Meeting And First Date With Aldous


I identify as a ‘bi male’ but for the past few years, my sex life has been non existent. Age and an enlarged prostate have taken their toll and the eight-inch erection I was once so proud of is now just a happy memory. My tiny cock is no longer an embarrassment to me. I’ve learned to accept it. Of course I still get horny, still masturbate and still dream about sex. I’ve never felt romantically attracted to any man but lately, my fantasies have involved other men, men who took pleasure in my submission and humiliation. Recently those fantasies have become much more frequent. As has happened in the past, I knew my psyche would soon drive me to replace fantasy with action.I now live alone but past years of a cuckold marriage to a beautiful sex-addicted and predatory woman made me an active, even eager participant in my own emasculation and feminization. I was putty in her hands and the hands of some of her many lovers. I’m tall, well over 6 feet and in good physical shape. At home, I enjoy cross-dressing and take some pride in my long, shapely legs. I even have a small wardrobe of women’s clothes which I wear when I masturbate.Last week I left my garage woodshop at noon, as is my custom, and drove to the grocery store to pick up a cheap lunch. Walking in from the parking lot, I was greeted by a cheerful old gentleman, sitting on a bench outside the market with a sack of groceries. He was clean and well dressed but terribly scarred. We exchanged pleasantries and I went in to do my shopping. On exiting, I found he was still there, so, not having any pressing business I offered him a ride. He told me he had been waiting quite a while for a Uber and would be happy to accept my offer.In the car, he introduced himself as Aldous and surprised me when he told me his age was sixty-two. He looked much older and I asked him about his scars. Aldous was a garrulous gent and went into great detail about a couple of serious car wrecks he’d been in that had left him permanently crippled. He now lived on disability payments, in an old mobile home in the country.Aldous was a very talkative type. He told me all about his ex-girlfriend and their sex life which he obviously missed. He enjoyed relating in great detail how she had sucked his cock several times a day. I expressed surprise that he could attain an erection that often at his age. I also couldn’t help but notice the growing bulge in his pants as he rambled on. It was clear that Aldous was straight rus escort but it was also clear he was in need of release. In spite of myself, I too was becoming aroused at the sight of his bulging pants.Aldous directed me to his trailer, in a small compound of about a dozen trailers in various stages of decay. I parked and came right out and told him the sight of his cock getting hard had turned me on. I put my hand on his thigh and when he didn’t remove it I grew bolder. My hand seemed to have a mind of its own and slowly caressed his leg, drifting up until I was fondling his hardening and very impressive erection. With no forethought, I told him it would be a real privilege for me if he would allow me to suck his cock.Aldous’ cock was certainly ready for my attentions but he had some reservations. He told me he’d never been with another man ‘that way’ so I told him that getting a good blow job from a man didn’t mean he was gay. I could see he was in need of release and I told him I would remove my dentures and give him better head than any woman ever had. It was removing the dentures that did the trick. Aldous invited me into his trailer.Leaving my teeth in the car I followed Aldous in. The trailer was as funky on the inside as it looked on the outside and that suited my perverse mood perfectly. It was dark, dank and smelled of old man sweat and cats. I asked Aldous to just kick back and let me service him. We went into the bedroom and he laid down on his unmade bed. I quickly stripped off all my own clothes, then turned to Aldous. I started by kneeling at his feet and removed his shoes and socks. My need for submission and humiliation was in high gear and I licked his smelly feet and sucked his toes for a minute or two.I unfastened Aldous’ belt, unzipped his pants and pulled them off, leaving his underpants on for the moment. I licked and kissed and caressed his gnarly and scarred legs from his ankles up to his briefs. I’m sure most people would have been revolted by the rank aroma from his crotch but for me, it was a powerful aphrodisiac. When I pulled down the grey and stained underwear I asked him to roll over saying, “Let me kiss your ass, Sir”.I cupped his flabby ass cheeks in my hands and spread them to expose the brown stained wrinkled shit hole that my lips were drawn to. My face was now buried between Aldous’ ass cheeks with my hands massaging his big butt, I could hardly breathe. yenimahalle escort I was almost in Heaven. Soon my eager tongue was probing, then plunging in and out and rimming his asshole. From