Long Island Cuckold Ch. 08

Big Cock


This contains homosexuality, domination, humiliation, cuckolding, cum-eating, water sports, and if any of this offends you, I recommend that you do not read on.


When we first put on the CB-3000 is was interesting and exciting. It was a new kink, something naughty to be doing again. It took us a while to figure out and my dick going through the motions of getting slightly harder didn’t help. After about 20 minutes and starting over from scratch once, we got it on and it made sense. Over time, like anything else, you learn there is a bit of skill that can be learned to more easily put a dick into chastity, and that was our first attempt.

When I was secure in the plastic CB-3000, with its “points of intrigue”, it was exciting. A turn on. Every as my dick tried to get hard and drove itself into those point, the pain was frustrating, but it was exciting, a turn on, and fun.

Even as Donna told me about staying in the CB-3000 through our Las Vegas visit that would be next month, my reaction was that she was kidding and that it may not be so easy. However, at that point, it was still very much fun and sexy.

Unlike Saturday, we didn’t drink much alcohol on Sunday of Labor Day Weekend. I grilled chicken and Donna made a salad. We drank water and Iced Tea. As we progressed from the pool to get ready for dinner, Donna put on a t-shirt and shorts. When I made motion to put some clothes on, Donna grabbed me by the balls/CB-3000 and said, “Stay naked. I like looking at your little thing in this.”

So, I did stay naked, except for the CB-3000. I’m not a Master Griller by any means, but I’ve always liked to grill food with my Weber Grill. I didn’t really notice until then, how much protection a pair of shorts and a t-shirt provided. I needed to pay attention to how close I was to the grill and what I was doing or I would start to get a bit burned.

Donna has had me naked while she was clothed before, but I think wearing the CB-3000 made things a bit more apparent to me. I’ve always been in ok shape. No belly, kind of an average build. No super muscular, but not wimpy or as I think the Brits would say “weedy”. Male or female, if you would have had a choice to see either Donna or I naked, straight, bi, or gay, you’d pick Donna. As I moved around doing my thing to prepare dinner, that made me self-conscience.

Additionally, there was the CB-3000 that was locked on my dick. If anyone was to see it, it would raise eyebrows for sure. I prevented me from becoming hard, which I think was what was making me be less “excited” and more reflective. Perhaps there was more blood available to my brain.

The CB-3000 was clear hard plastic with a white plastic “lock” that had a serial number printed on it. This wasn’t a case of being locked into something that was out of my control to break out of no matter way. Any part of it could be broken to so that I could free myself. I would not do this though. I could not think of a situation where I would do it. I wanted to be used by Donna, I wanted to be owned by her. I think that was my primary motivation, even more of a motivation than wanting to please and be obedient to Donna.

That CB-3000 that Donna put on me is there by my choice. That in itself was humiliating. We both knew that.

While we both moved around on the patio get the table set for two and getting situated, every time Donna was side by side or moving next to me she would touch or hold my balls, or briefly slip a finger or two into my asshole.

As I was finishing with the chicken and taking it off the grill, Donna was fucking my ass with two of her fingers. As I turned off the grill, Donna pulled her fingers out of my asshole and put them into my mouth. I sucked on her fingers as she said, “You like things in your ass and you love the taste of asshole, don’t you? You are such a faggot. Get the butt plug and put it in while we eat dinner.”

I put the chicken on the table, brought water and iced tea to the table, then went over to the chairs by the pool and grabbed the butt plug and the small container of lubricant. I brought them to the chair by the table. I put lubricant in my ass and on the plug, then slowly sat down onto the butt plug until it was in my ass.

Donna watched me do all of this while starting to eat dinner. I kind of felt like I was her entertainment. It hurt going in and when I sat, it was definitely uncomfortable. I know people talk about having these things inside them for a while, I think beyond 30 minutes would be very difficult. I’m not a 20 year old and perhaps a younger person (fag?) could handle it better.

Donna smiled when I settled down in my chair. She asked, “Ok?”

I said, “A little uncomfortable.”

She smiled wider and said, “Perfect”

Then we had dinner. We ate and talked about the neighbors and visiting the kids at school and what we were going to be doing for the holidays. As Donna finished her meal and was just drinking her iced tea, she casually asyalı escort put her bare foot on my chair between my legs. She played with the CB-3000 and stroked my thighs, balls, and belly with her feet and toes.

