Lunch Date with Mum Ch. 02

Bent Over

I stepped into the house, the house I’d grown up in and closed the door. It was quiet, I listened trying to gain a clue as to where she might have gone. Where do women normally go? Aha, Kitchen! She must be in there. I walked down the hall into the kitchen, nothing. The dining room was empty too. I walked through the lounge area then stood at the bottom of the stairs, where I’d started.

‘Mum?’ I called up the stairs.

‘I’m up here, hun. In my room.’

Wow. Was this really happening? Or was I going to wake from a daydream, still sitting in my idling car outside. I actually pinched myself. No, that stung. This was real. I stepped up the stairs, slowly. As I got to the top, her bedroom door was open and I could see her just sitting on the bed, facing away from the door, palms on her thighs.

‘I wasn’t sure if you were going to come in. Thought I’d have to run downstairs and shut the door.’

I was standing in the doorway, almost afraid of crossing that threshold. In there was a different world, a world I had dreamed of and fantasised about since I was in my teens, but once across it, no matter what happened, I’d never be able to get back to this side of the threshold, ever again.

She turned to me, eyes glassy, I thought she was about to cry, she looked so vulnerable in this moment. All thoughts of not crossing the threshold evaporated as soon as I saw her face. I stepped inside and sat on the bed right next to her. I put my left arm around her shoulders and my right hand rested on her right arm.

She looked down at her lap, as if she was unsure of something, then said,

‘Do you know what’s going to happen here?’ She turned and looked at my face for a reaction.

‘Well, I’m not a hundred percent sure, mum. I almost don’t want to say, in case I jinx it. Tell me what’s going to happen.’ I said.

‘We are about to change our lives forever. There will be no going back after this moment. We will be bonded as mother and son in a far far deeper way than any normal mother and son.’

‘Mum, stop talking in riddles, tell me what’s going to happen.’ I said with a little more urgency in my voice. Then she said,

‘I’m about to cheat on my husband……’ She paused and looked deep into my eyes. ‘With my beautiful son.’

My heart skipped a beat. Holy shit! She actually said it. This really was happening. Just her saying it out loud seemed so taboo. She looked into my eyes, looking for a reaction. I just smiled at her, but she didn’t smile back. She was right, of course, the gravitas of the situation weighed heavily on her, not so much the cheating on dad, as I’d always felt their relationship was an odd one. He never seemed to deserve her. She was a goddess and he was a workaholic idiot. I’d never got on with him, so his feelings couldn’t have been further from my mind. However, I could see she was conflicted, perhaps not because she was going to cheat on dad, but because she was going to take a step into the forbidden with her own son.

‘Mum, listen. You’re clearly not comfortable with this and I don’t want you to do anything you might regret.’ I looked at her longingly, hoping she’d pick up on the fact that I was aching for this to happen.

‘I just don’t want you to wake up tomorrow and look at me differently and feel like you have to be tied to your frumpy old mum.’

Her eyes were big blue glass globes. She was really wrestling with this.

‘Mum, stop. Look at me,’ I put my hand to her cheek and turned her head to face me. ‘You aren’t frumpy OR old! You are beautiful, inside and out. You’re the most beautiful woman in any room you’re in, you are an amazing woman. I don’t know why women feel like they have to conform to unrealistic standards set by sweaty, fat, bald men in some conference room working for some magazine or other. I don’t know a single guy who likes that. Plus, you’re my mother, the queen, you always have been. I love you more than anything in this world, mum, nothing will ever change th-‘

I was going to keep talking, but at this point she leaned into me and our lips met again. She brought her hand to caress my cheek. Blood flooded into my penis.

She broke the kiss and pulled back a few inches. Her face seemed to have changed, almost imperceptibly, she smiled warmly at me with pure love in her eyes. I stood up and pushed her knees apart so I was standing between her legs. She looked up at me from the bed, expectantly. I made no attempt to hide the growing bulge in my jeans. She briefly looked down, straight at it, then back up to me. Her expression had changed from love to lust.

I knelt down between her legs, so I was almost at the same level as her, she was slightly above me. I looked up at her and raised my face to hers. We kissed tenderly. I slid my tongue into her mouth and we slowly licked and probed inside each other’s mouth. I wrapped my hands around her and rubbed as far down her body as I could.

