Luckiest Bastard


It was just past noon and I was on my way home when I met Trent. We knew each other from a summer festival in the city a month earlier, where we both had been working as volunteers. We’d had a lot of fun during the three days of the festival and so it was great to see him again. Within minutes it was like no time had passed and we were making the same kind of silly jokes we had done during the festival.After some time Trent invited me to his house for a drink alongside his pool. I happily accepted his offer as it was already 25˚C and the temperature was still rising. We walked to his car and drove to his home. After some time we arrived at a huge mansion just outside town. I was quite surprised, as he seemed like a smart but not overly ambitious person, and so I asked him how a young guy like him could afford such a house. He laughed and told me his wife was pretty successful as an entrepreneur and that he was just the luckiest bastard in the world.Trent led me to the garden, which had a pool alongside a large terrace, surrounded by a big lawn. It looked like a private holiday resort. Trent went inside to get us some drinks. When he came out again he was accompanied by one of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. “Let me introduce you to my wife Jamilla.” Jamilla looked like an African princess dressed like the girl next door. isvecbahis I couldn’t help staring at her gorgeous smile, her big sparkling eyes and her overall natural beauty. “I told you I was the luckiest bastard in the world,” Trent said with a big smile.We sat down and had a nice conversation, enjoying our drinks. Jamilla seemed to be a real flirt. Too bad she had to leave only half an hour later. Something about her business. I blushed when she kissed me goodbye which made Trent laugh. When she was gone he said, “She’s hot, right?””Surely too hot for this weather,” I joked.”Let’s cool down in the pool then.”Trent had already taken off his shirt.”But I didn’t bring my…””Who cares?” He pulled down his pants, ran off butt naked and jumped in the pool. “Come on!”I took off my clothes and jumped in as well. “Aaaaahhhh!” A cold shiver went through my body as soon as I hit the water. But after that first shock it just felt great. In one corner of the pool was what seemed to be a jacuzzi. “Come over here. I’ll turn this thing on and get us some more to drink,” Trent said. He got out of the pool, switched the jacuzzi on and walked off. When I sat myself down I felt two jets of water on my back. When I tried to find the best position for the jets I felt a third jet coming from below. Its flow of air and water pointed directly at my ass and isveçbahis giriş perineum and made my balls and cock wobble in the whirling water. I’d shaved the day before so I felt every bubble and, oh fuck, this felt so good. I had an instant hard-on. At first I was afraid that Trent would notice when he’d come back but fortunately the fizzing water made that impossible. So I decided to just enjoy the ride. When Trent came back outside with our drinks the sun highlighted the muscles under his smooth brown skin and I couldn’t help noticing how well hung he was. Man, I wish I had a body like his.”I see you’ve found a good spot,” he said smiling as he handed me my drink. I tried to ignore his remark and did my best not to look like the guy with the boner who’s having his ass massaged by a spurt of water. Trent sat next to me on the side of the pool, his knee next to my head. After a few minutes the jacuzzi suddenly switched off. I’m not sure whether Trent turned it off or if it was a time mechanism. All I knew was that the water was returning to its flat state very rapidly, exposing my boner any second. In a quick reflex I splashed my arm in the water, making a big wave that hit Trent right in the face. Then I quickly swam off. When I turned around he sat there looking at his drink which was all watered down. I laughed. “You know isveçbahis yeni giriş what this means, right?” “Nope.””Oh, hell yes, you do,” he said with a big grin on his face.He stood up and jumped in the water right in front of me, screaming, “Revenge!” We started wrestling, trying to push each other under water. Our wrestling skills were pretty evenly matched. It was tiring, but a lot of fun. At one moment he had caught me in a full Nelson, standing behind me with his arms under mine and his hands in my neck. I tried to get out when I suddenly felt something between my buttocks. “Is that what I think it is?” “What?” “Err…” I hesitated a little, but then slowly pushed back my ass a bit. “This.” “You mean this?” I felt how he pressed his crotch against my ass. Fuck, this was really happening. “Yes.””Well, what do you think?” “You tell me.” “I guess it’s my affection for you.” He laughed.”That’s a lot of affection.” “Haha. There’s still a lot more if you like.” “You like it?” Did I dare to say how much? “I guess so,” I stuttered.Trent loosened his grip, gave me a little kiss in my neck and whispered in my ear, “I know you do. Come!”I followed him as he waded to the side of the pool, lifted himself out of the water and sat down on the edge. Right in front of me, with his legs spread. Although his cock was not fully erect yet, it was already bigger than mine. He started stroking his cock inches away from my face and with each stroke it got harder. “You’ve never been with a man before, have you?” “No.” “Well, feel free to participate if you feel comfortable.

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