Meeting After Ten Years Ch. 01


Mike and Becca dated briefly in college but drifted apart. Ten years later they met unexpectedly at a trade show in New York City. Mike invited Becca to lunch.

Becca was wearing a conservative business suit but Mike could see she had kept her college figure. In fact, it appeared to him her shape had been significantly enhanced. The suit jacket covered up the specifics but Mike suspected her breasts might have surgically ‘grown’ a cup size or two. He tried to be discrete but his eyes and mind kept returning to her tits. He couldn’t see them but he wondered if he might be able to enjoy them a little later.

It was rapidly established that they were both unmarried and lived only about 30 minutes apart in the New York suburbs. They were both staying in the city for client meetings during the trade show. This certainly increased the sexual possibilities. Mike reflected on their dating experiences as he fantasized about having sex with Becca. They had not had sex in college but he’d played with her tits- ‘B cups’ back then and he’d received a blowjob on their third date. He couldn’t recall exactly why they didn’t continue dating but summer vacation had intervened. They didn’t see each other over the summer nor start dating again when they returned to school.

Not having much time their lunchtime conversation was disjointed and rushed. They determined that they worked in separate fields. Their respective firms just happened to provide legal and graphic arts services, respectively, to several of the electronics companies at the trade show. Neither of them would normally go to the show but each had a reason on this particular day. They laughed at the karma of their meeting. After touching on various mutual friends, etc their schedules dictated that lunch must end.

Mike invited Becca to dinner and they agreed on a mutually convenient time and place to meet near the trade show venue. He was distracted all afternoon by thoughts about her tits. She was tall and thin in college and her “B” cup breasts were nicely shaped and fine for her body. She still looked thin or at least very fit. If as Mike suspected she’d had surgery to bring her tits up to a “D”, they would really look huge on her body. Could he be wrong? The jacket covered everything but it certainly seemed to fit her upper body well and her chest looked big. Her ass and legs looked trim; she certainly wasn’t fat- only her chest seemed to have grown. Mike was hoping he’d get the chance to reacquaint himself with her body- enhanced or not.

As they met for dinner Mike again discretely tried to assess Becca’s body. Her tits were definitely bigger; he was sure of it.

Mike had picked the best restaurant near the hotel in the hope that it would offer a nice atmosphere. In making the reservation he’d also asked for a private table. The hostess seated them at a small table in a quiet corner- definitely a lover’s table. After some small talk about the afternoon Mike said, “You look great. You look even better than in college.”

Becca blushed and replied, “Thank you. You look good, too.” She then leaned forward and in a soft voice said, “Thank you for the compliment but I doubt you’ve noticed anything about my body other than my breasts. Your eyes have been focused on my tits since we met.”

Mike was embarrassed but recovered quickly saying, “Well, I was complimenting all of you. I did think your breasts looked great but your suit jacket makes a full assessment rather difficult. You look very pretty and I was trying not to stare but, yes, I couldn’t help but notice your chest.”

Becca smiled and unbuttoned her jacket. She was wearing a thin shell under the jacket. The lapels of the jacket spread only a few inches apart so Mike couldn’t really see much more than before. The unbuttoning gesture was, however, a clear invitation so he became more bold, saying, “Thanks for the button but your jacket is still covering you. Sit back and open your jacket a little more.”

Becca did exactly as requested but then let the lapels close again quickly. Mike found the brief view of Becca’s torso intriguing. Her thin top was stretched tightly over what had to be “D” or “DD” cup breasts. He assumed she’d had enhancement surgery- excellent surgery since at least through the shell her tits looked perfectly natural. He mumbled, “Wow. You look great,” as he struggled with what else to say.

Mike’s dilemma was that he thought he’d seen a small circle of wetness on Becca’s left breast. She hadn’t said anything about a baby but could she be lactating? Maybe that’s why her tits looked so big. He didn’t want to point out the spot; he wasn’t even sure he’d seen it.

Becca broke the silence by observing, “I thought you’d like them. They’re a lot bigger than in college.”

Mike said again, “They-you look great.”

Becca smiled as she enjoyed Mike’s awkwardness. She then said, “Thanks. I really haven’t gotten used to my big tits. I’m very top- heavy. Finding clothes big enough on top that aren’t too big at my waist and hips is almost impossible. My doctor friend has şişli escort taken to calling me ‘Barbie’. Remember when somebody computed that if a Barbie doll was human sized she’d have something like a “40” bust over an 18″ waist? I’m obviously not that thin but I do feel very top heavy.”

