lucky guy (part 3)


lucky guy (part 3)by the way,im adam 35,my girlfreinds is may 38 and her daughter raynor is 21.id got up to got the bathroom and forgoten all about ray earlier,but then i remembered as i passed her room her door was open and when i looked in there next to ray was the vibrator glistening in the light.oh my god this girl was reckless,what if may would of got up?my heart started pounding and i felt my cock start to twitch, i had to look away for fear of getting caught,so i went to the bathroom and went back to bed,thoughts of rays pussy kept coming in my head i felt guilty and before long i must of dropped of to sleep.before i knew it iheard may leave for work.i just lay there with all istanbul travesti kinds of thoughts in my mind,the exposed pussy,the wet dildo and rays tits oh my god i cant beleive what im doing.im masterbating.masterbating rather guiltily.to my amazement i shoot my load almost immiediatley.what the hells the matter with me i thought.i got up to go to the bathroom realising i had a cum filled tissue in my hand,oh no raynors got up at the same time.shit ill have to pretend i got a runny nose.yuk.the smell of spunk.raynor grunted good morning as i courteiousley let her go to the bathroom ahead of me.i realised her door was ajar and im afraid i couldnt help myself i took taksim travesti a peak.no dildo.i went back to mays room trying to tell me self to stop being a pervert and get these crazy thoughts out of my head.i heard the bathroom door go and ray popped her pretty head round the door,”thanks for earlier she said”,i thought no thank you hun for letting me see your gourgeous pussy.i mumbled something about didnt want you catching cold and other small talk about decorating and she went back to her room.anyway i thought i better get myself cleaned up and headed once again for the bathroom.i was in the shower when i heard some noise from raynors room.the shower is against raynors istanbul travestileri wall which is a partition wall.i heard the noise again.i put my head against the hollow wall,oh my fucking god i knew what it was or rather my cock did.it ws raynor moaning shes obviousley fucking herself with that monster of a dildo.i found myself masterbating very silently.how surreal(and perverted)i cant beleive what is happening.her moaning was getting louder almost a cry,this sent me over the edge and i found myself once more cuming.i buckled at the knees and started panting,damn i knocked the wall,there was a terrible silence as i realised i had disturbed ray.shit,i made a few obvious noises to cover my tracks and left the bathroom whistling.i made up my mind there and then that the lust had taken over and i wanted to fuck raynor,i had tried not to think about it but the thought of her pussy was driving me crazy.i must carry on with the decorating.

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