Life’s Changes Ch. 08


I awoke to the sense that something was different. I realized I wasn’t in my own bedroom. The only light was coming from somewhere behind the wall. Then I smelled the scent of fresh brewed coffee close by. I felt a warm body next to mine that held me in its grasp. It was female. I could feel the swell of her warm breasts against my back. And the faint smell of her perfume filled my nostrils. The smell was that of my Jenny. Her sexy smooth leg was resting on mine, and her hand rested on my tummy. It felt good to have her hold me. I could stay there for hours if it wasn’t for the smell of the coffee.

Looking at the clock on the nightstand I could see it was ten thirty. Time to get up for the drive to Atlanta. I gently moved Jen’s hand, which caused her to roll on to her back. I noticed movement in the room by a chair.

It was Pam. She came to me and knelt by the bed and whispered. “Good morning Mistress. I hope I didn’t wake you.” Kissing her forehead I said

“No you didn’t the coffee did. But I have to be getting up anyway. Are you the only one up?”

“No Glenda, Cheryl and Ginger are also up. Miss Sandy is still asleep I believe.” She told me as she handed me a cup of coffee.

“Why don’t you lick Miss Jenny awake for me?” I told her pointing to where I wanted her to lick. I watched as Pam went to Jenny’s side of the bed. Holding her hair back she leaned over and slid her pink tongue into Jenny’s slit and slid it in and out. She had Jenny moaning in no time.

“Oh Sheri you sure know how to wake someone.” Jenny said with her eyes still closed. Then I giggled shocking Jen. Her eyes popped open and looked at me then she looked down to see who was pleasuring her. “Oh Pam that’s a sweet girl. Go head and lick away.”

Jenny opened her legs and Pam moved between them for to get more comfortable. Pam now started to really go to work on Jenny’s pussy. As she started to use her mouth and her tongue on Jenny’s slit

I got out of bed to use the potty and to leave the other two to their pleasure. After a quick shower and some light make up I returned to the bedroom. To find Jenny kissing Pam as they laid on the bed. Taking my cup I sat back on the bed and kissed both girls and said

“It’s already eleven o’clock why don’t you two get a shower, then we can go find something to eat.” Once the other two when for their shower I turned on the light. On the dresser I saw that Pam had bought me some cloths to wear.

After getting dressed I waited for Jenny and Pam to finish their shower. When they were done and dressed we went in search of something to eat.

Finding Glenda Cheryl and Ginny in the kitchen. We sat at the kitchen table as Ginny prepared breakfast for us I asked

“Is Sandy still in bed? Some one should go wake her so we can leave at noon.” Cheryl went to wake her.

After we finished our breakfast Sandy came in freshly showered and dressed to meet the day and said “Thank you Sheri I really enjoyed Pam last night. She was very attentive to my needs.”

“I’m glad.” Then to Pam I asked. “Pam did you enjoy yourself?”

“Yes Mistress it was a very enjoyable evening. And Miss Sandy is a very considerate lover.” I could see she said this without reservation. So I gathered nothing happened I should worry about.

Once breakfast was over Pam helped me pack while Glenda changed back to Bill for the ride up. Bill Pam and I drove up in our car. While Jenny Ginger Sandy and Cheryl drove up in Jim’s car. On the way I asked Bill

“Did you enjoy yourself last night too?”

“Yes it was great.” I took Bills hand in mine and said

“I told Jenny I loved her. I know we said that what ever we did with other people was just sex. But I really think I lover her, not like the love you and I have or that I have for Pam. But I do love her.” Bill kissed my hand and said

“I know what you mean. I love Pam too not like I love you. I could never love anyone like the way I love you.” I kissed Bill on the cheek and rested my head on his shoulder. Then I reached between his legs and gave his cock a squeeze I saw him wince in pain.

“What’s the matter?” I asked I was concerned he was hurt

“Oh nothing I guess I over did it last night.”

“Oh poor baby did those girls take advantage of you last night?” I asked teasingly

“I guess they couldn’t get enough of it.” He said with a chuckle

“Should I kiss it and make it better.” I asked

“I don’t know if that would help, but you could try it and see.” He said with a gleam in his eye.

I opened his pants and pulled his pink panties down to just below his balls. I lay down on the seat and took his soft cock in my mouth. I wasn’t trying to get him to cum. I knew that could be dangerous I was just doing it for our enjoyment.