Mike hesitated and then said, “Well…having a figure like Barbie is a good thing. You actually look bustier than Barbie. I assume you got what you asked for…and your breasts look very natural and well, lots of women would love to have the problems you mentioned.”

Having tricked Mike into the conclusion that she’d had a boob job, Becca feigned indignation and said, “You think I had my breasts enhanced don’t you?”

Mike was mortified and mumbled, “Well, ah… as I said, you look great.”

Becca smiled and decided to let him off the hook but only partially. She opened her jacket again and pulled her arms back to boldly display her chest while she proudly said, “I’ll have you know my tits are100% natural… well, not exactly 100% natural but I didn’t get implants. It was more like an accident.”

Now it was Mike’s turn to smile, “An accident?”

“Yes, now put your eyes back in your head. Let’s order dinner and I’ll explain in a little while.”

Mike was now sure about the spot on Becca’s top which would suggest lactation but she had never mentioned a baby. He was confused but also aroused by the thought that Becca might have natural breasts that were swollen with milk.

They both took a minute to review the menu and placed their order. Mike couldn’t wait for the server to leave. He wanted to hear about Becca’s accident. He guessed that maybe she meant she’d gotten pregnant by accident but she hadn’t said anything about having a baby. She didn’t sound sad or depressed. If she’d lost the baby or put it up for adoption she wouldn’t be so upbeat and wouldn’t still be lactating. It was all very confusing. He figured he’d better not assume anything. If he said the wrong thing his chances of getting lucky tonight could drop like a stone.

When the waiter had left and their privacy was restored Becca said, “About 8 or 9 months ago I went to my Ob-Gyn about the painful periods I was having. After a month of tests she couldn’t find anything biologically wrong but talked to me about enrolling in a clinical trial for a new birth control pill. A lot of women use the pill to regulate their periods. This trial was for a new pill that uses different hormones and other secret formulations. Preliminary results had suggested the new pill reduced menstrual pain so I signed up.

Within a month my bras started to feel tight but I didn’t think anything about it; I blamed the washing machine. After two months my tits were definitely bigger- I had to buy all new bras and some of my tops were too tight. The doctor said I was fine and should simply enjoy the extra male attention I was getting. After another month or two I went up another cup size and my breasts felt very tender. I was scared and was sure the pill was the cause.”

“Wow,” said Mike, “What did the doctors say?”

“I was having monthly check-ups. They didn’t say much but the drug company sent out a technical rep to interview me and to calm me down. They arranged for me to see an independent Ob-Gyn for a physical and consultation. She assured me I was healthy.

“I was going to drop out of the study but the company agreed to give me extra check- ups and they’re paying me to continue with the pill. I gathered that of the thousand women in the study only a few had my side effects. You can imagine that if they can figure out why the pill works this way in my body they might be able to create a blockbuster bust enlargement pill.”

“I guess you were right; it was an accident,” said Mike. “I couldn’t imagine what kind of an accident would make your breasts bigger. I guess I should mention that your story has given me a huge erection.”

“I’m not finished with my story. I’m not sure how your cock is going to react to the next part.”

Mike was embarrassed again. He shouldn’t have said anything about his cock but in any case he wanted to hear what Becca had to say. He looked at her inquisitively.

“About a month ago,” continued Becca, “my tits started to produce milk. It was just a little at first but gradually increased. I have to use a breast pump several times a day now to relieve the pressure. I’m producing about 8 oz a day from each breast. The doctor says nursing mothers typically produce twice that so she’s warned me that I may get even bigger and will have to pump more often.”

Becca paused and reached for her wine. “That’s my story; as I said my tits are very real but my condition isn’t exactly natural. Have I grossed you out?”

“That’s incredible,” replied Mike. “I’m sure it’s been very difficult for you. I can’t imagine all of the changes you’ve experienced. For myself, I have to confess your story has made my cock ache. I keep thinking that the breasts I played with in college have gotten sivas escort all swollen and sexy. I hope that’s okay to say. I don’t mean to be a sexist pig but I’m trying to be honest.”