Then she got up and said, “I’ll clean up the dishes, could you get me one of your cigars? Just get the one for me and start a fire.”

I went to my office where I kept the cigars and got my lighter, cutter, and one of my CAOs. Donna hasn’t smoked before, but she was clear just to get her one. I went back to the patio and passed Donna doing the dishes. As I passed by, she grabbed me, then pulled the plug out from my butt. She smiled, then went back to the sink and cleaned the plug. I continued on, thankful for the removal of the plug, and put the cigar, cutter, and lighter by this big chair I normally sit in and started the fire.

By the time the fire was going, Donna came out and motioned me to sit in my chair. The chair is cushioned and is big enough for Donna to join me in it. When she does, she kind of sits half on me and half next to me. That is how we sat as the fire was starting to pick up. Her butt was kind of in the seat and she had her legs draped over my lap and her arm around me. She felt and smelled great. Those spikes of the “Points of Intrigue” reminded me they were there.

She picked up the CAO cigar and the cutter and asked how to cut it. It was a box/square cigar. The cutter was on a chain with a punch connected to it. I showed her that the punch was better for that type of cigar and we did it together. Then I showed her how to hold it and light it. She was impatient and wanted to take a couple of puffs while I was lighting it. I smiled as she was enjoying herself.

With her draped over me, we stared at the fire as the evening was starting to become dark. She smoked the cigar slowly, then broke the silence by saying, “I’ll share.”

She motioned for me to open my mouth and she drooled a bit glob of spit into my mouth and I swallowed. It tasted of her cigar. She did throughout the time we spend in front of the fire, as she smoked, she would spit into my mouth slowly.

Honestly, the spit was strong from the cigar, but I find it incredibly sexy. With her thighs on my legs, that CB-3000 was making itself known to me. I would swallow her spit, but she said to me, “Slowly savor it, then swallow”.

So I did. I would hold her spit in my mouth for a while, tasting it, then swallow. We were sitting there like this as if it was the most normal thing in the world. I knew it wasn’t. I knew that we changed and she was dominating me and that I was not normal. I was not sure how I felt about any of it, but I was not only powerless to change it, I didn’t want to.

It was incredibly sexy and intimate just sitting there with Donna. My dick was straining against the CB-3000, she was sitting half on me and with her arm around me. Occasionally she would spit into my mouth as the cigar was too hot. (That is why most cigar smokers will have a whiskey or a beer while smoking). It was very enjoyable and intimate.

As Donna neared the end of her cigar and the fire was waning a bit, I had to pee and I told Donna that. She got up and then grabbed my hand. She said, “I want to see how you are going to pee with that on. It isn’t coming off any time soon.”

I looked a bit confused at her and she pointed to the grass and said, “Do it there, so I can watch.”

I took a couple of steps onto the lawn, then was confused again. I wasn’t sure how to pee. Standing there, I gripped the CB-3000, but it wasn’t making sense to pee that way.

Donna laughed and came to me. She pushed down on my shoulders and said, “You’re going to have to squat. I guess fags in chastity don’t pee standing up.”

Then she stepped back to the patio to watch. I know I was blushing. I squatted there and had a bit of stage freight and wasn’t able to pee for a minute or two, then I relaxed and started to pee. Donna stood there and watched and smiled at me. For the most part it worked out well, but at one point the stream kind of hit the plastic and sprayed on the grass and onto me. Otherwise, I finished my first pee in chastity, supervised.

When I stood up again, Donna said, “You have to pay attention to hygiene. When you drink my urine, it goes into your fag belly and that is fine, but it may be tricky to urinate while in chastity. I’ll pick up some packs of ‘Wetones’ so that you can cleanup when not at home. You’ll have to be careful not to spray onto your clothes by mistake. When you’re home, we’ll keep you naked from now on and if needed, you can always just hop into the shower.” Then she said, “Stand there”

Whenever we have played with pee on the back lawn I would hose down that spot to dilute the urine on the grass, so as not to kill it. Donna grabbed the hose and sprayed the grass as my feet, then my feet, then she changed the setting to more of a mist and sprayed around my penis and the cb-3000. She ayaş escort told me to open my mouth and sprayed my mouth and had me rinse a couple of times, then she sprayed down my body again.

