Masked Ball


I’ve always loved the Victorian era. In my country during the month of February we celebrate Carnival everywhere with masquerade parties, confetti, and parades. I’ve always opted for costumes of the Victorian era, I loved to feel like a princess, or a rich milady, if only for one day. My favorite fairy tale has always been Cinderella and I’ve always dreamed of being the beauty chosen by the prince to dance with him and my sisters watching, dying for jealousy.Needless to say, it was only a dream.The only person I shared this information with, was Lorenzo Aldobrandi.I met Lorenzo during a business meeting. Since we met, we shared lunches and talked a lot. I can say that we became friends. Well, if it were for me, we would have been more than friends. I fell in love with him, with his body and his charm. I felt a strong attraction. When one day I told him about my love for costumes of the Victorian era and Cinderella fairy tale, I expected him to laugh, instead he told me that every year, during the “Calende di Maggio” (calends of May), he hosted a Costume Ball.The tradition of the Calende di Maggio is to celebrate the new season, the new life. A group of people, called Maggianti, goes from door to door and, in exchange for edible gifts like wine, bread, eggs, and confectioneries, sings or recites improvised poems on demand.I was ecstatic hearing about the Ball. And when I asked him where he hosted the Ball, he simply said, “At my parents’ castle,” as if it were the most normal thing.“What? Your parents have a castle? And why?” I asked, puzzled.“It’s our family castle. I am a duke,” he said.I laughed, “Wait! Are you serious?”I wished so badly to participate in one of those Balls, but I guessed they were limited to the noblesse.  I’ve known a few families belonging to the noblesse, and they all are snooty, arrogant, and bring out their noblesse at every opportunity. Lorenzo was the exact opposite, he was lowly and down to earth. He asked me to keep that information between us because he didn’t want anybody to know about his status.So, when one day on my desk at work, I found a nice, antiqued envelope, with “Signorina Clara Coletti” written in gothic fonts, I was in heaven. Inside there was the invitation for the Ball. I was so excited at the idea of being invited to a Ball, in a real castle. WOW! I looked online for a place where to rent the dress and immediately called to fix an appointment with the owner.When I arrived at the store, a charming woman welcomed me, “Ms. Coletti, welcome to my store “Abiti Antichi” (antique clothes). My name is Margherita. How can I help you?”I held my hand out for the introduction, then I said, “As I explained on the phone, I’ve been invited to a Ball next Saturday, and I’m looking for the perfect outfit to feel like a Princess for one night. You understand what I mean, right?”Opening her arms and smiling she answered enthusiastically, “Of course I understand,” she paused looking at my body, probably studying my size, then continued, “I’m pretty sure I have the right dress for you. Follow me please.”She guided me into a very big changing room. On the floor there was a very clean burgundy carpet.  There was a comfortable double chair on one side, a little table for my belongings, a hanger for my clothes, and a small coffee table with cold water, iced tea, cups, cookies, and crackers with cheese. On the other side, surrounded by mirrors, a platform.She asked me to undress and get comfortable while she went to pick up a few ideas. I did as she asked, I put on a robe she gave me, and I indulged in a pleasant snack with crackers and cheese.A knock on the door announced Margherita’s entrance followed by an assistant with a few boxes of shoes.Margherita hung three beautiful dresses and explained her choices, “I brought you three choices, but I think I know which one will be right for you. Here are a few shoes. I guessed your number, but I don’t know how high you like the heel,” she said as the assistant left the room.She helped me with all the dresses and, as she already güvenilir bahis knew, I picked the dusty rose one. It was elegant, regal, with a wide neckline showing my cleavage and the lace of the corset underneath. Margherita explained to me that that was the purpose, to show the lace corset underneath. The shoes were the same color with a three inches heel. I also picked a teardrop hat. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I felt tears in my eyes.”Is everything alright?” Margherita asked, worried.”Oh yes. These are happy tears. I’ve always dreamed of living in the Victorian age,” I explained.Margherita then said, “I generally suggest wigs to my customers, but your red hair is so beautiful. I have a friend that could help you to style it properly if you’d like.””Yes please,” I answered.I left the store with an amazing outfit that I couldn’t wait to wear, and an appointment with Johanna, a German hairstylist for the morning of the Ball.The only missing things were a carriage and a coachman, and a fairy godmother.As established in the invitation, at three in the afternoon, a car arrived to pick me up. Lorenzo explained to me that the castle had many bedrooms for guests who wanted to spend the night, so I packed a few things for the night and a regular outfit for the day after.It was a perfect sunny day of spring with a little breeze.At the door, a maid and a butler welcomed me, “Buongiorno Signora Coletti. Da questa parte, prego” (Good afternoon Mrs. Coletti. This way, please).  