making a maid


making a maidWhen I was young, I knew I was different then the other boys in my neighborhood. Though I participated in their activities, I felt out of place, kind of like I didn’t really belong. Often, I would make up excuses to get away and be on my own.At the onset of puberty, I became really confused. While the boys seemed to be only interested in the girls, I found an equal attraction to both sexes. This fact really put me on the outside, since at that time there was nowhere to turn for help or advice.My self-being really changed when I took a sitting job after school and on weekends at sixteen. It all started quite innocently when on one occasion, Sandra, my employer left me a note to take the laundry from her washer and with a list of settings for the drier, what to fold and what to hang because she was running late and didn’t want all her expensive things damage. I didn’t think it would be a problem, her k**s never got off their bus until at least an hour after I got there, so at least I had something to do.It was when I opened the washer and found a couple of netted bags filled with lacy, skimpy things and pulled a few out to inspect them that something seemed to turn inside of me. I suddenly felt like a curtain had opened in my head. A tingling sensation over came me as I felt a pair of Sandra’s skimpy little under things and suddenly I had an overwhelming desire to slip them on, soaking wet or not.For the rest of the day, I couldn’t think of anything but wearing sexy, frilly underwear. I thought to myself, that maybe my attraction to both sexes had something to do with my sudden desire to wear female cloths. Realizing that I was sure, that I was neither male, nor female, but a combination of both and I’m not sure why, but suddenly started to feel better about myself.That night, at bedtime, I undressed in my room and looked at my nakedness with a different prospective. I tried to imagine myself dressed in a girl’s skirt. Posing, as I thought a young teen girl would. There was something I saw in the mirror that reinforced my unisex thoughts. Maybe if my hair was a little longer, styled and curled. I knew I would make a pretty girl.Over the next few days, I thought of almost nothing else. My desire to try on Sandra’s things grew to an ache .I never even dreamed my mother might wear anything as nice as Sandra. Besides, it was a longstanding rule in our house, that you didn’t go into other people’s belongings and you respected the privacy of others if you wanted the same in return. It was different with Sandra she had asked me to help her out with her laundry. I knew were everything went and all the treasures within her scented dresser. Panties, garter belts, bras, hose and other nice looking stuff I couldn’t even name. There were different styles of everything and a multitude of colors and fabrics. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to breech my trust with Sandra by stealing her things and I didn’t think the hour or so I had alone in her house after school would be long enough.So by Friday, I was starting to feel a little depressed. Sandra asked me something that not only cheered me but would forever change my life. Her and her husband wanted to go away for their anniversary. Just one night, they wanted me to stay with the k**s from about 4 pm on Saturday to Sunday afternoon. All I could think about was a whole night to satisfy my curiosity. I even said I’d do it for free, as a gift for them. Little did she know the gift she just gave to me.From 4 to 9, was the longest 5 hours of my life, waiting for bedtime then until the k**s were asleep, seemed an eternity. Then it was time. I had no qualms about entering the master bedroom, Sandra insisted I sleep there anyway, just in case one of the c***dren woke up in the night, they always came to her room. I just hoped it wouldn’t happen that night.I totally stripped on the inside of threshold after closing the door. I thought that I should shower first so that I wouldn’t get any strange odors on her lingerie. Besides, I wanted this first experience to be total and that meant to me I should use her soaps and sprays. I was amazed at all the different things she had to make a girl feel feminine. I didn’t have to worry about any body hair, what I did have, was almost invisible any way. So ten minutes later I was wrapped in a towel standing in front of her dresser searching through her treasures for my first try at finding myself.My first choice of color was red. Satin and lace matching bra and panties, a wide garter belt that was tight enough to make my hips appear larger. I couldn’t believe how I felt after I put on a skirt and a top from the closet. I felt like this was who I was meant to be. I cried that first time, tears of joy. I couldn’t stop myself. It just felt so good. I spent a couple of hours walking around the house in heels, tripping constantly at first, and lounging around where I could see my reflection. For the first time in my life I had begun to like myself. I felt terrific.Later, when I began to fall asleep, I found the most feminine pj’s I could and after putting everything away I went to sleep as satisfied as I can ever remember. The morning was a shock as Sandra’s k**s came running into the room. Jumped on the bed yelling for their mom. It really made me feel weird, but nice.Over the next year and half, I relished every opportunity I got to dress up while sitting for Sandra. She kept a box by the washer for old cast-offs. I began to collect what ever I could and even wear panties in public under my clothes. I noticed things about myself during that period. When I wore something feminine, my posture improved, my state of mind was more at ease and I even found myself moving different. I started experimenting with make-up. I even bought my own, under the guise of filling a list for Sandra, something I did quite often.I thought I was smart at covering my tracks. I found out later that Sandra had suspected that I had been tampering with her things from that very first time. Her suspicions where vilified when unsuspectingly I removed a matching set of panties, bra, hose and garter belt that she had bought and planted in the cast-off box. Then she began her own plans to catch me in the act.It was just after my 18 birthday, Sandra’s husband Ken was away for two weeks on a business trip. On his second day away I was asked to sit while she went out with friends and not to expect her home early. The c***dren were already asleep so I wasted no time at all. As soon as the car was out of sight, off came my tracksuit. I had the set of lingerie Sandra had planted already on. So I just wandered up to her room to see if I could find something nice to wear over top of them.My first mistake was I should of known something was up Sandra never left anything laying around. But there on the bed was a new dress. It was made of pleated satin, black with a very delicate white lace trim on hem and on the top of the bodice. I just had to try it on and that was my second mistake. As I looked at my reflection, I couldn’t believe how sexy I looked. The top fit my chest perfectly. The hem stopped about two inches below my bum making it impossible for me to bend over without showing off my bright red satin panties. I thought that she must of bought it by accident, because she would never get her breast to fit into this outfit.As much as how great I felt wearing it I thought I’d better take it off before something happened to it, just in case Sandra wanted to take it back to the store. As I reached to undo the zipper, Sandra stepped into the room.Well, I was caught, I swear my heart stopped, I could feel the blood drain from my face. The room started to spin, I was overcome with dizziness and the last thing I remember seeing was the grin on Sandra’s face before went I down into darkness and fainted.As I felt myself float back to realality, I found that I had been placed in a chair with my head between my legs. I felt something cold on the back of my neck. There were other differences also, I could feel a light tugging on my ears and I heard a tinkling sound when I tried to move my head. I opened my eyes and slowly focused my vision on my feet. I thought I was seeing things, on my feet where a pair of black patent leather shoes with ankle straps and at least a four-inch spiked heels.As I tried to sit up I felt a hand on my shoulder restraining me. I heard Sandra say,” Now, now Kary, not to fast, you’ve had a nasty fall, just relax a few moments until you get your wits back. Besides I wouldn’t want you to fall off your new shoes until I get a chance to see you in them.”She went down on one knee in front of me and cupping my chin in her hand raised my face so I was looking up into her face.” I just knew that you’d like that outfit,” she said with a sly grin,” especially after you took the surprise I left for you in the cast-off box.”I felt my cheeks getting hot and I tried to stammer out an apologies.”No, no dear Kary, no need to talk like that, I don’t mind at all.” She said as she stood up to tower over me.” Actually, I’ve known your little secret all along. Didn’t you ever wonder why those things you found in the cast-offs were still in perfect shape?”I started to cry and Sandra pulled me to her and said,” It’s really okay, dear I was so glad when you discovered how much you enjoyed my clothes. Ken and I have been searching quite awhile for a girl like you. I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as we have anticipated the day we would find the perfect girl to include in our lives.”She pulled me up from the chair and helped me get my balance before she walked to the door. Turning with a smile she said.” I also found the paper you used to practice writing your new name, so from now on I will call you by that name, or girl. Now, go to the basement, the room beside the spare bath will yours when you are here. I’m sure you’ll find everything you need.”Dumb founded, I started to walk with out even thinkingOh, and Kary, do be careful on the stairs, I wouldn’t want you to twist your ankle and fall again. Meet me in the dining room after you have put on some make-up and freshen up some, okay dear?””Yes ma’am.” I replied meekly.”I like that answer, you’ll do nicely I’m sure dear.”I can’t even recall what I was thinking as I made my way down stairs. A mixture of fear, dread and embarrassment at being caught. First I went to the bathroom and washed my face, as I looked in the mirror I saw what was tugging on my ears. It seems that Sandra had pierced my ears before I woke up. All I could think of is why? What did she have in mind? Why had she trapped me? As I turned my head and felt my new ear rings brush against my neck and heard the tinkling sound they made I became excited. Then I thought about what she said about her and Ken looking for a girl “like” me. My emotions started to come alive. She called me a girl, I started to become light headed again. I knew she must have planned this day for a while and I started to feel like maybe things will be okay. After all, she could of gotten into quite a fix along time ago if she wanted too.It was then that I noticed the box beside the sink. It was a plan wooden box with the name Kary written on it. More surprises I thought. My hand was shaking when I reached to open it. It was full of cosmetics and a note;Dear Kary,Now that you are reading this, you have taken the first stepin your new position in our household. Here you will find someInstructions on how I expect your make-up to be applied and theColors I expect you to use. Everything is numbered so that youShouldn’t take too much time. I don’t want to wait too long for yourappearance in the dining room. I would like you to take a moment tocheck out the surprises in you’re room. But be quick, I will be waitingLove Mistress SandraI couldn’t believe what the implications of what that mistress meant. I felt a shiver of fear run through me along with a tinge of excitement. I thought if I ran, where would I go dressed like this? As I looked at the make-up Sandra had given me to use and then at my reflection. I felt like I had no choice and after a few minutes of thinking about it, the excitement took over. I really felt like I wanted this.I hurriedly followed Sandra’s instructions after all I had some practice. I don’t think I did to bad of a job at it even with my hands shaking with nervousness. I did a quick check of the room that was to be mine. There on the bed were a few more outfits like the one I had on, in different colors, red, white, and pink. There were also several other things, but I just wanted to get upstairs. My curiosity about her plans was making me very excited and I just couldn’t wait any longer to find out.I found Sandra sitting on the edge of the table. She wore a full-length satin robe I had never seen before. Incredibly long heeled black shoes and black gloves that disappeared into her white sleeves.”Not to bad,” she said as she looked at my face,” I’m sure you’ll get better at applying it, but I think I’ll have to show you a few tricks to bring out your best features.””I would like that a lot ma’am.” I said, as I looked down, still slightly embarrassed at being caught. I could feel myself blushing under her scrutiny.”Well,” She started,” If you want to agree to my terms, you will present yourself as you are when possible.'”Yes ma’am”Sandra threw me an icy glance,” Do not speak until asked, you will listen to what I have to say before you speak again. I am about to give you the terms of your service. What will be expected of you and what will happen if you do not.”I became a little worried, it was a little scary to think that I was about to be black mailed into subservience. While, a part of was thrilled that this beautiful woman wanted to enslave me.” I’m sure you know what would happen to you if you secret was found out, but I don’t think that either of us would want that to happen and I’d like to think that you would join us because you wanted to. Are you still a virgin Kary?””Yes ma’am””Are you attracted to girls?””Yes Ma’am””What about boys?”I hesitated, I wasn’t sure where this was going,” I’m not sure ma’am.””Well,” she smiled,” I think that perhaps you are, I did see the way you looked at Ken in his Speedo’s at the pool. You see Kary the reason I’m asking these questions is to make sure you understand completely what your new responsibilities will be.”I could feel her eyes burning into the top of my head when she paused.” Of course you will still do the things for us you have always done, but if you choose to stay on in my employ you will have to see the sexual needs of Ken and myself.”I couldn’t believe what I had just heard, all my fantasies were about to come true in one swift moment. I wanted to jump for joy.” As a matter of fact, dear your first duty will be to prove your loyalty. I want you on your knees directly in front of me.”I was shaking with excitement as I dropped to my knees without even thinking about it.Sandra released a wicked little laugh before speaking again,” So Kary, are you ready to submit to the whims of myself and Ken, be they what they may?”Looking up at her, I’m sure she could see my excitement know as tripped over my tongue just to say,” Yes ma’am.””Good,” Sandra coed,” In the next two weeks, I will train you. If at that time I deem you satisfactory, Ken will be home, the c***dren will be away for a while. At the end of that time we will decide if