Meeting the Boss’s Daughter Ch. 06


I watched Katie as she slept peacefully in my bed. She was still clothed, saved for the panties I made her take off. The garter belt was so sexy on her long legs. Not for me, however. I wanted to pleasure her some more but I also wanted her to have some energy left for her boyfriend. I took a quick shower while she was sleeping, dressed up. As much as I wanted to stay in bed with her, I had my own seminar to attend to downstairs.

As I was about to leave, I heard her stir. She opened her eyes and noticed I was all ready to leave.

“I have to go for a while,” I told her, “but feel free to rest here as long as you want.”

She checked the clock, “Mmm… I have to go in a bit. Bryan’s coming. He certainly can’t find me here.” She started to get up.

“I have something for you,” I told her as I got up to took out a package.

She looked at me, surprised. “What for? What is it?”

“Something I’ve owed you for a while,” I answered, as I handed it to her.

She opened it and gasped, a blush appearing on her cheeks again. She pulled out a peach, lace babydoll lingerie with matching thongs and an extra pair of black lacy panties.

I smiled at her blushing face, “I figured I’d have to replace the ones I tore or took from you eventually.”

“There was no need,” she replied as she put them back in.

“I have to go, I’m meeting your dad downstairs,” I told her as I turned to leave. “By the way, there’s one more gift in the bag.” The door closed behind me.

The afternoon had been as expected, informative but also dull. It was difficult to concentrate with the morning’s events in mind and the possibilities of what might happen next, most especially, imagining her in the peach ensemble that was perfect for her skin.

“I think I forgot my flashdrive upstairs,” Phillip’s voice interrupted my thoughts.

“In your room? Do you need me to get it for you?” I asked.

“Oh it’s not an issue, I could go get it myself,” He was about to get up but I stopped him and insisted I get it for him, anything to escape the current speaker that was just too bloody boring.

He gave me his card key and off I went. I swiped the card and entered the room. A few steps in and I heard the sounds… Moans really. I tiptoed in, and peered into one of the bedrooms. Phillip was sharing the room with Katie. He had a bigger suite with two bedrooms, a family area, a kitchenette and bathrooms in each room.

I opened the door slightly and my heart (and cock) jumped in surprise. The man, or boy as I always referred him as, the same one at her home, I could easily presume now was Bryan, standing naked from the waist down, his cock lost in Katie’s mouth. She was still dressed, fully in fact. She had changed into a more casual attire, simple top and short pink skirt.

She was on her knees, a hand around his cock that was sliding in and out of her mouth. He kept telling her to suck him harder and faster, holding onto her hair as he fucked her mouth. She was struggling to keep up with him and it was expected she would gag at his forceful thrusts. She stopped when she did, it seemed to irritate him a bit. He let her recompose herself while he sat back on a couch, facing away from where I was standing… peeping really. I would estimate him at 7″ – 7 1/2″, an alright width, I couldn’t really tell from where I was standing.

“Come on now, get those panties off and ride my cock,” he called out to her. I watched her doing just that. She slipped her hands under her skirt and pulled her panties down, climbing onto him.

“Wet me up a bit,” she told him in a hopeful, seductive tone.

“Oh come on, luv, I’m so hard already. I’d lose the momentum if you didn’t ride me now,” he whined at her.

What an ass, I thought to myself. I watched her climb onto him, trying to ease his cock into her. He, on the other hand, wasn’t keen on waiting. He pulled her down on him just as he thrusted up at her, making her yelp in pain.

“Fuck, you’re always so tight,” he groaned.

She held onto the back of the couch, biting down on her lip to stifle the hurt she must’ve been feeling as he held on to her hip and pushed her up and down on him. On that second, she looked up and gasped loudly as she saw me there.

“Ahh! You like it now, don’t you?” he was saying.

Her body was rocking, up and down from the might that he was imposing on her as he held her down on him while he thrusted up against her. She kept her eyes on me as her body rode him, gradually losing the pained look on her face, turning into arousal as I let her see my hand stroking Uzun porno the hard bulge in my pants.

