Master Mike Ch. 03


I freaked when I saw my reflection in Master Mike’s bathroom mirror. I was a catastrophe. Dried saliva clung to my face. My hair was messed up and wet with perspiration. My lips were dry, some chafing appeared on my neck and chest, my cock and balls hung limply in their withdrawn state and I felt the deep after burn sensation as the result of being fully sodomized by Master Mike. That was the good part in comparison to what I saw on my back side.

I dared to peer over my shoulder and in doing so my brain slowly absorbed the horror of what I saw. Large red welts lined my back, ass cheeks and thighs and as I saw each one, I felt the memory of the whip and the man that put them there. Each welt appeared connected to one before and after it, and I decided that there was no coincidence to the symbolism of the completed circle he imprinted on my skin. Fortunately, the ring of fire that Master Mike created did not break my skin. With trepid curiosity, I reached over my shoulder and touched the nearest welt. It was warm and tender and I wondered how long it would take to return to normal.

As I inspected my raised skin more closely, Master Mike slapped my bottom and told me the shower was ready. I followed him into the floor-to-ceiling glass encased marble shower stall. There were two water spouts and a handheld sprayer but only the side wall mounted spout was on. The warm water splashing on my face and chest felt refreshing whereas the droplets going down my back gave me cause to flinch.

Master Mike squeezed a tube of creamy cleanser and rubbed it in his large hands. Then he gently applied it to my back and said, “This is a balm that will cleanse and soothe your traumatized skin.”

It felt cool to the touch as he applied it over my entire back and then to my ass cheeks and rear thighs. For a moment I felt like a boy getting washed in the shower by my dad but then I quickly dismissed that image as he would no doubt not approve of me now. Master Mike had me turn to face him and rinse my back while he lathered my front side, face, neck, chest, torso, legs and finally the front and back of my crotch area with a bar of soap. My cock received special attention and as he stroked me clean I kissed him on the mouth. He let me kiss him once and then he pulled away, telling me if I keep that up we’ll be up all night.

“I’m tired Master Mike. This day has been awesome. We’ve done so much and I’m feeling so relaxed. Can I spend the night?”

“Of course you can. I was hoping you would.”

I got to the bed first and when I lay down and closed my eyes, I remembered my dogs. I was supposed to let them out one more time before bed time. “What time is it?” I asked him.

“11:30,” he said.

I sat up. “I need to go home and let my dogs out.”


“Do you want to come with me?”

“No. I’m too tired.

So that was it. I climbed out of his bed, went downstairs for my rain coat and shoes and yelled “goodbye Master.” I paused but there was no response and so I walked out the front door and down the sidewalk and back around to the car port to my car.

At home, my dogs were furious but they waited for their Master to come home and let them out. They are good dogs. While they were outside, I went upstairs and put on some shorts and a tee and came back down to watch some pay per view porn while my dogs chewed bones on the rug. It is a nightly ritual, to watch tv (not porn) while they chew their bones. It is part of our time together and it bothered me all of a sudden that I nearly robbed them of that joy.

On the screen, a young woman of 19 or so was on the floor begging to suck a cock. She stuck her tongue out and the guy we can’t see is telling her to stuff her fingers in her mouth. Watching a male stud walk in with his hard dick jutting out stirs me and soon he is putting his tool to her lips and she eagerly goes to work. Hot porn cock is huge: 10 inches long or more, very thick and hard with veins sticking out. I am rock hard in seconds and get up to call my Master. I’ve seen about all I can stand and I want the real thing again.

There is no answer and so I leave a desperate message and my cell phone #.

When I return to the couch, the slut is lying on her back on a chaise and the dude is fingering her asshole. Her legs are open and she looks like she’s having fun. I know I would be. I want to give myself to Master Mike like that and more. My mind drifts and I think about straddling his lap, kissing him on the mouth and riding his giant tool. Our intent is varied: I crave the physical contact of man-to-man sex and my Master wants a man slut to call his own.

My cell phone rings and it’s Master Mike asking if my dogs are okay and inviting me over to spend the night with him. I tell him what I’m doing and he asks if I’m still wearing the training collar. I reach up and say that I am and it’s ironic that when I touched it I was reminded of its presence and significance in my life. Dreams do come true if you only bahis siteleri make the effort to let them happen.