I still couldn’t believe how this day had gone. When I woke up this morning I expected, at best, to watch the afternoon game, maybe Nişantaşı Escort watch a movie, have a wank and then sort some dinner, but then I received that phone call and ended up taking my mum to lunch, meeting some new people, pretending we were married, then spending the rest of the time rubbing and groping the woman who had given birth to me, now here I was, in her bedroom making out with her… again. That idiot who married her is such a fucking bell end, not appreciating this woman.

I thought it was time to try and progress things. As we kissed and explored each other’s bodies, I tested mum’s limits a bit to see how she would react. I left my right hand cupping her arse and with my left hand, I stroked along her hip, up the side of her body and lightly along the front of her dress to her right breast. I felt her take a sharp intake of air. She hadn’t been expecting it, I guess. I pushed forward and kept the kiss going. I didn’t want to break it, I opened my eyes into the slightly shocked expression of my mother. Her eyes were open wide, but her mouth was still moving in our kiss. I pulled back, still holding her right boob.

‘You OK mum?’ She didn’t say anything, but nodded quickly, looking down at my hand cupping her breast. ‘Are you sure?’ I asked, letting my hand drop to her side.

‘Yes, sweetheart, I’m OK, it was just a bit…. unexpected. You were holding mummy’s tit baby.’

I chuckled, ‘I know, it’s a bit odd, isn’t it? I’ll stop.’

‘No, look, this is ALL going to feel a bit odd, but baby, I want this more than anything in the world, here…’

She stood up and pulled me up with her. She was so close that as I stood I rubbed all up her body with my chest. As I rose up our lips met and we kissed again. I was standing in my mum’s bedroom, while dad was out with clients, kissing my mum!! I still couldn’t believe it. I pulled the strap to her dress and let it fall off her shoulder, then the other side. Her dress didn’t move as we were pressed hard together. She pulled at my shirt and broke the kiss.

‘Arms up.’ She said, exactly the same way she had a thousand times before when I was younger and she had got me ready for bed or to get in the bath. I raised my arms and she pulled my shirt up and over my head. I ducked to help her the last little bit as she is so tiny. She threw my shirt across the bed onto the floor. She gazed up at me as I pulled her dress from her waist. It slid down her breasts, causing them to jiggle as it slid further, past her stomach and down her thighs to the floor. Now, I don’t know if she’d removed them when she first came into the house, knowing what was about to happen or whether she hadn’t worn any all day, but she had no bra on and no knickers. I stepped back to admire this vision.

And there she was. My mother now stood before me, completely naked looking at me, but this time it was me who wasn’t making eye contact. I was busy looking her up and down. She was perfectly proportioned. Her legs, firm and full, not like one of those awful models who has starved herself because her agency has told her, ‘men want skinny, so lose weight, your new diet is a glass of water for breakfast and a grape for dinner.’ Well, I can tell you, men DON’T want that! I don’t know a single bloke who would be interested in a size 0 model over the goddess that stood before me now. Her thighs were white and smooth, I continued my gaze north and my eyes widened, she was completely bare between her legs. Oh my. Did she know, that was how I liked it or had it always been like that? Like when she used drop me at school or came to my football games or when she took me shopping, was she bare under her clothes the whole time? The thought made my dick pulse and brought a smile to my face.

‘What are you smiling at, young man?’ I looked at her breasts and when I could finally take my eyes off her body, I managed to make it back up to her face.

‘Mum, you have no idea how long I’ve dreamed of this moment and now it’s here, it’s SO MUCH better than I could ever have imagined!’

‘I do, honey.’

‘You do what, mum?’

‘I know how long you’ve dreamed of it.’ She tilted her head and smiled a beautiful warm smile. ‘I would always find my knickers in the laundry, covered in your sweet cum. I knew it wasn’t your father, so I knew since you were about 15 and when you thought I didn’t know you were in the house one time, I purposely sunbathed topless for you. And the mess you made on the back room’s curtains, oy ve!’ She chuckled her sexy laugh. “I’ve always known, sweetheart. Now mummy is yours.’

I was a bit dumbstruck at these revelations. She’d casually mentioned she knew I used to steal her used knickers to sniff and cum into AND that day I’d thought I’d caught her sunbathing topless, she’d done it on purpose!’