While she did it she kept a serious look on her face. I told her I was getting cold and she told me to stand there and spread my legs apart. I did.

Donna then focused the spray and hit by balls with the water twice. It hurt like heck and I buckled my needs a bit. I didn’t say anything but I looked at her and I know the pain must have been on my face.

She said, “I know we aren’t into pain, but if you are going to talk back to me or be difficult in any way, I’m going to have to punish you. I think that is effective. Do you understand?”

I said, “Yes Ma’am”

Donna then said, “Clean up everything, dry off, then come to the bedroom.” She then dropped the hose and walked back into the house.

I was cold, wet, and naked. The night wasn’t turning too cold, but it added to my discomfort. As I put everything away and made sure the fire was out I was thinking about things. Donna wasn’t kidding. She was treating me more as a pet than a husband. I really wasn’t sure of anything any more. I was confused. I was frustrated. My guts were in a knot and it was more than what the hose did to my balls.

When walked into the bedroom, Donna was drying herself off. That damned CB-3000 was making itself known as I looked at her breasts, her legs, and her pubic hair. She looked at me and said, “It is ok for you to come into the master bedroom when it is just us and when I tell you to. Otherwise, you must knock or ask permission.”

I said, “Yes Ma’am”

She got into bed naked and patted the bed next to her for me to come. I did and we lay face to face with each other. She stroked my balls and held the CB-3000 and commented on that it seemed like we figured out how to put it on right.

She said, “Jinxypie had said she couldn’t’ get one to work on her husband. So, they didn’t use one. I think they make sense. This one fits you it seems. If it comes off you’re going to be punished. Do you understand what that means?”

I said, “Yes Ma’am”

She squeeze my balls pretty hard and I yelped. She responded by saying, “I’m not a sadist, but I’ll learn to beat these balls if you are not obedient or if that comes off. Even if it comes off for any other reason, you’ll be punished. So, you want to be sure it stays on.”

I said, “Yes Ma’am”

Donna said, “I was so disappointed that you let me go riding on the motorcycle. You knew he wanted to fuck me. You let us go. When I came back, you seemed happy that I sucked his cock. You seemed happy to have me spit his cum into your mouth. I’ve been married to a fag who would rather swallow cum than have sex with his wife. How do you think that makes me feel? “

I didn’t know what to say. She was serious. It wasn’t play and I don’t think she really wanted me to speak.

Donna told me, “I’ll prove my point.” She told me to stand up in front of the bed. She reminded me that at any time I could rip off the CB-3000 and be a man or I can stay locked up and be a fag who wants his wife to have sex with other people.

I just stood there like an idiot. Confused, red faced, and straining in the CB-3000. She was hitting home. I know her facial expressions and she was very serious.

She told me to get a Solo disposable cup from the kitchen quickly. I ran to the kitchen and back with the red cup. My dick, balls, and CB-3000 was flopping along the way. I ran back to the bedroom and stood in front of the bed.

Donna commanded, “Piss in the cup. Fill it up.”

I took me a while to relax. After a minute or two I could go. I ended up squatting to ensure I was peeing in the cup and not on the floor. Donna smirked at me as I squatted.

I had filled the cup, but had to pee more. Donna asked if I still needed to pee and I shook my head “Yes.

She said, “Then pour the cup into my urinal, drink it down, so you can fill up the cup more.”

Without thinking, I swallowed the contents of the cup down quickly, then put the cup back down to fill it up again. I repeated the process one more time before I was done and had a full cup of urine.

I had never swallowed my own urine before and was feeling pretty disgusting, especially as Donna looked on and smirked.

She said, “Looks like you enjoyed that. Drink that cup one mouthful at a time. Swish eat mouthful around your mouth, gargle, then swallow.”

I did it. I did it mouthful by mouthful. She watched me, called me a fag, told me how disgusting I was, and she played with herself. When I was done, she walked over to me. I was now kneeling on the floor. She spit into my mouth once, then had me lay down on the floor on my back.

She mounted my face and began to fuck my face. She road it hard as I did my best to give her head. She road me for a while. I loved it, but at times I had trouble breathing. When she aydınlıkevler escort came, she was incredibly wet and I was drenched from my neck to my hair.

