KELLII was planning a trip to Florida to get away from everything, play some golf and just relax and I decided to ask my daughter, Kelli if she would like to go with me and spend some time with her stepfather. Having a fairly busy and stressful job, she eagerly agreed. I booked the flights made the limo reservations for the airport and we were off the very next weekend.My daughter and I have always been very close. We share the same sense of humor, similar interests and can rib each other beyond what most others could take. I’ve always suspected that she’s had some intimate feelings for me although I’ve never made it a topic of discussion. She has always been willing to snuggle with me and frequently asks for her favorite back massages where she will sit on the floor and I will sit behind her on the couch with my hands under her shirt to work the knots out of her back. During these, I usually have the strong temptation to allow my hands to come around her sides and rise up to cup her beautiful breasts, but I have never acted on these desires.We had been in Florida for a couple of days and both been enjoying the wonderful weather. The stress had left our bodies and we had permanent smiles on our faces. “Where do you think we should eat tonight?” she asked, as she walked into the living room. “I’m not sure,” I responded, “the new Brew Tavern looks good.” She was dressed in her usual jeans and untucked blouse, but there was something that struck me about her look that immediately had me thinking sexual thoughts. Maybe it was just her stride across the room, maybe it was the way the blouse cut in underneath her breasts and defined them. Whatever it was, my mind started thinking the same type of thoughts I had been thinking for years, but I quickly discarded them telling myself, “It’s not going to happen, if it hasn’t happened yet.” Little did I know. We decided on the Brew Tavern and had a wonderful meal. I kept myself to a maximum of a tall light beer, being the one who was driving. Kelli, however, had more than one glass of wine and wasn’t drunk by any means, but was feeling pretty good. I could tell by how much she was joking with me and how much of the talking she was doing. We were having a great evening.After returning to the condo, she went upstairs to her room for a while and I got into some comfortable sweatpants and a tee shirt and settled down in front of the TV to catch up on some sports news. I was recalling my thoughts earlier that evening, when I heard her coming down the stairs. She was wearing simple loose pajama pants and a light frilly loose top. “You need to think about something else,” I told myself, “because your pants aren’t going to hide the inevitable.””Could you give me a back massage?” she asked. “Of course, come over here and sit down. You don’t mind if I keep sports on, do you?” “Nope, no problem. I just need some knots worked out.” She sat down in front of me and I raised up the back of her shirt as I had so many times before. She wasn’t wearing a bra and I began to work my thumbs into the muscle of her back as my fingers gripped her sides. “Ummm, that feels so good,” she moaned.It was always so difficult for me to tell if her responses were expressing some sensual delight or if my interpretation was off, but I was guessing at the former and my cock began to betray itself. I continued the massage, working my thumbs up and down the center of her back while my fingers caressed her sides. At one point, on an outward stroke, my fingers slipped a bit and pressed against the sides of her breasts. I reacted by retracting my fingers quickly and freezing for a moment, but Kelli seemed not to react at all and simply continued with her low moans of approval. “Did she not feel that, or did she not care?” I asked myself. “Or did she feel it and enjoy it?” I could only imagine this was the case and decided to get brave. I knew I was taking a huge risk and could fundamentally change the dynamic of our relationship forever if I was wrong, but the decision was made.I continued to allow my fingers to slide further forward on each stroke of her back and brush against the sides of her breasts as I passed by that area. Eventually my fingers were touching enough of her breasts on each stroke that there wasn’t any way the touch could be mistaken as accidental. I had worked my way down to her lower back and was working back up when I let my hands come completely around to her belly and rise up to cup her naked breasts fully. They were firm and very full. The flesh felt smooth and warm and I immediately began to caress her taught nipples between my thumb and forefinger. She leaned back into me and looked up into my eyes. “I’ve been wishing for this for years,” she said as her hands came up to meet mine and press them harder into her breasts. Her eyes closed again as she moaned and I rolled her hard nipples around between my fingers. I lifted her top and she raised her arms above her head allowing me to remove it and toss it to the floor. I discarded mine in the same manner. Returning my hands to her breasts, I continued their caress as Kelli closed her eyes and leaned her head back into my lap. Her breasts were thrust toward the ceiling as I stroked the smooth flesh and asyabahis yeni giriş