I moved towards her and our lips met again. This kiss was still tender and loving, gently kissing each lip and lightly playing with each other’s tongue. I held her tit in my hand, I rotated my Pendik Escort palm over her erect nipple. Then quickly, before I lost my bottle, keeping my palm on her skin, I stroked down her body. She responded by kissing me with more urgency and she parted her legs. I turned my hand and parted her lips with my middle finger, I then slipped my finger into my mother’s slick pussy. She was already quite wet. I moved my finger in and out of her, literally finger fucking her. She rubbed my straining erection over my jeans, I slowed my assault and hooked my middle finger upwards to her inner walls and grazed my finger along them in the search for the elusive g-spot. At this point I was standing slightly to her left, so it was easier to access her without dislocating my shoulder.

Her head lolled back and our kiss was broken as she seemed to enjoy the feeling of her son’s fingers probing and exploring her most intimate of areas. Her eyes were closed and her head was pointing towards the ceiling. If I let go of her now she would simply fall backwards onto her bed. I kissed down her neck and up to behind her ears, gently nibbling and sucking her ear lobe. She was breathlessly making almost inaudible sounds. Her nipples were erect, so as I continued to move my hand between her legs, I kissed down her neck again, past her collar bone, down her breast to her nipple. I rotated my hand as my finger still searched, unsuccessfully for her g-spot, my palm was rubbing her upper lips and clit, then I kissed her nipple and gently sucked on it as I had done, many times, over 30 years ago. I felt her hand on the back of my head, combing through my hair as I sucked her tit. She looked down at me and watched me kissing, sucking and gently nibbling her nipple. It must have felt so weird for her, the last time she looked down as I sucked on her titty I would have been a baby, but now as a grown man, attached to her again in this way, must have been odd, I would have thought. Odd but electrifying, I hoped.

I moved around her body, letting her tit fall from my mouth with one last long suck. I stood behind her, with my left hand I cupped one of her tits and with my right, I explored the new playground between her legs. She pushed her head back into my shoulder and groaned. I flicked my finger in and out of her whilst pressing my palm into her button and rotating. I pulled out and brushed my index and middle across her clit repeatedly. She jerked a little bit, like when she was tickled. I strummed across her quickly with all 4 fingers, masturbating her. She groaned as my hand sped back and forth across the upper part of her pussy. I wanted to give her as much pleasure as I could. I moved back around in front of her.

She reached out and grabbed my belt, undoing it, she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them past my hips and she followed them down my body, until they were bunched at my ankles. Then she hooked her fingers into my boxers and pulled them down. My cock sprang free and bobbed in front of her. She knelt on the thick carpet. Sitting back on her feet, she just looked at it. Then she reached up and curled her fingers around it, then rolled the skin back and forth and began to stroke me. She looked up at me and did the head tilting thing again, but she wasn’t smiling. My mother was kneeling in front of me with one hand in her lap and the other stroking my cock.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the slowly stroking and soft hands. I was in heaven. I opened my eyes, she was still looking at me with a loving smile on her face, the way she looked when I would clear my plate when I was a kid. She moved up on her knees so her face was a couple of inches away from me.

‘You OK baby? Is there anything else you want mummy to do?’

I was in a state of ecstasy, I longed to be inside her. I wasn’t sure how to phrase it as I didn’t want to be vulgar, she’s still my mother, after all so I said,

‘Will you kiss it?’

‘You want mummy to kiss it better’?

I nodded, ‘Yes please.’

‘Good boy, as you said please,’

Then keeping eye contact, she leaned forward and kissed the tip of my penis. It pulsed involuntarily. She still gazed lovingly up at me, almost like she was waiting for another request. Instead I brushed some hair out of her face, then gently pulled her head towards me as I stepped forward. I still had my jeans and boxers bunched around my ankles, so I awkwardly tried to step out of them without interrupting her current task at hand, or rather, task at mouth.

As the tip of my cock approached her lips, she opened up and keeping eye contact, I watched it disappear into her mouth. I slid in as far as she could take me, then pulled back. Then she took over. I stood there, clenched buttocks enjoying the most erotic scene I had ever witnessed, my mother, naked on her knees in front of me sucking my dick. She sucked in as she got to the head, letting it all emerge from her mouth, but keeping in contact with it the whole time, then taking me back into her mouth and Rus Escort quickly suctioning and releasing her cheeks against my shaft as it fed into her mouth, the best blow job I’d ever received and she’d only been at it a minute!

