May Ch. 02


Jack arrived at May’s at three-forty, he was a little nervous, but he was also very horny. He knew that he would follow his mum’s advice and be very dominant. He had had a lot of sexual experience. For the first two years at University, he had been having sex with his old form teacher from school. She had taught him a lot. She was sixty when the affair started. It had come to an end when her husband had retired when he was sixty-five. She had worshipped his cock. They still occasionally had online sex, but that was not on a regular basis.

May was in the lounge, she said, “Darling, I am in the lounge, please come and join me, I have a lovely bottle of Challis. Let’s have a glass of wine first as I am a little nervous.”

Jack went into the lounge; May was sitting on the sofa. She poured Jack a glass of wine, and he sat down beside her. She was wearing a tight top that showed her massive tits, she was not wearing a bra, and her nipples were hard. She was wearing even tighter leggings, May had the biggest and best looking Camels Toe that he had ever seen. Her labia was perfect. She had long and thick cunt lips; Jack was impressed with the length and the thickness of her cunt lips. He slid his hand between her legs and squeezed her swollen vulva; he said, “Strip slowly for me then take my cock out and suck him until he is hard.”

She pulled off her top then removed her leggings, she was wearing no underwear, May then undid his belt and unzipped his trousers, he was still sitting on the sofa and raised his hips off the cushion, and she pulled his pants down to his ankles. The outline of his massive cock was visible in his boxer shorts. It looked impressive. May slipped her hand inside his boxers as she did this three inches of his hard cock popped out. His bulbous head looked magnificent. May then slid his boxer shorts to his ankles and said, “That’s impressive, I have never seen one as big. Please, strip naked for me, and I will make your cock very hard.”

He stripped naked and sat on the sofa with May kneeling in front of him sucking his hard cock. May was an expert with her tongue, lips and fingers. She continued to arouse his cock for the next few minutes then Jack positioned her on the carpet allowing them to sixty-nine. May spread her legs then using two fingers of her right hand she spread her swollen cunt lips open. Out popped her substantial hooded clitoris. Jack circled his tongue around her hard clitoris, she loved it and pushed her cunt against his mouth. He then started to suck her hard clit; it was like a small cock. He cunt was so wet; she was taking three of his fingers quickly. She was deep throating his cock and his bulbous crown was banging on her throat; she didn’t gag once.

He had felt and tasted her having cum several times during their foreplay. He was now fisting her squelching cunt, and she was gripping his fist with her powerful cunt muscles. May loved everything that he was doing with her. He now had lubed her ass with her cunt juice. She moaned with pleasure when he ass fucked her with three fingers. Her juices bahis siteleri were soon dripping out of her pussy. Jack thought that Tim would be in heaven if he were eating her cunt now. May was a strong, powerful woman and it was apparent to Jack now that she had strong sexual needs and urges.

He then made her bend over the sofa; she balanced herself by gripping the rolled arm of the couch. He spread her legs open then dipped four fingers inside her wet cunt. He withdrew his fingers and applied the cunt juice that was on his fingers around the bulbous crown of his cock. He positioned the tip of his cock precisely on her ass hole. With a gentle thrust, his cock vanished inside her ass doggy style. May said, “That’s fucking marvellous, I have only had dildos up there before, it feels amazing. Fuck me deep and hard.”

Jack then started to pound her ass relentlessly, he was going deep and hard, and she loved it. Several minutes later she had her first vaginal orgasm, she was trembling with it but Jack didn’t let up, he continued to pound her ass. May loved this, his bulbous tip was stimulating her G-spot, and he knew that she would have a stronger orgasm soon. He was now rubbing her hard clit with the same tempo that he was riding her ass. She then had a massive orgasm; she was shaking uncontrollably, he continued to pound her, he said, “I’m not finished yet, I have a lot more to give you, your cunt will be dripping when I am finished with you.”

He pulled out of her ass then rammed his cock into her cunt doggy style. He was amazed that the harder he fucked her, the more she enjoyed it. Her massive tits were now bouncing in every direction; it was an incredible sight. Her strong cunt muscles were now gripping his cock at the base and the tip with each thrust that he gave her. He continued to rub her clip; she loved it when he squeezed it with his thumb and forefinger. He was giving May the fuck of her life, and May knew it. He continued to pound her cunt continuously, and her cunt was now squelching loudly with each thrust. He had no idea how many times May had cum but knew it had been a lot.

His balls were slapping into her pussy now and this excited May. He was now really grinding into her when May had another massive orgasm. Within seconds Jack exploded inside her. He squirted his spunk with a lot of pressure inside her. May felt it and said, “Jesus, that was amazing, I am having a lot of firsts today. That’s the first time that I have felt spunk being sprayed inside my cunt. Do you know that it is now six-thirty, we have been doing it for over two and a half hours. I have loved every minute of it.”

He pulled out and turned her around. They kissed tenderly with a lot of passion. May’s cunt was dripping, she said, “It is a pity that Tim is not here. He would love to lick me out now. I had better go to the bathroom and use the bidet. That was fantastic, both my cunt and ass are throbbing, I can honestly tell you that was the best fuck of my life. Once I get used to you our lovemaking will improve. I have never in my life online casinolar cum so often with penetration. I can cum with oral. Your forefinger is bigger than Tim’s cock; now I know that I love a big cock.”