lightly twisted her erect nipples. I marveled at the perfect ivory white complexion and began to salivate as I imagined taking each one in my mouth. The sight before me made my cock as hard as it had ever been when I was a hormone enraged teenager. “Kelli, sit up for a sec and turn around,” I said in a low whisper. She turned around and was now kneeling in front of me, hands clasped and looking into my eyes, as if she were waiting instruction. “How far do you want this to go?” I asked. Concerned, first and foremost, for my daughter’s feelings and our precious relationship. “As far as you’d like,” she responded. “That may be a bit further than she thinks,” I thought to myself.”Give me your hands,” I said as I reached out. I took her hands and placed her fingers at the elastic waistband of my pants. I simply let her hands go as her eyes rose up to meet mine. There was a short pause before she began to pull the waistband down. She gasped as my rigid cock sprang upward, the tip already glistening with small droplets of precum. I lifted my hips from the couch to allow her to remove my pants. Her eyes were riveted to my engorged member the entire time, as she worked my pants down to my ankles and cast them aside. She placed her hands on my thighs as she continued to stare at my cock. Finally looking up to my eyes, without words, she seemed to be asking permission to touch it. I took her hands and wrapped them around the shaft then I placed my hands on each side of her face and gently pulled her closer to it. As her face neared my cock, her mouth began to open and, without any hesitation, she slid the head past her lips. She removed her left hand as she slowly allowed her mouth to engulf the entire length of the shaft, pushing the head of my cock to the back of her throat. The sensation was enough to make my head reel and send tremors throughout my body. Watching my little girl take my cock to the back of her throat was nearly more than I could handle. Still grasping the base with her right hand, she began to withdraw my cock from her mouth slowly, almost hesitantly, as if she were only now realizing what she was doing. She lifted her head from my cock and held it directly in front of her open mouth with a thin string of saliva stretching from it’s tip to her lower lip. Her eyes lifted to mine and I could see the uncertainty in them. I reached out and held her face again. “I love you sweetheart, and nothing we do here will ever change that,” I reassured her. With that, a smile broke across her face and she leaned forward and completely re-engulfed my cock in her mouth. Her hand began following her mouth up and down the shaft, very slowly at first building with intensity, then quickening until she was furiously engorging herself on it. I had fantasized about this hundreds of times and it was never as intense as it was turning out to be. My daughter seemed to be starved for her daddy’s cock.I was sitting there in stunned bliss, absolute stunned sexual bliss, as she looked up to my eyes. She paused with the head of my cock still in her mouth. Staring up into my eyes, she opened her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head while slowly stroking the shaft with her hand. “My God, you have no idea how good this feels!” I said to her. She uttered a small chuckle and began to raise up a bit leaving my glistening cock to trail a thin line of saliva down the front of her neck. She reached to the sides of her gorgeous breasts just as my cock began to slip into her cleavage. “I bet you always wanted fuck my tits,” she said as she pressed her breasts together and started to raise them up and down on my now slick shaft. I was stunned at the language coming from my innocent daughter. Moments ago she seemed to be uncertain, even hesitant, as if she had never really expected this to happen but, now her true desires were showing and I was witnessing just how sexual my little girl was. My heart was racing and I felt as if I couldn’t catch my breath as I watched the head of my cock disappear and reappear in the cleavage of her ivory D cup breasts. I felt as if I was caught somewhere between a dream and reality and couldn’t distinguish exactly where I was. It had been only minutes earlier that I was thinking about this same scenario but was also utterly convinced that it couldn’t possibly happen. As my mind reeled trying desperately to fathom what I was witnessing, I suddenly realized that I was about to cum. “Oh God, I’m going to cum!” I was able to utter. Kelli dropped down and took my cock back in her mouth without missing a single stroke in her rhythm. Her hand, grasping just below the foreskin, followed her mouth as it slid up and down my cock. I let out a deep gutteral moan as my hips lifted from the couch and I released my semen deep into her throat. Her lips never relinquished their seal from the head of my cock as she swallowed my cum and continued to milk the shaft of my cock with her hand until my convulsions ceased.She lifted her head from my still engorged member as she continued to caress it, rolling her hand over the head and lightly up and down the shaft. She seemed to nearly be asyabahis giriş in a trance as she stared at it, almost as if she were admiring all it’s characteristics. Breaking