Mature Sexy Wife Gets SWAPPED PART 1

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Mature Sexy Wife Gets SWAPPED PART 1Having a rather sexy mature wife (55) has its advantages and of course some disadvantages. A size 12 with a sexy look and a fucking slut in the bedroom. If you like the loud, vocal, screaming type then my wife is the one for you. About a year ago I was pounding her pussy one night and she could not get enough. I was on top, then she was on top. I fucked, pounded, fingered, ate that horny sexy pussy for about 45 minutes and she wanted much more. I unloaded in her pussy while she was on top and after filling that pussy with all kinds of hot Italian cum she looks at me and says ” How hot would it be for you to watch another man fuck me?” My answer was “About as hot as you watching me fuck that man’s wife” She was all smiles and pronounced that was the perfect answer.The next morning she went on a quest to find a couple similar to us in looks, build and of course alternative sexual desires. She found three couples and the one we chose to meet with (Tom and Brenda) were so very perfect. He was 52 she was 50. Brenda was also much like my wife a very sexy and horny chubby thing. Tom proclaimed he could fuck Denise (My wife) for hours and Brenda agreed that he could last a very long time. My wife was all smiles and Brenda wanted a good fucking but she wanted lots of foreplay gaziantep escort bayan and lots of oral. Think I was smiling as well.This couple was very upscale as well. They have swapped for three years and had been looking for another couple for the last 3 months. We were invited to their upscale home since they informed us they have 2 special sex rooms set aside just for their swapping adventures, how could one resist this offer. We had to wait 2 days and my wife was crazy horny thinking about this encounter. Tom and Brenda asked us to not have sex before the get together promising it would make things even hotter. My wife took almost 3 hours to get herself looking like an incredible hot looking mature slut, I was ready to fuck her before we left but did play by the request of Tom and Brenda.Upon arriving at Tom and Brenda’s place it was very obvious this was going to be a hot and wild sex filled evening. The agreement was I would watch Tom fuck Denise with Brenda close to my side and of course both of us teasing each other. Tom wasted no time at all attacking Denise and we headed to sex room one. This guy had her on the bed and was eating her pussy in minutes, his fucking cock was huge and hard and would tease Denise with it by rubbing it in between her tits. He kept escort bayan spreading her legs apart and burying his tongue deep in her pussy and she was moaning and screaming to be fucked. He pulled his tongue out of Denise’s pussy and shoved his cock in her and gave her about 5 or 6 pumps and then pulled out. OMG that was hot watching it and even hotter listening to her scream when that massive dick went in her dripping wet pussy. She was begging for his cock again, me and Brenda were getting all hot and bothered playing with each other but decided to join in and suck and tease Denise’s nipples while Tom ate her pussy and finger fucked her. I have pounded my wife’s pussy off the charts at times and heard some incredible screaming and moaning but this was wild and hot listening to this just while she was being eaten and fingered. Finally after about 30 minutes of intense foreplay and all kinds of dirty sex talk, Tom talking about fucking Denise’s pussy till she faints he climbed onto her and slide his hard long thick cock in her pussy. Brenda told me to be prepared because he would probably fuck her for a good hour if Denise could indeed handle it that long. As Tom starts pumping and banging my wife’s pussy I am so turned on, Brenda is coaching Tom to fuck Denise like the horny slut that she is, that is making me even hotter. My wife is screaming so loudly as his cock pounds her pussy, calling her a slut, a whore, listening to my wife agree and beg for more cock, screaming to be fucked harder, deeper. Me and Brenda spread her legs even wider and Tom goes even deeper with his cock in her pussy. Now Denise is screaming OMG OMG OMG Oh my FUCKING GOD don’t stop, MORE MORE fuck me harder. Tom just keeps banging Denise faster and deeper, the fucking bed sounds like it is about to collapse, then me and Brenda join back in and begin to suck, pinch, twist my wife’s nipples. Tom has been fucking her pussy for 30 minutes or so and Denise is screaming “Cum in my pussy OMG please cum in my pussy I want to feel the hot cum” Brenda chimes in and says “Keep fucking that bitch honey, fuck her pussy some more, but no cum, make that slut scream and beg for your cum. Denise is whimpering, screaming, moaning, begging for Tom to cum in her pussy but he keeps pounding her pussy. Finally almost and hour after he slide his cock in Denise’s pussy Tom unloads cum in Denise. The fucking dirty talk from Tom was hot and Denise screaming was even hotter. Tom filled her pussy with so much cum OMG when he pulled out it was like a faucet of cum running out of Denise’s pussy. Brenda looked at Denise and says ” Hmm you little slut did you like the pounding, fucking my hubby gave you?” “Well prepare yourself because he is not done fucking your chubby little slutty pussy tonight.PART 2 up next

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