you will carry on in our employ or you will never come back. Think carefully before you answer dear.”I was so worked up that I would have screamed to the world that I wore women’s clothes, if she had asked me. As meekly as I could I stated,” Yes Ma’am, I would do anything for you to please you.””That was just what I wanted to hear girl,” Sandra said with an evil smile,” this will be your first task in you new position.”Sandra opened her robe, it was the first time I had seen a women naked in real life. She was shaved bald. I didn’t really know what she wanted. I just stared at her openness, pink and wet.”The first thing that I’d like you to do Kary is to put on one of these, It will keep you from soiling your new panties and help with your new training. Have you ever tried to put one on before?”I looked at the condom in her hand and A chill went down my spine when I heard the word training,” No ma’am.””Well then, I will show you how I want you to wear them this time. You will use one whenever you wear your panties, understand. Stand up.””Yes ma’am.” I said as I stood. She instructed me raise my skirt. Sandra pulled my panties down with a sly grin as I blushed with embarrassment.”Well now,” she said in a taunting voice as she held my penis,” not much of a cock. But then, it will make a lovely clit. I knew a girl in college that had a bigger one than this.”I felt crushed as Sandra degraded my manhood, my embarrassment increased so much that I felt like fainting again. I could feel my penis soften as she giggled at me. But then she rolled the condom onto me and stretched it out so she could fit my testicals inside of it also.” Take a good look at this Kary, This is how you will be required to wear them from now on. I think we will have to come up with some form of punishment for when you do not follow all of your instructions perfectly.””Punishments, ma’am?” I asked with a trembling voice.”Yes of course punishments dear, how else would you be able to become properly servile if there isn’t some form of rewards or punishment. Besides, I’m sure a girl like you would learn to enjoy it. Now fix your clothing and get back on your knees.””Yes ma’am.”I did as told and with in a few heartbeats I was once again less than a foot away from Sandra’s pussy. I watched as she reached down to stroke herself and spread her lips. I could smell her aroma and I felt my excitement begin to grow again.”Now Kary, your first new duty, you will be required to service my little pussy here. Especially after Ken and I have sex. That is why I want the condom in place, so you will learn to enjoy eating cum. So lets start right in by kissing it lightly here.”I was shaking with desire as I moved closer to the spot she spread open between her fingers.”This is my clit dear,” she moaned as it began to swell against my lips,” yes, very nice, Use your tongue now.Sandra began to moan and sigh, her breathing began to increase as I licked her. My own heart began to race and my quickening breath caused me to snort into her pussy.” Suck on it,” she panted hoarsely.Her moaning grew to shrieks as I sucked and licked on the clit in my mouth. After a few minutes she emitted a long deep groan and her hips shook so violently I almost lost contact with her clit. She stood and stepped away from me, she was flushed and trembling.Looking down at me she sighed,” Yes Kary, I think you will do very well. Now go touch yourself up and meet me in my room for your next lesson.”She turned and swept away. Leaving me on my knees to try and stand. As I made my way to my rooms I realized that I had ejaculated while I serviced Sandra’s pussy. I wonder what she meant by,” it would help with your training” I figured that I had better wait and ask before I took off the condom though. I was A little frightened of what she might have meant by punishment. But, the thought did kind of give me the shivers.I quickly washed off my smeared lipstick and applied a fresh coat. I ran as fast as I could in my heels to see what the next exciting part of my training Sandra had in store for me.The door was slightly open, something inside me warned me to knock. I rapped softly three times and waited for permission.”Yes Kary come in'” she stated,” you only need to knock when I am not expecting you dear. When you have been instructed to come into a room, you may do so unannounced.”Sandra was seated at her dressing table. She had change into a black leather vest and pants, smiling she continued, “First of all, I think that you can remove that dress for our next lesson. We will be going into the bathroom to begin with, you will need to know proper hygiene and how to maintain yourself for freshness.”She stood to help me. I couldn’t help but notice a very large lump in the crotch of her leather pants. It looked about eight inches long or more. Sandra spun me around to undo the zipper. I could feel the bulge as she gyrated her hips against my ass. My face felt flushed and I felt my erection grow.”Do you like what you feel Kary?” she breathed into my ear and rubbed the front of my panties,” I think you do don’t you dear? You make me hard.””Yes ma’am,” I stammered, my voice was hoarse with excitement as I wondered what was going to happen to me next.”Don’t worry my little slut, I’ll be gentle when take your cherry tonight.” She laughed and slapped with butt, hard enough to sting and make me jump.Once inside the bathroom, Sandra got down to business,” Take off your panties dear. This is something that I insist you do for yourself daily. So pay close attention, starting tomorrow morning, before your shower and anytime you have a bowel movement you must clean yourself out.”Going to the cupboard, she removed a container that was attached to a hose and a tube of lubricant. That’s when Sandra noticed that I had filled the condom. She reached out and I gasped as pinched my small penis.”My, my,” she smiled,” look what you have done you bad girl, have you been playing with yourself, when did this happen?””No ma’am,” I stammered, fearful of the punishment I might receive,” I’m not sure when it happened.””Well I guess we will just have to teach you some control. Take it off and sit down and pee while you have a chance.”She took the condom from as I sat on the toilet. From under here vest she removed a bulb that was attached to hose that went into her pants. Disconnecting the bulb, she used it to suck up all of my cum. Then reconnected the hose, she left it hanging in plain sight. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know what it was for, so I didn’t ask.”When your finished, I want you clean your condom with your tongue before putting it back on the way I showed you to and pay close attention to what I’m doing because you’ll be doing it yourself tomorrow dear.”She handed me back the condom and began to fill the container with warm water, adding a few drops of a thick liquid from a small bottle. When it was full, she hung the container from the shower rod and instructed me to lay on the floor.Sandra rubbed some lube on the end of the hose and knelt down between my legs,” Now Kary, in case you don’t know, you’re about to receive an enema. After you have inserted this end in to your anus at least two inches, release this little valve and you should feel the water begin to flow.” Sandra told me suiting action to words. “Then dear, slowly push the tube deeper and deeper until the valve makes contact with your cute little butt.”I watched as my abdomen slowly began to swell. Sandra watched me as I began to feel the discomfort of being overly filled. Just when I thought I’d explode, Sandra stopped the flow and pulled me into a sitting position..” That’s not so bad is it dear?” she said in a smug manner,” when it starts to feel like you can’t hold it in anymore, Make sure you turn the valve off and then expel the fluid. To be perfectly cleaned out dear you must repeat this process three times, every time. I will know Kary if you do not follow my instructions to the letter and you will be dually punished for such transgressions. Do you understand dear?””Yes ma’am,” I replied as I hung my head in shame at the embarrassment I felt at the noises my body was making.After repeating the process two more times, Sandra gave me a cloth and some soap and told me to clean myself up, put my panties back on and met her in her room again as quickly as possible.Sandra was once again seated at her chair, playing with a weird shaped object. She looked up and used the object to point at a spot directly in front of her.”On your knees,” she commanded,” Do you know what this is dear?””No ma’am.” I replied meekly.”It’s a butt plug. This one has a little surprise in it.” She said as she handed the object to me.As I took it from her hand I notified it was attached to wire, I almost dropped it when she turned it on and it started to vibrate.Laughing, Sandra took it out of my hands and said,” Turn around dear and put your face on the floor so your pretty pantied ass is high and open.”I did as she told me, I felt her hands on my back as she moved to my panties and slide them off of my butt so that I was exposed enough for her purpose. I felt the end slowly push into my opening, the deeper it went in the larger it got. I know it was only about four inches from the point to its widest spot and about three inches around, but it felt much bigger as Sandra slowly twisted and pushed it into place. Just when I thought I’d be ripped apart, I felt my ass muscles relax and close around the thinner base.Sandra pulled my panties over the base of the butt plug and told me turn around, but to stay on my knees. When I was facing her she turned on at max. Instantly, my body quivered and I thought that I would cum again. Then, just as quickly she turned it off and I couldn’t suppress the moan that escaped me.Laughing at my discomfort Sandra said,” My, wasn’t that fun, eh dear? By the look on your face, I’d say that you enjoyed it. I think that this should be a daily chore for you also Kary, after your enema I want you to insert this devise into yourself. But, I will be the one to control the pleasure you receive from it. Is that clear dear?””Yes Ma’am.””Did you like it?””Yes Ma’am””Seeing that you have been so honest and obedient so far Kary, I believe you deserve a reward.”Sandra stood and began to undo her pants. As she peeled the leather from her body the imitation penis that she had attached to herself with a harness appeared before my eyes. I then noticed that the bulb she used to clean up my cum was attached to the fake cock. It looked even bigger than it had felt. I wasn’t sure if I was excited or scared of what she would do next. I was breathing hard, I felt hot and flushed, My erection was aching and I wanted to touch it.”Do you like my cock Kary?” She taunted as she waved it under my nose, ” beg me, Beg your mistress to let you kiss it.”I looked up,” Please ma’am?””Please ma’am what?””Please ma’am, may I kiss it?””Kiss what?””Please may I kiss your cock Ma’am?””Of course you can dear,”She moved closer and let the head brush my lips and gave a little squeeze on the bulb. I felt the wetness as the fake cock moved across my lips.”You will be doing a lot with more than just kissing my cock tonight dear.” She told me with a wicked sounding chuckle,” Lick up that precum you have on your lips and lick off the rest that you made drip from the end of my cock you nasty little slut.”As I started to lick up my own cum that was draining from the end of Sandra’s fake cock, I started to get really excited. I always wondered what it would be like to suck cock. Even though it wasn’t a real one, it was close enough for my first. I was getting incredibly turned on by what Sandra was making me do.”Open your mouth girl, I want to fuck your pretty face slut.” Sandra demanded.As I felt the head pass my lips I started to snort and my body shock as I came into the rubber I wore once again. Sandra grabbed a handful of hair and started to move her cock in and out of my mouth.After about a minute, she grab the bulb and said,” Get ready to take my load bitch,”She squeezed the bulb and I felt hit the roof of my mouth. She pulled the end away from my lips and shot a blast onto my face. I couldn’t help myself, I grabbed her cock in both hands and tried to swallow it as she kept squeezing the bulb until there was nothing left. I kept on sucking on it as she sat back into the chair.Sandra sighed,” Oh baby, I knew you’d be a good cocksucker, Ken is going to love your enthusiasm. Just wait until you have a real cock between your lips, you’ll never want suck on my piece of rubber again.”Sandra was rubbing my head forcing more of her cock into my mouth so that I couldn’t tell her that her cock would always be special to me because it was my first. I would suck her cock with as much enthusiasm as I would her pussy.” Yes Kary, you keep practicing while I tell you of what comes next.”Suddenly the butt plug began to vibrate. My body spasmed and Sandra began to laugh,” My aren’t we touchy, would you like me to tell you what I have planned for you next dear or should I just do it?”I didn’t know what to do, Sandra was holding my head so that I couldn’t get her fake cock out of my mouth to answer her. All I could do was nod.”Well, Seeing as you just nodded, I’ll assume that you just want me to fuck your virgin ass.”She let go of my head and with her foot, pushed me off her cock. I did keep one hand wrapped around it, I just didn’t want to lose contact. Mean while the butt plug started to increase in its vibrating until I thought I was cumming again. Then, Sandra stopped it completely.With a sly look, she asked,” What do you want, Kary?””I don’t know ma’am, I’ve never done anything like this before, I’m not sure.” I stammered.As soon as I looked down, Sandra hit the max button again. I lurched forward as my body convulsed and as I groaned, Sandra made sure her cock found my lips. With another handful of hair started fucking my face. Every time she pulled out, The vibes in my ass would decrease and as she tried to force her cock down my throat, the vibes jumped to max.I didn’t even try to count the number of times Sandra forced my head down, but when I felt myself ejaculate again I felt my nose touch the flesh just below her leather vest I knew I would not deny her anything. Her skin felt as hot as mine. I couldn’t stop shivering. I wanted to beg her to fuck my ass.” That was wild babe,” Sandra cooed at me,” Are you ready to tell me what you want Kary?”I nodded and moaned onto her cock. Sandra let my head go so I could answer her, “Yes ma’am.”6/20/01PART 3After I caught my breath and calmed down, which wasn’t easy with Sandra playing with the controls of the butt plug she had forced into my ass.”Well,” Sandra asked, ” what do you want my pretty little sissy slut?””I want you to do me with your cock Ma’am.” I replied without looking up.”I think that you can do better than that,” She turned the plug to max again and I started to shake.” And you will have too if you want it dear.””But first, I think I would like some wine. Bring me the white wine and a glass. Hurry back dear.”As I stood on shaky legs Sandra turned down the butt plug and placed the control inside the front of my panties.” No touching now. We need a longer wire so that I can control you anywhere in the house, any time.”I heard Sandra’s sly giggle turn into a vicious laugh as I stumbled down the stairs in my over frustrated state of mind. I moved as fast as I could so I wouldn’t keep