Lucy in the Lodge


Lucy in the LodgeI manage an exclusive holiday lodge business set in the countryside they are equipped with plasma screens wood burners and out door Jacuzzi’s etcWe get at lot of high end customers down from London and they love the luxury and totally secure aspect of the placeLast week I had a booking for a single mum with a couple of k**s she was due down on the Tuesday all guests had instructions to call my mobile when they get to the gate and I go down and check them in,“ Hi Mike it’s Lucy I’m at the gate”“Ok Lucy give me 5 mins and I will be with you” I made my way down to the gates on the quad bike with it’s trailerThere waiting at the gate was Lucy I opened up the gates and waited for her to pull up the drive way.The drivers window dropped down and I was met the sound of screaming k**s Lucy looked wound up I had seen it many times before the k**s fed up with the long journey.“Mike sorry about the noise”Lucy was around 40 brunette she looked maybe Italian decent rich dark eyes and olive skin with a great smile“ Don’t worry I can sort it for you” with that I said to the boys“Ok boys the choice is yours stay in the car or jump in with me ”within seconds the doors were open and the boys were eagerly jumping into the trailer“Follow us ” with that I made the way to their lodge I had allocated one of the best lodges to Lucy it was tucked away in a hollow with a great view towards the seaI was waiting with the boys for Lucy to park in front of the Lodge they were sat on my quad bike pretending to ride it“ Well you certainly worked your magic on them”Lucy smiled as she got out the car I went round to the back to help her with her bags she looked fit she must work out a lot she had real muscle definition dressed süpertotobet yeni giriş in a pink tight vest top her breats were full with a dark inviting cleavage as she lent into the car she stretched for the bags she had lovely little arse and with out knowing she was revealing a pretty pink thong as she stretched for her baggage,she was getting better looking by the minute.I showed them around the lodge which had an open plan design with bi fold glass doors from the living area on to the large patio area the boys were very impressed but moaning to Lucy that they had to go and stay at Dads for 3 days before they came back“ I’m separated and the boy’s Dad is picking them up later for a few days”As I left I reminded Lucy“ Don’t forget you are completely safe here you don’t need to lock any doors call me if need anything ”this was a big selling point we know our clients and they appreciate feeling completely safe they can completely relax and I was still amazed how soon our guests quickly lost all inhibitionsI was busy with other guests until around 8 pm so when I got the chance I went round to see how Lucy was getting on her boys had been picked up by their dad earlier in the day her lodge door was open when I got there I pushed open it and called outLucy was on the patio area in a skimpy bikini using the outdoor shower on the patio she looked stunning around 5’8 her breasts pert from the cool shower and with lovely slim legs and arse she was a real lookerShe looked like she was soon relaxing into her break she saw me in the door way and smiled and gestured for me to come inShe wrapped a towel around her she looked even sexier close up we stood on the patio looking at the view“ Mike for süpertotobet giriş the first time in a long while I feel really free, I’m not a Mum for the next few days , I think , this place is wonderful it’s lets your imagination run riot”I smiled and agreed she turned and kissed me on the cheek and smiled I gave her a kiss on both cheeks“ You look stunning “ Lucy slipped her arms slowly around my neck pulling her self into me I could feel her body against mine she felt amazing she kissed me on the neck and then on the lips she looked up“ Mike it’s been a while I may have to take advantage of you tonight” with that she slowly dropped her towel to the floorI was starting to get a semi hard on I kissed her on the neck and she lent her head back which showed off her impressive breasts she moaned slightly as I kissed down from her neck to reach the top of her breasts her scent was amazing she undid her top and slipped it off I took full advantage kissing her large full breasts her nipples were dark and erect it was a pleasure to suck on them they felt like bullets Lucy started to moan louder as I gave her body the attention she craved.I pulled some of the large soft cushions from the patio furniture and laid them on the cool stone Lucy dropped onto the cushions she was eager to proceed quickly undid my shirt she kissed my nipples and pulled them between her teeth they were hard and erectLucy was as horny as fuck she grabbed my belt undid it within seconds undid my jeans and I quickly got my self free of them she leant back on the soft cushions I kissed her full lips and licked her hard dark nipples with my hand stroking her inner thighs I untied her bikini bottoms and they fell away I was soon süpertotobet güvenilirmi easing my fingers into her moist holeLucy arched her back as I entered her I I knew she would lose it when I started to work her clit with my tongue as I moved my head towards her moist hole she pushed me closer I started to lick her and kiss her fanny lips she was eager for my tongue I slowed down took my time this was going to be fun I soon found her clit licking it hard she was arching her back in ecstasy I pushed my tongue and fingers deeper into her sopping wet hole Lucy held my head hard pushing me in closer she came to a juddering climaxLucy looked stunning in the dimming evening light stretched out on the cushions she was free of all inhibitions“ Mike lets take a shower” we stood under the outdoor shower her body shone in the light she slowly dropped to her knees and stroked my aching cock and slowly started to suck the tip it felt amazing one hand stroked my buttocks and thighs and the other stroked my balls her head rocked back and forth she was an expert slowly working down my shaft she worked me until she could feel me getting close to coming. She stood up and wrapped her arms around my neck“ Mike fuck me standing up” with that she wrapped her legs around my waist I eased my cock into her with my hand and she helped me to ease my long shaft into herLucy was now able to start to ride my cock up and down she dropped her head back and eased her body up mine so I was able to suck her large erect nipples Lucy felt really strong she bucked up and down on my rigid cock faster and faster I told her I was ready to come she increased her speed on my cock until I came in side her she kissed me on the lips and relaxed her body she smiled she looked exhausted but satisfied.” Mike I’ve not had sex for two years so I’ve got some catching up to do” with that I smiled eased her down onto the cushions”Lucy you are a stunning sexy lady it will be a pleasure to fuck with you when ever you need it all part of the service”

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