Lady Of The Loch (Part 3)


The Knight, clad head-to-toe in azure armor trimmed with bronze eagle motifs, stood at the bank of the Lagoon.  The witch had told him if he watched long enough he would be rewarded with an unrivaled sword.  If he was willing to pay the price…He kept his vigil all morning, calmly observing every ripple and current of the loch.  A passerby would have thought him a monument had there been any, so still did he stand as the songbirds chirped and flew overhead.As the sun reached its zenith, to his awe from the depths of the loch arose an elven Maiden!Rivulets cascaded like miniature waterfalls down her long golden tresses that drifted round about her hips which cleared the undulating surface.  Drops of water dripped onto smooth, fair skin; glittering off her supple, toned body and bare navel like pearls.  The sun danced off her jewel-bedecked hair piece and reflected from her bracelets and armbands.  Her earrings and necklace shone with the scattered fire of precious stones.Held in place by a gem-encrusted chain round her waist, her thin white tunic was completely soaked from the water; showing practically every detail of her Sylvan hourglass figure.  From the perky tips of her bounteous breasts, threatening to escape the thin strips of fabric securing them in place, to the delicate folds of her bare lady garden’s entrance nestled between her thighs beneath the wet cloth of her tunic, it was clear she wore no other clothing.In her hands, she carried a peerless sword!  It’s pommel and guard appeared to be made of gold, while the cerulean grip matched the clear waters all around.  Sylvan designs were etched into the gold and accented with emeralds and rubies.  The scabbard was ultramarine with silver and gold cords weaved about it in fanciful knotwork.The Elf’s breasts bounced softly and her hips sinuously swayed to and fro as she waded to the bank where the Knight remained standing.  Still in the gentle water as it lapped just below her feminine intimacy, she stretched out her hands and offered up the priceless blade.“I will give you my sword if you will give me yours,” the Lady said with a sultry smile.The Knight was transfixed with the fey beauty of the Maiden and remained motionless while his eyes drank in every minute detail of her voluptuous form she made no effort to hide.After a protracted silence, all the while the elven Maiden maintaining her sensuous smile, the Knight knelt down and solemnly retrieved the sword.  Standing once again, he drew the weapon and examined it.  As he did so, the Lady’s smile disappeared as she keenly observed his imposing frame with anticipation.The blade appeared to be made of translucent glass, while water from the lagoon seemed to flow and swirl within.  Though he expected it to break, the Knight tested it by lightly tapping the tip on a nearby rock.  To his surprise, the blade did not shatter, but remained unblemished!  The stone, however, had a noticeable gash where the blade had struck.  A quick stroke confirmed the blade cut through rock as though it was passing through parchment!  Impressed, the knight returned the sword to its scabbard, nodded to the Sylvan Lady, and stood at attention, the weapon at his side.“Excellent!” the Elven Maiden purred, coyly smiling like the cat that caught the canary.  Rising out of the water, she stepped lightly from its surface onto the emerald grassy bank.  She then promptly knelt down, and began to unbuckle the straps that held the armor about his loins, pouting and biting her lip with frustration when she couldn’t get them unfastened quick enough.Once the plates dropped free to the grass with a clank, the Lady, smiling seductively, softly spoke to herself, “Let’s see what your sword looks like.” With that she unfastened his mail leggings, letting them hang about his greaves with a satisfying clink.  Finally, biting her lip in anticipation she slowly pulled down his padded britches and linen undergarments together. A sudden gasp involuntarily escaped the elven Maiden’s lips as his long hard shaft, arching downward from the leggings clinging to the tip, sprang up in salute as it was finally freed from its trappings. Simultaneously his family jewels slightly elevated as they freely swung in the open air.“Marvelous!” she exclaimed in gleeful girlish giggling as she held her forearm next to his saluting sword.  It was over half the length!“Truly impressive good sir!” she complimented him staring at it in wonderment with her limpid emerald eyes, and licking her lips with excitement.  “Let’s have a taste…”Tenderly cupping his dangling pearls with her left hand, her right index finger softly stroked his hard shaft from tip to base before gripping it firmly.  As she leaned in, her lips gleamed and her tongue peeked out as her open mouth salivated awaiting the first savory flavor.“Mmmmmph!” she announced as the tip slid along her tongue while her lips clamped down all around consuming it like a rare delicacy.  She proceeded to spiral her tongue all about the enveloped head, feeling every bump, ridge, and contour as she thoroughly tasted everything.  