her waiting. I also had a tempobet giriş feeling that Sandra was going to tease me for some time before she would take my cherry.When I once again, stood before her, she removed the control from my panties and motioned for me to kneel at her feet again. She used the butt plug control when I didn’t get down quick enough for her.”Place the tray on the floor beside you and pour for me like a well trained maid should dear.”Every time I tried to tip the bottle to pour, Sandra would max the butt plug. This caused me to spill some on the tray. By the time I filled the glass I’m sure that at least one quarter of the bottle laid on the spilled on the tray.”Dear, dear Kary, What should we do with such a sloppy Maid?” she smirked. “I guess you’ll just have to lick it up.”Somewhere inside of me a small little part of my old self screamed at the degradation Sandra was inflicting on me. But the new me was getting more turned on as I excepted every order without hesitation. Sandra slowly increased the vibration in my ass the closer I got to the tray and as my tongue made contact with the wine it was on max again. Every time my tongue reached out to the tray, she would hit the max button, then shut it off completely when I lifted my face from the tray to swallow.After about fifteen minutes my body felt like I was having convulsions, I was sure that I had cum in my panties at least once, But I was so excited I couldn’t be sure. Just as I had gotten the tray as clean as I could, Sandra reached for the bottle and poured some more onto the tray and laughed while filling her glass.”I know you were enjoying your wine as much as I enjoyed watching you lick it up dear. Besides, the wine will help loosen you up for the nights highlight.”As I bent to resume my licking Sandra slapped my ass and demanded,” Were are your manners slut.” Followed be several more slaps.”Thank you Ma’am,” I blurted out in pain and surprise,” I’m sorry ma’am, I won’t forget my manners again, I promise.”With one final slap, Sandra pointed to the tray and laughed evilly at my subservience.It seemed to take even longer this time to clean the tray. Sandra still kept me on the edge of sanity with the controls of the vibrating butt plug. When the tray was cleaned to her satisfaction she used a toe to straighten me up.Once again Sandra fixed me with an evil glare and said,” Tell your mistress what you want slut. Beg for it.”Without a thought I replied with a nervous pleading voice,” Please ma’am, will you fuck me with your beautiful cock? I want your cock inside of me, I need to feel your wonderful cock inside of me ma’am.””Well now my sissy slut, since you have put it that way, I think I could oblige you. But first there’s something I’m sure you need to attend to.”She pulled me towards her rubber cock again,” Better get it nice and wet for that virgin hole of yours first. I wouldn’t want to hurt you too much your first time.”She used her toes to slide my panties to my knees, then pushed my mouth away from her cock. She removed the bulb and pointed to the condom. I had cum so many times that it looked like I had a water balloon tied to my crotch,Slowly she slid it off saving all but a little, with a sly grin she filled and replaced the bulb. She handed me back the condom and watched, as I licked it clean without hesitation.Moaning, Sandra breathed throatily,” You don’t know how hot that looks slut, if this cock was real, it would be shooting all over your face right now.”With that said she rubbed the end across my lips and squeezed a small amount of cum out. Without thinking, I licked the end of her cock and she rewarded me with another squirt. I was really beginning to enjoy being a cocksucker and forced as much cock down my throat as I could before Sandra pushed me away.”Don’t worry lover,” she cooed,” I’ll want to cum over your face after I take your cherry and give you a fucking like you never dreamed.”Sandra walked to the bed and pointed.” Kneel here on the edge of the bed and don’t loose your panties. I want to see them around your ankles so you have something to reach for.”With nervous anticipation, I crawled onto the bed. Sandra forced my face down until my shoulders were flat on the mattress. Slowly she rubbed the end of her fake cock up and down the cleft of my cheeks. My body shuddered every time she pushed on the butt plug.Suddenly, without warning, Sandra twisted and pulled out the plug and drove her rubber penis into my ass before the muscles could contract. I muffled a scream into the mattress and my knuckles turned white as I grasped the blankets in my fists. My ass throbbed around her cock and I feel myself clenching and releasing it as I waited for Sandra’s next move.” Did that hurt sissy?” she said in a mocking voice,” poor little slut, didn’t you know there is always a little bit of pain when a cherry is involved.”She laughed and rubbed my back and ass cheeks for a moment. When she noticed that I had begun to relax, she slowly began to move. First I felt the pressure in my ass ease as Sandra withdraw, then she pushed against me until I flinched.”It’s going in rather quicker than I thought Kary, I didn’t think you’d take half of my cock by the second push.”I remember feeling proud as she spoke, I knew how big her fake cock was and I wanted it all.Even though I felt like my ass was on fire, I was so turned on I knew I could bear the pain. Sandra withdrew slightly, and when she start to push into again I met her thrust. I groaned as my discomfort grew, but I couldn’t help but push back harder”My Kary you really want your ass fucked, don’t you slut?” she laughed.”Yes ma’am, please.”Sandra laughed again and started to move in and out, driving the rubber cock deeper and deeper with every thrust. I felt a combination of pain, then a sensation I can’t describe even now, as she pulled out slightly.When I finally felt Sandra’s hot flesh contact my back, I felt her hips shakes”Oh God Baby I’m cumming,” Sandra yelled, ” Ugh, I’m really going to fuck your ass hard now.”Sandra started to slam into me, she would pull her cock out until it was just touching my anus, then drive it back into the hilt. Every time I felt her stomach slap against my ass, my body convulsed. I don’t know how long it lasted, but the last thing I remember was my body going numb and falling flat on the bed shivering from head to toe every time Sandra moved. I couldn’t even talk. I just panted along with Sandra who fell with me. Driving deep into me. She wrapped a leg under me and helped me so that we rolled onto our sides with my first cock still buried deep inside.” Oh ma’am, you fuck so good.” I sighed.Gasping for breath, Sandra whispered into my ear,” You’re a good fuck slut, but just wait until Ken gives you a piece of real cock.”I quivered at her words, I got excited at the prospect of a real penis inside of me. Wondering if there would be a different kind of sensation. I remember seeing the bulge in Ken’s tight swimsuit last summer at the beach when Sandra was teasing him. I couldn’t remember how long it was for sure, but I was sure that it was thicker than the one in me now. My body shivered again at the thought.Sandra slapped my ass cheek saying,” You’re such a wanton, little slut Kary, are you still cumming?”I just groan as she pushed me off and away from what I knew I could never live without again.Sandra sat up on the edge of the bed, “Get up you lazy thing,” she demanded,” You’re not finished yet.”She grabbed me by the hair and pulled me off the bed until was once again on my knees in front of her, facing the center of all my desires.” You still haven’t got your reward,” she said with a grin,” Come and suck it out, Kary, show my cock how much you liked getting fucked by it dear.”Without a thought I engulfed as much as of the rubber penis as I could. I don’t even remember the taste or smell, or if there was any. I didn’t care. I just wanted to please the penis that had given me such pleasure. I wanted to give my all for Sandra. I wanted it to last for as long as it could. I sucked and buried that cock deep into my throat for about ten minutes before Sandra spoke again.” Kary, you’re such a dirty li’l cocksucker,” she groaned, “You make me so hot, I think I’ll cum in you’re mouth.”I moaned around her cock, when I had only the head left in my mouth, Sandra squeezed the bulb as hard as she could. Suddenly my mouth was filled with my own cum. Leaking past my lips to run down the sides of Sandra’s fake cock. Before I could swallow it all she blasted it again and again until there was none left.”Don’t forget to lick up the drippings dear. You don’t want anyone to think of you as a messy cocksucker do you?””No ma’am.” I replied”Good girl and when you’re done we’ll get you ready for bed.”The trip downstairs to my room, ten minutes later was an ordeal for me. Not only where my feet and ankles sore from not being accustomed to wearing high heels for such a long time. I felt more than a little bowed legged from the intense fucking Sandra had given me.The first order of business was to wash off my make-up. Sandra had made sure I had everything a girl would need to keep her skin clean and healthy. She also stood by to instruct me in proper hygiene.Next, I was told to undress and as I started, Sandra went into my new room and came back with a white see through teddy and matching panties. But before she gave them to me she pointed to my crotch, I knew what she wanted me to do.”Yes ma’am.” I replied meekly.Once again I removed the condom and cleaned it out with my tongue. I watched as Sandra’s eyes smoldered and her face flushed. I’m not sure which one of us enjoyed it more.”The first order of business for you in the morning dear will be to give yourself an enema and then shower.” Sandra went on very business like.” Then you will wash all of the lingerie that you have worn, including sleepwear. Tomorrow, you may wear a track suit over your lingerie, but only because the c***dren will be present.”I listened carefully, I was sure Sandra was just waiting for some reason to punish me. I followed her to my room and stood by the bed waiting for her to continue.”Every night you will insert this into yourself, it is connected to the alarm clock.” She said holding up a slightly smaller plug with a wire attached, “Turn and bend over and I will help you tonight.”I did as I was told, the cold butt plug hurt slightly as Sandra forced it into my very tender ass. When I let out a whimper and jumped, Sandra slapped me on the ass.”Don’t forget this dear, you must be up and ready before anyone else and this is your alarm.” She gave me a stern look, “If you don’t wear it, you won’t get up in time, but then you might like the punishment. That’s up to you.”She folded back the blanket and twisted my butt plug and said,” Now get into bed, you’ve got a busy day tomorrow Kary. You’ll need your sleep and I have some wonderful surprises to tell you about in the morning dear. Good night.””Good night ma’am.” I replied half asleep.Sandra bent over, kissed my forehead and left the room. As I lay, waiting to sleep, I thought about those surprises. What would happen next, I felt a moment of dread. But as I thought of how much had happened in one short night. A warmth came over me. I would never be the same again. I didn’t want to be the same again. I am now Kary, forever.Part fourI don’t remember falling asleep, I remember thinking of how worn out my body felt from being used and how good that made me feel. I awoke with a tingling sensation that started in my anus and moved out through my body.It wasn’t until I realized that the vibrations slowly started to increase in intensity, that I opened my eyes and saw the clock beside my bed. It was five A.M., my alarm was telling me it was time to get up. The longer I stayed in bed, the more intense the vibration in my ass became. The feelings and thoughts of the night before filled my head, I began to revel in the sensations I was experiencing when it dawned on me. If I was not ready when Sandra expected me to be, she would punish me.I could barely stand. My thighs felt like they were in a huge clamp that pinched me from knees to ass. They met, in the center that was increasing in intensity with every moment I took to find the end of the wire to unplug it just as my body began to shiver uncontrollably in an orgasm.I felt so weak I just crawled to the bathroom on my hands and knees. Hoping that a shower would sooth my spent body. When I turned on the light, I saw the container that Sandra had filled the night before to clean me out.There was a note attached:Kary,Good morning dear, I hope you have slept well?Today looks like a very promising day. I have laidout the clothes that you will wear this morning. Wehave much to talk about after you have prepared mybreakfast. As I told you last night, you have manysurprises in store.So get ready dear, your new life is aboutto begin.Your Mistress SandraAs I read the note, I realized that last night had forever changed me. I was suddenly wide-awake and ready to start my preparations for the day.After I gave myself the required enema and showered, I looked over the clothing I was to wear. Everything was white, hose, garter belt, high-cut panties and a shift that felt like there was nothing at all covering my upper body. Over it all was a track-suit of gray, I felt a little sad when a pulled it on over the lingerie that I was wearing. It made me feel like someone that didn’t want to be anymore.Next I made some coffee and toast and took it up to Sandra’s room on a bed tray. Setting the tray on an end table I proceeded to wake her up by gentle shaking her shoulder.”Good morning ma’am, here is your breakfast.” I tried to sound professional.”Good morning Kary, thank you.” Sandra replied through a yawn.”Will there by anything else ma’am?””Yes Kary, Sit on the edge of the bed here and just give me a chance to sip a bit of this coffee first.”As Sandra drank her coffee the blanket slipped off revealing her breast. I couldn’t help but stare at them. They looked so perfectly shaped and firm, the nipples swelled from the chill air. I thought to myself, I wish I had breasts like those.As if she read my mind, “Do you like them dear? Maybe one day we’ll get you some.’Then she laughed when I turned red with embarrassment.”It can be done you know, but on to the more important things of the day, Are you wearing what you were instructed to wear girl?””Yes Ma’am” I replied.” Close the door and let me see.”I rose from the bed, shut the door and took off the tracksuit.”Great,” Sandra smiled, “You look good enough to eat. Get dressed, open the door and sit down so that I can tell what the plan will be.”She looked me straight in the eye, ” That is, if you are still interested?”I looked away from her blushing again,” Yes ma’am, I want to please you and make you happy.””Good girl.” She patted my hand and continued,” After lunch, I’m going to take the c***dren to their grandparents farm for a month of summer vacation. That way, I’ll have two weeks of uninterrupted training before Ken gets back. I want you fully prepared for his arrival. Also, I’ve spoken to your mother a few days ago and she thinks that I will need you to help with redecorating the house. So she has already agreed to let you stay here for the next little while.’I was amazed at how well Sandra had it all figured out, all I could do was stare open mouthed.She smirked,” Close your mouth dear, it’s very unlady like to stare like a dolt. Also, as your mother had