It’s been along time since I did this. When I was first learning to deep throat Bill I use to do this a lot. Anytime we drove any distance my head was usually in his lap most of the way. He would warn me when he was getting close and I’d back off till he’d calm down then I’d go back at it for awhile more.

This muğla escort time was no different. Bill enjoyed my mouth and I enjoyed giving him pleasure. Once while I was waiting for him to calm down. Jenny pulled up along side us and wagged her finger at me. I gave her the finger and went back to sucking Bill’s cock. When we got close to Atlanta Bill let me know. I zipped him back up and touched up my make up before we had to stop

We arrived at Sam’s Tattoo shop at two o’clock. When I got out of the car Jenny came over to me and asked

“What was that a midday snack?” I laughed and said

“I was just soothing him from the work out those two sluts put him thru last night.” Pointing to Cheryl and Ginger.

“I’m sure he had nothing to do with it. They must have forced him.” We both laughed then walked arm in arm into Sam’s shop.

“Well Sam you don’t look to busy?” Jenny said. After she greeted everyone with hugs and kisses she said

“No. It’s too early in the day. The crowd I get in here usually doesn’t show up till the sun is down. What can I do for you all?”

Turning to Bill I said in whisper. “I’m thinking of having both Pam’s nipples done. Do you want your other one done?” Bill nodded his head excitedly. Then to Pam I asked if she wanted both done she said she did. I told Sam

“We need three nipples pierced.” Sam nodded her head and Bill sat in the chair first. Once Sam checked his other piercing she pierced the other nipple and connected them with a chain. Then Pam removed her shirt and bra and sat in the chair while I held her hand. When hers were pierced and the chain was attached Sam told her to leave the bra off for a couple of hours. Then to me she said

“How about you? I’ll give you the fourth piercing free.” I thought to my self what the hell. If I don’t like it I can just take it out. I took off my shirt and bra and had my left one pierced. That hurt how Pam had both done was beyond me. Then Jim had his other done and Jenny had her left one done. Cheryl had both hers done but Sandy begged off. While I paid for my three piercing Sam handed me four small silver weights and said

“After they heel try hanging these from their nipples they may like it if not you could use it as a form of punishment.” I couldn’t see how Bill and Pam could enjoy it but you never know. I couldn’t see the paddling but they did like that.

When we left Sam’s she said the oddest thing she said ” I’ll see you tomorrow.” when Jenny asked what she meant she said “you’ll see I sure you’ll be back tomorrow.”

After that we when to Jackie’s when we walked in, there didn’t seem to be anyone there. Walking back by the toy section I held Bill’s hand while Pam held his other. Jenny and Ginny made a beeline straight for the strap-on dildos while the rest of us just looked around. Jackie came out of the back room, wiping herself off with a towel.

“Well I see I gained some popularity.” Then seeing Sandy she ran to her and threw her arms around her. “Sandy so good to see you again.” They kissed; I could tell they knew each other well. They Jackie came over to Pam and said.

“I see your still with your mistress. Have you earned your ring yet?” Pam lifted her shirt and proudly showed off her new nipple rings and said

“Yes Miss Jackie. Mistress gave me two today.”

“I can see there still a little sore. You have a good Mistress be good for her.” Then she turned her attention to me and said

“To bad you decided to keep her. I would mind having her for myself. This must be Bill your husband.” Jackie gave Bill the once over and then said. “I wouldn’t mind him either. You are one lucky lady to have two fine looking slaves to serve you.”

Jenny and Ginger came over to us. Jenny was carrying two double-headed strap-on dildos, one bigger then the other. One was about the same size as the one I had and the other was at lease twelve inches long and two and a half inches thick. The smaller end was eight inches long and two inches thick with a barbed nub that would ride on the clit area. I was shocked she would even try something that big. Looking at me she asked

“Do you think this one’s too big? Ginny says no but I’m not sure.”

“Well it all depends. If Ginny thinks she can handle it then I’d say get it. But I’d be careful.” Jenny nodded her head and then said to Jackie.

“I’ll take both and Ginny need’s something to wear tonight to Dominators.” Jackie took Ginny back to the leather area. Jenny then asked Bill

“What do you think? Can she handle something that big?” Bill though for a second and said

“She can handle me and I’m thicker than that one is, but I’m not that long. You’ll have to go slowly so she can get use to it.” Then with a blush of embarrassment he said “Cheryl went in deeper but I like the way Ginny did me better. The shorter jabs where much more pleasurable. You don’t have to go all the way in either.” I kissed Bill’s hand to let him know it was ok with me. Then I notice he still had on his nails and nail polish. I asked him about this he said.