from her trance, she finally looked up at me and asked, “Did you like that?””My God, you have no idea!” I responded nearly out of breath. I reached for her face and held it in my hands. I leaned forward as I brought her face up to mine and began to kiss her. Our tongues immediately intertwined and the kiss became a deep powerful twisting embrace of our mouths. She stood to her feet leaning over me, never letting our lips part. She braced herself with one hand against my shoulder and reached back with the other and worked the waistband of her pants down until they fell to her ankles and she stepped out of them. We both knew what was about to come.We relinquished our kiss as she placed one knee on each side of my hips, straddling my cock. She rose up slightly and with one hand still supporting her against my shoulder she reached down with the other and began to rub the head of my cock up and down her soaking wet slit. With her eyes shut tight and her head thrown back, still bracing herself with one arm against my shoulder, she became lost in the intense feeling of slipping my cock back and forth across her clitoris. Her breasts thrust toward my face and I admired her young supple body, from the large areolas and rock hard nipples to the perfect thin line of pubic hair tracing it’s way to her soaked pussy lips. I took one of her nipples in my mouth and began to swirl my tongue around it and tug at it lightly with my teeth. She paused as she placed the head of my cock at the entrance of her pussy. “This is actually going to happen,” I thought just before she released her weight slightly and I felt the opening of her pussy expand to accommodate the thickness of the head. I remained motionless allowing her to determine how quickly she wanted to take the whole length. She gasped as the head entered her opening and she continued to hold the shaft with her hand. Releasing the shaft from her hand she slowly but smoothly let herself drop, as a long slow moan came from her mouth, until the entire length of my cock was buried deep in her pussy. She paused again at the bottom then began to rise up the shaft slowly. Just as she reached the head she impaled herself onto the entire length of my cock with brutal force. A sharp “Unhh!!!” escaped her mouth. My daughter then began to ride up and down on my shaft with forceful deep strokes. I, in turn, began to thrust my hips upward meeting her forceful blows. “Unhhh……Oh God, please fuck me, fuck me harder……Oh, mmmfuck……oh my Goooood!!” The moans and squeals coming from her only made my mind reel with the unreality of the situation. She placed her arms against the back of the couch as she pressed her breast harder against my mouth and I sucked even more furiously on her taught nipples. As she rode my cock, I brought my hands around her hips to grasp her smooth round ass and guided her strokes up and down my cock. I purposely began to slow her down and began to trace the tip of my right index finger around the soaking wet opening stretched around my cock. Running my finger from her pussy up to her anus, I was able to wet her anal opening for something I had planned. With my cock still inside her and a slow rhythmic fuck continuing, I gently pressed the tip of my finger against her anus. I would press for a moment then swirl it around and press for a moment again. I continued this until the very tip of my finger just began to enter and I knew the opening was slick and ready for penetration. I held her still and pushed my finger in to the first knuckle and withdrew. I rubbed my finger up and down the crack of her ass to ensure it was slick with her juices and pressed the tip in again. This time I continued deep into her ass. This elicited a sharp squeal then a pause. “Oh God, I want you to fuck my ass!!” she whispered in my ear, as if there were someone nearby to hear the filthy words. Again, the depravity of my beautiful, innocent daughter shocked me at the same time it made me hornier than I had ever imagined I could be. “Don’t you worry, you’ll get what you want soon,” I responded. With my finger deep in her ass, she began to ride up and down on my engorged cock again. I moved my finger slowly in and out and could feel my cock in her pussy. This drove her insane and the profanity began to spill out of her beautiful little mouth. “Oh, shhhhhhhhit…..fuck me, please fuck me ……….oh yes, oh God, fuck me harder!!” These words made my cock so hard, I thought it might burst, I had never felt so rock hard in my life. Without warning, I stood up from the couch and lifted her. My daughter’s legs wrapped around my waist as I held her in place. I looked into her eyes and said, ” Now it’s your turn for a little pleasure.” I turned around and placed her on her back lengthwise on the couch without ever letting my cock slip from her pussy. I lifted her ankles up high in the air and, with my right knee on the couch and my left foot on the floor, began to drive into her hard. So much so, that her huge breasts rocked back and forth with each forceful stroke. asyabahis güvenilirmi I pulled my cock from her and dropped to my knees thrusting my tongue immediately into her now dripping pussy. I pressed my tongue hard against her slit as I licked up and down across her clitoris. Her ankles