Once she was satisfied she had finished the taste test, she pulled back her head, maintaining her lip clamp, till the tip slipped out with a resounding smack!“Exquisite!” she gasped smiling in delight, despite strings of saliva still dangling from her lips and arcing back to his sword’s wet and glistening head.  “I shall have a truly satisfying and pleasurable banquet this day!”  With that remark, she leaned forward again gently pinching the shining head between her right thumb and index and lifted it till it pointed at the sky.Like a mother cat caring for her kitten, the Lady began to tenderly lick the long shaft with deliberate slow upward strokes.  She worked with fastidious care, methodically working her way around and down the Knight’s meat sword. No pore was missed on the engorged member, as she would pause only briefly to swallow and renew her saliva stores.Upon reaching the base of the shaft she turned her attention to the plump purse containing his manly pearls.  This too she would lick, but now she used alternating strokes; first going up, and then going down, making sure the tip of her tongue penetrated every wrinkle and fold.  Once the jewel sack was dripping and sparkling, the Lady sat back to admire her work.“There,” she breathed softly.  “The feast is properly basted. Now—“ she purred as she came close to the jewel purse, “—let’s polish Porno 64

these hidden gems.”  Her soft exhaling against it made the pouch contract lifting the pearls slightly.  With that, she gently nipped a loose wrinkle, and holding it between her teeth smiled mischievously.  “Uh, uh, uh!” she teased through her closed grin.  “You can’t set up for the sticky finish yet.”She began to gently tug and pull downward with her mouth. In response, the pliable skin of the Knight’s man purse stretched and elongated, while the precious pearls gently bounced and tumbled about within.  The Sylvan Maiden released her clamped jaw and the sack elastically pulled back, but not as tightly as before.  With a little sigh of satisfaction, the Lady nipped another wrinkle, repeating the process.After a few repeated nip and tugs, the Elf sat back, looked up at the Knight, and flashed her sultry grin. The tip of her tongue peeked out from between her pearly teeth as she gave a flirtatious wink.  Instantly she leaned back in, pressing her partially open lips against the bottom tip of his left family jewel, and in a fluid motion sucked it completely into her mouth!Carefully using her teeth to slightly pinch the stretched manpurse, she ensured the stolen jewel could not escape her warm, moist mouth.  The Knight’s head tilted far back as the pull on his jewel was tight and slightly painful, while also being exceedingly pleasurable.  Behind the closed visor, his lips quivered.The Lady, never releasing her stolen prize, looked up and smiled broadly for a second at the Knight’s reaction.  Then clamping her lips back around her teeth, she proceeded to glide her tongue all around the pilfered pearl while simultaneously pulling imperceptibly back to increase the pain pressure just a bit more.  A low hiss escaped the Knights lips.  The Elf let a muffled giggle pause her action before continuing.  Alternating sucking, rolling from cheek to cheek, and tongue massaging, she assiduously polished the poached pearl in the tumbler of her mouth.  Occasionally increasing the tension on the stretched pouch just to hear the Knight hiss.After what seemed an eternity to the Knight (though a couple of minutes at most had passed) the Sylvan Maiden released her pinched prize allowing it to slip back to its natural place in the man sack.  The Knight’s posture immediately relaxed at its release.His relief was premature, however, as the Elf suddenly captured the other jewel and again intensely polished it within her magical mouth.  Her smiles and occasional little giggle informed him she was greatly enjoying his painful state of pleasure.Finally, she released his second jewel, and the Knight involuntarily let out a little sigh.“I see you enjoyed that almost as much as I did,” the elven Maiden teased through lyrical laughter.  Then she looked directly up into the Knight’s helmed face with smoldering emerald eyes and coyly remarked, “Time for a second basting of the banquet!”  With that remark, she swallowed his sword whole, letting it slide down her throat without gagging at all!Once her lips were pressed against the Knight’s loins, she grabbed the left cheek of his rump in her right hand, gripping it tightly and pulling a bit, slightly spreading it open. Her left hand, again cupping his precious jewels, raised them as close to the base of the shaft as possible.  Then without pulling her head back, she began to flick her tongue in and out licking his pearls!  The Knight threw his head back once again at this sudden new sensation.Some eternity of licking later (as measured by the Knight), the Elf gave one final flick of her tongue.  However, instead of drawing it back into her mouth, she slowly pulled her whole head back, keeping her lips sealed around the long, hard, drenched shaft—effectively giving a giant lick to the whole meaty member.  A loud slurping smack again punctuated its release, as the head finally popped out of her mouth covered in thick saliva which oozed and dripped down the shaft and manly jewels.