Married Receptionist With Me


Married Receptionist With MeWe have about 65 employees and beautiful reception and a sexy telephone operator cum receptionist to match. She is 28 years old married 3 years and dusky looking 5’5” slim and trim fairly good legs beautiful light brown eyes hair short and black big breast and a tight ass to match it.Being a receptionist she would come in a sexy see through saree and a low cut blouse which show a big cleavage and could almost have a breast coming out that’s when I would try to make some conversation with her and have a feast of those beautiful breast or her famous black mini which would go just above her knees by about 5 inches that’s when all the guys would make their trips to the reception asking for info.She would also come in pants which she wore tight showing the cut of her panties that’s when all the guys in office would talk about their fantasies, how they would love to have sex with her. She was friendly with everybody, so no one could make out her if she had the hot for anybody. We had arranged an office picnic to Gorai Beach. The office had booked a bungalow. It was a one day picnic.The bus was arranged and we reached the picnic spot at about 8.30 am. The bungalow was beautiful it had a big garden in front a big hall room, with a single bedroom on the ground floor a big kitchen below and two big master bedrooms with toilets attached above everyone dumped their baggage in the bedroom below and bedrooms on top were allotted one for the females and one for the males.Music was on and everyone was having fun, some people were cracking jokes, people playing badminton, some were dancing to the music, some were playing cards, there was a of about 8 guys playing football and some cricket crazy people on the side there was a carrom board also occupied breakfast was served at about 10.30 am an hour later the bar was opened, everybody made a beeline for the bar almost everybody.I had a glass in their hands with something or the other it was a real party mood. I had changed in my shorts and a T-shirt and played a little football and cricket with my office friends and cracked some jokes, I took my glass of beer and was sitting in the verandah reading my book which I had illegal bahis started two days ago when suddenly someone tapped my shoulder and asked softly what are you reading.I looked up and saw it was the sexy telephone operator she was in pants and colourful top, which had top buttons open I could see her cleavage as she bent down to see the name of the book, she had worn a white bra and I told her it was a murder mystery and was not in the mood the let go the book, after some talk with me she left for her girlfriends everybody was having a good time lunch was served at 2.30 pm.After lunch there was an announcement made that people were going to the beach. Many of the guy’s n girls left for the beach. I realized that the sexy looking operator was not with the group that left for the beach, there were about 15-20 peopling that stayed behind. I had guzzled about 3 bottles of beer by then and was desperately in the mood for a pee. I went to the men’s bedroom upstairs, the loo was locked.I taped asked whose inside it was one of my friends doing a big job and was going to take some time. Desperately wanting to pee I went into the woman’s bedroom which was empty at that time, rushed into the loo and pissed, I was satisfied after that. I opened the loo and saw a surprised face it was the sexy operator, she was in her white bra and black lace panty. She picked up her clothes and tried to cover herself.I explained the situation to her and she laughed, she said she was on her way to the beach with some friends and wanted to change into shorts and a T-shirt she had closed to door, not expecting someone to come out from the loo knowing we were alone in the locked bedroom, I don’t know what got over me was her beautiful sexy body or the beer.I just walked to her and gave her a kiss on her lips for about 5 seconds with my tongue trying to explore her mouth. I pushed her back against the wall and continued kissing her. I tasted her sweet lips, just as I had imagined how they would taste. I reached for her breasts they were big soft and full. She gasped at my touch. Her nipples shivered and sprang forth through the brassier at my touch. A soft moan escaped her lips.She arched her back kaçak iddaa and pushed her breasts to me. I continued kissing her lips while playing with her breasts. My kisses were deep and passionate. My lips left hers and began to work their way down her neck. I lifted her and put her on the bed, cupped one of her breasts, releasing it from her bra. She shivered. The heat was growing inside her. I gently took her nipple and rolled it in my fingers. It hardened to my touch. I then took it into my mouth gently I held it between my teeth. It stood out about and inch and a half. She moaned and scratched my back with her nails. I took her bra off her shoulders and leaned over her taking her right nipple into my mouth. I sucked hard keeping her nipple in my mouth. I could feel it stretch and I bit down gently with my teeth and continued to pull.Oh my god, this is so wrong but and I can’t control myself she said but, please don’t stop. I sucked again on her right tit squeezing it between my teeth. I pulled up and she moaned at the same time I grabbed the other tit in my right hand and massaged it working this nipple between my thumb and forefinger as I did this I could feel her drop her hand into my cock and start rubbing my stiff cock through my short pants.I pulled my pants and underpants down to my ankles. She could not take her eyes of as she reached out with her hand and started to rub my hard member. I have a confession to make she said I’ve never had made love to anybody else except my husband before but the sight of you just got to me. I need your cock. She then leaned over and started licking my cock up and down and she coated it with her saliva.I then pushed her down on her back. I grabbed her tits roughly and placed my cock between those two beautiful globes with the coating of saliva which she applied my hard cock slid up and down easily. I was pulling on her nipples and fucking her tits furiously each time I pushed up she bent her head down and got about half of my cock inside her mouth.I continued to pump she reached behind and grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me closer to her mouth fuck my tits fuck me hard cum all over me,” she said. Hearing her talk got to me and güvenilir bahis siteleri I could feel my huge orgasm building up as my cock started to get bigger and I knew I was about to blow my load and I sat back and started stroking myself.The first stream of cum shot from the end of my cock and in her face as I continued to cum I aimed it at her tits, her belly, her hair, her mouth anywhere I could reach with my ejaculate when I was finished she was covered. Her face, her tits and almost her whole upper body were drenched with my juice. I could not believe I came that much what I did not realize at the time was that she was also wet between her legs.She lay there panting and I reached her panties and pulled them off her. Her black lace panties were soaking wet. I pulled them off and lowered my head to her hair-covered pussy as soon as I touched her slit with my tongue she exploded. I’m cuming. Fuck Ohhh fuck. I had never heard her speak this way.I grabbed her legs behind the knees and pushed them up until her knees were at her head. This gave me a great view of the whole area between her legs. The next thing was my finger sliding in between her lips, of her slit. She was wetter than I thought, and her body shivered as I rubbed the flesh between her legs. I laughed, and took my hand away, making her ache for my touch even more moaning again this time.I could barely make out the word poollleesss. I smiled, and slid my finger deep inside her now, thrusting it in and out please what? Please make love to me and she pleaded all you had to do was ask. I replied. I was already hard again by then, my fingers left her pussy and in a moment, the head of my cock was rubbing against her slit. She was trembling with excitement as I moved it back and forth, I knew she wanting me to push it deep inside of her without warning, I shoved it inside with one deep thrust. I started to thrust back and forth, harder and faster than I had ever gone before. I began to thrust even harder. She knew that I was close to the edge then and she squeezed the muscles inside her love hole around my shaft ooh she moanedI want you to come inside me after one last, very deep thrust and I came and came and came both of us were gasping, and I rested my head for some moments on her shoulder. She embraced me warmly and kissed me and said thank you she was the winner today. I dressed up and went below to my friends with a big smile on my face.

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