I put the dogs out once more and I went upstairs to pack a small bag of toiletries, tee shirt and new underwear. Then I went downstairs and put dogs in kennels, locked up house for the evening and drove to my Master’s residence.

At the gated entrance, he had me tell him over the intercom why I was there so late in the evening.

“I’m here because I want to sleep with my Master; wake with you and experience what we can together in the time we have available.”

“Is that all Bob?”

“No sir, I’d like to watch some porn with you and be told what I am while you let me suck your cock. Eventually, I’d like to take your cock in my ass again.”

“What are you Bob?”

“That’s what I’m here to find out sir.”

“Park under the car port and enter through the back gate. I will meet you at the sliding door.”

The gate opened and after I drove in, it shut again. I parked in the same spot and entered his backyard through the back gate as directed. He stood in his bathrobe at the opening of his sliding door.

“Hi Master Mike,” I said cheerfully.

“Hello Bob,” he said in response.

I walked right up to him, put my arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips. As I opened my mouth and pushed my tongue to him, he did the same. Our open-mouthed kiss lasted a few seconds and then I hugged him and licked his ear lobe before whispering “take me to your bed sir, I want to serve my Master in every possible way tonight.”

Once inside his bedroom, he had me undress and sit on the floor at the foot of his bed. The floor was cold under my ass and while I tried to sit comfortably with my legs open and feet on the floor, Master Mike hung my jeans and tee shirt in his closet. When he returned, he held a long leather strap in his hands and with it he looped it around my wrists and through slots in the footboard. When he finished, my arms were secured to the footboard.

“Bad slaves sleep on the floor. Good slaves sleep in bed with their Master. You are neither good nor bad Bob, but I am tired and I need my rest and I don’t need you sucking my cock or begging me to fuck you all night. So you will sleep here on the floor for the night.” “But sir, I will be good. I can sleep in the bed and not bother you. Please sir? It’s cold down here and uncomfortable.”

“Yes, I know it is. You came here to pleasure me and you will in the morning but first I want to get some sleep. Your sacrifice for the pleasure I grant you tomorrow is to sleep on the floor, chained to my bed tonight.”

“But sir…”

“That’s enough Bob. If I hear another sound out of you, I will ball gag you and tape your mouth shut for the evening.”

With that, he got into bed, clapped his hands and the lights went out. It was quiet in the darkness. A little light from the moonlit sky shown through the first layer of thin curtains but otherwise, the room was dark.

I said nothing and sat at the foot of his bed with my arms secured to the footboard. It was a mental and physical challenge to sit still and be quiet. I was tired too but the position he put me in was uncomfortable. As I sat there, I became aware of a dull feeling on my ass, not to mention my arms felt heavy already. And yet once again I realized how turned on I was in this predicament.

I thought about other slaves tied to their dominant’s bed. Slaves who had written about these experiences and the stories I read and masturbated too. And, now here I am, sitting on my Master’s floor, tied to his bed, listening to him drift off to sleep, while I try to relax with a jutting hard on that I cannot touch.

I leaned my head back on the footrest and closed my eyes. Images of my new Master standing before me flashed into my mind first. He is wearing the leather strapped suit that he wore on the cam, but otherwise he is my naked giant Master. He towers over me with his hands on his hips and his erection pointing through the 2.5″ cock ring at the center of his suit. His balls look heavy and they are strapped with a piece of leather that forces them to hang lower. In my mind, I listen to him tell me his dark ambitions, the very secret fantasies that I fear and desire for myself. That I will explore submission to the cock and he will be my provider of cock and all the teachings that go with it. And, that ultimately, I will be presented with a choice: to return to my marriage or leave it and commit myself fully and completely to Master Mike.

It is the desire to choose Master Mike that I feel most strongly now and this desire gives way to the leakage of pre-cum from my ever-increasing hard cock. It knifes the air around me with its hard sexual edge and I yearn deeply for the pleasure of physical touch.

I must have fallen asleep but I am awake again. Master is snoring lightly as he sleeps in his warm bed while I remain on the floor bound to the footboard. My bonus kodu neck is sore and my butt is beyond that. The dull pain has spread from the center to the outer reaches of my butt cheeks. No matter where I lean, I feel the negative effects of the cold hard floor and I wonder what else I must endure until Master Mike decides I deserve pleasure.