“Oooooo!” she cooed between gasps.  “The savory taste is well seasoned with age.  I simply could not find a better sword to swallow if I looked for a thousand years!”  Her eyes lit up with the burning fires of passion and her lids half closed as she softly breathed out, “Now let’s taste your nectar!”Once more she swallowed the resolute head of his saluting sword, but this time she began to suck slowly and rhythmically while her head slid up and down the shaft in time with the suction.  Her right hand still gripping the Knight’s rear began to tug in time to the beat of her head.  Her left hand released his taut pearls, and gripping the base of his shaft, began to twist and slide to the sucking sounds of the Lady’s mouth.  It was as though she was single-handedly playing a symphony of pleasure using the Knight’s dripping shaft as her squeaky woodwind and his rear cheek as her silent bass.With each passing suck and bob of her head, the Sylvan Maiden increased the tempo of her orchestra.  As her playing rose in pitch, the Knight’s hand, still gripping the Lady’s sword, began to quiver–then to shake.  The growing pressure in his loins and jewels, building all this time, were now swelling like a coming storm!“Mmmmm!” the Elf hummed as the first drops of the Knight’s ambrosia, a precursor to his nectar, started to seep forth from the head of his sword.  This taste seemed to only increase the fervor of her orchestral performance as it continued to crescendo unabated.  The fully engorged sword began to quiver and throb!Still driving the tempo ever higher, the Lady’s lips pursed tighter around her drenched wind instrument.  Saliva dripped and drooled down the throbbing shaft as it mixed with the ambrosia now flowing freely out of the sword’s head into her mouth; increasing the viscosity of her mouth’s own lubricant.Suddenly the Elf stopped her performance as the throbbing instrument, at last, gave way to the tidal wave of pressure that had been building in the family jewels. The Knight’s sticky nectar burst forth, squirting rhythmically all about the Lady’s heavenly mouth as he dropped her sword onto the grass below and started to moan!Firmly gripping both cheeks of the Knight’s bottom and pulling them apart, she attempted to steady his convulsing loins and drive the pulsing shaft a bit deeper in her rapidly overflowing mouth. All the while she desperately tried to suck all Konulu Porno the sticky nectar in as it sprayed forth in an attempt to avoid any leaking out.As the Knight’s sword throbs lessened, the pressure of his squirting nectar dropped and dribbled to its conclusion.  His moaning simultaneously subsided and was replaced with heavy breathing.The Elf Maiden released her clamped hands from the Knight’s rear, her red hand marks still remaining.  She maintained her locked lips around his softening shaft as she carefully sucked the last drops of nectar out of her instrument.  Then slowly, timidly, slid her mouth off the Knight’s sword which drooped from the exerting performance it had just given.The Sylvan Lady sat back on the heels of her bare feet, as her tongue bathed, swirled, and swam in the warm, sticky nectar the Knight had generously shared with her.  Finally swirling most of it into one large glob much like a pastry chef might a bowl of pudding, the Elf raised her head, stared directly at the visor of the Knight’s helm with sultry eyes, and opened her mouth.  His nectar on full display, it oozed off the tongue completely flooding the floor of her moist mouth while sticky tendrils, like a creature of the deep, stretched from the glob all across the roof and inner cheeks.The Knight was both pleased and mesmerized at the sight and he watched the glob’s shape slowly melt as it pooled about her seductive mouth.  His trance was broken by her lips abruptly closing to avoid any nectar escaping.  With a deliberate motion, she closed her eyes and swallowed.“Mmmm! Oh! Oooh!  OH!” she cooed as she slowly lowered her head to a normal posture and opened her eyes.  “Ooooooooo!  That was a truly refined dessert!” Rising up on her knees again, she took his resting sword in her hand.  “Clean up time,” she said cheerfully.With that, she went to work licking all the excess fluid off the sword and pouch.  The Knight noted this was entirely different from the licking she had done before.  Unlike the dramatic sensual licks, these licks were quick efficient strokes merely taking away any excess her feasting had left.  Still, they provided a pleasurable, sensation.  In short order, his sword was glistening clean.  The Elf Maiden used her finger to wipe off any trailing juices from her chin and mouth before sucking the finger clean itself.“Mmmmmmm!  Such a generous opening course,” she praised him.  “Your nectar is truly glorious in taste and feel!  I would choose it over any dessert the finest chefs could offer me!”The Knight, having remained largely stoic and silent up to this point, took off his gauntlets—tossing them beside her sword.  Then he removed his helm and mail coif letting them drop next to the other armor pieces lying in the grass.  