“I thought it muş escort would be okay then I wouldn’t have to put them back on tonight.” Looking at his hand again I noticed his wedding band. It was a large white gold band about three eights of an inch thick. It was a man’s band and on his fingers with the long nails and nail polish it looked out of place. Remembering that there was a jewelry store just down the street from Jackie’s I said to Bill

“I’ll be right back. Pam, come with me.” Pam and I walk down to the jewelry store. Once inside I looked at the wedding rings and spotted a set that looked almost like the one I was wearing. I asked the jeweler if he had three female rings in Pam’s Bill’s and my sizes. Bill’s fingers being long and thin were not a problem. The jeweler had what I was looking for. Then I asked for a diamond ring in Bill’s size. Finding a marquee cut diamond the same weight, as mine was not a problem. After paying for the rings Pam and I walked back up to Jackie’s on the way I took Pam’s hand in mine and asked

“Pam would you be my wife.” I asked as seriously as I could. I didn’t want her to think I was joking. I could see Pam was stun by this she said

“Mistress I’ll always be yours. I don’t need a ring from you.”

“I know. I want you to wear it so no one will think you’re available.” I saw a tear come to Pam’s eyes the she said.

“I’d be honored to wear your ring.” She threw her arms around me and started crying. I held her close to me as her emotions over took her. Once Pam got herself under control I place the band on her left ring finger. Then we walked back to Jackie’s. Looking back towards the jewelry shop I saw the man that waited on us shake his head and turn to go back in the store. I knew he thought I was a lesbian but I really didn’t care.

Back at Jackie’s everyone was waiting for Pam and I. We said good-bye to Jackie and then we when to the hotel. We stopped at the portico to drop off our bags. A porter came up to us and asked.

“Are you with the Marsh party?” We said we were “Your room is ready if you’ll give me your keys I’ll park your car and someone will bring you bags up to your room.” We walked up to the others and Jenny said

“Lets go to the bar while they bring up the bags. Then we won’t be tripping over anyone while they bring in the bags.”

While we were sitting at a large table in the bar Bill saw the ring I gave Pam. Bill asked me in a low whisper.

“What’s with the ring?”

“I don’t want her to be hassled by men trying to pick her up she’s way to pretty to be available. So I bought her a ring that looks like ours. Is that ok? I kind of think of her as my wife anyway.”

“Your right I think of her as another part of our marriage. I just can put a name to it yet.” Bill agreed

After we had two drinks. We went up to our room. We took a private elevator to the top floor. Which open to a foray to the presidential suite. I was stunned I knew they rented this type of rooms and all the good hotels had them but I never knew any one that actually rented one.

There was a large living room with a dinning room table off to the side and there were three bedrooms off of the living room. There was a large sliding glass door that over looked the countryside. Jenny then said

“I took the liberty of ordering dinner. Sheri you Pam and Bill will be in that room.” She told us pointing to the center bedroom. “And Sandy you and Cheryl will be in that room. This is only for changing not sleeping.” Pam Bill and I went to our room. There was a king size bed with a large bathroom. Our suit cases where already there. Jenny followed us in and closed the door behind her.

“I need to talk to the three of you. When we get to Dominator’s. The two of you” She said pointing to Bill and Pam “Must do exactly as Sheri tells you no matter what. I doubt she’ll tell you to do anything you don’t want to, But you must do exactly as she say’s. If you don’t the Master Domi will take you and punish you. And Sheri will be punished too. Do you two understand?” Bill and Pam nodded their heads.

“Sheri you must remain in control at all times. You can’t tell some one else’s slave what to do. And you can’t punish someone else slave with out their permission. It’s better if you let them deal out the punishment. If some slave becomes rude to you, you can exert your authority on them but don’t hit them with out permission. If you don’t think you can handle it tell me now and the three of you can go as my slaves.” I assured her I could handle myself then she continued

“Chairs are for Mistress and Masters only. Slaves either stands behind of kneel at the feet of their Mistress. Sheri never forgive someone else’s slave for being rude. That’s the privilege of their master. Your slaves will get you what ever you want never get a drink for yourself. We’re eating here because slaves can only eat out of dog food bowls at the club and I refuse to have Ginny eat that way. If you have any question don’t be afraid to ask Sandy or me. It’s better to ask then make a mistake. I know I’m making it sound nevşehir escort dreadful but it isn’t. I just want you to be careful.”