He was smacking her ass now and I could see her body moving on its own on his cock, but her eyes were focused on me. I took my cock out, freeing it from its restraints. It was hard and aching for her, all I could do was stroke it for her from afar. Her eyes never left me or my cock as she started riding him faster, sometimes grinding her hips on him, teasing him and he would scream out “Fuck” and “Yeah” nonstop.

I wanted her so badly, my cock needed her so badly. I watched her close her eyes as her body tensed and her back arched, a moan escaping her lips as she came.

“The fuck Katie!” He screamed out, pushing her off him.

I zipped myself back up and decided to put an end to it. I pushed the door open, making my presence known.

He turned back surprised, Katie too, giving me a pleading look not to do anything.

“Who the fuck are you, coz I know you’re not her father,” he called out to me, pulling his clothes back on.

“Does he know what you do with his daughter when he’s not around then?” I asked him in a challenging tone.

“Please don’t tell him,” Katie’s voice sounded out from behind, a pleading look on her face.

Bryan didn’t say anything just as he was finished with the last of his clothes, looked non-callously at me. “Well, what’re you gonna do now?”

I thought for a moment and looked at him, “Well, maybe I’ll just take your girlfriend for a little pleasure ride then, since you don’t seem to know how to do it properly.”

For a moment, I thought he would strike a punch but instead, he looked at her and then at me, “No fuckin way!”

“Then I can just tell her father,” I smirked at him and turned to leave.

“No, please,” she pleaded again, “Bryan…”

I turned around, waiting for a response.

She looked at me then at him, her eyes getting watery, “My dad can’t know, please!”

He shrugged, “Whatever man!” and headed to the door off to leave.

“I didn’t say you could go,” I called out after him.

He stopped in his tracks and turned, “You only want her, what do you want with me around for?”

I pointed to the chair on the corner, “sit!”

I saw Katie looking just as puzzled. Bryan obeyed, sat on the chair and gave me a bored look.

I turned to Katie and helped her up. The panic on her face hadn’t left, I cleared the hair from her cheek and just admired her for a moment. I undid the buttons of her top, the front clasp of her bra, pushing both off her shoulders and onto the floor, undoing her skirt and leaving it fall to the floor as well. She was standing there, naked in front of us both. Her cheeks turned red again.

“Do the same to me,” I told her. She turned to him at first, “Don’t look at him, look at me.”

Her fingers trembling, she started undoing my shirt and my pants, pulling it and my boxers down, freeing my now incredibly hard cock. On the corner of my eye, I could tell Bryan was shocked at the sight of me. I made her go down on her knees.

She wrapped her hand around my cock, and covered the tip with her lips. I watched her and unlike the first time, she was a bit embarrassed but also somewhat delighted with the task, sucking on it, hesitantly at first but as she kept going, all the hesitation seemed to have drained from her, taking it in her mouth inch by inch, sucking with just the right amount of pressure.

“Katie!” He called out to her.

I turned to look at him and he was silent. I ran my hand gently through her hair, as she devoured me with her warm mouth, her tongue caressing at every movement. I could’ve cum right there. I reached my hand down to her chin and halted her, pulling her up and laying her on the bed.

I climbed on top of her and squeezed her breasts, she moaned softly, I squeezed harder, rubbing them together in opposite directions, then closing my fingers on just her nipples. She was writhing on the bed. I put my knee between her leg, her wetness on my skin as I rubbed it against her clit. I could feel her grinding against me. My fingers closed tightly on her nipples and she screamed in pleasure, her legs closing on me.

I leaned down and sucked and nibbled on her nipple, her fingers were clutching onto the sheets. Her body was on fire with need for me. I wanted to see what Bryan was doing but I didn’t really care that much. I kissed her breasts, moved lower to her tummy, my knee off, replaced by my fingers feeling her, how wet she was. The room was filled with the Öğrenci porno sounds of her moans which never stopped.

