katrina kaif


It was 10 PM and she was due any minute. She had called me in day to ask if I would see her, she was a successful model, well not a supermodel, just some magazine and TV ads, and now she wanted to get into the movies. What better way to make it into the movies than ask the extremely successful director who was known for giving newcomers a chance. I was not known for that alone…

Just then there was a knock on the door. I walked up to it and opened it wide to find her standing there. I had seen her photos of course, but she looked so lovely in person. She was wearing a small, black, strappy top with centimeter-thick black straps, deep plunging neckline leaving half of her full breasts visible to the naked eye, the top not reaching too much lower than her breasts leaving half of her flat belly bare. Then there was the skirt, a dark blue, shining material skirt, tight enough to conform to her gorgeous curves and thin enough to wrinkle with every little movement of her lithe body, reaching maybe 6 inches below her waist. Loose black hair, flowing softly in the night air, she lifted a hand to push the hair back from her face revealing nice smooth, shaved armpit and a soft silky bandanna on her left writst that was white and blue and pink in colors with red lines but was matching so beautifully with her outfit.

I was still admiring her semi-naked body in the skimpy, sexy outfit when she spoke,

“Good evening, sir. My name is Katrina Kaif..I ..I talked to you on the phone…?”

“Yes, yes, come on in Katrina..” as she walked in ahead of me, I saw that her tight skirt hugged and squeezed her ass cheeks together just like the top was doing to her tits. The top didn’t make any real effort to cover up her back, leaving it bare almost completely. So, she had heard about my other reputation also…exploiting young wannabe-heroines…

“Take a seat” she walked over to a couch and sat down, crossing her long sexy and bare legs in a slow, deliberate motion. I licked my lips before asking,

“Would you like a drink, Katrina?”

“Er..thank you sir, scotch and soda will be nice. Thank you.”

I made her drink and handed it to her, standing over her, looking down her small, revealing top. She did not make any haste taking the drink away from my hand, giving me all the time to look at her breasts as I wanted. This girl knew the score for sure…

I sat down on the glass topped coffee table in front of her, my silk nightgown making a swishing sound as I picked up a pen to twiddle while I talked to her.

“So, Katrina, do you have any experience in acting?”

“Only the modelling assignments sir, and what I did in school. But I am willing to learn. I will do anything to get a role in your movie.” Well, that was the way to talk.

I put a hand on her soft bare leg and caressed softly as I explained to her, “Look Katrina, I like my heroines very sexy and very obedient. Now you look ok,” I let my eyes move up and down on her body, “but can you be the director’s girl?”

She met my eyes frankly, “Yes, sir, I can be very obedient. Just give me a chance.”

The pen flew out of my hand and landed on the floor in front of the bar. “Get that for me, will ya?”

“Sure, sir!” She placed her glass on the table and walked over, her ass so tight and firm in that tight, skimpy skirt as she walked on 5″ spike heels. She kept her legs open as she bent over to pick up the pen and I got a nice, clear view of her tight pussy with the pussy lips so soft and puffy…no panties at all. Nice! As she walked back towards me, she smiled sweetly knowing well that I had enjoyed her little show. Standing before me she offered me the pen, “here it is, sir”, instead of holding the pen I took hold of her hand and pulled towards me forcing her to bend over, her face just an inch from me, looking directly into her big, black eyes, I put my left hand on her ass and caressed the soft bare skin under the skirt, squeezing the round, firm ass cheek finding it tight and firm. “That’s a nice ass baby, why don’t you show it to me properly” I gestured towards the couch. She escort izmit was willing enough, “Yes sir” She put her hands on the back of the couch and bent over spreading her legs shoulder width, her perfectly round ass almost all bare offered submissively to me to do anything I wanted. I slapped her ass lightly, “Spread ’em wider, girl”

“Yes, sir, sorry.” She complied and I could see her pussy through her wide open legs, and there was already a film of juices on her tight pussy slit. I grabbed her soft round ass cheeks and squeezed them pulling them apart a little and she said “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”. Moving my thumbs deeper in her tight ass crack I opened her ass wider, and man, it was such a perfect ass, “Oh God!” she said as she felt the pressure on her ass. Moving my hands higher on her ass I softly caressed her bare waist then her soft, warm back, her top doing nothing to hide her gorgeous body. My thumbs continued massaging her bare spine as I moved up higher and higher on her back. As she felt my thumbs massaging her spine at the back of her neck, she also felt my hard long rod press on her ass between her tight, firm ass cheeks, “aaaaah” she gasped.