I am groggy and lean my head to the side and fall asleep again.

At 7 a.m. I am super chilled, physically exhausted and wide-awake. The toilet has just flushed and I eagerly await Master’s return. When the door opens, he enters and I attempt eye contact and as he walks by I say “good morning Master.”

“Oh good morning, Bob. I didn’t mean to wake you. How did you sleep?”

“Not very well sir. I’m cold and uncomfortable and I need to pee.”

He walked to me and stood before me. He was naked and his 8″ hung semi-erect between his muscular legs. “You were magnificent last night Bob. Not a peep from you and I managed to get my much needed rest. I feel wonderful now.”

“Glad to hear that sir.”

He stepped closer. “Sit up nice and tall as best you can Bob.” Using whatever strength remained in my bound arms, I sat upright and grimaced as the pain shot in all directions from the center of my butt. I opened my legs as somehow that felt natural and in my mind it allowed my Master better access to my cock.

I looked down at his feet. They are large and in proportion to everything else that makes his appearance so dominant. I find myself attracted to his big toe and I continue to stare at it until I feel the need to tell him “you have sexy feet Master.”

He laughs and then he steps into me and pushes his genitals into my face. I inhale his musky scent and he says “that a good boy, smell your Master’s crotch and remember it.”

His scent is not that musky. It is clean smelling and I must admit that I enjoy the reminder of his dominance as he towers over me. But still, I am feeling the pressure build within my bladder and I must be allowed to use the bathroom soon or else there will be a big puddle of piss. God only knows what kind of price I’ll have to pay if I wet his floors. My feeling horny over his feet and now his in my face dominance adds to my predicament as my cock is hard again and ready to betray me at the first opportunity.

So, I did what any guy in my position would do. I moved my head to the side and said as nicely as I could, “I really need to pee, sir, will you please untie me and help me to the bathroom so I can pee?”

“I think you can hold it longer Bob,” he said and with that he put his hand on the back of my head. “Open your pretty mouth and give your Master his morning head.”

I smiled and quickly parted my lips and he pushed his cock head into my mouth. The spongy head landed on my tongue and I licked it lightly. The taste was clean and I admit that for a few moments my attention was diverted and I took pleasure in sucking this man’s cock.

But then he had to remind me of my discomfort. The way he did it though was unconscionable. He lifted his giant foot and then pressed his toes and the top half ball of his left foot onto my hard cock. In doing this, he pressed my shaft and cock head to the floor. The fact that I was already hard made it easier for him to hold me down and the pressure that shot back to my bladder was immense.

“Mmmph,” I exclaimed. He held my head firmly in both hands and shoved more of himself into my mouth. In seconds, his cock was buried in my throat while my cock lay pulsing under his heavy foot. My brain screamed “God help me I need to pee!”

Master Mike ground and pivoted his foot just a little harder against my cock and I screamed unintelligibly with his cock in my throat. Finally, he said “okay, just relax Bob,” as he stepped away. His cock withdrew from my mouth and I inhaled deeply to recover my breathing. The pee pressure was unbearable and even though he used a quick release button to free me from the footboard, I wasn’t sure if we would make it to the bathroom in time.

I got up quickly and nearly fell over. My legs were stiff and worthless. Fortunately, he caught me and helped me get to the toilet. At the toilet, I sat quickly and the flow began immediately. As soon as I started feeling better, I said “oh god, this feels so good. I didn’t think we’d make it.”

He laughed and said “I’m having so much fun pressing the envelope with you. You are really quite a fun slave Bob.”

When my piss was over, I said “Master, I need to stay here a while and take care of

. If you want to leave I’ll understand. My shit stinks badly.”

He got the message and shut the door behind him.

When I came out of the bathroom several minutes later, he was on the bed waiting for me. He invited me under the sheets with him and when I got in, I snuggled up next to his warm body and relaxed for the first time since last night. I lay my head on the pillow, draped my arm over his chest yeni slotlar 2024 and closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

I woke much later, alone in his bed. Master had left me a note to use his intercom to call him and he would be back later. I used the bathroom again and when I returned, he was standing in the doorway, wearing blue denim pants and a polo shirt. He looked great dressed or undressed. I wish I looked half as good.

