Making the Most of Chloe


This is my first story and I hope anyone who reads it enjoys! All feedback is welcome 🙂


Although Amelie and Chloe had grown extremely close over the internet, speaking every day and sharing thoughts, feelings, desires over the internet it still felt a little strange for Amelie to be meeting up with Chloe for real. Standing in the airport she checked her watch as she stood there with a bunch of gerberas, leaning against one of the pillars only to stand up straight when she saw Chloe coming from the arrivals lounge. A fire began to burn in the pit of her stomach at the sight of her and yet she was nervous; would this be how she’d imagined? Would anything happen? Would she have the balls to make any moves? Would Chloe want her to make a move? The questions pulsated in her brain as she hugged Chloe, taking her suitcase and taking her back to the car.

The two hour journey went by in a blur of excited chatter and longing glances, Amelie couldn’t help but notice the others cleavage, her shapely legs and just… everything. Thoughts in her mind had her distracted from the conversation so she missed Chloe asking quite bluntly if this was going to be a strictly friendship type arrangement during their visit. Noticing Chloe staring Amelie smiled a little, “What is it?”


“Well what?”

“Is it or not?”

“Not what?” Amelie asked, completely confused now as she paused at a red light and changed the song they were currently listening to.

“Are we going to actually do some of the things we play out or… are we just gonna be platonic?”

Chloe’s directness took her off guard and for a moment Amelie just stared. “I — well… play play things out I guess…” Even though she knew now it was cool to make a move the pressure of who was going to make said move sort of made things a little worse. Oh, the things she wanted to do to the other woman… the toys they could use, the idea of saying ‘fuck it’ to the tour of London and Bath and all those other places and just spending the time in bed wet and sticky with orgasm after orgasm punctuated with the odd run to the kitchen for supplies… It all seemed so wonderful in her mind but how would they get gaziemir escort from her mind into reality?

Amelie carried Chloe’s suitcase into the house and tucked it under the breakfast bar, looking over at Chloe as she came in through the door. If she was going to make a move, best to do it now and see where it goes. All thoughts of awkwardness were pushed aside as soon as the door was closed behind them when Amelie took hold of Chloe’s hips and pulled her body in close. Amelie slowly looked down over her form, seeing the naked body beneath the clothes from hours of staring at the other woman’s erotic photos that she’d seen on the internet. “You’re…” She was speechless for a moment only to grin right after, “I can’t believe you’re here… I’m so glad you’re here just…” Amelie cut herself off by kissing Chloe, her hands sliding up to cup her sides as she kept the kiss chaste at first but soon neither could stop themselves as they parted their lips, both pushing each other towards the nearest sturdy surface only to starting to laugh when they didn’t get anywhere fast.

“Your room?” Chloe suggested, knowing that Amelie lived with friends and she didn’t really want this to be their first impression of her. If she had her own way however she would pin Amelie over the bust up couch and have her way as she could feel her panties slowly but surely becoming soaked as she’d been aroused since the moment she got into the car.

Pulling Chloe up the stairs Amelie pressed her against her bedroom door and kissed her firmly, her hands sliding down from her hips to her ass and giving it a gentle squeeze as she reached for the door handle, letting them tumble into the bedroom and down onto the bed. Laughing a little breathlessly Amelie looked over her body once more, shaking her head, “I’ve thought about this… so many times.” She murmured quietly, dipping her head down to kiss over the other woman’s neck while her hands slid underneath her shirt and up to the ridge of her bra. Not wasting any more time Amelie pulled her shirt off and started to kiss over her chest, following the cup line of her bra as her fingers trailed over Chloe’s gorgeous flat stomach to karabağlar escort her pants that she slowly opened. “Are you wet?” She whispered against her skin, already knowing that she would be. Pushing her hand down she stroked over the girls panties and grinned when she felt the wet spot. “You’re so fucking hot.” Amelie mumbled as she pulled down the other girls pants and sank down onto her knees on the floor at the edge of the bed, admiring the wetness that was staining the delicate cotton of Chloe’s panties. “Can I take a picture?” Amelie asked, knowing it would be a long time until she had the opportunity to do such a thing again.

“You can do whatever you want… just… do something.” Chloe gasped, reaching behind herself to unhook her bra, letting her creamy tits with the cute pink nipples fall out. She reached up and touched her breasts, lightly working her nipple between two fingers only to smile and bite into her lower lip as Amelie took a photo of her. “…happy now?”

“Not yet… but I will be…” Amelie grinned and spread Chloe’s legs further apart, moving closer and licking along the cotton only to hook her fingers around the thin material and pull them down over Chloe’s slender legs, kissing all along her inner thighs and down her calves only to toss the panties away. Pulling her own top off and wiggling out of her skirt Amelie curled her arms around Chloe’s thighs and pulled her to the edge of the bed only to lick along her bare lips, suckling lightly on the ends, letting out a soft groan as more than one fantasy started to become reality. Teasing her labia with the tip of her tongue Amelie made sure to avoid Chloe’s clit and entrance, just licking around them until she felt Chloe reach down and tug at her hair. “Okay… easy…” She teased and pressed two fingers inside her, surprised at just how wet her friend was. Working two fingers in and out of her slowly Amelie curled the tips and started to move them a little faster only to kiss and then lick over her clit rapidly, sucking the little nub into her mouth and shaking her head as she moved her tongue over it.

“Oh fuck — Am — Am… harder.” Chloe moaned as she writhed on the kemalpaşa escort bed, both hands working over her own tits as she pushed her pussy down onto Amelie’s face, feeling her wetness trickling out of her as she felt her toes beginning to curl in pleasure. Amelie had listened to all of her turn ons during their long erotic chat sessions and was working her over good. “Harder!” She cried out once more, curling one leg over her shoulder as she tugged a little harder on Amelie’s dark hair, knowing the other girl loved it.

Amelie lightly grazed her teeth over Chloe’s clit and smiled when she heard her friend gasp. Pushing her fingers in harder and deeper she twisted her wrist with each thrust into the small girl, loving the sounds that were now coming out of her mouth, louder and longer and just thanked the Lord that her house mates were out or they’d be banging against the wall. Trailing her tongue over Chloe’s lips she lightly bit at them only to suck lightly until she got to her clit again. Using her free hand she pushed back the hood and sucked more of the tip into her mouth, making sure to suck and stimulate the whole thing, feeling herself getting wetter and wetter with each moment that passed. The temptation to reach down and start touching herself was great but she wanted to see her friend come undone first before she got her own release.

Chloe’s hips were arching off of the bed, her legs bending at the knee as she pushed down onto Amelie with more force. “Oh — God… I’m… ” Her face contorted, biting into her lip hard as she let out a gasp as she began to shudder, pinching her nipples harder as she came, tossing her head back as she cried out again, her body bathed in a light sheen of sweat as her heart beat through her chest. “Wow…” She began to laugh softly only to moan as the pleasure didn’t stop, rolling her hips onto Amelie’s fingers as she smiled down at the other girl, already having plans in store for what they’d be doing next.

Amelie smiled, slowing her fingers down but keeping them moving in, slow and hard as she worked her tongue in slow circles around Chloe’s clit. Once the younger woman had rested back down onto the bed Amelie licked over her entrance, lapping up her wetness and pressing a small kiss to her clit and then up to her belly button, smiling deviously up at Chloe. “… so was that worth the Easy Jet flight?” She asked with a little chuckle, round two already on her mind as she arched up and pressed a kiss to Chloe’s flushed forehead.

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