Turning his gaze back to the Lady, he again drank in the shapely curves of her form.  However, the tunic was now mostly dry; vainly trying for a modicum of modesty as it attempted to hide her most intimate details.  A smoldering fire swelled within the Knight as he longed to look unobstructed upon the Elf’s womanly charms.Stepping close to her, he bent over putting his right calloused hand softly on her supple left shoulder, while his left gently brushed an errant hair out of her face and then continued downward to caress her right cheek.Her skin was smooth as silk and soft as velvet.  The faint scent of jasmine wafted seductively from her hair, while a potpourri of citrus fragrances delicately clung about her neck and shoulders.  The Knight felt he could drift off forever if such perfume was always about.“Thank you!” he whispered.  “Never have I felt such celestial pleasure!”As his hand stroked her cheek, the Sylvan Maiden, looked at the Knight in surprise, her cheeks blushing involuntarily.  His face spoke of a man in his forties, his wavy hair showing signs of gray.  But his hazel eyes and fine features reflected kindness as they passionately looked upon her.  He tilted his head and leaned in to kiss her, while his right hand quietly brushed the left neck strap down off her silken shoulder.  Doing so fully exposed her left buxom breast as her pink perky tip finally made good on its threat—defiantly slipping out into the open air.The Lady playfully put a finger to the knight’s lips, “Uh, uh, uh!  A lady must freshen up between main courses of such a bounteous feast.”It was the Knight’s turn to look surprised, but only for a moment.  With a hearty laugh, he quipped, “Freshen up?  Then let me help you with your linens!”  With that, he slipped her right neck strap off her velvet shoulder and with one motion pulled the whole tunic up through her waist chain, over her head, and then off altogether!  As he released the tunic to fall lightly upon the ground around the Lady’s comely feet, he watched the shimmering cascade of golden hair as it flowed about from the sudden removal of her only garment.Standing and straightening her tousled hair, the Sylvan Maiden retorted in feigned annoyance, “It is good to see you are joining the festivities!  I was beginning to get worried I would be the only one enjoying this fine feast!”The knight now regaled in the Elf’s fine form, in full display through the filtered sunlight. Her full round bosom, like two melons punctuated with soft pink ends centered round pert stems, softly bounced and swayed to her body’s motions.  The contours of her abs and navel shifted beneath her toned, velvet skin as she fluffed out and straightened her hair.  The dainty folds, like pink rose petals, draped across her garden’s entrance, beckoned and teased as they slightly parted with the opening and closing of her thighs as she undid the now useless chain about her waist—tossing it atop her strewn tunic.The Knight noticed the Lady’s jewelry erotically enhanced her figure.  Her golden hairpiece mimicked that of a swan’s wing.  It sat on the right side of her head with the sapphire bedecked tips sweeping back and up into the air, while the ruby-adorned base kept her right bangs tucked to the side along her ear. Diamonds punctuated the space between tips; giving off the appearance she had sparkling, brightly colored feathers in her hair. Two small strands of pearls wrapped around her head to help hold the hair piece in place.  Star-shaped topaz earrings dangled just off her velvet shoulders suspended by gold clips along the bottom lobe of her delicate, long, pointed ears.  They provided a subtle Porno İndir ethereal quality to her alluring features, as though the stars themselves coveted her attention.Her golden bracelets and anklets, inlaid with opals, naturally highlighted her shapely wrists and ankles as they clasped just above them. Her armbands, silver with gold inlay wrapped around the top of her upper arms, accentuating the flowing muscles as they flexed beneath her silky skin. The Elf’s necklace had three large topaz gems, marquee cut, strung out on pearls of alternating sizes.  The middle one rested just above her cleavage pointing down at her navel.  Thus inviting the viewer’s gaze to drift between her lusty melons and continue all the way down to her lady garden’s delicate, enticing lips.  The other two were aligned to sit atop her ample breasts and contour the gaze along her delectable curves straight to her perky peaks.Only her left leg had a thigh band. Delicate silver and gold scrollwork mimicking ivy wrapped two-thirds of the way around, slightly squishing the soft, supple skin beneath.  The remaining gap was linked together with a dainty silver chain embedded with little emeralds the color of her eyes.  Its presence arrested the observer’s view just a few inches below her intimacy, tempting the gaze to return.  Lastly, the second toe of her right foot had a golden band of ivy encircling its base.  Drawing attention to her shapely foot where her soft pink nails spoke of elegant pedicures.The Sylvan Maiden, having primped to her satisfaction, turned and knelt at the loch’s edge.  