“Feeling better?”

“What time is it?” I suddenly thought of my dogs.

“It’s 3 pm.”

“Oh my god, I need to go home and take care…”

“It’s okay Bob, I took care of them. I found your keys and have been over to your house three times already. They are wonderful, well behaved dogs.”

“You did? I mean. Okay thanks.” What I didn’t say was I wasn’t sure how comfortable I was with that but then again, he left me here and I could have ripped him off too I suppose. So I dropped it. Besides he took care of my dogs. That allowed me to stay longer if he would let me.

“I’m really hungry,” I said as I stretched under his sheets. I flipped over on to my stomach and placed my arms under the pillow. I looked at him as he remained in the doorway. “But first, I want to feel your naked body climb onto mine and your hard cock slip inside me. I want to be experience my first waking fuck.”

Before I finished telling him what I wanted, his shirt was on the floor and his jeans were halfway down his legs. He nearly fell over when I said the word fuck.

When he got into bed with me, I opened my legs and felt his hairy legs cover my thighs. He slipped down below my waist and pried my ass cheeks open with his strong thumbs. When his mouth touched my anus and his tongue pressed against my hole, I relaxed and opened right up for him. His stiff wet tongue felt wonderful, a small reconnaissance before the assault I would soon feel when he pushes his monster cock inside me.

He wets his finger and slips it in. Soon, he double fingers me and I feel him stretch my opening wider. He spits in my open hole and I smile knowing I am now well lubricated and that very soon he will be sodomizing me in the manner I have fantasized about for ages. How I have longed to wake beneath a well hung man fucking the shit out of me. How unfortunate it was to sleep at the foot of the bed. Hopefully that is a one time only matter and that next time I will actually wake to him deeply sodomizing his weekend man whore.

When I sense he is ready to mount me, I raise my pelvis back and upward to accommodate his entry. He climbs along side my head and kneels beside me with his hard cock pointing at my mouth. “Kiss it Bob. Kiss it with your blessing, showing me that you need it buried inside you.”

I leaned closer kissed and held my lips to the spongy engorged mushroom head waiting for me. When I stopped and looked up at him, he said “prepare yourself mentally Bob. You’re going to be sodomized and orally raped over and over for several hours and when it’s all said and done and you make it that long, you’ll be given a choice. In the meantime, you can use your safe word ‘help’ and we’ll stop. Understood?”

“Yes Master.”

With that Master pressed himself into my mouth and I sucked him as best as I could. Suddenly I felt another presence on the bed and someone climbing between my legs. There was no warning, the presence moved on top of me and without thinking I simply opened my legs wider. Lightning quick, I felt a well lubed narrow cock enter my hole. It shoved all the way to its base in one stroke.

“He’s nice and tight,” I heard a man say. Master Mike raised my head off the pillow and pushed even more of his big cock into my mouth. From this angle it would be impossible to deep throat him and soon he realized this too.

“Let’s flip this slut over onto his back. I’ll hold his legs up and you can take him missionary. Then I can mount his mouth and force him to deep throat me.”

When I flipped over onto my back, I saw the legs of at least ten men standing along the near wall and what appeared to be a line extending outside the doorway. I looked up at Master Mike.

“It’s an assessment test Bob. They’re here to help you demonstrate how much cock you’re willing and able to take in one session”

I smiled immediately upon hearing him and he said lift your legs up here then slut. When I did so, he caught my ankles and pulled my legs back further. His friend re-entered my hole and began slamming away. The feeling was incredible. I felt as though I needed to pee again and the in and out friction on my ass hole was nothing short of spectacular.

Over the course of three hours I took cock after cock in my ass hole and mouth. No one used a condom and everyone came inside me. With each new cock, I felt the tightness in my ass give way just a little more. I was placed in various positions including my stomach again and then on all fours only to return to being on my back again with my legs held by Master Mike or one of his friends.

20 men pounded my ass into raw hamburger meat and finally Master Mike took his turn. He was noticeably wider and longer than those that preceded him and though I was tired I felt a renewed sense of enthusiasm building within me.

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