She rested with her very wet pussy over my face. I had to move slightly at times to breath. When she recovered, she lifted herself up over my mouth and urinated into my mouth. I’m not sure what it was, but I know I was being a pervert and I was loving being this close to my wife’s body.

When she was done, she got up and went to the bed. She laid down with her ass up and said, “Come to bed, faggot. I don’t want to smell your piss breather, so lick my ass until I fall asleep.”

I crawled up into the bed and buried my face in her ass. It was wet from her riding me. I spread her cheeks and tongued her from the top of her crack to her pussy. As y tongue went into her wet pussy, she slapped my balls with the bottom of her foot and said, “Lick my asshole faggot, not my pussy. Fags like you like assholes better than pussy, right?”

By the time she finished the sentence my tongue was as far up her asshole as I could get it. I licked and fucked it with my tongue and sucked on it.

After a couple of minutes she looked down at me over her shoulder and she was crying. She said, “It is like being married to a lesbian, but worse. Do you think I want to be a slut? Do you think of me that way? I don’t think it matters any more, you did this, and you are a fag. I’m not going to be nice to you. Tomorrow, you’re going to go to one of those glory hole places and do what fags do.”

As I continued to eat her ass she gently rubbed my balls and caged dick with her foot. It was driving my dick as it tried to grow into those damn spikes. After a while her foot stopped and I continued for a while until I was sure she was asleep. I lied on the bed with my face right next to her ask. I would occasionally kiss it, but my mind was swirling that night through the morning. I couldn’t get to sleep.

If I did doze off the CB-3000 and the spikes would wake me. My mind wouldn’t really let me sleep anyway. Here I was sleeping with my face next to my wife’s ass. I was in chastity. My stomach was filled with urine and my mouth tasted like it. What was I? I know I was a fag and a cuckold, but what kind of guy allows his marriage to devolve into this? Allows himself to devolve into this?

It was a restless night for me. I was also lying on the bed in an odd position, so when Donna did awake, I was exhausted, aching, and feeling completely humiliated, degraded, and guilty.

When I saw the clock moved to 6am and there was light outside, I was hoping Donna would wake, but she slept on until a bit after 8:30am. I was miserable.

She woke herself up by farting. My face was right next to her ass, so I think my head moving is what really woke her up. There was a second pause, then a giggle from her. She reached back to my head and pushed it into her ass cheeks and with a smile in her voice said, “Hold on there is more.” Then she farted again and told me to “breath in faggot”

I did and while it isn’t something I want to make a habit of doing, I was happy to be in the position with Donna for some strange reason.

She then rose and stretched. She grabbed me my the balls and CB-3000 and lead me to the bathroom. She pushed me down on the floor and with my open mouth, she spit. It went right to the back of my mouth and I coughed a bit.

She said, “You’ve had the morning wind, morning breath, now morning pee.” She then squatted over me and peed into my mouth. I swallowed, realizing I was becoming good at drinking and also realized how much urine I’ve drank since last night. I was surprised I wasn’t feeling ill.

When she was done, she washed her hands and face and brushed her teeth. While playing with my balls and CB-3000 with her foot and otherwise ignoring me. When she was done, she said to me, “Stay right here until you hear me call you. Do not move, faggy.” While patting my balls with her foot.

She walked off and I heard her go to the kitchen. I assumed she was making coffee. I lay on the tile in the bathroom. My head was not far from the toilet. My balls were aching for relief and I knew that wasn’t coming.

Staring up at the ceiling it dawned on me that this is exactly why cuckolds are put into chastity. I’m a believer now. It makes a cuckold more thoughtful for sure. While there was an absolute desire that wasn’t going away, I was pondering my predicament and our situation overall.

It seemed like 30 minutes before I heard Donna call for me. Perhaps it was only 15. I had to pee myself, but with the current tone, I wasn’t sure if I should or was allowed to. So I went to Donna and found her sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee and reading the news.

She pointed to her feet and I kneeled down next to her. She ignored me a bit then leaned over. I knew what she wanted so I opened my mouth so she could spit into it. I swallowed.

Donna pushed her chair back a little bit and crossed her legs. She was wearing only a t-shirt and looked amazing, although she had no humor in her expression. She gently bounced my balls with her foot and asked me how I slept.

I replied, “Not too good, Ma’am.”

She asked, “Why? Because of your new chastity?”

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