confided with me several weeks ago that she would like to see her sister who is not well, I offered her a ride. Your aunt only lives about 30 miles out of my way so it won’t be a problem and you won’t have to worry about her popping over unannounced during your training.””Any questions Kary?” she asked”No ma’am.””Great,” she laughed grabbing my hand, “I think it’s going to be a lot of fun, don’t you dear?””Yes ma’am.””I won’t be back until tomorrow after noon, You’ll have until then to decide if you really want to go through with this.””Yes Ma’am.” I said, knowing already what my answer would be.”Good girl, if you want this as much as Ken and I do and I think you do if those blushing cheeks of yours have anything to say about it. I expect you to be ready for my arrival in full uniform. There is a list inside the closet door listing what to wear every day. Is that clear Kary?””Yes ma’am.” I couldn’t help to show excitement in my voice. Sandra smiled and I think she knew that I would still be here.”After I leave, you may wear what ever you like for today. All I want you to do is keep the plug in your little hinny and turned on as much as you can stand it. There’s fresh batteries in the kitchen if you need them and don’t forget to put in your alarm tonight. Also I want you to save any accidents you have in this jar. I expect to see a good supply for my return.””Yes ma’am.” I replied”Oh, and one last thing,” Sandra said holding out a small box,” I want this in your mouth, except when eating or drinking.””Yes ma’am.” I answered taking the box and opening it I found a wide strap attached to a fake penis. It was about three inches long and about two thick. I looked up at Sandra a little confused at what she expected of me.”Silly girl,” she laughed,” You put it in your mouth and put the strap around your head.”” Don’t worry dear, I’ll help you put it on before I leave.””Yes ma’am.” I said wondering how it was going to feel having a cock in my mouth all that time. I also felt a little excited at the thought.It was a few hours later and the car was packed and ready to go. I was really excited about my new position and couldn’t wait for it to begin. After the k**s were belted in, Sandra made some excuse to run into the house, ordered me out of the track suit and made sure my gag was properly in place.I was now alone, I went to my room to inspect the closet and find something to wear. Sandra had put in a very nice array of dresses, all short and all tight. For now, I put on a black spandex mini and went to practice putting on make-up. I wanted to look my best for when Sandra came home.In the bathroom, I found another surprise, a blonde wig with a maids cap on it and a note;Dear Kary,I thought a nice wig would give you a more femininefeeling. You need not wear the cap, except with youruniform. You might find it easier to do your facewithout the gag, but be sure to replace it immediately.Also you’ll find a nail kit, read the instructions anduse it. I want to see long, lovely red nails when I gethome.Have fun.Mistress SandraI spent at least two hours playing with my make-up kit and was really enjoying myself. Trying different colors and shades. I couldn’t believe how much more feminine my hands looked with long red nails. I would of played all afternoon, but was interrupted by the doorbell. At first I ran upstairs, before I remembered how I was dressed. Then I panicked. I didn’t know what to do. The caller was very insistent and seemed not to be in a hurry to leave. After about five minutes of constant ringing I decided to take a chance of being found out and answer the door.I unhooked the penis gag and held it behind my back. I took a deep breath and opened the door saying,” May I help you?” in a voice I hoped would pass for a girls.On the other side of the door was Steve. We went to the same school. He was a very attractive boy, I often found myself looking at him in the halls and on playing field. He was very athletic, and it showed on his lean and toned body.”Hy, you must be the maid Sandra told me she hired?” He asked as his eyes roamed up and down my body,” I need the key to the garden shed, I’m supposed to cut the lawn today.””Oh, yes,” I mumbled, ” Wait here please.”I closed the door and ran to the kitchen, I felt more flustered than I ever had before and I wasn’t sure if it was fear of being found out or the excited way his leering made me feel. Under the key was a note with my name on it;Kary dear, I take it that Steven has shown up, how nice of him to be prompt. Where you surprised?I hope you took off your gag before answering the door. That would of been embarrassing.I’ve heard that he’s quite the girl chaser and I think that you should invite him into the sunroom at least once an hour to cool off and have some lemonade. Be polite dear and don’t let things get out of hand, at least not on the first date if you know what I mean.There is a heavy elastic panty girdle in your bottom drawer, wear them just in case he makes a grab. They should hide your secret unless you get too excited and tell him it’s you time of month.He may just have to settle for a hand or blow job. I’ll leave it up to you dear.Mistress SandraP.S. I will expect a full report when I get back.I couldn’t believe what Sandra was forcing me to do and how easily set up I was. But when I handed Steve the key, he grasped my fingers and gently squeezed. When I looked up our eyes met.He smiled and said,” Thanks, you’re very pretty what’s your name?””Kary,” I replied choking on the words as a tingling sensation over took my body,” Thank you, I’ll make some lemonade for later.””That would be nice, thanks.”As he turned to go to the shed I couldn’t help but look as he walked away in his short cut-offs. The tingling that began when our eyes met started to get really intense and my breath seemed to catch in my throat. I thought I would cum by just thinking of the fact that he really thought I was a girl and he seemed interested in me.I ran to my room to change panties. I emptied out my condom and there must have been a teaspoon full of precum in it from all of the excitement I was feeling, plus a few drops I managed to squeeze into the bottle before I cleaned it out with my tongue. I changed into a gray cotton maid’s uniform, it was about mid thigh and tight enough to help keep any wondering hands on the outside. The dress did make walking in heels a new experience, it was so tight on my thighs I could only take small steps. I almost had to crawl up the stairs. The combination of the panty girdle and tight cotton really made my bum stick out. I was starting to make myself tingle all over again.I made the lemonade and went to see were Steve was. He was still working on the front lawn. I looked at the time and noticed that forty-five minutes had passed and he was still not even half finished. A chill went down my spine thinking that I might have to walk out into the front yard where anyone might recognize me just to follow my mistress’s instructions.I peaked out through the front room curtains and watched him work. Steve had removed his shirt and was sweating. I was getting hot looking at his shiny skin ripple as he moved about the yard. I couldn’t help but turn up the control on my plug and wondering what his cock looked like, how it would taste and how it would feel inside of me.So there I was ten minutes later, not caring who might see me, opening the front door and walking out to call Steve in for some refreshment. After all, Steve didn’t recognize me and in my over excited state I didn’t really care about anyone else.I heard the lawnmower shut off as I was struggling down the front steps in my tight skirt. Looking up I saw Steve walking towards me, eyeing my progress and grinning.”Is it break time all ready?””Yes,” I tried to say as seductively as I hoped,” Come around to the sun room and I’ll let you in for something cool.””I hope you’ll be joining me Kary?”I turned at the top of the stairs to see him standing behind me looking at my butt, ” Not if you stand there all day.”When Steve looked up he blushed, then turned to run for the back yard. Watching him made my heart flutter and my knees felt like they were melting. I made the boy blush, wow.By the time I got the tray of lemonade, with some cheese and crackers Steven was at the door to the sunroom using his t-shirt to wipe off the sweat on his firm body. Setting the tray on the table in front of the couch gave me a chance to turn my back on him so that he could watch me bend over. When I looked back his eyes where as wide open as his mouth. Then I let him in.”Wow Kary, I don’t know what’s hotter, you or that sun out there.” He said as he fell on the couch watching me walk towards him.I just smiled at him, feeling myself blush at his boldness. My hands were shaking with nervous excitement as I poured the lemonade. He seemed to look a little disappointed when I choose to sit in a chair across from him.He leaned forward,” So Kary, where are from? I don’t remember seeing you around and I’m sure I wouldn’t forget you if I did.”My heart skipped a beat, what if he knew I was the guy that sat behind him in History class?”Out east.” I replied”How did you manage to get this gig?””I answered an ad.” I lied, I was trying to think of way to get him away from questions that I had no answers for.”How did you get your job Steve?” I blurted before he could ask me anything else.”Oh, my mom and Sandra are cousins,” he said sitting back and crossing his legs,” I can’t get a full time summer gig because of summer school and it was either this or work for my old man.”When Steven sat back, I noticed that the end of his penis had escaped from his shorts.”What is wrong with working for you father?” I asked as I kept glancing quickly back and forth from his face to his growing cock.”He’s a slave driver.” Steve sneered.That’s when Steven noticed his exposure and he stood and reached into the front of his shorts to fix himself. I don’t really know what came over me, but I reached out and touched his cock. Steve just froze with his hand in his pants. I was shaking all over, our eyes met and we both moaned at the same time. I couldn’t help it I felt myself blush and giggled at my own boldness. Steven leaned forward and kissed me lightly on the lips.I curled my fingers around his cock and felt it throb as his tongue traced lightly along my jaw to my earlobe. I couldn’t believe that I was actually touching his penis, or rather trying to pull it through the leg hole of his cut-offs. My free hand reached up to the snap and Steve kissed his way from my ear to my neck with little bites and sucks to burrow under the collar of my uniform to my shoulder. I pulled his jeans down just far enough to expose his member. Steve stood up straight and took a step around the table so that his cock was level with my mouth. With my right hand slowly moving up and down his shaft and my left hand squeezing his sack, I pulled my first real cock within inches of my mouth.”Oh God Kary,” Steven groaned, ” You make me so hot, I’m going to lose it way to fast.”I looked up at him, smiled, licked the head of his penis and squeezed his balls. He came immediately his first volley of cum hit my nose before I could open my mouth. I managed to catch the next spurt and felt four or five more throbs and eruptions before Steve fell back to the couch. I leaned forward with him, keeping his cock inside my mouth and sucked the last few drops of his cum.As I felt his member soften between my lips, listening as his labored breathing slowed and became more even. I savored the bittersweet flavor of his semen. It didn’t taste like my own but was similar. One thing I realized was how much making him cum excited me. I really enjoyed it and I would have been happy to feed on his cock all afternoon.Just then the phone rang and regretfully, I pulled away from his cock to answer the phone.”Hello.” I said out of breath.”Kary,” Sandra sounded stern,” That is not the proper way for a maid to answer the phone.””I’m sorry ma’am,” I stammered in shock at hearing her voice, ” I promise I won’t forget again.””Well, we will talk about that infraction when I’m home. You sound out of sorts girl, did I surprise you?””Yes ma’am, I didn’t expect you to call.””I bet you didn’t,” she laughed,” Is Steve there yet to do the yard work?””Yes ma’am.” I answered blushing as Steven Kissed my check and rubbed my bum before going back outside. I felt a shiver run up my spine. ” He’s just going out to finish the front ma’am.””Really, I didn’t think you would have the nerve to go outside in the front. How did every thing go dear, did you and my new gardener get along?””Yes ma’am, I think he likes me.””Well, just keep your legs closed young lady, we’re saving that for Ken and don’t forget I want a full report when I get home.””Yes ma’am” I giggled.”It sounds as if you already have something interesting to say?”We both broke out in laughter and I felt myself blushing again as we said good-bye and hung up.I took the unfinished lemonade back to the kitchen and went to sit where I could watch Steven working to wait out the next hour. All I could think about was how good his cum tasted and felt in my mouth and how much I wanted more. I wondered what he was thinking as he cut the grass. I noticed him looking at the house constantly. I wondered if he would let me suck his cock again. I turned up the vibration on my butt plug and rub my legs together until I had an orgasm. Only thirty minutes had passed, but it seemed liked days. A plan started to form in my head. I went down to my room to see if I could find something appropriate to wear by the pool. I found a one-piece swimsuit to that hid my panty girdle, white shorts and a see through black shirt an d went once again to take my vigil at the window.Finally, the front yard was done and Steve went to the back. I retrieved the tray from the kitchen and went out to the patio by the pool.”Ready for something cool?” I tried to ask as seductively as I could.”I’d love it, thanks Kary.” He said as he looked me up and down and sat on a deck chair.I brought Steve over a glass and sat down on the deck beside his chair.”I didn’t get a chance to tell you how great you were earlier,” He said looking down at me,” I’ve never cum that fast before, you’re really good Kary.”I could feel myself blush and looking down I blurted out,” Well, it was my first time.””Are you k**ding me.” He said in amazement.”No, it really was my first time. I’m a virgin.” I replied shyly”Wow, you could of fooled me. It was the best any girl ever did me.”I looked up at him as he cupped my chin in his hand, when our eyes met he asked,” Did you like it as much as I did?”I could feel myself begin to blush again and my body began to shake with excitement. I just smiled and reached to rub the front of his jeans.I looked up into his eyes and said,” I liked it enough to do it again.”Steven was sipping his lemonade and started to splutter, we both began to laugh. He set down the glass and pulled me up into his lap to kiss me. I felt his erection grow against my thigh as I received my first French kiss. We both started to breath in gasps. As his hand slid up the back of my shorts I started to get a little scared. I didn’t want him to find out what was in my pants or in my ass.I slid to knees between his legs, and started to undo h9is shorts again and said,” You’ll have to settle for tempobet yeni giriş this right now, it’ just not the right time for me.”” What ever you say