The butler took my bag and together they showed me to my bedroom.Walking through the hallway and up to the stairs, I could hear the echo of my footsteps and, in the distance, voices and an orchestra playing a waltz.The maid opened the door of an amazing room, huge, with a big canopy bed, a velvet couch with two chairs, a coffee table, a writing desk, and a fireplace so big I could stand up inside. From the window I could see a balcony. The butler placed my bag on a chest at the feet of the bed.”Il bagno è da questa parte” (the bathroom is on this side), the maid interrupted my thoughts, “Take your time. When you’re ready I’ll be outside to accompany you downstairs.”At that moment I got a text, “Sei arrivata? Ti ho fatto avere la camera più bella. Ti aspetto giù.” (Have you arrived? I got you assigned the best room. I’ll wait for you downstairs).”Yes. Be down in five minutes,” I replied to Lorenzo.Lorenzo was waiting at the bottom of the stairs.”Lorenzo! This place is a dream!” I said excited like a little girl.“Clara, oh my god, sei bellissima (you are beautiful!),” he said, looking at me from head to toe and back, with a long stop at my cleavage. I giggled at his astonished face.We entered an enormous ballroom. It could fit six basketball courts. On the opposite side from the entrance, sat the orchestra, one wall was open to a balcony and a garden, on the other wall there were tables with finger food and beverages. All around were tables and chairs in perfect style with the castle. In the middle was a dance floor and all the space to stroll around.Lorenzo introduced me to some of the guests, “I won’t remember all their names, I’m sorry Lorenzo. Hope they won’t get offended,” I said giggling, moving around with him.”You won’t but they will remember yours, that’s for sure. Oh, there! My parents. I want you to meet them before they leave,” he said, calling them out.”Mom, Dad, she is Ms. Coletti, Clara Coletti. I told you about her, remember?” he said, “Clara, this is my mom, Duchessa Francesca Aldobrandi di Montepulciano, and this is my dad, Duca Filippo Aldobrandi di Montepulciano.”I felt the need to bow “Vostre altezze. Piacere di fare la vostra conoscenza.” (Your highnesses. Pleased to meet you).The duchesse giggled and said, “Please! Don’t be so formal. And call me Francesca. Clara, you are beautiful. I’m a little jealous. I might have your head cut off for being more beautiful than me,” she said, hopefully joking. I felt the need to touch my neck and we all laughed.”Unfortunately, we have to go now but I güvenilir bahis siteleri hope to see you in the morning,” and off they went.Being a perfect duke, Lorenzo bowed in front of me and said, “Milady, would you honor me with this dance?”We opened the dance and I felt eyes on me, like when Cinderella danced with the prince.Soon, being the host, Lorenzo had to interrupt the dance to welcome other guests.I seized the opportunity to drink something and, noticing Margherita entering the room, I waved. She reached me and said “Clara! Mamma mia! Johanna did a great job with your hair. You look perfect. You really belong to another era,” we both laughed, and we hugged. Then Margherita introduced me to her friends.For the whole time I could feel Lorenzo’s eyes on me, and not only his.  When Lorenzo joined us,  we danced again.“You’re very good. Who taught you the waltz?” Lorenzo asked me.“My dad. Many years ago, while dreaming of a ballroom like this one,” I answered, looking at the room around us, “This castle is amazing. I could live here forever. Do you need a maid?” I continued, jokingly, but not completely. Lorenzo looked at me puzzled, “Are you serious? You really like this place? Cold, huge, and anything but cozy?”“Yes,” I said enthusiastically, “Look around you. The wooden floor, all the furniture, the paintings. And the view? It’s to die for! I bet you have a huge library, and stables with horses, too. I could never get bored. If I only had a dowry to live with, I’d move here tomorrow.“I was daydreaming.Shaking his head and chuckling, Lorenzo said, “Please, don’t let my mother hear you or she’ll set us up for marriage. She still hopes I find a wife who would love to live here.”At that moment, a waiter came by whispering something to Lorenzo. Holding my hand, he announced to all the guests that dinner would be served. I heard a noise and I turned to see the sidewall sliding to unveil a perfect table set in a U shape. We were about fifty people or so and there was a nametag on each plate.I sat between Lorenzo on my left, and a man named Francesco, on my right. In front of me was a woman named Liliana. Beside her was Paolo, her fiancé, and Giovanni, Lorenzo’s cousin. A few chairs on the left was Margherita. Most of the people around me were noble, but some were mere mortals like me.The food was amazing, but I was too excited and didn’t eat much, and the company was extremely pleasant. In the background, after a well-deserved break, the orchestra continued playing.After dinner I was savoring a delicious chocolate dessert, when I felt Lorenzo’s hand on my left thigh moving up and down, and up, up, and down, then squeezing a little and up again, and then to the inner thigh. Under my gown I had layers of petticoats, but I could still feel because I had nothing else. It was almost summer after all.I couldn’t breathe, my heart was galloping in my chest, and surely, I was blushing. I wished he would pull up the gown and touch my bare skin, but that wasn’t the right place and time. That was probably just a message.