I assured her I would be. Ginny open the door and said that dinner was here. We went in to the living room. On the dinning room table was a large array of food. There was shrimp and baby lobster. Buffalo wings and Chicken fingers there was so much food I didn’t know where it was all going to go. I knew we couldn’t eat it all. During dinner we chatted and joked. At eight thirty we decided to get ready for the club.

Bill Pam and I went to the bedroom and started putting on our make up. When we were dressed I tuned to Glenda and said “Glenda give me your wedding band.”

Bill wasn’t sure what I want it for so was reluctant to take it off. I knew how he felt I didn’t take mine off ever. I said “its ok love give it to me.” Bill gave it to me then I took the two rings I bought earlier and placed the band on his ring finger I asked,

“Will you be my she male husband to do as I say when I say?” He said he would then I slipped on the diamond wedding ring and said. “These rings you’ll wear when you’re Glenda. The other one you can wear when you’re Bill. These are more feminine and they fit your female side.” I slid the third new ring on to my finger along with the other two I already had on. “I’ll wear this one along with the other two to show my commitment to Bill, Glenda and Pam.” I looked up at Glenda and I could see her eyes watering. “Are you ok with that?” Bill took my hand in his and said

“You are the best wife a man or women could have. I’ve known you would always love me but you seem to show it more each day.” We hugged each other and then pulled Pam into the hug with us.

We walked in to the living room. I was worried that we had on too much make up till I saw Sandy and Cheryl. If they where any indication we had on too little. Their faces where heavily made up. Sandy was wearing a blood red bustier with red fish net stockings and thigh high red leather boots with five inch spiked heels. Cheryl was wearing a red leather corset with red stockings and six inch heeled red leather boots; around her neck she wore a red leather collar with a gold tag. Attached to the collar was a red leash. On her wrist and ankles were cuffs. Both had left their breasts exposed Cheryl had a gold chain attached to her nipple rings.

When Ginny came into the room she was wearing a pink satin corset, with a matching collar. On her legs she was wearing pink stockings and six inch spiked heels. She also had on wrist and ankle cuffs. Ginny’s breast where also exposed. Jenny followed wearing a black leather bustier with black fish net stockings thigh high laced up boots with a five-inch heel. I asked

“Does everyone go with their breast exposed?”

“No not everyone but the ones that can usually do. And while I’m young and mine still stand on their own I want to show them off” Jenny said then pointed to Cheryl and Ginny. “They like to show off the fact that they have some.” I turned to Pam and said

“If you want to show yours off go ahead.” Pam hesitated only briefly then pulled off her breast covers. And hooked her chain to each ring. I asked, “Do your nipples hurt from the rings?”

“They did with the covers but now their ok.” I knew what she was saying mine was hurting a little if I had brought my other bustier with me I’d would be changing too.

Ginger brought us all glasses of champagne. At ten thirty we left for the club. While we were putting on our raincoats I said, “This must look ridiculous. Here it is the end of May not a rain cloud in sight and we’re all wearing rain coats.” Jenny then said

“Don’t worry love the only person that will see us is the valet in the parking garage in the basement. And everyone in this hotel knows where most of the guests go on the weekend. Now just relax and enjoy yourself.” Taking my credit card and my driver’s license. I stuck them down my breasts the only place I had to put anything.

We rode down in the elevator and just as Jenny said our cars were waiting when we got off. The valet handed the keys to Jen and I then turned back to the TV he was watching. I followed Jenny out of the garage and down the Highway for about a mile or so then pulled into a large stone gate way. The sign on the gate said that this was a private club for members only. We pulled into the front of what I could only describe as a southern plantation mansion. A short man dressed in old colonial livery complete with powdered white wig helped me out of my car. We ascended the white marble steps to the front entrance.

Once inside we handed our coats to another man in butlers costume and proceeded to the reception desk. Every one of the men I had seen so far wore a collar with the nametag stating “Property of the Master Domi.”

The receptionist was wearing a French maids uniform. He looked at all of us giving everyone the once over. His eyes passed right over me as if I wasn’t there. Then he said “Mistress I need to see ID’s.” I pulled my driver licenses out to which he said. “Not you, you stupid bitch I was speaking to your Mistress.” I moved faster then he realized. I grabbed him by the collar and pulled his head down to the desk with a loud thunk. He realized his mistake once he saw my necklace though it was too late.

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