I kept grinding the hard cock on her ass through the thin silk nightgown and reached under her to hold the full, soft perky tits of her in my hands. I started to knead and squeeze her soft tits, feeling them harden in my hands while I pinhched and rolled her hardening nipples in my thumbs and forefingers, all she could say was “mmmm, aaaaaah….oh god!” and then I started humping her, dry fucking her firm tight ass with my hard rod through the thin nightgown. Her moans turned to grunts. My breath was hot on her neck as touched the tip of my tongue behind her ear, then pulling her earlobe with my lips, sucking it lightly. She groaned, “Oh God! I am sooooo wet, sir!”

“How wet, baby?” I asked with another thrust on her ass with my hard cock.

“Like, I want to feel your hot hard cock ramming my wet cunt right now! Please!”

“Hmm, sounds like a good idea.

“Get up and stand straight before me, legs should be wide open.”

“Yes, sir!”

She stood before me, straight, long sexy legs wide open, face flushed with horniness. Her pussy juices flowing down her sexy, smooth thighs past the hem of her short micro skirt. Reaching between her legs I smoothly inserted my long middle finger up into her tight wet pussy hole, feeling her tight cunt clutch my hard thick finger. I hooked the long finger in her cunt and pulled her towards me. She grunted and came really closer with it.

“Being my heroine means being my slut, doll. Do you think you can handle it?”

“Please, sir, it would be an honour to be your slut. Please make me your slave and slut? Aaaaaah”

I pulled my finger out and rammed it really hard into her tight wet cunt which made her punctuate her sentence with a long lip-biting scream. My cock was so hard it was clearly visible as poking through the nightgown.

“Take your clothes off.”

“Yes, sir” I watched with hungry eyes as she took the small strappy top off and her full, soft breasts came into view, hardened with desire, nipples erect. I hit one of her gorgeous perky nipple with my finger and she moaned with her hands on her skirt. She took the skirt off and stood with her legs wide open again after putting it on the coffee table on the top. Her pussy was comletely devoid of hair, her pussy lips puffy, making her cunt look really tight, and her whole pussy slit was slick with juices, which were now dripping on the floor.

I ordered her, “go to the bar and put your hands on the bar counter, bend over real nice, and keep those sexy long legs open wide.”

She complied readily, and when I walked over to admire the view from behind her, I thought my cock would simple break off, it was that hard! She had a perfect ass, well-rounded, really firm and tight, small and so soft to the touch. I held her ass cheeks in my hands and kneaded them hard enough to make her groan loudly. Then I opened them with my thumbs almost touching her little tight asshole and rubbed her tight hole izmit escort with one thumb. All she could say was,

“Oh god!” in a really tortured voice. At this moment every inch of her body was begging for release, she was feverish with heat of desire. I put my index finger’s tip on her tight little hole and pushed it in, I had to push really hard to get my fingertip in.

“Ow, ow, please don’t sir, it hurts!” I just pulled back a little and pushed harder, sinking two thick knuckles in her tight ass, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”, another pull-and-push stroke and my whole forefinger was buried in her ass to the accompaniment of another squeal, “Ohhhhhhhhh godddddddddd!!”

“Ever had your ass fucked, Kat?”

“No, sir!”


“Ah, no sir! I am anal virgin!”

“Well, not for long.” I murmured slowly.

“Oh, please sir, no, not in my ass. It’ll hurt too much!”

I grabbed her soft, dark raven hair in my free left hand and whirled her around sharply so she was looking into my eyes with her head tilted up a little as my fingers gripped her silky hair tightly close to her head.

“Ouch! Ow, ow!”

“And do we care about that, girl?”

“No, sir!” A tear came to her eye as I kept her head in my tight grip.

“Here, you and I both care about only one thing – to make me happy and to keep me happy. Got it?”

She lowered her eyes,

“Yes, sir. I am sorry, sir!”

Another pull-out and push-in thrust into her ass and “Owwww!”

Then I started fingering her tight ass in and out with my finger, “how does that feel, slut Katrina?”

“Hurts sir, but feels strangely good too…” She said, her eyes meeting mine for a fraction of a second then lowered hers again.

“So where will you get fucked?” I rubbed it in.

“Anywhere you like, sir!”

“And in you ass?” I was putting her in her place.

“You can fuck my ass anytime you like sir, and anyway. I am your slut to be used as you please.”

I took my finger out of her ass and pointed to the floor, “Look what you did to my floor.”

There were drops of her pussy juices on the floor between the couch and the bar.

“I am sorry, sir.” She lowered her head.

“Clean it up. Get down on your knees, and lick it clean.”

“Lick it….clean…..er…? Do I have to sir? I mean, I could use a cloth or even my dress…..please?”

“Quick before I get mad and you get a punishment.”

“Yes, sir.”

She got down on her knees and lowered her head, then lifted it again, looking at me pleadingly, “Please sir, don’t make me do it. It feels so dirty!”

“That’s good for you, because you are a dirty slut.”

I put my right elbow on the bar, leaning back on it, and put my right foot on her mouth, my big toe on her soft luscious lips.