I could see Bryan shifting in his chair. I slipped a finger inside her, one first then two, thrusting them deep inside her, feeling for her pleasure spot. Her hips were grinding against my fingers.

“Please get inside me,” She whispered.

“Sorry?” I looked up at her, her face filled with need and lust. I heard her, but I wanted him to hear it.

“I want you inside me,” she said a little louder.

“I can’t hear you.” My fingers sped up their thrusting at her pussy, my thumb rubbing hard against her clit.

“Ohhh god…Please fuck me!” she screamed out.

“You want me to fuck you in front of your boyfriend?”


I smiled, taking my fingers out, positioning my cock at her entrance. I knew she wasn’t thinking clearly enough but I didn’t care. I held her legs up and apart, and rammed my hard shaft all the way inside her. She cried out as she was stuffed fully, her lips clamping tightly around my cock.

I pulled my cock out all the way to the tip, ramming it back into her. On the fifth thrust, her body shook and I knew she was coming, I held her legs up and started pounding her pussy faster and faster as she came. She was struggling against my hold, her legs trembling and body quivering, I knew she was cumming over and over.

I lifted her legs higher, almost over her and plunged my cock so deep inside her.

“stop it, you’re hurting her,” Bryan called out, this time with a pleading tone in his voice.

I stopped with my cock deep inside her and turned to him. I could tell he was turned on, the bulge in his jeans was evident.

“Does it turn you on, watching your girlfriend getting fucked like a slut?” I asked him, grinding my hips against her.

“Fuck no, I just want you to get off her already,” he answered, against with the arrogant tone.

I pulled out and pulled Katie up, putting her on her hands and knees, facing him. Her cheeks were flushed, skin glistening.

I knelt behind her, rubbing her clit. “Do you know my name, Katie?”

Between heavy breaths, she said yes.

“Good,” I said. I slipped my cock inside her again, she groaned loudly.

My hands gripped at her ass as began thrusting in and out of her. She met my thrusts every time. I wanted to cum so badly but I wanted him to suffer for the way he treated her first. I slipped my hand under and rubbed her clit as I fucked her. It drover her crazy, she was rocking back at me frantically, wanting more.

I drove harder into her, pounding mercilessly into her pussy. Her “Ohhs” and “Oh gods” filled the room. I thought to tease her, slowing down my thrust.

“Please don’t stop,” she said between moans.

I pulled her hair back, “What did you say?”

“Don’t stop,” her voice pleading.

“Beg me to fuck you,” I told her, completely stopping, only the tip inside her.

“Please fuck me!”

I spanked her ass, “not good enough, Katie!”, I pulled her hair back harder, arching her body backwards.

“Oh! Please fuck me Adam, fuck me like a naughty slut!”

My hand still on her hair, the other gripping her ass, I powered my cock into her, slamming hard and fast, in and out of her. She was screaming non-stop, her nails digging into the sheets, her body meeting my thrusts as much as she could. We both screamed “Fuck!” at the same time as we came, her pussy so tight around me, milking my cock as I came deep inside her.

I’d only noticed then that Bryan already had his cock out. It was fully erect and he was stroking it.

Katie was flat on her tummy on the bed, trying to regain her breathing. My cock had slipped out of her and her pussy was leaking cum.

A thought had popped into my head. I just wasn’t sure if I was willing to do it. I leaned down until my mouth was to her ear, “You tired, luv?”

She murmured a yes. I was too, if I’m honest, but my naughty head just couldn’t shake the idea off.

“I think Bryan needs a little help.”

She sat up weakly and saw him stroking himself. She went over to him, wrapped her fingers around his cock and covered it with her mouth. It surprised him, bloody hell she was insatiable. He looked up at me. I didn’t give him the satisfaction of a reaction. Instead, I watched her sucking on his cock, how her lips were airtight around him, how her head bobbed up and down, how she put so much pleasure on him.

“Ahh Katie,” he groaned, his hand moving over her head, pushing her on and off his cock. “Ride me!”

