Katie and Dani Prt 2


Katie and Dani Prt 2This was it! This was everything she could of imagined it was heaven.Danielle could hardly believe she was here with her. Kissing her, touchingher, making her feel so alive.Another shiver ran down Danielle’s spine and Katie’s tongue once againdived into her throbbing pussy. She was so close… so close. She couldfeel her juices flowing from with in her.NO!It wasn’t her juices at all it was her own piss flooding from withinpouring over the bed sheets arching up and back onto her body. The releasewas too much.”Oh I’m cumming…I’m cumming!!” screamed Danielle lost within the moment.The hand that gripped her breasts were her own the sheets soaked with pissand cum clung to her body and the image of Katie faded away as Danielleslowly opened her eyes.Danielle sighed and slowed made her way towards the shower. Today she feltwould be a very bad day…she had no idea how wrong she would be.Katie’s morning was some what quieter to that of Danielle’s she too hadawoken with images of her best friend filling her head and had enjoy aquick orgasm that left her feeling more tired than she would of likedespecially today of all days.. Monday, which meant one thing… swimming.The school group arrived at the local sport centre and Katie and Daniellepilled into the changing room each picking a private stall in which toundress. They both emerged and chatting amongst themselves as they splashedand swam back and forth Danielle loving every second while Katie watchedthe clock awaiting the finally whistle and a chance to shower and get dry.The whistle finally came for Katie and she dragged Danielle from the waterand towards the shower block. Danielle showered and Katie watched her. Itwas becoming all to much for Katie and she knew that she needed to releasethe pressure building within her. Danielle finished. Katie said she wouldalong in a second. Danielle lft andKatie slowly went to work on her achingpussy. Soon kattie was rubbing her clit through the fabric with her rigthand, her left was clamped over her breasts massaging them over and sendingshivers through her body.Danielle illegal bahis was wrapped in a towel drying humming to her self she shouted overthe room to Katie but got no response. Worried as to her friends locationDanielle headed back to the showers calling Katie’s name.Danielle reached the showers and quickly muffled her own voice as the ikagebefore her made her chock. Katie was stood undr a powerful shower leaningagainst the tiled walls, the top part of her swim suit had been pulled downto her waist exposing her small breasts. The deep pink nipples clearlyvisable and raised. Katie’s hands were dancing across each in turn.Danielle’s gaze fell apone Katie’s other hand which was buried inside hersuit. Moving rapidly back forth in her pussy. Danielle was mezmorie andfound herself become turned on as she hid and watched her best friend havewhat appeared to be a very strong orgasm. Danielle quickly returned to thechanging rooms as Katie covered her chest and checked around that no onehad seen, she smiled as she walked away – no one had seen – or so shethought.The week passed and Danielle enjoyed many happy moments reliving the eventsat the swimming pool. She didn’t say a word to Katie mainly because shewanted to see if she would repeat her actions the following week.As Danielle climbed from the pool she searched for Katie but couldn’t seeher, fearing that she would miss Katie showering Danielle hurried to theshower area only to find it diserted. Katie appeared behind her.”Hey” she called causing Danielle to spin on her heels.”Oh hey, you not gonna shower?””Already had one…you better hurry if you want one we’re gonna be outtaher soon!””Oh yeah I best get to it” Said Danielle and she stood underneath one ofthe shower heads and let the water pour over her.Katie smiled and walked away and Danielle washed herself and thought ofwhat she might have missed. The images in her mind brought the usual flowof juices to her sex. Danielle couldn’t help but slightly rub herself asshe bathed. It was too much and soon her fingers were massaged her clitrepeatedly over and over.Katie had collected kaçak iddaa her things and was looking for Danielle. She movedthrough the changing area. Katie heard the familiar sound of theshowers. Another sound filler her ears as well a sound she had only everheard in her head and her wildest dreams. The moans of Danielle.Danielle stood under the powerful wash of water feeling the ripples ofpleasure pass through her body, eaxh one more powerful than the last andeach one bringing her closer and closer to an orgasm that would stay in hermemory for a long time.Katie was frozen where she stood, every muscle in her body had tensed asshe watched her best friend masturbate.Danielle’s knees began to buckle and her orgasm exploded from within likenothing she had ever felt before. However like before, like every timebefore this as her muscles gave in so did her bladder and her own pisscascaded down her legs and pooled at her feet. Katie froze as she watchedthe yellow liquid fall from Danielle’s pussy. She couldn’t believe it, itjust didn’t make sence? Why was she doing it? Was an accident? Or was thissome kind of sexual game she played with herself?Katie head was full of nothing but confusion and questions and shw fledfrom the shower area before Danielle saw her!Danielle continued to pleasure herself unable to stand she sank to thefloor and left the lsst of the warm water spill over herself, she had neverfelt more relaxed. She loked around and smiled no one had seen her..or soshe thought.Nothing made sence to Katie and the next few days flew by in a bluredepisode. Each day Katie thinking over what she had seen and trying to finda reason behind it. Afte nearly a week she finally expected thetruth…Danielle like to piss herself.The weekend arrived and Katie ignored the calls from Danielle, she justcouldn’t face her. What would she say? Could she even talk about it? Katiedidn’t know which way to turn and found herself alone in her room theimages of her best friend still burning within her head, her body, thecolour of her skin, the piss spilling down her legs…? Woah! Katie’s güvenilir bahis siteleri eyesslowly drifted down her down to her chest, the two slight rises on herchest were complimented by the flow of juices between her legs? Katie hadnever felt so confused and yet so turned by thought and things that sheknew were wrong but she just needed to experience them before she couldmake sense of them.Katie called out to her parents…no answer they must be out. Katie sweptinto the bathroom and locked the door. She removed her clothes and walkedinto the shower. Her nipples were harder now the anticipation of heractions building within her. Katie let the water poor over her bodyallowing the heat to steam the glass around her. Slowly Katie hands movedover her body up and around her breast each one getting a slight massagethat sent shivers down to Katie’s pussy. Katie’s fingers crept towards herpussy the anticipation was all to much and Katie was already soaking whenher fingers reached her clit and began to glide over and over bringing waveafter wave of pleasure, and continuous moans that filled the room that hadnow begun to spin around Katie’s as images of Danielle filled her mind. ToKatie was right there beside her copying her actions allowing her fingersto enter her over and over and then she parted her lips and let her pisspour from within her, Katie copied the actions and was soon screamingout…”Uh god I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna..” Katie’s eyes snappedopen as her orgasm ripped through and her legs gave way, Katie found herbalance but was unable to hold her bladder which emptied as she came.”I’m pissing, I’m pissing, uh my god I’m gonna cum again? I’m cumming! I’mcumming!” and that’s just what she did as her pissed flowed over her kneesKatie came for a second time in as many minutes and Katie sank to the floorof the shower allowing the water to wash away her juices and piss and letKatie think over the most amazing orgasm she had ever experienced.Katie was much more relaxed now as she felt she had a better understandingof how Danielle felt. More important than this was the feelings she hadexperience they had been more intense more real that anything she had everexperienced. Katie begged to share her experience with Danielle to tell herwhat she had seen and done so that they could share it together.

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