“It’s okay,” said Becca. “I’m happy you’re turned on. I was concerned all afternoon about how you’d react. I was hoping you might be turned on. Among the effects I’m experiencing is extreme horniness. My tits are very sensitive and drawing the milk out of them is very erotic. I have an orgasm almost every time.”

Mike replied, “I’d certainly like to examine this situation more closely. I have a room at the hotel if you wouldn’t mind my drooling over you. I’d love to feel your breasts and, if it’s alright, suck on you.”

“I’m certainly up for that; just remember that you have to be gentle. You sound a little excited.”

The couple tried to talk about other topics during dinner but Becca’s tits were never out of their minds. From time to time Mike would ask a question about some aspect of Becca’s condition.

Mike asked Becca for more information about the drug trial. How they could give her such an experimental medicine? Becca explained that apparently her body was one of only a few to have her side effects. For virtually everyone else in the test group it was simply birth control. Technically she was still part of the original drug trial. The drug company had insisted on that. They could only continue giving her the drug if she was a participant. The fact that they were gathering extra information about her side effects didn’t violate any medical-legal rules. They were paying her well for the extra information and she cooperated with extra exams, keeping a journal of her milking and freezing milk samples daily. They wouldn’t admit it but she was sure they hoped she held clues that might help them create a bust enhancement pill.

He also asked if the doctors had said how long the condition might last.

Becca said nobody knew but the working theory was that her body was acting as if she’d had a baby. As with other nursing mothers lactation could continue for as long as the milk was being sucked out on a regular basis- even for years. On the other hand, in her case it might stop as soon as she stopped taking the pill. She’d agreed to continue on the pill for 45 more days so that question would be determined at that time.

Mike also couldn’t resist asking if she thought her breast size was still increasing. Becca said she felt she’d stabilized at 34DD except that when her breasts were full they were larger. She noted that with her frame not being very big her tits looked enormous to her whether they were full or not. Since the doctor had told her the milk quantity hadn’t yet peaked she expected she’d be even bigger. She added, “I assume you saw the wet spot on my blouse. That’s a new problem if I delay pumping or if I get aroused. The milk builds up and my tits literally hurt with the pressure. Some milk leaks out. “

Becca added, “I’m not looking forward to having even more milk stretching my tits. I’m also a little worried about how I’ll look when this is all over but my doctor tells me millions of women have lived the experience. Mothers who nursed have darker nipples and their breasts stay a little larger but they’re not ugly.”

“Of course not,” Mike replied. “You’ll be a MILF; actually I guess you already are. I can’t wait to get your clothes off.”

As soon as they were in Mike’s room he embraced Becca passionately. They kissed deeply and Mike’s hands caressed Becca’s back. His hands made a couple of dips to her ass. She felt just as fit as he’d thought. Her chest pressed noticeably against his and his hard cock poked against her.

Becca broke the kiss and stepped back. She opened her jacket and removed it. She knew Mike was lustfully staring at her chest and she enjoyed the feeling. Still covered in the thin blouse Becca cupped her large breasts in her hands and said, “So… what do you think?”

“Fabulous,” said Mike.

Becca smiled at the comment and then dropped her hands to her skirt. As she removed her skirt she said,”You should take your clothes off, too. You don’t want breast milk on your suit. It stains.”

Mike was soon wearing only boxers and Becca stood before him in a white nursing bra and plain white panties. “Pardon my lingerie,” she said. “Nursing bras aren’t designed to be sexy and I wasn’t expecting to be showing my bra to anyone.”

“I’ve never seen a nursing bra. I’ve always thought the idea of the flaps for access was sexy,” said Mike. “Today, though, we need to get rid of the bra so I can have see and touch every inch of your breasts.”

Mike stepped closer as Becca reached for the front clasp on her bra. She clicked it open and grasped the edges of each cup- pulling each one out and to the side — gradually exposing her huge tits.

Mike stared and murmured, “Fabulous.” His hands gently cupped and fondled each breast. “They’re incredible,” said Mike. “I’ve never seen any breasts that could compare.”

Mike caressed Becca’s breasts and sıhhiye escort told her he’d been visualizing them since they met in the late morning. He said, “I remember you had perfectly shaped breasts when we were in college. Somehow they’ve grown dramatically but kept their perfect shape.