Kary, You can blow me all you want.”” Is that a promise?” I ask ads his cock sprang free.” Any time, any were,” He said with a groan as I took him into my mouth, ” All you got to do is ask sweetheart.”I got to enjoy the feeling of sucking cock a little more this time, Steven lasted about ten minutes before he began to breath hard. His cock started to throb and seemed to get bigger as I swallowed all of it until I felt his pubic hair tickle my nose. He grabbed my head as his body spasmed and he gave me another mouthful of his delicious juice to savor. I was so caught up in the moment that I came myself. This time the phone didn’t ring as I sucked his cock until he stopped breathing heavy and shaking. I couldn’t seem to stop rolling my tongue around the head to study ever fraction of my first real cock.”Kary, I could let you do that forever but you better stop or I won’t have time to finish the lawn tonight.” He said in a weak voice.”Only if you promise to come and see me before you leave.” I said with a wink and gave his cock one last kiss before taking the tray into the house.As I looked back over my shoulder as I entered the house Steven hadn’t moved. He just sat there staring at me with his shorts around his ankles and goofy look on his face. I’m sure I saw that tasty little prick twitch as passed through the door. I felt like I was walking on air, I felt beautiful, I felt better then I ever had before. I had just blown my fist cock, twice and I would do it again before the day was over. I had a lot to tell Sandra when she got home. But first I had to empty my condom and find something sexy to wear for Steven.PART 5It was almost midnight when Steven finally left for home. We frenched at the door for over ten minutes. I sucked his seven-inch cock twice more after he finished the lawn. I just couldn’t get enough of that wonderful feeling I got as I felt his penis harden and explode in my mouth. I did try for a fifth time but Steve said his cock was getting a little sore. I guess I was born to suck, I new I loved my new found hobby. Steven made me feel like a real girl with all his compliments about my looks and new found talent. He even asked me out on a date. I felt so elated that I almost cried, but I told I’d have to talk it over with Sandra first.I know I had lots to tell Sandra when she came home, I wanted so bad to share this day with someone. Thinking about it, got me excited again and I turned my plug on high and masturbated, cumming directly into the small jar Sandra gave me to fill. I hoped she’d be impressed with the amount I managed to save for her.After I prepared the outfit I was instructed to wear for Sandra’s arrival, I prepared my alarm and went to bed. As I lied there, waiting for sleep, my mind filled with the pleasures and thrills I had gotten from seducing and sucking Stevens cock. I fell asleep and dreamed of a long line of faceless naked boys with hard cocks waiting their turn to get sucked off by me.I almost regretted the alarm going off and interrupting my dreams. I was still quite tired, but as the intensity of butt plug grew I remembered what I had to look forward to and wondered what my mistress would have in store for me.Once showered cleaned out, I did my make-up just the way I was instructed for formal entertaining. It did give me a sluttish appearance, and I got a little excited as I looked at my reflection. I was after all quickly becoming one.The formal maids outfit that I was to wear today, was bright red satin with white lace trim, strapless and very short with stiff white satin pleating underneath so that the skirt flared out. A wide, very tight garter belt, fishnet stockings and patent leather, four inch pumps all in red finished off my uniform of the day. I couldn’t help to admire myself as I pinned the maids cap to the blonde wig. I blushed at the girl looking back at me. I hoped Sandra would be pleased.I prepared a light snack and chilled a bottle of wine in anticipation of my mistress’s return. Then just to pass the time, I dusted around the house. The hours seem to drag on. I must of dusted everything at least three times before I finally heard a car pull into the drive way. I rushed to the door so I could open it for hear as she came onto the porch.”Good afternoon ma’am.””Hello Kary, so nice of you to get the door for.” As she looked me up and down and handed me the car keys,” Be a dear and get the bags for me out of the trunk.””Yes ma’am””Meet me in the master bath, bring all the bags upstairs. The dark blue one I want you bring into the bath with you.””Yes ma’am.” I replied as hurried out to the car.I didn’t even think about how I was dressed until the wind lifted the front of my short skirt. There wasn’t even any nervousness as people drove by the house. I noticed one car slowed down as I reached for the shopping bags in the trunk. I know that with this skirt it would be impossible not to show off my red satin panties as I retrieved the bags.When I got to Sandra’s room I could hear water running in the tub. I sorted the bags a fast as possible and entered the room as Sandra was stepping into the tub.”I prepared a lunch and chilled some wine for you ma’am,” My voice broke as I envied her beautiful body,” Would you like it now or after your bath?””That was very thoughtful of you Kary, lunch can wait but a glass of wine would be nice, thank you.” She said before sinking beneath the water.I rushed down to the kitchen and collected the ice bucket and tray I prepared earlier and almost fell on the stairs in my haste to please my mistress. I set the tray down after she took her glass.”Is there anything else I can get you ma’am?””No Kary, but you can tell of yesterdays exploits and don’t leave out any details.”I looked down and blushed. Sandra laughed and motioned me to sit on the edge of the tub as I began to tell her all about my first conquest.”My, my,” She said as she stepped out of the tub and handed me a towel,” You quite the busy little suck slut weren’t you?””Yes ma’am.””Dry my back, did you enjoy yourself dear?””Yes ma’am, it was very exciting and he asked me out to a movie.”” How nice for you Kary, but I think the date should wait for a while. You’ll be much to busy I’m afraid dear. Hand me that bag.”I felt a little crest fallen about Sandra’s br8ushing off the date. I quickly forgot about it when Sandra handed me a box. It was a pink butt plug, it was quite alot wider and longer than the others. When I took it out I jumped in surprise as it started to vibrate.Sandra, laughing said, ” It’s remote control darling, now I can control it from anywhere in the house. It also does some other wonderful things, but I save those surprises for later.””Thank you ma’am.””Go ahead dear, turn around and drop your panties, I’ll help you put it in.”I did as told, but I was a little leery about having something that big inside of me all day. First, Sandra turned on the one I already had in on high and slowly twisted it back and forth before pulling it out.”It looks really clean, you’ve done your bathing well.” Sandra said. ” Now just relax girl, I’m sure this won’t hurt at all.”I grabbed my ankles as Sandra slowly pushed the vibrating plug into my ass. Just when it began to feel tight she would draw it out a little and then push it in a little more. I closed my eyes and imagined that it was her rubber cock that was penetrating me and I started to breath hard as I felt my excitement growing. Sandra giggled when she realized how much I was enjoying it and began first to speed up, than slow down and speed up again. Just when I was about to orgasm Sandra forced the last inch or two of plug in, driving me to my knees and sending my body into spasms. As I tried to calm down, Sandra kneeled beside me and held the remote where I could see it and started to play with the vibration control. She turned it down until it seemed that I’d catch my breath, then turn it to maximum again.”Is my little slut enjoying her new plug?” Sandra giggled.”Yes ma’am.” I replied in a whisper as my body quivered in orgasmic pleasure.”This new one does a few other tricks as well Kary, Sandra said in a mocking voice, ” It has a few other buttons also. I wonder what would happen if I pushed this red one?”All of a sudden, the butt plug felt like it was squirming inside of me. It twisted erratically around, first one way then the other. The end seemed to wobble at varied speeds. By this time I was flat on my stomach, all I could do was moan as Sandra tortured me with ecstasy.Turning it off completely Sandra said,” there are other things it can do too Kary, but I think you’ve had enough pleasure for now. Get your self composed and meet me in the other room.””Yes ma’am,” I could barely speak.As I listened to Sandra retreating laugh I wondered if I could take much more. Then I felt the vibrations start.”Hurry dear, mustn’t keep me waiting to long and don’t forget to bring the wine.”Then it squirmed again, I sat up quickly knowing that Sandra wouldn’t give me time to catch my breath in peace. She expected me now!I followed here downstairs where I noticed she was carrying her strap-on dildo.”Bring my lunch and your collection bottle with you to the sun room.””Yes ma’am” I replied still trying to overcome what I had just experienced.”This looks very nice Kary, fill up the bulb while I eat and don’t forget to add today’s.” as she reached under my skirt and felt the front of my panties.I filled the bulb up, finished cleaning my condom and jar as Sandra ate. She took the bulb and attached to the hose. Then spreading her legs she motioned for me to get down under the table.”Let me see if you can still eat pussy as good as you did the other night after becoming a cock-sucker.”I quickly obeyed, I would do anything for my mistress. She gave me the truth about myself. I wanted to prove that I could be all that she expected and more. I slid under the table, between her legs. I started licking and kissing my way up her thighs, first one side then the other. Back and forth until I my face touched her outer lips. Sandra sighed as my tongue explored the length of her pussy and spread her legs wider exposing more of the pink flesh inside. I swirled my tongue around her clit a few times before moving to her vagina. Sandra slid forward to the edge of her chair and I felt her ass checks on my chin. I had an idea that if I got pleasure from having my ass stimulated, then Sandra might like it too. So without any warning I moved lower so that my mouth covered her anus, trying to push my tongue inside.Sandra moaned and her ass shivered,” Oh you dirty little slut, fuck my asshole with your tongue.”Sandra started to gasp and hump my face as kept pushing my tongue inside her anus as deep as I could. I felt the muscles squeezing as my tongue came out. She grabbed the remote and turned the vibrations on high.”Suck my clit now,” She screamed and forced my face up,” I’m going to cum all over your face.”I sucked her button into my mouth and swirled my tongue across it as fast as I could, it was swollen larger than last time. After only a few minutes Sandra screamed out again, juices gushed from her pussy as she went limp in the chair and sighed.Patting my head as I licked up her cum she said,” Well I’m glad that you still like eating pussy after getting a real penis in your mouth.””I like to please you ma’am.”Sandra retrieved her strap-on and adjusted it to her waist as she moved to the couch.”Over here on your knees,” She pointed,” You did such a lovely job I think you deserve a reward, not even Ken is willing to stick his tongue up my ass. It was quite unexpected Kary and quite lovely.””Thank you ma’am.””Now, you know what to do.” She said as she brushed the fake cock across my lips and gentle squeezed out a bit of my own cum. I looked up into my mistress’s eyes and licked off before taken as much of it into my mouth as I could.Sandra sighed,” You don’t know how much watching you suck on my rubber cock turns me on slut.” I felt the butt plug start to squirm again, ” Get it nice and wet dear, I’m going fuck your ass off in a minute.”I could taste my own cum as I sucked and slobbered all over the dildo. I forced it down my throat until I felt the heat of flesh on my nose.” That’s enough bitch,” Sandra ordered,” Get your ass over the arm of the couch. I was going to give Ken the opportunity to be first to cum in your ass, but I think I’m going to do that right now.”I did as told and felt Sandra’s hands pull down my panties and pull out the plug and slam her cock inside of me as hard as she could. It was all I could do to keep from screaming in agony. Sandra grabbed my hips and viscously rammed in and out of me. I whimpered a bit before the pain gave way to pleasure.”I knew you’d like rough,” Sandra taunted,” Did Steven ram his cock down your throat like I’m doing to your ass?””No Ma’am.” I gasped.”Well, maybe he was just being nice.” She said and slapped my ass,” Get ready girl, I’m going to blow my load inside your tight little butt.”Suddenly Sandra shoved the dildo as hard and deep as she could. I could feel my body shaking, then, I felt the rush of cum as she squeezed the bulb. I went over the edge and groaned loudly as I felt it spurting deep inside me. I came at the same instant into my rubber with my hips shivering with pleasure.Sandra pulled it out, I felt a rush of cool air,” Turn around and clean me off.”I could feel cum running out of my ass and down my legs. It kinda made me feel hot. It made me feel like the slut I wanted to be.”Go clean yourself up, I’ve invited a few friends over tonight and they’re expecting to see my new maid.” Sandra stated,” I’ve bought a few new additions for your wardrobe dear, we’ll go over them when I get to your room dear so don’t get dressed until I get there.”I stood on very shaky legs,” Yes ma’am.” I was barely able to say.”Don’t forget this dear,” Sandra said holding my new butt plug,” This is the only thing besides your condom that I want you wearing when I get there.””Yes ma’am.” I said as took it from her hand feeling myself blush.My mind reeled, Sandra already set me up with the gardener. What did she have in store for me next? Who, I wondered where these friends she spoke of. I gave myself another enema and jumped into the shower. Did Sandra expect me to serve them as a maid or as a sex slave I shivered as I thought of the possibilities.Sandra was already in my room when I came out of the shower.”I thought theses new crotch less panties would be a nice addition for tonight’s party. It’s just a few friends from college that I use to party with Kary, so you don’t have to be nervous. There’s nothing about you that they haven’t heard about before.” Sandra laughed.”Yes Ma’am,” I said meekly,” It’s just that so much has happened to me in last few days, I’m not sure that I can handle so much.””Now, now Kary, you have done so well when you been surprised with the new things in your life, having a chance to prepare yourself should make it easy. Besides, you can except it, or just leave.”The finality in Sandra’s voice was a shock to me. I didn’t want to leave. The smile on her face told me she knew I wouldn’t.PART SIXI felt really awkward wearing my new crotch-less panties under my short maids uniform. I would have to be careful how I moved or sat things down in front of my mistress’s guest.” Just keep your legs together when you bend over to serve someone dear,” Sandra said nonchalantly,” And don’t you dare bend your knees when serving. It’ll be two spanks for knee