Mark and the Lady Teacher, part Deux


Mark and the Lady Teacher, part DeuxMark was in class with Mrs Swift the Physics teacher, had done an experiment and went to have it signed off at her desk. She signed off his exercise book in red, put a favourable comment on it then down the bottom of the page wrote ” See me 7.00pm at home”Mark went round, Mrs Swift said ” Hi Mark, it was my 37th Birthday yesterday and that husband of mine has bought me a “present” so I can fulfill his fantasy which we went over last week! Lyn was looking lovely as always, her shoulder length brown hair rubbing on her white short sleeved blouse, she wore a short net-ball pleated skirt in green and high-heeled shoes to please Mark. ” Happy Birthday, until my 19th that makes you twice my age!!” he said ” What’s the present?” Lyn fetched a 4′ long thin black whip, called a dressage whip with a pleated leather end. ” I want you to use this on ME Mark, cover me with welts so he knows he is not the only man in my life!!” ” OK Lyn, but that will sting not like the soft glow you got from when I gave Batıkent travesti you 30 with the cane , you will need warming up!” Lyn asked, ” How?” Mark said, ” 37 is not too old to be spanked dear, fetch me a beer then come back and across my knee!” Lyn came back with the beer and a Gin and Tonic for herself took a sip then went over his lap on the sofa “I’ve never been spanked !” Mark left her skirt down and pants on, put his left hand inside her blouse and into her bra, then spanked 3 SMACK SMACK SMACK across her bottom! ” OOOOH that;s quite nice” said lyn, “How many more?” ” Stop counting when I stop and you will know!” Mark stopped before she cried, lifted her up and sat her on his knee, she put a hand on his hard-on he kissed her mouth and her breasts ” I really need a good thrashing with that whip Mark, will you give me 100 strokes on my bottom and thighs so he can’t miss it?””It will hurt Lyn , do you promise to stay down?” Lyn thought then said, ” you had better tie me down but if I scream for you Çankaya travesti to stop you mustn’t!” ” We need a Safe word then, let’s make it your husband’s name as you won’t say that by accident !” ” Fetch that long pillow from your bed, two long things to tie you to this coffee table” Lyn fetched a long pillow, cleared the table and lay it along it, the table was wood, 5 feet long. Lyn produced 2 long leather luggage straps looked about 100 years old. ” Lie down dear, knees near the bottom end but on it!” Lyn lay down, mark strapped her lower thighs just above the knee all round the table top, then the other strap secured her waist to the table.” Make sure you can raise your calves in the air Lyn, it shows me you are enjoying it!!” Lyn slid her right hand underneath her and Mark noticed her bottom rise as she slid her hand into her groin! Mark sat on the sofa, picked up the dressage whip then WHICK, WHICK, WHICK , WHICK, WHICK ! Lyn cried out ” OOOOH OOOOH OOOOH OOOOH CAN I CALL YOU SIR?”” Yes Miss, now on your Cebeci travesti bare bottom!” He lifted her skirt, pulled her panties down but they got stuck on the strap, Mark ripped them off, picked up the whip and lashed Lyn for 10 minutes, ” OH SIR, OH SIR , !! OH SIR PLEASE!! OH SIR PLEASE DON’T !! OH SIR PLEASE DON’T STOP!!!!!” Finally Mark stopped, Lyn’s bottom and the top 4″ of her thighs were covered in red weals, she wouldn,t be playing netball for a while!! Mark told her this, she told him thanks then said ” is that it Sir?””No miss you gave me 12 cane strokes for drinking last week, I’m going to give you 12 for that Gin and Tonic” ” But Sir, I had 2 one earlier before you came!!” ” Right!” Mark undid Lyn, stood her up against the back of a chair, bent her over and gave her 24 strokes across her already sore bottom,” O H OH OH Mark that is heavenly, I have come inside!!” ” Take me to bed Sweet,” They went through to Lyn’s bedroom, Lyn said ” I’m calling my Husband, pulled Mark’s trousers off and dialled her phone.” Ah that you Dear, away with that Chemistry Lab assistant well my boyfriend has just thrashed me with your present, I have his cock in my hand right now!!” Lyn lay Mark on the bed and demonstrated the difference in experience between 18 and 37!!!!!!!!!

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