miles away, Sandee took a large dildo out of her pussy, licking her vaginal juices from it.

“Mmmm, so hot,” She moaned, watching Jessica bounce up and down on Effren’s cock on her webcam show. “Another happy couple.”


Several months passed. It was Thankgiving. Jessica flew her sister Lilly and nephew Jake out to Los Angeles. There were tears, embraces, and apologies. Lilly hugged her father tightly, happy to see him again.

Effren immediately felt small and intimidated by his cousin Jake. He saw him when they were little kids, but he had grown into a hulking, muscular ladies man. Effren felt very awkward around him. He pictured his gorgeous mother being taking from behind by his muscle bound cousin. He tried to shake the images from his head at dinner.

The day after Thanksging Effren was tasked to show his cousin around. He did as he was told, leaving his mother and aunt alone with their father. He took Jake to the beach, showed him some surf shops, and took him to the mall. He was bored and he could tell Jake was being polite as he could, but was probably bored too. Effren wondered what his mother and aunt were doing.

Jessica and Lilly collapsed onto their father. Gary ran his hands up and down their naked and sweaty bodies. Lilly peppering his chest with kisses, Jessica smiling at her.

“I think I’ll grab a shower. You two enjoy some alone time,” Jessica said, leaving Lilly and Gary alone in bed.

Effren felt out of place again that evening at the fancy restaurant they went to, thinking he’d lose whatever he had with his mother to this alpha male, Jake. He saw how Jake has his hand around his Aunt Lilly; he was able to put two and two together.

Then Jessica would laugh and flirt with Jake. Effren sighed, looking away. After dinner they stood outside discussing plans for the evening. Effren watched his mother hug Jake, his huge hand resting on the small of her back, jealousy overcoming him.

Gary yawned and stretched, “I think I’m going to head home. I ate too much, too fast.”

Lilly moved to her father, hugging him goodnight, followed by a slow kiss on the lips. Effren watched his mother smile at the two them, Jake’s arm around her. Effren looked away, when Jake started whispering to his mother. Lilly joined in after Gary left, the three of them whispering and laughing. Effren wanted to run.

“Guess I’ll look for another cam girl tonight,” he thought, his immature anger taking over.

“Yeah I’m pretty tired too,” Jake said. “Maybe I’m still having trouble getting used to the time difference from the east coast. I think I’ll head to bed a little early tonight.”

“Ok sweetie,” Lilly said, kissing his lips slowly.

“Goodnight,” Jessica smiled, kissing his cheek.

“I guess that means it’s just us three tonight,” Effren’s Aunt Lilly said, sliding her arm around his.

“Mmm, maybe we could go dancing first, then back home. Sound fun Effren?” his mother asked.

Effren, shocked, watched Jake make his way to their rental car, then glanced at his mother and her sister, and quickly nodded, “Yep!”


Effren was on his back in his mother’s bed, a goofy smile on his face, his mother and aunt moaning, coming off another orgasm, laying on either side of him. They had been going at it for hours.

“Jessica you were right, he is VERY good in bed,” Lilly said, kissing his chest.

“Mmhmm,” Jessica agreed, kissing him as well.

The two women licked and kissed their way down Effren’s body, arriving at his cock. He watched his mother and aunt service his dick until it erupted.

As Effren shot cum into their hungry mouths, he looked to the ceiling, “Yessssss,” he whispered.

Aunt Lilly kissed his cockhead and her sister one last time before rising off the bed, “I think I’ll grab a shower. You two enjoy some alone time.”

“I love you Effren,” Jessica said, returning her attention to her son.

He looked to his mother, watching her lick and clean his cock. He caressed her face, she smiled up at him.

“I love you Juicy J.”

The End.

Effren is half Mexican. He essentially looks Mexican. He and Juicy J live in LA. There’s a decent sized Hispanic population there. The cop thought he spoke Spanish, hence why he talked to him in Spanish at first. But Effren only speaks English. Hence the, what I thought was, a humorous situation.

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