bend I see girl.””Yes ma’am.” I replied meekly.I felt a little horrified at that, it wouldn’t matter how tight I keep my legs everyone would be able to see the butt plug. I was sure that Sandra was planning to embarrass me every chance she got.”Now go put a few bottles of wine on ice and make up the large platter with cheese and crackers, make sure there is a good variety of each. Show my guests to the sun room when they arrive.”As I passed Sandra to go about my tasks she slipped a hand up my skirt, startling me.”Feels good, sexy.” She laughed giving me the shivers.The first guest to arrive was a very tall, blonde lady. ” Mistress Sandra is the sun room if you would follow me please.” Trying to sound feminine and professional.”My you’re cuter than Sandi said you where.” She told me taking my chin in her fingers, “Lead on sweety.”The next to arrive where a couple, they pushed past me before I could say word as if I wasn’t even there. The next pair got out of a cab and appeared to be drunk.”Ah, you must be Kary, I bet Sandra and Ken are having a lot of fun with you.” She said laughing as her partner pinched my left butt cheek until I yelped.”Nice and firm, Must be nice to be young eh June?” he said.”You wouldn’t know what to do with it if it sat on your face you old sot.”They waited for me to lead them so it was a few minutes before I could sooth my poor bum. I hoped that it wouldn’t bruise. What would Sandra say if she saw a bruise on my bum.Everything went fine for the first couple of hours. I began to enjoy serving people who thought I was a real girl. Even some of the lewd comments made by the men actually excited me. I came very close to getting an erection right in front of everyone a couple of times, especially with Sandra playing with the remote to my plug. I’m surprised they didn’t notice the buzzing that I was feeling.I was in the kitchen getting another bottle, when all of a sudden my butt plug started to feel different. The vibrations turned to a constant thudding and I could feel it begin to expand. It seemed to push up further inside of me as it got fatter and fatter. I rested against the counter as I began to shake in ecstasy. Then as quickly as it started, I heard a hissing sound and felt my skirt flapping while the plug returned to normal size. My body shuddered as I came into the ever-present rubber. There was an outburst of laughter from the sunroom and I turned in red-faced embarrassment thinking that someone had seen me.After I regained some composure, I headed back to the sunroom and just as I stepped into the room I could feel the thudding start again. I had hoped to just leave the bottle and escape before the sensations over-whelmed me. The thudding stopped and I waited for Sandra to totally embarrass me by releasing the air.”Be a good girl Kary, open it and pour for my guests””Yes ma’am.” I said in a shaky voice.As I struggled with the cork the thudding started and my butt-plug enlarged a little more, then stopped as I moved to a guest. As I poured the thudding would begin again until I filled the glass. My mistress repeated the process until I could barely walk.When I went to fill Sandra’s glass she moved to the floor, making it impossible for me to fill her glass without bending with my back to her guests. By this time my body was almost in spasms and I couldn’t hold the bottle still. The embarrassment only added to my excitement. Sandra held my wrist to steady the bottle, pulling down to force me to bend over further.She pointed to a small monitor and whispered to me,” We all enjoyed the lovely show you put on in the kitchen for use dear.”The monitor showed the entire kitchen. As I straightened up Sandra released the pressure in the plug, the sensations made me fall to my knees in a quivering mass. My humiliation was complete and I was enjoying it. Sandra pulled me into her lap and held me until I got control over myself.”That should teach you for being such a suck slut with gardener.” Sandra said with a laugh,” I’ve been telling everyone about your oral talents and they don’t believe me. So your just going to have to prove guest just how versatile your talents are Kary.”I looked up at her pleadingly, hoping she wouldn’t really insist that I service her friends, though apart of became excited at the thought.”You don’t want to make a liar out of do you dear,” She took my chin in her hand and raised my face to look in her eyes,” Or would you rather I spank your ass in front of everyone? I’m sure, someone would volunteer to help hold you down, we could all take turns.”I could tell by the look in her eyes she meant every word. I felt that my mistress was waiting for the opportunity to punish me, but I didn’t any others involved with that if I could help it.”Well Kary,” She stated coldly,” Suck or slap?””I’ll do what ever you tell me ma’am.” I replied in a throaty voice.”Then you must ask my permission.”I could tell that my mistress was getting hot at my humiliation and submit ion. I looked hear in the eyes and in a pleading voice asked,” Please mistress Sandra, may I let your guests cum in my mouth?”She smiled with burning eyes and said,” Then turn around and see what awaits you slut.”When I turned around, Mister butt pincher was right behind me stroking his cock. His penis wasn’t very long but it was very thick with a huge purple head and a big blob of pre-cum seeping from the large opening at the tip. I stuck out my tongue and caught it just as it began to fall, savoring the flavor before sucking on the end and pushing my tongue into the hole for more. I felt his cock twitch against my mouth and another drop of pre-cum slid onto my tongue. He put his hand on the back of my head and started to push against me.I had to force my jaws apart to take the head past my teeth. I heard him groan, someone said, “Wow, I could never get that fat thing into my mouth.”With both hands now holding my head he started to fuck my face, choking me every time he tried to force it into my throat. It was just too big, but I got most of the length into my mouth. I closed my eyes, grabbed onto his ass cheeks with both hands and let him ride my face. The butt plug was gyrating inside me and we came together with his cum shooting out of the corners of my mouth and running down neck. It felt like he unleashed gallons, I lost count of the spurts of cum that shot into my mouth as I fought not to gag and swallow at the same time. He wrenched his cock from my between my lips and shot his last onto my face while somebody’s camera flashed in my eyes.Even before I could lick the cum from my lips his wife threw a leg over my shoulder pushing a very thick bush of musky smelling pubic hair into my face. My neck was almost pushed back to the point that it hurt. Liquid was pouring from her like water from a tap as I searched out her clit with my tongue. She began to rotate her hips I could hear her moaning for me to suck her cunt over and over getting louder and louder until she was screaming it out. I thought I felt my neck crack, as her hips jerked just once and body released a flood of thick juices onto my face and we both fell to our backs on the floor.I laid there in a daze, my maids uniform was soaked to the waist with orgasmic fluids. My butt plug was expanding and contracting so that it felt as if someone was fucking my ass. I saw my mistress sitting on the sofa with a camera in one hand and the remote in the other. Smiled and blew me a kiss just as I orgasmed again and the camera flashed.Then the other couple approached me, I stilled hadn’t caught my breath when she smiled down at me and sat on my face. I could here someone tell me to lick her asshole. My tongue was sore and I could barely move it when I felt someone straddle my chest and push her forward. I felt the other mans cock slide between the two of use so that I was forced to lick them both at the same time.He forced his penis into my mouth, then shoved it into her vagina. He kept alternating, between the two of us while she rubbed her clit on my nose. I felt someone lift my skirt and heard a woman’s laughter.”I’ll take care of that.” I heard my mistress say as I felt the condom being gently removed and felt a warm, wet sensation envelope my penis.My tongue felt a new surge of energy as I realized my cock was getting sucked for the first time and felt a rush of sexual excitement surge through my body. The lady above started to orgasm yelling something I couldn’t understand as the man pulled his cock out of her and came all over her cunt and my face. The combination of their juices tasted the best so far and I licked her crotch everywhere I could reach to get every drop. When they finally rolled off of me I saw the tall, blonde lady’s head bouncing on my penis and I started to ejaculate into her mouth. I could feel her sucking the life out me and for a moment I fainted. The next thing I knew, she was kissing me and trying to force her tongue into my mouth. When I allowed her to french me she released the load of cum she had sucked out me and let drain from her mouth to mine. The camera flashed again.”Beautiful,” she said sitting up beside me,” I think our little sissy slut Kary needs a rest before I get my turn.”One of the men laughed,” Yes of course, by then I’m sure we’ll all be ready for seconds.”They all burst out into laugher as my closed. I was so totally drain and spent I fell asleep on the sunroom floor listening to them. To tired to even be embarrassed by their taunts.I woke up to a gentle shaking and a soft voice whispering in my ear. I opened my eyes and was blinded bye the bright lights that faced me. When my sight adjusted enough to see my surroundings I realized that I was in Sandra’s bed. My clothing had been changed to a satin slip and chemise. There where big lights in the corners and Sandra was pointing a camera at me.”Smile for the camera dear,” she said as she lowered it,” Linda and I thought you might like a keepsake of your night. So we sent every one on their way so you could experience Linda without interruption.”I looked at Linda and remembered her giving me my first blow job. I felt my face redden and my little cock begin to grow.My mistress chuckled at me, then ordered,” Get up you lazy slut, get off that bed and get to work.”I was stunned when I looked over at Linda. Except for her much lower heels and much larger chest we had identical outfits. When I saw my reflection I noticed even our hair and make-up was the same also.”Close your mouth dear, until you have something to put into it.” Linda said as took my chin in her and forced me to make eye contact with her.”Action.” Sandra yelled.”I think I’ll call this flic `Twin sisters in Love’.” Sandra said in a softer voice and laughed.Linda leaned toward me and we kissed softly at first with little pecks on the lips. Then Linda started to get more aggressive, licking my lips, biting my lower lip softly. Then she forced her tongue into my mouth wrapping her arms around me we frenched each other until my knees began to tremble.”Kary, lift Linda’s top over her breast.” I heard Sandra say.We broke our kiss so I could do as ordered. Linda’s boobs where incredible, perfectly rounded with large nipples that pointed straight towards me.” Kiss them for me.” Linda said in a pleading voice, ” You could have boobs like these too dear.”She moaned and guided my head back and forth,” Use your tongue on me sister.”I quivered at her words and ran tongue around her nipples a few times then drew one into my mouth and started to suckle on it. I was reward with her groan and could feel her breathing become heavy. I noticed my mistress moving around to get the best angles and close-ups of the action. Linda pulled my face up to hers and started to kiss, lick and nip as she worked her way down my neck. I felt her hands begin push the back of my slip down. As she began to squeeze my ass I realized I didn’t have my plug in. For a moment I almost missed it, until I felt her fingers graze my anus.Linda dropped to her knees and looked up at me. Sandra moved the camera in to catch the moment when she pulled the slip down to expose my little hard cock as shivered in front of her face. I almost came when she licked the end and it jerked hitting the end of her nose. We started giggling like schoolgirls, until she sucked the whole thing into her mouth. I sighed with pleasure and almost fell on top of her.Linda stood and took off her chemise and we started to kiss some more until she pushed down on my shoulders.”Time for your surprise sister.” She said with a smile and pushed me to my knees in front of her.I noticed Sandra aiming the camera at my face. My hands shook with nervous excitement as I looked up at her and began to remove her slip. Unlike my crotch-less, she was wearing high cut black satin panties.”Lick her panties,” Sandra whispered hoarsely,” Right at the crotch. Lick up to the top. That’s it girl now peel them down slowly and lick and kiss her as they go down.”I obeyed my mistress’s orders. My own breathing was matching the rise and fall of Linda’s breast as slowly moved down her newly exposed flesh. I felt her pubic hair touch my lips.”Move back a bit before you go any further,” Sandra ordered,” Now, quickly pull them right down for your surprise.”I was surprised. Inside Linda’s panties was an erect penis. My mouth dropped open and my eyes widened in shock. I couldn’t believe such a beautiful woman like Linda had such a big cock. It wasn’t very thick, about ten inches long. There I was gaping at it wondering how she could of hid it so easily.With laughter in her voice my mistress said,” Don’t sit there staring like a dolt slut, start sucking on it.”I was only to willing to oblige as I swooped down on Linda’s cock taking as much of it into my mouth as I could. Forcing her penis down my throat. I wanted it all.Linda put a hand on the top of my head and said,” I told you we were sisters, how do you like your surprise?”All I could do was moan and shake my head yes. I was enjoying the feel of her penis forcing its way in and out of my throat, as the two of them laughed at my eagerness.They let me play for a minute or so then Sandra said,” Get up on the bed and do a sixty-nine.”Linda forced me off her cock and pulled me to the bed. We sat in the center of the bed at first, just kissing and touching. I couldn’t keep my hands off her breasts or cock as we slowly lay down in opposite directions until we each faced the others crotch.”Kary,” I heard Linda’s whisper,” Just follow my lead. Don’t get over excited. Just do everything that I do and lets make it last.””Yes ma’am.” I replied without thinking.I heard Sandra giggle in the background. I copied Linda’s every move. We stroked, kissed, licked and sucked on each other’s penis while Sandra hovered around us with the camera. I was excited but calm following her moves. Both of us where breathing hard. After about ten minutes my whole body was shaking.Then Sandra said,” How ever makes the other cums first, gets to fuck the other up the ass.”Just the thought of getting a real cock inside my ass put me over the edge and a moment later Linda was between my legs sharing the mouthful of cum I had just gave her. She forced my knees to my chest and washed my bum with her tongue. I could feel the coolness as the tempobet güvenilirmi air hit the wetness she left on my ass. Then I felt the heat of her cock as pushed it inside of me. After the workouts my mistress had given me, Linda had buried her penis completely within me in