Jungla De Amor (Jungle of Love)


It was a long way from home for Jessica as she strolled the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. She was from Salem, Oregon, 25 years old and was an exchange student participating in a Spanish Immersion program from her grad school. Jessica was a pale white girl with long blond hair. She was about 5’5″ with an average build. Guys said she had a nice set of boobs, but she was lacking any sort of ass.

She wasn’t used to the humidity and intense heat in Ecuador. She was reduced to wearing nothing but a tank top, cut off shorts exposing her pale white legs and flip flops showing off her long and naked toes. The heat made her sweat in places that she didn’t know existed and after the first week there, she stopped wearing underwear.

Each morning, Jessica had to walk through shrubs and bushes to get to the Amazon River to take a canoe ride into the city. She didn’t like the fact that she saw monkeys and geckos within a breath of her. But what really gave her the creeps were the fist-sized tarantulas that crawled beside her.

After a lengthy day in the city studying Spanish and visiting museums, Jessica wanted to cool off and go for a swim. As she trekked back through the jungle, she noticed a young Ecuadorian with a large parrot on his shoulder. He was standing in front of the lodge feeding this beautiful creature. Jessica noticed how handsome he was. He was tall and slender about 6’1″with dark curly hair. His skin was a bronze color and the sweat from the heat made him look very desirable. Jessica had not been with a man since the first semester in grad school. She wanted to focus on her education and dick was the last thing she wanted to think about. She was okay getting off with her hand, the shower head or her handy, dandy bullet. The bullet usually gave her back to back orgasms in under ten minutes.

As she got closer to this man with a large bird draped across his shoulder, she noticed that he had a dazzling smile. She was instantly turned on and had a weakness for a man with a nice smile and nice teeth.

The young man waved at her as Jessica approached the Lodge. She smiled at him and gave him a friendly wave back.

“Hello,” he said as he kept feeding the colorful beast on his shoulder.

“Hi there. Is it always hot like this,” asked Jessica.

The young man looked confused and Jessica realized that he doesn’t speak much English.

“My English not so good. Me llamo es Arturo.”

“Me llamo es Jessica.”

Jessica extended her hand to Arturo and they shook. They immediately locked eyes and they both could feel the sexual energy between them. Arturo stared her up and down, admiring her pale complexion. At the same time, Jessica stared Arturo up and down lusting over his sweaty body.

“I am going for a swim,” she said, as she mimicked swimming with her arms.

Arturo chuckled.

“You swim? I swim. Woosh!”

Jessica gave Arturo the thumbs up as she made her way past him. The colorful parrot screamed at her.

“Adios!” the parrot squawked.

The Pool

Jessica walked to the pool in a black two piece bikini. She was mom porn smooth all over and just freshly shaved her blond pussy. She smiled and got a tad wet when she saw Arturo swimming in the water. His muscular arms and shoulders were really on full display as he swam laps across the large pool.

Arturo finished his lap and saw Jessica. He smiled at her and motioned her to get in the water. Jessica dropped her towel, removed her flip flops and got in the shallow part of the pool. Arturo swam to her and immediately put his hands around his waist. Jessica let out a sigh of pleasure as his arms felt good around her. They embraced in a wet hug and Jessica did not want to let go.

“You feel good,” said Jessica.

Arturo tried to say something back in English but couldn’t manage the correct words. His eyes did all the translating as he stared directly into Jessica’s eyes. Under the water, Jessica felt something poke her. She reached her hands down and felt Arturo’s hard cock. Arturo smiled as he took her hand and put it inside of his swimming trunks. Jessica was shocked that he did that, but loved feeling his thick hard cock.

Arturo gently kissed Jessica on the neck and she squeezed his thick cock harder.

“Party tonight. You come yes,” he asked as he gently licked on her ear.

“Yes, I will be there.”

Arturo hands began to travel south as he gently caressed her butt. He pushed her back into the corner of the pool and his hands began to travel in front of Jessica’s bikini. Arturo gently rubbed on her pussy and Jessica just closed her eyes. There were other people swimming in the pool and they had no idea what they were doing. Arturo took his fingers and pushed his way inside of her bikini. He gently rubbed Jessica’s clit and Jessica began to shudder in pleasure.

“That feels good Arturo,” she whispered.

She got extremely wet as he stroked her clit up and down with his finger. He then took one of his fingers and entered Jessica’s wet pussy. She let out a quiet moan as Arturo began to finger her slowly. At the same time, Jessica was stroking Arturo’s cock. Arturo closed his eyes and began to murmur something in Spanish. Jessica had no idea what he was saying, but she knew he was getting close to cumming as he gently bit down on her shoulder.

Arturo began to finger Jessica faster as his knees began to buckle. Jessica started to stroke faster and harder. She wanted to feel his hot sticky cum in her hand. Arturo’s eyes said it all as they grew bigger staring at Jessica.

“Give me that jungle juice,” she said as she jacked him faster.

Arturo let out a grunt as he shot his cum all over Jessica’s hand. She loved the feeling of his hot cum in the pool.

“Gracias,” said Arturo as he removed his fingers from her pussy and swam away in embarrassment.

“See you tonight at party.”

The Party

Arturo was standing at the bar sipping on a Corona when Jessica approached. She was wearing a yellow sun dress. Because of the heat, she had her blond hair pulled back in a ponytail. Arturo was donned in tan linen mobil porno pants and a short sleeve white linen shirt. His hair was slicked back and Jessica loved the way he looked at her while he sipped the bottle of beer.

