Late Night Encounter


This is not really a story, just a short little vignette, but it gets right to the point and is, I think, in its own way, very nice.


I head home through the late-night streets, my mind wandering as I endure the long, tedious ride, dreading the emptiness and boredom that I know awaits me when I arrive. It’s been a long night, a long week, with more overtime than I would like and nothing happening in my social life. I find myself thinking of better times, of previous partners, little adventures I’ve had or ones I wished for but missed. It’s been too long since I’ve had some fun, some affection, some sex. I promise myself an indulgence when I get home, some special little pleasure that will raise my spirits. And then I see you.

You pull up next to me as I’m stopped at a light. I look over and take in your beauty, your warm, chocolate skin, your high cheek bones and full lips, your full, sumptuous breasts. Suddenly you glance my way, catching me as I admire you. Your eyebrow arches at the impudence of this stranger, this white girl. I blush, wondering if you can tell that I am thinking about being with you, imagining my pale skin halkalı escort sliding easily over your dark heat, the exquisite joy I would get from pleasuring you. The light changes and you pull away, but at the next light we’re there again, together, and this time you hold my gaze, searching for my intent, and then you make a decision. With a simple motion of your head you tell me to follow you, and I do, excited beyond belief.

You stop on a dead end street, unlit and isolated, and I park on the opposite side, just across from you. When you signal for me to come over, my heart begins to race, out of control, but I get out of my car and quickly hop into yours. Our eyes meet, but you don’t say a word as I enter, just discreetly raise your skirt to indicate what you want, which is exactly why I’m there, exactly what I need. You quickly rearrange yourself, turning, leaning back against the door, shifting your legs out from beneath the steering wheel, into the passenger’s side, where I have already dropped to my knees and positioned myself on the floor. Eager for what you know is coming, you start to slip your white, lacy panties down over your hips şirinevler escort and I, just as eager, pull them down the rest of the way and off.

You spread your legs, letting me see the delicious spectacle of your cunt, the inner flesh so vivid pink next to the deep brown of your lips, which are already moist and swollen in anticipation of what I am going to do for you. I can’t take my eyes off it, this beautiful, moist delicacy, this steaming flower, just waiting there for me. I can barely breathe now, I’m so excited, knowing what I’m about to do. Everything has happened so fast. Just minutes ago I was on my way home, bored and alone. And now I’m here, in a stranger’s car, about to taste and satisfy a beautiful black goddess.

Not wasting another second, sensing our mutual need, I move my head between your legs and begin to eat you out, slowly at first, my tongue running softly, sensuously up and down the center of your quivering slit. I feel the warmth of your dark, creamy thighs against my cheeks, occasionally clutching at my head as I do everything I can to pleasure you. I delight in the taste and texture of your sweet quim as you softly escort istanbul sigh and moan in response to my tongue. The intensity builds quickly and your fingers twist in my hair as the passion builds in both of us. Within minutes you are in the throes of an intense orgasm, groaning loudly, your hips trembling and bucking as I continue to work within you. My hands eagerly cup your bottom as your cries fill the air and your fluids run copiously into my greedy mouth. You start to come down, but I keep you going, making you come again, and again, and again, until you just can’t take any more.

You lie there, panting, satisfied and drained, legs still parted, your caramel thighs still quivering from the intensity of the pleasure I’ve given you. I lick you clean, savoring the final taste of you, then wipe your cream from my face and whisper a heartfelt “Thank you”. They are the only words either of us has spoken during this unexpected hook-up. Suddenly I am keenly aware of the warm moisture between my own legs, the response to what I have just done, but there is no time for that now. I open the door and quickly return to my car, driving off into the anonymity of the night. As I pull away I see you watching me and realize that we never got each other’s name, that we exchanged only those two simple words between us. We part, with only the vivid memory of our encounter, a brief but delightful time of sheer lust and abandon between two horny women, a time neither of us will ever forget.

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