“Needless to say, the rest of your body looks great, too. I’m sure most new mothers with swollen breasts don’t have the toned body you have. You really do have a body like Barbie- well, maybe like her busty sister. Your nipples look to be about ½” tall. They look delicious.”

“They’re delicious if you like milk. You’re not going to be able to get near them without getting wet. If you’re okay with that I’d love to feel your mouth on me. I pumped at about 4 o’clock. You can suck out what my body’s made since then.”

Mike didn’t need to be invited twice. His mouth encircled her left nipple and they both groaned with passion. Mike’s tongue explored the large nub and he brushed his lips against it to measure its size and texture. Milk immediately wet his lips and he loved knowing that he’d made Becca leak. The whole experience was kinky and erotic. He’d never had such great tits in his mouth and certainly never teased breast milk from a nipple. Mike said, “They feel hot and very firm; I can sense the pressure that’s built up.”

After toying with Becca’s nipple and enjoying the small release of milk he knew sucking on that nipple was the next step. Mike whispered, “I want to suck on you and can’t imagine stopping once I get started. Come lie down on the bed with me; let’s get those granny panties off you. I’d like total access.” They lay down next to each other and Mike again said, “I’m new at this. Tell me if I suck too hard or not hard enough and tell me when you want me to move to your other side.”

“Shut up and suck on me. I’ve been thinking about this all day.”

Mike’s mouth closed over Becca’s nipple and he soon found the right suction- enough to make the milk flow and to arouse Becca. Her excitement was obvious and Mike’s arousal increased as he knew he was giving her pleasure.

Mike’s left hand slipped down to her Venus Mound and cradled the area of her clit allowing Becca to press against him. Within a minute Becca was having her first of several orgasms. After a few minutes Becca told Mike to switch breasts. She rolled away from him slightly to raise her right breast and he enveloped that nipple. Again, he marveled at the size of her nipple. It was probably twice as big as it had been in college. He guessed each breast was probably twice as big too.

After perhaps 10 minutes, Becca pushed Mike away saying, “I think you’ve drained me completely. Let me feel your cock inside of me. How would you like me to ride you cowgirl style so you can enjoy my tits?”

“Wow,” replied Mike. “That’s exactly what I had in mind but I didn’t want to sound selfish.”

Mike rolled onto his back and Becca climbed on top of him. She knelt over his crotch and lowered herself onto his rock hard cock. As she eased down Mike’s hips thrust up- knocking her off balance. “Calm down, Mike. I know you’re excited but I’m not running away. Your cock feels great.”

Becca leaned back a little and caressed the lower and outer sides of her breasts to tease Mike. “I think my magic tits have seduced you. I could ask you to do anything and you’d agree if you could play with these.”

“You’re right,” replied Mike. “Anything…” He reached up and fondled her huge tits while marveling at her sexy body. “They’re much softer now. Before they were hard; I guess I did a good job.”

Becca raised and lowered herself and Mike thrust into her- trying to control his lust. They were both soon at the edge of a climax. Becca came first and that pushed Mike over the edge. His last thrust unsettled Becca and she fell forward onto his chest. Even though he was still in mid orgasm he was excited by her tits being crushed against his chest. What an incredible day he’d had.

As the couple rested together Becca toyed with Mike’s cock and it soon came back to life. As he hardened she said, “There’s a sex act I’d like to try. I can only do it at a time like this when I’ve recently been milked and my tits are soft. Would you like to fuck my tits?”

“Of course I would! What guy wouldn’t?”

Becca moved to sit on the edge of the bed with her legs spread and her feet on the floor. Mike rapidly moved to stand in front of her. Becca reached for her purse and retrieved a small bottle of lube. She dripped a few drops on the inner slope of each breast, put the bottle down and brought her hands to the outside of each breast. Mike stepped forward. He bent his knees slightly and his cock settled between her tits as Becca pushed them around him. Mike moved his hips to thrust between them. He watched as his cock head appeared and disappeared at the top of the tunnel Becca was providing. He was in heaven.

Since he’d already cum, Mike was able to fuck for an extended time without cumming. His back started to hurt from his slight crouch. He told Becca about his back and wondered if they could continue with Becca lying down. She surprised him by saying, “No. Your cock is nicely lubed. Stand up comfortably and jack yourself off onto my tits.” As she spoke Becca fondled her tits roughly and said “Worship my tits. Give me your cum.”

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