May left the lounge and came several minutes later. She was glowing; she was also carrying a box of pills, she said, “I will order the curry now. The Indian that I use is excellent. If you take one of these pills then after we have eaten, your magnificent cock will be hard for at least four hours. Take the package with you and tomorrow thirty minutes before you get here to take one, then we can have several hours of good fucking.”

May ordered the takeaway; it was excellent. They ate their meal in the kitchen. Then started four hours of intensive fucking. He first fucked her on the kitchen table. In the four hours May had multiple orgasms, Jack came twice. He was also unrelenting in the way he pounded her. It wasn’t kissing and cuddling; it was hard physical sex and May loved it. May was a loving and caring person, but sexually she had an insatiable appetite. It was as though May now understood what satisfied her sexually and that was Jack’s massive cock and the way he was fucking her. He was taking her to her limit then taking her further than she thought that she could go. Jack fell asleep with a contented look on his face, and his cock was still rock hard.

May was very restless in bed; she had so much on her mind. She got out of bed and went to the kitchen for a cup of tea. She looked at the kitchen table where he had fucked after their meal. Her throbbing cunt got wet thinking about it. She thought of his massive cock which was thicker than her wrist, and she had a robust, thick wrist as she had played tennis when she was younger. She had never had sex like it in her life. He didn’t stop. After he had cum, he was ready to go again minutes later. He had stayed hard for hours continually fucking her. He had been passionate, amorous and intensive in everything that he did to her. She wanted everything and more that he could give her.

She thought of him pounding her. The pain was turning into exquisite pleasure. She had had one orgasm after the other. He didn’t stop. She thought of the joy that she had had when his massive cock had stretched her cunt and ass. He had also penetrated her so deeply. She thought of when he had cum, and his spunk had flooded inside her. He was now her master in bed. The things that he had done had all given. The way that he had raised her legs and put them over his shoulders, he had gone so deep then. The way he fucked me hard and fast from the beginning. She thought of when she was struggling to handle his massive size, and he then would burrow deeper, giving her more.

She thought of when he was fucking her, the more he fucked me, the more I wanted. She relished the pleasure he had given her. The way that he had slammed into me. The thrill of his powerful thrusts, the more he gave, the more she wanted. How he emptied his balls inside me, the feeling of the warmth gerçek para casinoları of his creamy spunk. May finished her coffee and went back to her bedroom. She set the alarm for six. She leaned over and kissed Jack on the cheek. She was asleep five minutes later.

Jack had arrived at the University for his first lecture at eight-thirty, he thought of this morning’s session with May had been excellent. May had wanted ass fucked and he had given her three vaginal orgasms before he fucked her pussy. He had once again pounded her relentlessly and she had loved it. As he left May had said, “We can have a Chinese takeaway tonight then we can have another relaxing evening.”

He checked his messages at his first break; he had three messages from his mum with pictures. The pictures were taken in the boutique by Dot on Jean’s smartphone. There were five pictures of Jean in different outfits which in all she looked stunning. The message with the five pictures read, “Darling, I have bought all five of these outfits. This boutique is amazing and is not expensive. Dot and I have bought a lot. We are still here as we haven’t bought any lingerie yet. Thinking about you, love mum.”

He replied, “Mum, you look super in all of the pictures. I am glad that you have bought them. I had a great night and morning with May. She loves to fuck as you said. I enjoyed being with her. I was very dominant as you suggested and she loved that. I am just reading your messages now as I had my phone switched off last night. May ordered an Indian takeaway meal last night, and it was excellent. We should do that sometime too. I will now reply to your messages as I read them. I am thinking about you too. Love Jack.”

He opened the second message, and it had two pictures, one of a Camels Toe and the other of his mum wearing very tight fitting leggings which showed her swollen vulva to perfection. She wrote, “Darling, I have just bought six pairs of these leggings, they are so comfortable. Dot told me about Camels Toes and that’s slang for very tight leggings that show the shape of the vulva. Dot also said to me that if you were knowledgeable about these things by looking at my picture you would know that my pussy was smooth and I wasn’t wearing any panties. Would you feel comfortable if I wore these in the house?

Just a thought, love mum.”

He replied, “Thank you for the informative message, I think that you could teach me a lot. You look wonderful in those leggings. I would have no problem if you wore them at home. Thanks for the thought, love Jack.”

The third message had no pictures but was written at twelve-thirty this morning, it read, “Darling, I have just left Dot in bed, she prepared a wonderful meal, we had a fantastic evening. I have thought of you all evening, I was checking my phone for replies to my messages, but sadly there were none. I suspect that you have been fully engaged with May. I just wanted to write and tell you that I am thinking of you and I would love to feel your arms around me giving me a good night kiss. All my love, mum xxx.”

He replied, “Mum, I would love the same. If you want I will drive home after University. I can be home at five this afternoon. We can have an Indian takeaway tonight. Let me know what you think as I would need to let May know that I won’t be with her tonight. All my love, Jack xxx.”

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