“You seem to enjoy the evening,” Lorenzo whispered mischievously in my ear.“Please Lorenzo, you better stop,” I begged him, whispering. But it wasn’t what I really wanted. I actually longed to open my legs and pull up my gown.Lorenzo didn’t stop. He was talking with Liliana and Paolo, then his napkin fell on the floor, or he made it fall. He bent down to pick it up and pulled up my skirt and all the petticoat layers. With a hand between my thighs, he pulled to make me spread my legs.I wanted that, but at the same time I was afraid the guests around us would see what was going on. It was so risqué and so arousing. Slowly that hand reached my mound and he froze when he discovered I didn’t have panties. He slowly turned to look at me widening his eyes, He spread my lips open and slid one finger in the slit of my pussy. Liliana was talking to me and I couldn’t concentrate on what she was saying. I felt the need to rock my hips, but I couldn’t. I wanted to push that finger inside iddaa siteleri my pussy. I felt naughty, and I liked it.Beside me, Francesco was asking me if I enjoyed the dinner, “Yes, it was delicious,” I tried to say and at that moment Lorenzo pushed one finger inside my pussy. I was on the edge of an orgasm, but I couldn’t cum. “Will you do me the honor of a dance, later?” Francesco asked.“Later, gladly,” I said. I wanted to say no, I just wanted all the people around us to disappear and let go of the strong orgasm I was holding on.Lorenzo added another finger and I coughed.“Drink some water,” Lorenzo suggested, pouring water in my glass. When I brought the glass to my lips, Lorenzo whispered in my ear, “You’re a naughty girl Ms. Clara. I wonder why are you so wet? Would you like to cum?”I couldn’t answer, I couldn’t speak at all. I just looked him in the eyes and drank my water, hoping he’d understand my silence. Yes, of course I needed to cum, but I couldn’t with all the people around us. Would I have been able to cum quietly?Lorenzo then added, “You have two choices, cum without making a noise, or not cum. Either one is fine for me.”He turned toward Paolo and began talking with him, adding a third finger.I couldn’t hold on any longer. I turned to look in front of me and Liliana was staring at me, “What?” I asked. Her stare was between the inquisitorial.She leaned on the table to get closer to me, and whispered, “What’s going on?”“What do you mean,” I asked, trying no to moan.She leaned closer and placed her hands beside her mouth to avoid eavesdropping, “Your face. You look like you’re having an orgasm.”That’s it. She caught us. I covered my face in my hands, and I came, groaning as quietly as I could.Liliana started laughing out loud.“What?” both Paolo and Lorenzo asked.“Oh, nothing,” she said when she was able to breathe again, “But please Paolo, you need to take private lessons from the Duke,” and winked at Lorenzo.Lorenzo understood but Paolo, of course, didn’t, “Lily, honey, what lessons I have to take?”“Let’s go honey, I need a dance,” she said, standing up and pulling Paolo with her.People began leaving the table, heading to the dance floor or outside on the big balcony.“I need some air,” I said, trying to get up, but he held me down.“You don’t like dessert? I thought you loved chocolate,” he whispered, nibbling my earlobe. He was killing me.“Do you realize what you just did?“ I asked.“Oh yes, and tell me you didn’t like it, tell me it wasn’t exciting,” he said, smiling and kissing me.I couldn’t say no because it was exciting, more exciting than it should have.Lorenzo withdrew his fingers from my pussy and licked them. Then he said, “I will have your aroma on my fingers for the rest of the evening. It’s so arousing.” I groaned, ready to cum again, “You’re killing me.” I stood up and went to the balcony. Liliana joined me asking, “Are you feeling ok?” laughing.I laughed with her, what else could I do? I never found myself in such a situation, but I liked it so much that I was ready to repeat it again.She briefly laughed, then stopped and said, “Lucky you! I would love to have Paolo being so risqué and make me cum during dinner with people around us.”“Right? It was amazing. He’s a pro, I wonder how many times he did it before,” I thought aloud.“None,” Liliana said, “I’ve known Lorenzo since we were toddlers, I’ve had more dinners in this castle than in my house, and I’ve never seen him doing something like that before.”“Ladies?” I turned to see Lorenzo and Paolo standing behind us, both smiling. Lorenzo was a handsome guy, but his smile especially made my knees turn to jello. And the memory of what just happened, made my pussy twitch.“Hi guys! Lorenzo, did you teach him well?” Liliana said, laughing.“Ladies, the Maggianti have arrived. Would you like to join us and listen to their poetries?” Paolo asked.Liliana and I joined them. Lorenzo placed a hand on the small of my back and made me shiver. The Maggianti were on the dancing floor, and we were all around them. Some of the songs were about farmers’ work, harvest, and seeding, some were about love. We could make requests and they were able to improvise a rhyme for our pleasure, each in perfect Tuscan dialect. Some were so hilarious I was doubled over with laughter.

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