I admit, I was surprised when she stood up, most especially that she turned around to face me. She told him to put his cock inside her. He did, and soon it was lost inside her. She was blocking his view of me, with good reason. Like a naughty tease, she grinded her hips against him keeping her eyes were focused at me. She started riding his cock, slowly at first, but same as before, his hands gripped at her hips and pushed her up and down on him with the occasion of holding her in place as he thrusted his cock upwards at her. Her eyes staring straight at me as her body was getting pounded on was making my cock twitch.

She leaned back against him, he held her legs wide open as he pumped his cock into her pussy. At least this time, he was doing the work but it also gave me a clear view of his cock moving in and out of her bare, beautiful pussy.

I wasn’t one to lick another man’s balls or cum but I wanted her, wanted to pleasure her, needed to have her. My cock was semi-hard again. I walked over to them, knelt in front of her and slid my tongue against her clit as his cock was thrusting in and out of her. It drove her over the edge so quickly, her head tilted back, uncontrollable moans escaping her lips as my tongue licked and pressed hard at her clit. I felt her hands at the back of my head, keeping me there while her body was moving up and down with his thrusting. I knew she had cum so many times with tongue playing on her clit.

I pulled her up, his face was of disappointment. I pointed him to the bed. He stood and pulled off his clothes before lying on the bed. Turning her around to face him, “Ride him again,” I told her. I saw the smug grin on his face.

She climbed onto him and as his cock sank inside her, I pushed her forward onto him, rubbing my finger on her juices then to the entrance of her ass. I felt her slight reluctance again. I slipped one finger inside her ass as she rode his cock, her moans were quivering, I pumped her ass for a moment with the one finger, then inserted another. Her ass was clenching and unclenching around them.

Bryan was groaning out something to her about how good she felt. Fuck, I really didn’t like sharing, but I wanted her to feel as much pleasure as she could take.

I pushed her down onto him, her ass now in the air while her pussy was filled with his cock. I covered my cock with her juices and positioned it at the entrance of her tight ass. Slowly, I pushed into her.

“What are you doing, you’re hurting her,” I heard Bryan call out but he was in no position to stop me. His balls would be at my mercy since that was where I was at the moment.

I reached around and played with her clit again until I felt her start to relax. I pushed in harder and the tip popped inside her. She gasped. Unlike the first time when she was so groggy and unaware, this time she was more conscious about what was happening.

I stayed where I was for the moment, playing with her clit some more until I felt her body relax and start to rock against both our cocks, his mainly at the moment, of course. As soon as her moans got louder, I felt her ass relax a bit, I pushed my invading cock inside her inch by inch until even I was fully in. Oh god, I heard her cry out, I’m so full.

I caressed her ass, seeing her two holes filled with big cocks (~grin~ well mine big and his on average). Her ass and pussy clenching and unclenching around us. It felt bloody incredible. I started to build a rhythm, thrusting in and out of her tight ass. She was beginning to enjoy it. Soon enough, she was moving on her own, pumping both our cocks with her pussy. I reached over and cupped and squeezed her breasts, pinching and tugging at her nipples. She was in ecstasy. I’d lost count of how many times she had cum from both our cocks.

That final time though, her body was pumping back against us both, meeting our thrusts, moaning uncontrollable, her breasts bouncing wildly against her chest. I leaned her forward and held her hands behind her. I fucked her ass hard and fast, Bryan was doing the same but at an opposite pace. I pushed in and he pulled out and vice versa. We were both pounding her holes like madmen, she screamed out loudly as she came, her entire body shaking like crazy. I couldn’t hold back any more, I buried my cock inside her and shot my load up her ass, Bryan did the same in her pussy.

I held her against me as her body had drained of energy, pulling her off him and positioning her properly into bed, a towel under her, should cum start to leak out. I watched Bryan leave first, he hadn’t said anything but a silly grin on his face. I sat watching her fast asleep for a while before leaving her to rest, closing the door behind me.

Fuck, suddenly remembering why I was up there in the first place.

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