Lost my virginity to a beautiful Arab lady

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Lost my virginity to a beautiful Arab ladySo I had lost my virginity to a beautiful Moroccan woman in Marrakech, she was an esc0rt, very beautiful with lovely big hips, golden skin with cascading thick black hair that went all the way down to her lovely big, phat ass. We had met in one of Marrakech’s nightclubs that were full of these beautiful esc0rts that had the exact same features that she had. Of course, this was all totally taboo as it is forbidden to have sex not being married, and if we were caught no doubt the punishment would be prison, but still that did not stop me from wanting to spend some time with her. I had came into the club and we had met and she had sat down next to me, as I did not know much Arabic, I had gotten the help of my best friend who did know Arabic to translate, I was very nervous and shy in the presence of such a beautiful woman and when he translated that I was nervous she told him she could tell I was shy, but she was kind enough to take my hand and put it around her waist, which comforted me a bit. I told her in what little Arabic I knew that she was very pretty and sweet and she smiled and brought me slightly closer to her, so that her breasts were touching my chest, and her legs pressed against mine, I thought, she was only doing this for the money, and I wasn’t fooled in the slightest as to her purpose, but I was enjoying this, being in the company of such a voluptuous, sexy lady. We drank and smoke shisha together and got up to dance, I held her waist and hips and she held mine and we swayed together in rhythm. I am not the greatest dancer, but we danced together, she was slightly tipsy and so was I at this point. I also had an erection that was a bit hard to hide, I’m also not the most well endowed guy at 6 inches, but I am certainly not small either. She could tell at this point I had became aroused at her shapely ass and found any excuse to slyly press her butt against my erection. She was certainly good at her job although I thought it was nothing personal, and was just purely business on her part and being a good seductress…This had carried on until it was time to leave the club. Then it hit me. It was really going to happen and I would lose my virginity, but I never thought I would lose my virginity ankara escort to an Arab woman in Morocco, an Islamic country nonetheless. Then it had hit me that if we were caught, under the law both me and her could potentially go to prison… The stakes were high but I was prepared to do anything to spend a night with this sexy lady. I hailed a taxi and told him my destination. Both me and her sat in the back and I looked really uneasy. She had picked up on this and held my hand to comfort me which I thought was really sweet. I wish I could have spoken to her more in a language we could both understand as she seemed really kind, but I still had it in the back of my mind that she was only really doing this because she was an esc0rt and I am her client giving her money.I had paid the money and we got out of the taxi, we also paid a bribe to the door man in the apartment, as said it is forbidden to have un-married sex in Morocco (Especially between a Muslim woman and a non-Muslim man such as myself) but as it is such a corrupt country, bribery can make anything possible here. We went into the apartment and she was holding my hand, we then sat down in the living room and she had transformed from being really sweet and almost innocent like to really sexually aggressive, passionately kissing me and sliding her hand down into my trousers to feel my raging hard erection. She then grabbed my hand and stuck it down her dress and into her panties, she was soaking wet, and even though I had thought it was one of her tricks of being an esc0rt (sticking lube into her pussy) I couldn’t be totally sure that that was the case, after all she had been really sweet to me. I suppose it was because I was a young man who is physically fit, I have also been told by both men and women alike that I am really attractive, so maybe it was genuine, either way I will never truly know.I then paid her the money and we had agreed on one hours time spent together, after all, it was going to be my first time, and I didn’t know how long I was going to last as I’d never had sex before. She had then led me away into my room, away from my friends and the esc0rts that they had hired. There she wasted no time unzipping my trousers and giving me a handjob, which was then ankara escort bayan followed closely by a sensual sloppy blow job, she assumed I was circumcised at this stage, as when I have an erection it looks as though I am circumcised. She then asked for a condom, which I had gotten and she had put on me. By this stage I had gotten to feel her big ass that I had been craving all night, and it was the most smoothest skin I had ever felt, it drove me wild and I kissed it. She had laid down and I got on top of her into the missionary position, slowly thrusting my cock into her pussy. We had started off slowly and we continued to passionately kiss and cuddle having sex. By this time I was starting to build pace, I was fucking her faster and faster and she had started to moan more and more and was hugging me really tightly, wrapping her legs around me, resting them on top of my butt while panting more and more. I had continued to pace myself alternating myself from fast to slow, fast to slow and so on. Time had gotten on, and I still had one raging erection. We were both sweaty so we decided to have a break. I had not finished and I was scared she would realise that one hour was up and that she would leave. She had looked at her phone and realised that one hour had passed. I was expecting her to do one of two things, either decide to leave, or ask me for more money to continue having sex. Instead she had looked at me and smiled, the pupils in her eyes extremely dilated and communicated to me that she wanted to have more sex, put her phone down and started to suck me off again. I was stunned. Had I just wooed an esc0rt into giving me free sex by my performance? That was the only answer so she continued to suck me off and then realised that I wasn’t circumcised. She looked confused and fascinated at the same time, as she had probably never seen a foreskin in her entire life. That did not dissuade her however as she started to play with it and fondle it, sucking it and licking it as well as sucking the hard shaft of my cock. I had put on another condom and we started to have more sex again. Alternating sexual positions from doggy style, to reverse missionary, to cow girl, to me on top of her bouncing on her big ass. We carried on escort ankara having sex with my tanned and toned body ploughing in to her pussy, and spanking and squeezing her big fat ass and sucking on her erect brown nipples. By now a few hours had passed, and I still had not came at all, I was starting to get really frustrated and I fucked her harder and harder, taking my frustration out on her, growling while she continued to pant, sweat, scream and shout out French and Arabic words that I did not understand. However I certainly understood one thing, that this wasn’t an act on her part anymore – all professionalism had ceased to exist and she was fucking me purely for her pleasure now. The irony not being lost on me, yet I was certainly more than happy to comply. This intense fucking continued for a lengthy amount of time and I had realised that my condom had split, I was barebacking her and we had both not realised. Her pussy juices had spilled all over the mattress covers and I told her that the condom had split and I don’t want to have any more sex (the last thing I would want is to cum inside her and get her pregnant, in a country where birth control and the morning after pill is a crime). She seemed really disappointed and upset but she understood my concerns so we carried on kissing and eventually we fell asle3p in bed together, besides it was already sun rise by the time we had finished fucking. She then wrapped my arm over her so that I was cuddling her, and me resting my still solid erection between her big, fat juicy ass cheeks. I had woken up at 12, and a few minutes later she had woken up too, she looked really exhausted as she sat up. She then looked at the time on her phone and looked ashamed and embarrassed, blushing that she had lost all professionalism, and pure lust had taken over her mind. I told her she was a good girl in English not expecting her to understand, she then responded ‘no, I bad girl!’ With such a sexy accent that made me and her laugh. She then got dressed, pulling out a hijab and abaya from out of her bag to wear it and continued to walk towards the door, she still looked as sexy in her hijab and abaya as she did in her sexy party dress. We locked eyes once more, me staring into her big, chocolate brown eyes and her gazing into my blue eyes and we shared a brief, passionate kiss and a cuddle. She had turned to leave and I had poked her butt and told her good bye in Arabic, she giggled and said goodbye to me in Arabic, and walked out of my life…

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