“Lick it”

She looked at me, eyes begging to let her be a human slut and not make her like a bitch, but I left her no choice, I nodded. She started licking my toe, slowly at first, then more thoroughly, taking the whole big toe in her mouth and sucking it good.

“Now, the floor.” I ordered.

“Yes, master.”

She gingerely lowered her head closer to the floor until she was almost level with it, then slowly pushed out her tongue and started licking the drops of her pussy juices from the floor. As she moved on from splash to splash her ass wsa raised in such a nice tempting way, her legs parted revealing her tight hot pink ass hole, making it hard for me to grab her right there and fuck her ass but I had better control on myself than that. Training begins from day 1, is my rule.

By the time she’d cleaned the drops all the way to the couch, there were fresh splashes from her pussy on the floor. I pointed to those when she looked up at me expectantly, “Work your way back here.” This time there was no argument or protest, she simply started licking like she was a cum-thirsty bitch and not a gorgeous model, a dark-haired goddesss, nightly fantasy of men everywhere. Her nice, round ass peeking so invitingly from under her short skirt, her izmit kendi evi olan escort pussy lips visible, slick and juicy, her juices dripping down her thighs. When she came closer, licking each and every drop of her pussy juices from the floor, I grabbed her soft hair and pulled her up, guiding her to the bent over position on the bar again. I ran my hands down her bare abck and her waist, touching and prodding her like I owned her, and I did, right from this moment I owned this sexy young slut who had a gorgoues body that would make any guy’s mouth water, and she was all mine for the taking. I slapped her soft buttock and snapped a short order, “Get naked”.

“Yes, master!”

Her dress was not hiding anything much anyway but when she took off the two short pieces of clothes, her totally naked body looked inviting and exciting, especially as I felt the power over her, she was my property, mine to use or abuse anyway I liked. Without waiting another second I had her bend over the bar, totally naked as I shed my own nightgown and taking out my huge, hard, erect cock I put it on her pussy slit and rubbed the pre-cum wet cockhead on her tight, dripping wet pussy slit. Just as I pressed the swollen hard, hot cockhead on her tight little cunt hole, her body twitched violently and her pussy erupted in a hot stream of cum while she scream, “I am cumming, oh damn, oh god, please fuck me, sir! Please!!” My cockhead was already entering her wet, spurting cunt, I pressed hard and rammed the whole long thick rod deep into her tight, luxurious wet cunt. I pulled out half of it and then rammed it deeper and harder causing her to grunt like an animal, “unggh, ow, please, sir!” The harder I fucked her the more she came. It seemed like she couldn’t stop cumming. I kept slamming her tight hot cunt harder and harder, rocking her young, slim, well-endowed body with each forceful thrust. The throbbing in my rockhard cock was getting more intense as I grabbed her full tits and started kneading them hard, making her squirm and moan and scream. Her nipples were so hard now, like protruding steel points, until I took them in my thumbs and forefingers and crushed them flat, causing a sharp, long scream from her soft, moist lips, “Owwwwww god! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” Just then I touched the tip of my tongue on her spine and licked up her bare spine. That just drove her crazy and her pussy erupted into fresh waves of cum making a big puddle on the floor. As I felt my own climax not too far, I started ramming her tight wet cunt harder, using powerful, deep-penetrating thrusts eliciting horny, animal-like grunts and screams from her, and then I exploded so hard in her pussy, filling her tight cunt with my hot wet cum. Another orgasm hit her body then as I kept fucking her juicy wet cunt hard with every spurt of my sperm shooting into her pussy. With every stroke of my hard throbbing cock into her tight cunt I kept flooding her hot tight love-hole with my seed, our bodies shaking with uncontrollable passion, a wild electricity flowing through my hard rod and setting her lovely, soft body on fire. Presently the fires subsided and I pulled out my semi-hard cock from her pussy.

I ordered her to clean my cum-soaked cock and she obediently got down on her knees and started licking my wet member slowly, relishing the taste of our mixed cum. I felt so good, having this gorgeous model suck my cock, the lips that created erections when on TV, wrapped around my cum-dripping cock, sucking like she was just a little cock-sucking slut. She cleaned it completely and still kept sucking my monster cock which was again hard in her mouth. Her pace increased, she started sucking my hot cock furiously. But I had other ideas. I grabbed her hair and pulled it back, tilting her head up, her eyes looking directly into mine. “Now go and clean yourself, the bathroom is there. Then I want you to come to the bedroom, I want to fuck your ass before I sleep tonight.” She winced as I mentioned fucking her tight virgin ass but said, “Yes, sir!”

“Then I may want to use you at night, when I wake up.”

“Yes, master. Any time you want, I am yours to own and use anyway you like!”

And I did use her all night, fucking her ass, which was so tight and exciting and also her tight little cunt, several times.

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