moments.She started to slowly pull out almost all of her length, then drove her cock to the hilt again, over and over. After a few moments Linda’s breathing started coming in gasps as she started fucking me with more vigor. Faster and faster she pounded into my ass.”Cum on her face Linda.” Sandra yelled over the noise of our passion.Linda slammed into my ass a few more times before pulling out and started to jerk off over my face. Within moments she started shooting cum over my face. I opened my mouth and stretched my neck up to taste her juices. Her first spurt caught me in the eyes and blinded me and could only feel blob after blob of wet heat covering my face. I heard Sandra moaning “oh yeah” over and over. Then I felt Linda’s cock rubbing her into my face, spreading it to places she missed. Occasionally she would pass over my lips and into my mouth letting me taste her bittersweet nectar. Finally she put her penis to my lips and let suck on it for a moment before collapsing on the bed beside me. Then I felt more weight as Sandra joined us. The two of them cleaned my face with their tongues giving me what ever they collected from my face with deep kisses.Sandra started to laugh,” That was so great, wait til you get to see it girls.””What are we waiting for?” replied Linda.They both looked at me,” Well Kary, are you ready to see your porno debut?”For some reason we all broke out into giggles and the two of them dragged me from the bed to go watch Sandra’s directorial debut. I think it was on the third or fourth rewind that the excitement of the day finally won over and I fell asleep sitting between my mistress and Linda.I woke the next morning in my bed with alarm’s vibration increasing in intensity wondering if it all was just a dream. Then I licked my lips and I could still taste Linda’s cum, I could feel the tightness were it had dried on my face and shivered. There was a note attached to the clock.Good morning Kary.Go back to bed for now,I think we both deserve a sleep-in.LoveMistress Sandra.Part SevenIt was noon by the time I finally woke up. I went to the bath and did my morning routine as usual. When I went to my room to dress and someone had laid out a bikini with a note in unfamiliar handwriting telling me to come to the pool.I wasn’t sure what to expect and was a little apprehensive about who might be there. I was relieved to see Linda stretched out by the pool getting a tan. Her eyes where closed and she was topless. I stood a few feet from her and silently gazed at her fantastic body. I was really envious of her boobs and wondered what it would be like to be so well endowed.After a bit I figured I better announce my presence before she found me staring,” Good morning ma’am, can I get you something?”Linda opened her eyes and smiled,” You don’t need to ma’am me Kary, and it’s your day off, so relax, come share my towel so we can have some fun.””Is Sandra still sleeping?” I asked.”No,” Linda replied,” She decided to go off and meet Ken for a day or two and I decided to stay over so we could chat and get to know each other. I thought that maybe you might have some questions about your new awakening that I might be able to help you with.”Linda looked me in the eyes and I could see that she was concerned about me and she continued,” That is if you want to trust in me, I’ll leave it up to you. Lets go for a dip.”Before I had a chance to say anything she picked me up and threw me into the pool laughing and jumped in beside me. We spent the afternoon swimming and splashing, sunning eating and talking. She told about hormones, all about getting her implants, her transition and her decision not to have the final surgery. I learned quite a lot and I think it was that day that made me know for sure I would never be just a boy again.It was about six o’clock when Linda decided we should shower and get something to eat. I was really surprised when I felt a draft and saw her stepping in with me. We giggled and soaped each other, exploring each others body with our hands. I tried a couple of times to go down on her cock but she insisted we save that for dessert. I was a little disappointed all our groping had excited me so much I was shaking. Linda insisted that we get out and get ready to eat.She insisted on helping me do my face,” It’s okay to look slutty dear, but you need to know how to look conservative when dining out.”I was in shook, ” But I’ve never been out like this before.” Fear made my voice break.”Don’t worry dear, know one will know believe me, when I first saw you I didn’t know that you weren’t a girl. All Sandra told any of us last night was that she hired a maid. She didn’t tell us until we got here, I didn’t believe her after she told us that you where a boy until I saw for myself.”I was awed by what she said,” Really I asked, ” Do you think I can go out with out anyone knowing?”” That’s what I just said. Now come on, I’ll help you find something to wear.”So it was my first night out, Linda coached me on walking, talking and eating like a girl and after awhile I started to loose the nervousness about being in public as a girl.The night was pretty uneventful. Even though I saw a few people that I knew they didn’t recognize me. I even had a few men staring at me, smiling and waving at the restaurant. Linda just watched me. Once when our eyes met, she had this knowing look on her face and we broke out into giggles at the table.”Don’t get any ideas,” she said as bare her foot slid up my thigh to my crotch,” You’re mine tonight.”Linda kept her foot under my skirt the rest of the night, rubbing my panties and turning me on just to the point of cumming then stopping before continuing again. I’m glad that I didn’t wear crotchless panties out, I’m sure my little hard-on would have been noticed as we left.Linda opened the passenger door for and kissed me right in front of a group of young men. I could feel myself turn red with embarrassment as they stared open mouthed at her boldness.On drive home I slid over toward Linda and ran my hand up her thigh and started to kiss neck. She moaned as I nibbled at her ear and rub the crotch of he panties.” I want my desert now.” I demanded.”Oh Kary,” Linda sighed,” No ones ever blown me in a car before.”I felt her penis twitch and took that as permission to pull her panties to one side to free her rapidly growing cock. I wrapped my fingers around the shaft and stroked slowly watching the head turn from pink to purple as it grew to its full length. Resting my head on Linda’s shoulder, I watched as a drop of clear pre-cum appeared at the tip. Her long penis was only inches from my face as I reached towards my dessert and licked her nectar, it was sweet to taste and as I savored it, more appeared. The more I licked up the more juice escaped from Linda’s cock. I could feel her breathing become heavy and she moaned into my ear, the vibrations rushing down my spine as her right hand started to rub my bum searching for the hem of my short skirt.I sucked the head of her cock past my lips and crawled to my knees on the seat. I felt her hand push into the top of my panties and down into the cleft to tickle my anus with her fingernails. As I began to bob up and down on her cock, taking it deeper on each stroke. Linda’s finger began to force itself inside me move in and out with the rhythm I was using to suck her off. The deeper her penis penetrated my throat, the deeper Her finger penetrated my ass. As I made it half way down the shaft I felt her add another finger, on the next down stroke she added a third and when I finally felt the short pubic hairs that surrounded her sex I could feel the knuckles of four fingers being forced into my anus as pushed back against her hand we both came. Linda’s hips jerked in spasms I could feel cum rushing in spurts up the shaft and into my throat. I lift my head up and just kept the very end in my mouth licking and tasting her cum. My panties felt wet and sticky as Linda pulled her fingers from my ass and adjusted my panties.I didn’t even realize she had pulled the car over to the side of the road until we began moving again. Linda stroked my hair and face softly while sucked the last few drops from her softening cock. I was starting to get excited as I felt her penis go flaccid as I rolled my tongue around the head. I decided to nurse on Linda’s cock all the way home if she would let.”That was fantastic dear,” She said with a hoarse voice, “I almost lost control of the car before I got to the side of the road.”She laughed and sighed, ” You just can’t get enough can you Kary, Sandra was right about you being a cock-sucking slut.”I got a rush at her words and felt her cock begin to grow again while I continued to suck and lick on it.”You will stop long enough to get into the house won’t you girl.”I pulled her semi-hard cock out of my mouth for a moment to say,” Maybe.” Before I sucked back in for the rest of the ride.I t seemed like in no time the car pulled into the driveway and stopped. Linda’s cock was at its full height and hardness. I was a little disappointed when she pushed to the side.”Lets get into the house dear, you can play with your toy later.”We laughed together as we went through the door with Linda’s skirt sticking straight out in front like a tent. I was hanging up our jackets when she came up to me from behind and let her hard-on slip under my skirt. I could feel the heat on my damp thighs as her cock rubbed up against my wet panties. I closed my legs tightly and gyrated my hips as she dry humped my thighs. She reached around me running the nails of one hand across my chest and reaching under my skirt with the other squeezing my little hard-on.”It’s not much of cock,” Linda said,” But it’s the only one around and I need my ass fucked.””Really,” I replied in astonishment, ” I’ve never done that before.”Embarrassed by my disclosure. I looked down in shame.” I’m sorry hon. I forgot about you’re,” Linda hesitated,” Inexperience, don’t worry dear there’s nothing to it.”” I just thought of something,” She laughed,” It will be the third first for you we have shared. Three cherries in two days is got to be a record, don’t you think?”I could fell my face flushing at her laughter with made Linda laugh even harder as she took my hand and led me to the upstairs shower. Once there, Linda adjusted the water and turned to me taking me in her arms. I could still feel her cock as pushed against my abdomen as we kissed and started to undo each others cloths.In seconds, we were naked and stepping into the shower. We kissed and soaped each other just like the last time. Only this time Linda let me drop to my knees to suck on her cock.” It’s my turn.” She said pulling me upI watched, shaking with excitement as she went down and swallowed my little cock like it was nothing I came almost instantly shuddering as my orgasm erupted into Linda’s mouth. I had to lean against the wall because my legs felt like rubber.Looking up with a wicked grin she said,” Now that that is out of the way, I’m sure you’ll last a little longer this time.”Just like my mistress, Linda always seemed to know when and what to say to humiliate me the most. I closed my eyes as she went back down on my cock. Sucking like she meant to suck it right off of my body.Once she managed to orally arouse me she stood, pulled me from the shower and led me to the bed. Standing with her hands resting on the bed, I looked at her perfectly shaped rear end.”What are you waiting for dear, get down on your knees and suck my asshole.”Placing my hands on her orbs I started kissing and licking the smooth flesh of Linda’s rump. Moving in a spiral pattern until I made contact with her anus. I felt her muscles clench and Linda moaned as my tongue first made contact with her asshole. I lick in tiny circles pushing harder and harder until my tongue broke through the tight ring of muscle.Linda groaned,” Yeah baby, fuck me with your tongue push it in deep. Get me nice and wet for your cock.”Her words spurred me on and I pushed my tongue as deep and fast as I could. My saliva was running down my chin.”Let feel it now,” Linda moaned, ” stick your little cock my ass slut and fuck me hard.”I stood up and jammed my penis into her back door until her butt hit my abdomen. She yelped at first, then, grunted as I started to move in and out. I just lost control when Linda started to moan. I started thrusting into her as fast and hard as I could. I don’t know how long I managed to fuck her ass before I came. Linda was screaming yes over and over. I don’t remember, but Linda told me I was grunting and growling like a dog and she thought that I would bruise her buttocks the way I was slamming into her.I fell onto the bed in total satisfaction. I was unable to move. Linda rolled over to her side and we snuggled together for a while until our breathing returned to normal. I was starting to drift off into a peaceful sleep when Linda got up and left the room. Returning a moment later, she pulled me into a sitting position and help me put on a nightie that was identical to the one she put on herself. Turning on the TV, she shut off the lights and crawled in pulling me to her bosom, I fell into a very peaceful sleep.I awoke once to a dark room, a little confused at first. Then I felt Linda’s slow even breathing under me. My head rested on her stomach and her hand was resting on my cheek. I was holding her penis in my hand and when I licked my dry lips my tongue touched the tip of it. I sighed with contentment and fell back to sleep with a feeling that I was on a cloud.Part EightI woke up the next morning to the morning sun streaming through the window. Still resting in the same position. I felt Linda’s breathing was still soft and measured, I was sure she still slept. I looked down at the penis I manage to hold on to through the night. It was soft and pink now, but one of the most beautiful looking objects I have ever seen. Noticing that there was a little bit of thick clear fluid on the end I couldn’t help myself and moved down clean it off with my tongue. It tasted so yummy I had to get more and proceeded to engulf the cock before me once again. I thought to myself that maybe I was becoming addicted to sucking cock and cum, but I really didn’t care.After about five minutes of lazy sucking, Linda’s penis was rock hard and leaking more of her tasty pre-cum. I felt my own excitement growing as Linda began to breath a little faster and begin to moan.Her hand stroked my cheek,” What a lovely feeling to wake up to,” Linda sighed,” You’re certain are turning into a cock-sucking nymphomaniac slut.”Her words thrilled me and I doubled my efforts and started to stroke her shaft while sucking and licking the head. It took about fifteen minutes to coax her cum to surface. I body began to tingle all over as I felt her cock start throbbing and then spew the delicious cum I craved into my mouth. I savored every drop and sucked on until her cock was once again in its flaccid state.Linda sighed,” That was beautiful dear, but you had better get started on your day. Sandra left instructions for you on the fridge door and she wanted them read right after your shower.”Grudgingly I released her penis from my mouth and got up and went to retrieve my instructions.”Oh and Kary dear,” Linda said as she pulled the blankets over her head,” Wake me up after you’ve gotten breakfast ready. Toast and coffee is fine.””Yes ma’am.” I replied and left the room.After showering and doing all my morning stuff I opened