his movement and groans, I knew Aldous was as excited as I was.I let go of his ass cheek with my right hand and probed for his cock. It was easy to find and I was thrilled to find it was amazingly big in circumference, about the size and shape of a beer can with big bulging veins. I can’t recall ever seeing a man’s cock bigger in circumference. Surprisingly, considering his age, his cock was hard as a rock under the smooth soft skin. I rolled Aldous onto his back and raised his legs to give me access to his sweaty, swollen and pulsating perineum which I licked and gummed and then attended to his enormous and low hanging balls. They were moving in their hairy sac and felt as big as lemons. I could only take one testicle into my mouth at a time. My right hand was busily stroking his cock now and my left was still entertaining his tight ass.I knew by the quivering of his cock he was close to ejaculating. I raised my head to kiss and suck that huge cock. It wasn’t easy but I managed to stretch my lips around his fat hard-on and suck it into my toothless mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and thrust his cock, balls deep into my eager throat. I could taste the creamy precum as he fucked my mouth. I hoped his abuse of my throat would last but after just a few minutes his cock spasmed and commenced shooting thick wads of cum into my throat.We both were breathing hard. I was saying ‘thank you, thank you’ over and over. After a few minutes, Aldous told me that was the best blow job he’d ever had, by far, and that he hoped for more. I breathlessly told him he was wonderful, that I would give him my phone number and would come any time he called, day or night. I told him I enjoyed cross-dressing and would gladly show up wearing high heels and sexy lingerie for his pleasure.By then it was clear our relationship had changed. Even though I was bigger and stronger than Aldous, he was now dominant and we were no longer strangers. I wanted to cement our roles so when he got up to pee, I asked him to use my mouth as his urinal. Several of my ex-wife’s lovers had used me that way so it was nothing new for me. Most men’s piss is nearly tasteless, just slightly salty and is neither warm nor cool, strangely neutral in temperature. Drinking another man’s piss is also one of the more degrading, humiliating and satisfying actions a submissive can do.As I was getting dressed Aldous asked me if I would come back that night, after he had recharged. ‘Would I’? At that point, I was practically enslaved by lust and the release of long pent up desires. Of course, I would come back and taking his flaccid cock in hand, I told him just that. I sank to my knees and said, “please sir, don’t ever ask me to do anything again. You can TELL me what to do and no matter what your wish is, I’ll gladly comply.”, “Think of me as your slave” I added. I nuzzled, kissed and tongued his cock and balls for a minute and then offered some suggestions… Of course, my mouth, but also my tight ass was always available for his fucking pleasure. I hoped to be his full-time sex slave and as such, he could loan me to any of his friends for sex and even whore me out to strangers as often as he wished. My only request was that he would, whenever possible, tell me in advance how I was to be used. That was just so I could enjoy the anticipation of my degradation.When I got home, the phone was ringing. It was Aldous, calling already to tell me two of his neighbors would be joining us this evening. An older man and his nephew from the trailer next door. He said I should go directly there, bring a couple of six-packs of beer and wear ‘something sexy’. He and his friends would put some porn DVD’s on and would all be expecting a good ass tonguing to start with and then ‘whatever felt right’. When he said he was about to shower for our date I told him not to clean up on my account, that I relished his funk (I called it his ‘masculine scent’) and was turned on by it. Of course, I would be clean and fresh smelling for him and his friends. Aldous’ odor was still on me and even in my nose, which had been buried in his rectum earlier. I hated to scrub it off but I knew it would soon be with me again.I was too excited to prepare a meal but knew I should eat something to keep my energy up. I had a sandwich and then took a short nap. My dreams were of burying my face between Aldous’ butt cheeks and endlessly licking his rectum and sweat slimed perineum and ass crack. When I woke my tiny nub of a cock was as hard as it could get, which isn’t saying a lot. The sun had set and I showered and powdered myself. Gave my long legs a fresh shave and rubbed them with perfumed lotion. I put on a new pair of hot pink thigh-highs and matching micro-mini dress. I stepped into my pink five-inch spike heel ‘fuck me’ shoes and was ready for a night with Aldous and his friends. As I got into my car, my sphincter was actually quivering with anticipation.

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