Arturo put the beer bottle down and made his way over to Jessica. The band was playing salsa and the dance floor was packed. Jessica noticed the other American girls dancing and hooking up with the Ecuadorian men. She felt at ease as Arturo grabbed her hand.

“Dance with me,” he said as best he could.

His English was broken but it turned Jessica on. She wasn’t much of a dancer, so she let Arturo lead. Arturo grabbed her by the waist and slowly grinded his hips into her. Jessica was getting wet feeling his hot, sweaty body touching hers.

Their hips grinding together to the South American music.

It was intense for her. Jessica looked around and saw two American girls kissing their dance partners. Arturo gently turned her face towards his and they locked lips. It was soft, gentle and then they opened their mouths and started to tongue dance. Jessica closed her eyes as she let Arturo lead the kiss. He wasn’t too aggressive but it felt amazing to her. It was the best kiss she ever experienced and she felt her pussy wetness run down her leg. Arturo’s hands caressed Jessica’s body, rubbing her back and then working their way down to her ass. He put his hand under her dress feeling her bare white ass and it gave Jessica the chills. Jessica pulled back from kissing him.

“Take me somewhere and fuck me,” she whispered in his ear.

Arturo didn’t understand what she said, so Jessica gazed in his eyes and put her hand on his erect cock and started to rub it. She kissed him on the neck then gently nibbled on his ear. Arturo got the message as he took her hand and led her outside into the Jungle.

The Jungle

Arturo led Jessica outside into a secluded part of the Amazon. Jessica was nervous as it was very dark and only Arturo’s cell phone light allowed them to see what was in front of them. She heard every animal out there—monkeys, snakes, she even heard a growling sound. However, all that didn’t matter as she wanted Arturo to be inside of her.

Arturo stopped and took off his shirt and laid it on the ground. Jessica could barely see him, but she felt his muscular chest and she kissed his pecs and then twirled her tongue on his nipples. Arturo let out a loud groan as he began to unbutton his pants. Jessica stopped kissing his chest and took off her dress. Arturo could see her white body and he pulled her close to him. Their naked bodies were pressed against each other in the jungle. The heat outside made their bodies very sticky and wet. Jessica loved tasting the saltiness on his body.

As they kissed, Jessica began to stroke his cock again. This time, she wanted to suck it. She knelt down in front of him, licked her lips and took his thick bronze cock in her mouth. Arturo grabbed her head and began to moan and speak Spanish loudly. Jessica licked and sucked his cock. It has been a while for her sucking cock xnxx porno and she was really into it. She took all seven inches of him in her mouth and she pulled out, licking the underside of his cock all the way down to his balls. While she sucked and licked his balls, she was gently stroking his thick meat. Arturo pulled her face back and placed his cock back into Jessica’s wet mouth. She took him all the way in her mouth again and began to bob back and forth on his cock.

“You like that baby? Am I sucking your cock good,” she asked.

She knew he couldn’t understand what she was saying. That turned her on even more as she started to pick of the pace sucking his cock. Arturo could no longer stand it and he pulled his cock out of her mouth. He pushed her back on the ground on top of his shirt and pressed his body on top of hers. He opened her legs up and thrusted his cock inside of Jessica’s wet pussy. Jessica let out a loud scream. She was very tight. Arturo’s thick cock felt uncomfortable, but it felt good at the same time. He slowly stroked her until he was able to get his cock all the way inside of her. Jessica grabbed his back and wrapped her legs around him. Arturo’s pace began to pick up as he was shoving his cock in and out of her pussy. A few times it would flop out because of how wet Jessica was. While he was fucking her, he was kissing on her hard nipples and speaking to her. Jessica had no idea what he was saying, but she loved every minute of him being inside her.

“This feels so amazing! Please don’t stop fucking me!”

Jessica pushed Arturo off of her and rolled him over on his back. She climbed on top of him and sat on his wet and very hard cock. She let out another scream as he slowly rode his cock. Her clit was hitting his pelvic bone and it was giving her sensations that were far greater than any sex toy. She rode him until she found the right rhythm where his cock was hitting her spot inside her pussy. Arturo started massaging her breast and then playing with her nipples as Jessica rode him. She could feel the sensation in her body growing and growing. She could feel Arturo’s cock swelling up inside her. Arturo began to thrust up at her as she rode him. She knew he was close to cumming and so was she.

“I’m going to cum now.”

Jessica started to ride harder and harder. She felt the tingles from her toes to her waist. She let out a large scream as she came. She kept riding as she knew Arturo was close.

“Cum inside me baby!”

Arturo pushed Jessica off of him and put her on all fours. Her hands and knees were on shrubs and dirt, but she didn’t care. Arturo quickly entered her from behind and began to pound her pussy. Jessica couldn’t believe how amazing he felt and it wasn’t long before Arturo was cumming inside of her. He grabbed her waist tight and began to pump faster and harder finally releasing his creamy jungle juice inside of Jessica. He let out a long breath as he pulled out. He stood up and helped Jessica to her feet. There he placed a long passionate kiss on her mouth. Arturo pulled Jessica close to him and she placed her head on his chest. She could hear how fast his heart was beating.

“I know you don’t understand me, but that was incredible,” she said as she rubbed his back and kissed him on the neck.

Jessica and Arturo both got dressed and went back to her room for Round two.

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