the envelope and began to read;Dear Kary,I hope you had a nice day off, I’m sure you and Linda had a good time. I can’t wait to hear all about it when I get home.I have the remote with me so you’ll know when I’m about to arrive home.Today is a workday so you will wear your cotton uniform and follow the chores for the day that is listed by your room.No playing until all the work is done.Mistress Sandra.I was a little disappointed in having to wear such a plain outfit but I did as told and started the laundry. I made some coffee and toast for Linda and brought a tray up to her and went back to my chores. The day was pretty uneventful. Linda lounged by the pool sunning herself most of the day. Teasing me every chance she got by running her hand up the inside of my thighs and grabbing my crotch or ass, twisting and pulling my butt plug when ever she called for something to eat or drink. It did turn me on being treated like an object and after the first couple of gropes I remained in an excited state the rest of the day. It made really hard to concentrate on my duties.The phone rang as I was preparing supper for Linda and she answered it before I could reach it.”That was Sandra,” She told me as she sat down to eat,” It seems Ken’s business will be finished by tomorrow, so they’ll be coming home together the day after. She said that you’re to carry on as you are for tomorrow. But, she wants you to be in fancy uniform when she arrives.”I instantly felt a nervous tightness in my chest as I thought of what Ken’s reaction would be when he came home. Linda seemed to notice and smiled at me” Get your plate and join me Kary, I hate to eat alone.””Yes ma’am.””Please Kary,” Linda groaned,” Don’t call me ma’am or else I’ll spank you.””Thank you,” I said grinning, wondering if she really would,” I’ll try to remember.”” I mean it,” She said, shaking a fork at me,” And don’t think I can’t. Now sit down and eat. After you’ve cleaned up the dishes, we’ll change and go shopping.”The rest of the time we spent alone while I nervously waited for Ken and Sandra’s return was very pleasant, Linda took me shopping and bought me nice new outfit. When I wasn’t doing chores we sat by the pool and talked. At night we slept in my little bed, hugging and kissing and pleasuring each other sexually until sleep over took us. Waking up in the morning, tired but satisfied. I felt like my life was as perfect as life could be.It seemed to take forever, but the day finally came when Sandra and Ken were due home. It took special pains to make sure I was at my best and of course Linda helped me alot. She new how nervous I was and tried to keep me calm. She did my make-up because my hands were shaking so much she thought I might mess it up. My outfit for the day was a dark purple uniform with white lace trim, all my lingerie was white satin and lace. My legs donned white fishnet hose and black patent, four-inch heels with ankle straps.It was about 2 o’clock, I was just finishing the lunch dishes when I started to feel the vibrations in my bum. Linda noticed me shiver and reached up under my skirt to feel it.”Well I guess it is time for you to get ready to meet your mistress and master girl, are you ready?” She asked me smiling.”I hope so,” I replied nervously, “Is my make-up okay?”” Yes dear, you look gorgeous. I’m positive Ken will be impressed, you’ve nothing to be afraid of.””Don’t forget this dear, Sandra insisted you have it on when they got here.”Linda held up the penis gag and helped to get it on and adjusted it to the proper fit. I went to stand by the door and await their arrival. My plug started to squirm as the car pulled into the drive.”Open the door and go help with the luggage,” Linda instructed,” and don’t forget to curtsey when they get out of the car.”I nodded to Linda and went out to meet them. I remembered seeing a girl curtsey in a movie once and tried to imitate her movement, but I almost fell off my heels.”What a nice surprise,” Sandra said, laughing at my clumsiness, ” I didn’t expect you to be brave enough to meet us at the car.”Ken looked me up and down and smiled,” Yes she’s as pretty as you said Sandra, I’m impressed.”I blushed under his scrutiny and looked down as a rush of elation made my body shiver with pleasure to have pleased Ken.”Take the bags into the house, put them in my room dear and we’ll unpack them later.” Sandra Instructed.I couldn’t answer her except to nod and try to curtsey again.They laughed and Sandra said, ” I think you’ll need to work on that a little dear before you brake an ankle.”I followed them into the house and put away the bags. Sandra followed me upstairs and closed the door behind her.”Take off your gag,” she ordered,” I’ve missed your tongue while I was gone and I need my pussy cleaned. I thought I’d save this mornings deposit for you dear. After all, I’ll expect a good cleaning every morning now that Ken’s home.”She pointed to the spot directly in front of her and I got down on my knees. She lifted her skirt so I could remove her panties. I could smell the combination of their combined sex juices. Immediately, I felt my member start to stiffen as the aroma excited me. Lifting her foot to the bed to give better access, my mistress put her hand behind my head and pulled me into her pussy. It was bitter tasting but I loved and pushed my tongue as deep into her vagina as I could. I was reward with her moans as she rocked on my face. After a few minutes, Sandra was gasping and moved my mouth to her clit and ordered me to suck it. Within moments she came falling on the bed. My mouth stayed attached to her clit and I lick it softly until she caught her breath.”That was perfect dear.” Sandra told me,” Linda told me your getting to be quite the little cocksucker. Practice makes perfect eh dear.””Yes ma’am.” I replied shyly.”Good, bring us a snack in the sunroom and you can give us a demonstration on Ken. I know he’s dieing to find out just how good you are.”She fixed her skirt and left the room, I follow feeling really nervous about sucking Ken’s penis for the first time in front of everybody. I held my hands together in front of my skirt to hide the hard-on that was lifting the front of skirt as I followed my mistress downstairs.I picked up the tray of cheese and crackers from the kitchen and hoped no one would notice my excited state. I didn’t know if it was the excitement or the nervousness that made my hands shake, but I felt as if I would pass out at any moment. I served Linda first, she took a slice of cheese with one hand and squeezed my hard-on with the other giving me a wink. Ken And Sandra where sitting at the table.”Just set the tray on the table girl,” Sandra ordered.”Yes ma’am,” I replied.” Would there be anything else ma’am?” I asked looking at Ken.”Why don’t you ask Ken if needs anything.””Is there anything I can do for you sir?” I asked him.”Indeed there is Kary,” he replied with a smile,” I’ve heard about your newfound talent and I think I should be allowed to judge for myself. But you must ask me properly first.”My voice crackled with nervousness and my palms were sweating,” Please sir, may I show you how well I can suck your penis?””Why of course dear as seeing you asked so nicely, how could I refuse.”I could feel the others eyes on me as I knelt in front of Ken and reached up to undo his pants with shaking hands. He lifted his hips so that I could pull down the garment enough to free his semi-erect cock. It looked huger than it did in his tight swimsuit. I lifted it to my lips and kissed the end and felt it twitch against my lips. I slowly rolled my tongue around the head and felt grow larger. I slowly slide my tongue down the underside of the shaft to his scrotum and sucked his testicals into my mouth one at a time. Ken moaned and my nervousness’ gave away to excitement. When I slide my tongue back up to the top he was fully erect and pre-cum had formed on the tip. I licked it up and savored his flavor. I just lost control and start to hump my face on his ten-inch cock. Taking more and more of it into my mouth on every down stroke. Ken was grunting and breathing heavy by the time I had managed to swallow two-thirds of his penis, I wanted to feel his pubic hairs against my nose before he came so I pushed harder on every stroke and squeezed the base of his cock. With-in three more strokes I amazed myself as my nose came into contact with his pubs, I released the base of his cock when I just had the tip left in my mouth Ken grunted, jerked his hips and filled my mouth with a huge spurt of his tasty cum. I swirled my tongue around the head and swallowed as fast as I could while stroking the shaft. I lost count of the spurts and had to swallow several times to keep my mouth from over flowing.”Here,” I heard Linda say hoarsely,” Open your mouth, close your eyes, and you will get a big surprise.”I heard Sandra laugh and turn to see them both masturbating, Linda stepped towards me. I opened my mouth just in time to catch the first volley of cum from her penis and sucked the head greedily between my lips.After Linda finished cumming, I moved back to Ken’s massive cock and sucked the last few drops of cum from the end.”Wow,” said Ken,” Nobody has ever deep throated me before. I think we should keep her, don’t you Sandra?””If you don’t, I will.” replied Linda.We all laughed together and I felt my face flushing.”Just wait until you fuck that tight little ass of hers Ken,” Linda stated, ” You’ll never want to give her up.””Speaking of tight little ass’s, why don’t we just check that out.” He said,” I’ve heard about the new gadget Sandra bought for you and I’d like to see it in action.”A wave of embarrassment swept through as I thought of the humiliation that was suggested. I also knew that I would not jeopardize my position by saying no.”I think the coffee table would make a perfect stage.” Linda shouted with a gleam in her eye.I had a moment’s hope that she would save me from being put on display like this.”Yes.” Sandra replied with excitement,” Ken, get the camera so we can document the occasion and some rope for effects.”I started to feel scared as Linda and my mistress took me by the arms and led me to the table. Ken met us there with the camera and ropes and started to film.The two girls forced me to the table on my knees. Linda pinned my arms behind my back while Sandra tied a piece of rope just above my knee and ran it under the table to tie it to my other leg so that they where spread as wide as the table allowed. Next Linda forced my shoulders down until my face was pressed against the glass tabletop. Sandra took an arm at a time and tied them to the table legs So that I was completely immobile and completely at their mercy.To finish off my humiliation Sandra replaced the penis gag into my mouth. They stepped back as Ken walked around me, to record every angle of my degradation.”T o start the entertainment off,” My mistress stated, ‘ There is a matter of a few infractions I have not had the time to attend to. The other night, you bent your knees twice while serving my guests and then there is the time you didn’t answer the phone properly. Can anyone else think of any other infractions our little Kary has broken?”There was a moment of silence, then Ken spoke,” There was that terrible curtsey outside today.””Yes, that’s true, she should have been better prepared.” Sandra said sternly,” In that case I think thirty spanks, ten from each of us would be a fair and just punishment. What do you think Kary?”All I could do was shake my head and Make muffled noises behind the gag.”Well she doesn’t seem to have anything to say.” Sandra laughed, ” Linda, I think you should be first.”I still had hope that Linda would show me some mercy and be gentle. First, she pushed my skirt up over my back and gentle rubbed the cheeks of my exposed butt. Just when the sensations her rubbing made me relax she struck with her other hand. I jumped in surprise and screamed into the gag, biting down as the pain seared my buttocks. When Linda was finished my ass felt like it was on fire and Sandra took over and delivered her ten quickly. Not giving me a chance recuperate, when she finished the tears where dropping from my eyes to the table. Ken took his time as Linda grabbed the camera from him and he walked around me a few times. He reached between my legs and grasp my cock.”The little slut must be enjoying this,” He laughed, ” Her little sissy cock is hard.”Then he slapped my left cheek so hard I thought that I’d pass-out. The wait seemed an eternity as he surveyed my rump. He waited each time for my breathing to become even before he let loose with another slap. It seemed to take for ever before4 he finished his ten and my ass burned so bad I couldn’t stop squirming. I was sure that it would be one big bruise by morning.”What a lovely shade of red.” I heard Sandra say.Yes,” Linda agreed, ” I wonder if I could have it matched, it would be a perfect color for my playroom.”The all started to laugh and sat down behind me where I couldn’t see them and started to talk leaving me in agony on the table. Suddenly my butt plug started to vibrate. Very gently at first, then after a few moments the vibrations increased. The angle of my body seemed to allow the vibrations to travel down my spine and the more intense the vibrations got the more my whole body quiver. By the time they turned the plug up to maximum I felt like mush. The pain and heat in my ass gave way to ecstasy.Then I felt it start to squirm, within moments I orgasmed into the condom to the cheers of my audience as my body jerked in spasms. Then I felt it enlarging again slowly filling me up until I started to moan in pain and agony. Just when I thought I’d pass-out again, the pressure was released to laughter of torturers. I lost count as to how many times I felt the butt plug expand inside of me. I know I had another orgasm and my body was reduced to quivering mass of flesh before they let the vibrations resume. Someone released my arms and unhooked my penis gag. I looked up to see Ken standing in front of with his hard on pointed at my face.”Better get it nice and wet girl,” He taunted rubbing the tip against my lips,” Before I stick up your little boy pussy.”As much as I just wanted to lay down and recuperate, the sight of that purple head, drooling pre-cum spurred me on. I felt someone start to twist and pull the plug out of my ass as I started licking Ken’s big cock. He grabbed my head with both hands and started fucking my mouth. I closed my eyes and reveled in the sexual high I was feeling. My whole body felt like one giant erogenous zone. I could feel someone rubbing and tonguing my ass and I was getting excited again. I was so into feeling that cock slide in and out of my mouth I remember saying no went he pulled it away from me.I felt the pressure and heat as Ken took up his position behind me. I felt the head of his cock slowly push through the opening and my muscles clamped down upon it. Ken was patient he waited until I relaxed again. When my breathing was almost normal and my ass released the pressure around his cock he drove in as far as he could. I screamed in pain, and felt myself ejaculate again as another orgasm ripped through my body. Ken started to fuck me senseless, I don’t know how long he kept plunging his penis into me. The last thing I remember is feeling his scalding cum being unleashed inside me before I passed out in total satisfaction.

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