Just a Game Ch. 02


“What the hell am I gonna wear?” Niya asked herself for the millionth time. “I can’t wear this, it’s too sexy and I can’t wear this, it’s too conservative,” she looked at the clock. 6:34…she had until 8. She hadn’t been on a date since…hell, she couldn’t even remember. She was even tempted to call her little cousin, Jalissa to help her out, and then it hit her. “This IS NOT a date…so why am I stressing?” She hopped over the piles of rejected outfits on her floor and looked into her closet. She fumbled around her closet for a few minutes until she found what she was looking for. “Perfect,” she said as she pulled out a jersey dress out of the back of the closet.

She walked into her bathroom and took off her clothes in front of the mirror. ‘I’m sexy!’ she thought as she looked in the mirror and then laughed at herself for being conceited. She ran a hand over her stomach up to her breasts, over her dark nipples. ‘Do I have time?’ she thought as her hand trailed down to her pussy, past the soft hairs to her soaked lips. ‘Damn, I haven’t been this wet in awhile,’ she thought. She looked up at the clock, 6:57. “Fuck it, I’ma make time!”

She ran back to her room and dived into her covers, they felt so soft against her skin. She laid back against her pillow, her body so hot compared to her cool sheets. She spread her legs, allowing her hand to travel down to her pussy feeling the heat on her fingertips. She pressed down on her clit, “Mmm,” she moaned as she felt the sharp sensation of pleasure. “I won’t be able to do this alone,” she said as she reached under her bed and pulled out her rabbit, the best investment she ever made. She rubbed the head against her wet pussy and then onto her clit, “Ah.” she squealed as she closed her eyes, imagining a big, solid body on top of her, she began to push her toy inside. She was so tight, she hadn’t been fucked in over a year, and she could barely put it inside of her. She turned on the vibrations and was in her own world, bucking her hips, moaning, letting her imagination run wild. 7:15, 7:16, 7:17, the time passed minute gerçek porno by minute. “OH, GOD!” she moaned, wiping her forehead and licking her juices off of her toy. She looked at the clock, when she finished. “SHIT, 7:46!” She hopped in the shower and washed away the evidence of her pleasure.

“She’s gonna stand you up! You should’ve known! I knew it, I fucking knew it!” Brian cursed at himself. Here it was, 8:14 and he haven’t as much as seen a car that LOOKED like her’s. He walked into the restaurant, cursing under his breath, got a menu, and was seated at a table. He looked at the rose that he bought for her, “So much for this,” he said. He saw a man sitting alone 2 tables down from him, looking at his watch, and repeatedly fixing his suit. Brian walked over to him, and handed him the rose. “No sense in wasting, you’re lady will enjoy it,” he sighed.

“Thanks, Man,” the man in the suit said taking it, “you’re a lifesaver.”

Brian walked back to his table and waited for his meal.

“I hope that wasn’t my rose,” Niya said as she sat down in front of him.

“It WAS your rose; you were late, so another lady benefits from your loss.” Brian said, hoping that she got his analogy. Her expression was almost worth the wait.

“So, because I was a little late you gave my rose away?” she asked, knowing exactly what he was trying to do. ‘I’m going to turn the tables,’ she thought, smiling inside. “You know, you might as well have bought that rose for another woman!”

“Maybe so, but what does it matter to you? This isn’t a date, remember?” Brian joked, using her words against her. She had said that plenty of times before they left the gym 3 days ago.

“Of course I remember, I made that rule,” she replied, careful not to be outdone.

“Sure whatever,” Brian said, not wanting to ruin the evening before it even began, “You look nice,” he said giving her body a once-over.

“Thank you. You look good yourself,” Niya said looking at his arms. ‘Yup, pretty damn good,’ she thought to herself.

“You knew genç porno izle I was coming,” Niya declared.

“Actually, I wasn’t so sure,” Brian said, “and someone wouldn’t give me their number so I could check in.”

“I don’t get down like that,” Niya replied, smirking.

“Ok, then,” Brian said as he flagged a waitress over for another menu. “Have you ever eaten here before?” Brian asked her.

“Yes, not at this one, but the one across town. This place is a good 15 minute drive from my apartment.” She replied with a smile.

“I was hoping that you liked Chinese,” Brian said sincerely.

“I absolutely love it,” Niya said, grinning.

“So you live in apartments?” Brian asked, to keep conversation, he loved her voice and her smile for that matter.

“Yeah, Highland Hills on 15th?” She said, before she knew it. She normally never gave her location out, especially to people she barely even knew.

“Yes, I know those apartments,” he said, “Hey, quick question,” he looked at her.

‘Uh-oh,’ Niya thought, ‘Do I wanna know?’ She looked at him “Yes?”

“What made you so damn competitive?’ He asked quizzically.

“My mom,” Niya said “She went to state in shotput, softball, volleyball, drill team, and was about to go pro in basketball before she got pregnant with me, so she thinks that it’s my duty to live out her dreams because she didn’t get the chance to.”

“Is that what you want?” Brian asked her looking at her ‘thinking face’, she was too cute.

“Not at first, I didn’t. It felt like she was constantly pressuring me to do what she wanted me to do and I hated her all through elementary and middle school. We had different ideas of what we wanted me to be. I wanted to be a cheerleader and take up gymnastics; she wanted me to be a jockette. When I hit high school, I started in every sport I played and I started to like the attention. The newspaper articles, college letters, and scouts, I loved it all. So, I wanted to be the best of the best.” Niya stopped for a moment and took a sip hdx porno of her drink. ‘Jesus, I’m talking too much! I don’t know him like this!’ she thought.

Brian thought for a moment, “That sounds about right,” he declared.

“What do you mean, Brian” Niya asked, confused.

“Well, I read in a magazine that women who are as athletic and competitive as you are have a phobia about starting relationships because they’ve always been ‘one of the guys’ with guys and they have problems switching from ‘friend’ to ‘girlfriend’,” Brian said evenly, being careful to no offend her.

“Well, maybe that doesn’t apply to me,” Niya said proudly, “I’m not afraid of anything.”

“Sure, I believe that you aren’t afraid of little things, but relationships are bigger than that. I’m sure commitment is out of the question.” Brian said smugly.

‘Maybe he’s right,’ Niya thought, reminiscing about the incident that made her late. ‘I haven’t been on a date in forever, yet my cell phone is literally stuffed with guys’ numbers.’

A young Asian woman brought them their orders. Niya smiled, grateful that the woman came when she did. ‘Whew! Saved’ Niya thought as she saw Brian reach for his chopsticks. They ate and laughed, (something that Niya is unfamiliar with) the entire meal. Niya looked at her watch, 9:50; it was about time for her to go home, she had practice in the morning.

As if he read her mind, Brian said, “It’s getting late.”

“I know,” she said smiling, “Walk me out to my car?”

“It would be my pleasure,” Brian said as he offered her his arm. Niya reluctantly took it as he led her out into the cool night air. “I had a great time,” Niya said still beaming as he studied her face for a moment.

“Prove it,” Brian said, with a devilish look in his eyes.

“Prove what?” Niya said, lost again.

“Prove that you’re not afraid.” Brian replied, knowing that she couldn’t back down from a challenge.

“Alright,” Niya said as she reached in his pants and pulled out his cell phone.

‘That was close….very close,’ Brian thought to himself thinking how embarrassing it would have been to get a hard on from her reaching into his pocket.

She handed him his phone and kissed him lightly on the cheek and got into her car and drove off.

Brian looked at his phone and it read: Niya- 555-555-5555.

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