crossed behind my back and she grabbed two fists of hair as she pulled my face even harder into her. She began to squeal as if her teeth were clenched with all her might trying to keep a primal scream from escaping. I broke from her grasp of my hair to stand and thrust my cock back into her pussy and felt my balls slap against her ass. Leaning over her, my right arm on the back of the couch and my left supporting me next to her head, our eyes were locked in a gaze that said, I was now in dominant control, but she trusted me completely. I drove my cock deep into her drenched pussy over and over again and could feel the cool moisture of her juices dripping down her ass coating my scrotum as it slapped her wet ass repeatedly. I pulled my cock from her pussy again and dropped to my knees attacking her drenched slit with my tongue for a second time. This time I did not relent. Moments later her body began to convulse as she tore at my hair. Her clenched teeth began to unlock as the imprisoned squeal turned into a full fledged scream. “Yeeeessssssssssssss!!!” she screamed. Tremors ran down her body driving her drenched pussy against my jaw over and over. “Oh Go…d…a….mmmm…!!!” She couldn’t even finish words as her body betrayed her with it’s spasmic convulsions.After what seemed like minutes, Kelli began to relax and the convulsions relented. She was able to regain her composure, but I was not finished. Standing, I looked into her eyes and reached out a hand to pull her up to her feet. I silently led her to the bedroom adjacent to the living room, guided her onto the bed and gently said, “Turn around and get on your hands and knees.” Without a moment’s hesitation, she complied. I instructed her to place her face down against the sheets so her ass was raised high up in the air. Once she was in this position, I knelt behind her and began to tongue her pussy and lubricate her anus with her juices. After giving her ass much attention with my tongue and making sure it was well lubricated, I got directly behind her in a squatting position with my cock pointing straight at her ass. I rubbed the head of my cock back and forth across her anus. She looked back at me with the side of her face pressed against the sheets and said, “Please be gentle.” “Sweetheart, I would never do anything to hurt you, you tell me if I should stop.” “OK, I trust you,” she responded. I placed the underside of the tip of my cock against her opening and pushed forward at the same time I pressed down on the head with my fingers. “Ummmmmnnnn…..Uhh,” she moaned. “Should I stop?” I asked. “No, no, don’t stop, I want to feel you in my ass,” she responded. I continued to press and the head of my cock began to slip in as her anus began to expand to accommodate it. The head popped in past the anal ring, which elicited a small gasp from my daughter as she quickly reached back and placed her hand against my hip indicating to stop for a moment. I remained motionless, waiting while she caught her breath and adjusted to the feeling of my thick cock entering her ass. She returned her hand flat against the sheet beside her face as if to brace herself for the remaining penetration. Very gently, I began to resume pressure. “Mmmmmm……yyyyyeeess, please don’t stop, oh God, please don’t stop now,” she begged. More than willing to oblige, I continued pressed forward and down slowly and steadily until the entire length of my cock was buried deep in her beautiful ass and my hips were pressing against the two beautiful globes of her ass cheeks. I began to withdraw and drive back in with short strokes and increased them in length each time until I was fucking her ass with full hard strokes of my cock. The intensity of these increased until I was virtually slamming against her ass with full force sending tremors through her ass cheeks and driving her face into the bed each time. Kelli was now reaching down to her pussy and vigorously rubbing her clit. “Oh God, please don’t stop, please don’t stop, yyyyeeeeesssss!!” she squealed, as another earth shattering orgasm overtook her body and sent her into convulsions. She buried one of her fingers deep into her pussy and I could feel it rubbing against the underside of my cock. This drove me right over the edge and I immediately began to fill her ass with my cum. I withdrew my cock for a moment and shot some of the cum onto the crack of her ass, then buried my cock back in her waiting hole. As I continued to fuck her beautiful ass and she continued to feel my cock with the finger in her pussy, I rubbed the cum all over the two ivory globes of her ass and reached one of my fingers down to her face where she proceeded to lick it clean.She collapsed flat on the bed with my cock still in her and I rolled off as my cock pulled out letting a small puddle of cum spill onto the sheets. I lay on my back and she lay face down looking at me. Still trying to catch my breath, I turned my head to look in her eyes. “My God Kelli, I never imagined……,” my sentence trailed off as I still struggled to catch my breath. “Oh, I’ve been imagining for a long time,” she responded. With that we both just lay there, smiling, relaxed and imagining what the rest of the week held in store.

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