Bending over she cupped her hands and drew water from the lagoon.  Raising it to her lips, she daintily sipped her drink.  As she did so, the Knight got a full view of her voluminous peach bottom with her soft second lips prominently nestled in the middle.  He also noticed a detail that until now had escaped him—A silver-trimmed ruby, about and inch in diameter, sat in full view just above her garden lips.Enraptured, the Knight knelt down behind her and began to caress her silken bottom with his left hand, while his right index finger traced the edge of the ruby that protruded from her tight, pink sinkhole.  “What’s this?” he gently whispered to the Elf.“That, my gallant knight,” the Lady replied. “Is to make sure in your zeal and passion you don’t attempt to enter my secret garden and end up in my dark passage instead.”Nodding understandingly, the Knight let his right hand wander down to her garden’s tender lips.  His fingers began to gently brush and trace her intimate curves and folds.  His left meanwhile, started to softly knead her shapely backside—engrossed in the sensation of feeling her velvet skin fold and wrap about his fingers.  A faint murmur of pleasure slipped forth from the Elf’s lips as she closed her eyes, relishing the feeling.“You are truly beautiful!” he whispered.  “I have never seen a woman with such perfection of form, nor felt the fires of passion swell as I do now looking upon you in all your feminine glory before me!”The Maiden’s face visibly flushed at the compliment.  She quietly smiled, “Your words make me blush like a young girl!  You tease too much!”Removing his right hand from her delightful intimate folds, he let it glide along the other cheek of her silken bottom, up the velvet small of her back, beneath her long golden locks, along the graceful curve of her lat, and up over her right shapely scapula where at last it came to rest atop her toned right shoulder.  It rested there but a moment, before suddenly spinning her around to a seated position!Looking deeply into her eyes, the Knight remarked huskily, “You are no young girl, but a woman in all her splendor!”  With that her emerald eyes went wide, as in a flash he drew her in by the shoulders and passionately kissed her full red lips long and deep! Her eyes slowly closed as she submitted to his firm, strong embrace, wrapping her silken arms about his steel breastplate, and running her fingers through his fine graying hair.  At length, their lips parted as they both gasped for air.“Good sir,” she panted.  “Your armor may save your life, but it chafes my tender skin.  If you intend to continue with such actions, and I wish you would, I request you remove it forthwith.”Standing immediately, the Knight quickly shed the remaining plates from his arms, letting them clank to the ground.  Turning his back to her, he hastily began to unbuckle his side straps.  “These I can unfasten myself, but there are a couple in the back underneath I can’t get.  Normally my squire would assist me, but I left him back at camp today.  Could I entreat you to aid me with them?”The Lady, eyebrow arched, had been observing with interest his hasty conduct. His request elicited a giggle.  “I guess it can’t be helped then,” she teased as she rose from her seat in the grass.As the back plate loosened, the Elf saw the hidden straps beneath.  Walking over she reached under and unfastened them.  At last freed from the unforgiving breastplate, the Knight lifted it off and dropped it at his side.  He then pulled his mail hauberk off, letting it sink at his feet.Anticipation welling up inside her, the Sylvan Maiden bit her lip as she started lifting off the padded jacket and linen undergarment.  The Knight complied and adjusted his arms to allow her to pull it up over his head before tossing them on the ground himself.His broad, bare back completely exposed, the Lady’s eye noted the many scars from battles past.  Pensively she reached up and let her fingers lightly trace over them.  The Knight paused his strip to fully appreciate her soothing, heavenly touch.“Do they hurt?” she inquired quietly.“Sometimes, when the weather changes,” he admitted.  “But I wouldn’t trade them if it meant missing this feeling now.”A faint flush tinged her gentle cheeks, as the fey Maiden smiled to herself.  “You are very complimentary, my gallant chevalier.”“I only speak what my heart is feeling,” he replied.Stepping in close the Elf embraced the Knight, her hands caressing his heavily muscled chest while pressing her buxom bosom against his bare back and letting her aroused nipples compress into his worn skin.  Resting her head between his shoulders, her velvet cheek caressed his skin softly.  “Then let me see if I can charm that heart,” she whispered.This new sensation sent hot and cold tingling waves up and down his back and spine, as the Knight closed his eyes to revel in the sublime feeling.  Only to have the stimulating waves shoot through his chest and navel, finally, lodging in his loins as her hands delicately slid down, down, down, till they once again came to wrap his illustrious sword and cradle his precious man purse.

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