I watched her head bob forward and back quickly. She no longer looked up at me but was concentrating on the job she was doing. She stopped moving along my shaft and paid some special attention to the head, sucking and kissing the tip and swirling her tongue over it, in a very sloppy blow job. The head appeared and vanished with each movement. She, very lightly grazed her teeth over my head and down the shaft. I closed my eyes, worried I would cum too quickly, I started to think about food and football to keep my mind off the scene in front of me. I was trying to edge myself but the woman had skills, I knew I was going to blow if I didn’t change it up and more than anything, I wanted this to last as long as possible. I knew I would enjoy hundreds if not thousands of these moments with her in the future, even when she was old and infirm, I’d be sticking my cock in her mouth every chance I got! So I stepped back. She knelt there not taking her eyes off my cock.

‘Stand up,’ I commanded. She did as she was asked. I liked that, I wondered what other orders I could give her in the future and in that second my brain came up with a load of them, like, ‘show me your knickers.’ or if we were out at dinner, ‘hand me your knickers.’ or if we were going to the supermarket, ‘take your knickers off and leave them in the car.’ I realised a lot of my commands would involve public places and her knickers!

‘Get on the bed.’

She climbed up and crawled away from me a couple of feet, with her arse in the air. I watched her there, on all fours, tits hanging below her, then she span over and lay on her back and her legs bent upwards, soles flat on the mattress, staring at the ceiling. I knelt down next to the bed, between her legs. I put a hand on each knee and pushed them apart. Her legs parted, exposing her pussy to me. Completely bare. I wanted to get a snap of this moment, for prosperity, mum lying on her marital bed, naked, legs open exposing herself to me, but, like an absolute idiot, I’d left my phone in the car, in my haste to get in here, but maybe she’d be up for that in the future? I’d have to remember to ask. The thought of having a folder of naughty snaps of my mum hidden away on my computer, with her in all sorts of poses in varying degrees of undress, on her own or with me as well was such a hot prospect.

She turned her head to one side. I leaned down and kissed her between her legs, right at the top of her pussy, I kissed her again, slightly lower, now, I turned my head slightly and kissed her open lips as if they were on her face, softly sucking at each lips and pushing my tongue inside her and flicking around left and right, then faster up and down. She writhed on the bed. Her knees fell to the side almost completely to the bed, the soles of her feet were flat against each other under my chest, she was as open as she could possibly get. Her hand was combing through my hair and pulling me into her. My hands were on each of her knees, gently pushing down so her legs were as open as possible.

I licked from the bottom to the top. I looked at my entrance to this world, I looked up her body, she still had her head turned to one side, but her eyes were closed and her mouth open, she gripped the sheets to her sides, bunched in her fists as I ate her pussy. I watched her as I pushed my tongue into the folds of skin pushing all the way inside her as far as I could, then flicked my tongue from side to side. She tensed and then grabbed the back of my head again. She kept running her fingers through my hair and pulling me into her, my tongue pushed inside her and I flicked up in a repeating pulsing motion, she brought her bum off the bed and pushed into my mouth as her hands pulled me into her. I licked and nibbled at her open pussy, paying attention to her cute little button at the top, licking and swirling my tongue over it and spelling out her name with my tongue, on her clit. Both my hands went up her body and groped her tits,

She was gasping and moaning, then she said the words all sons want to hear, well, maybe not ALL sons!…

‘Oh my god, fuck me baby, fuck your mummy,’ I was so hard and didn’t need to be told twice, I knew I’d have more opportunities to go down on her in the future and being a relative novice with it, hoped she’d guide me and tell me what she liked, you know give me a ‘birds and the bees’ talk, only this time with a practical!

Then it had dawned on me, I’d realised where this was going for a while now, but just before the wonderful act took place, I realised, my wallet was ALSO in the car!

‘Shit, I haven’t got a condom, do you have any?’ I said softly.

‘No, you don’t need one.’

‘Woh, mum, are you sure? What about when I need to, you know…. finish!’ I asked.

‘Just pull out and cum on my stomach baby.’

I crawled up the bed, kissing her from her pussy, up her tummy, kissing both her nipples, then I approached her face. She looked deep into my eyes, our connection had never been stronger and we were about to break the ultimate taboo. My cock rested between us, the end nestling between her legs. With not much effort at all I could be inside my own mother.

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