Michael and Mom Pt. 02

Bra Less

In my last story I told you how Mom and I started our sex relationship. After my father kept showing his ass with his attitude and outlook on life, Mom and I looked to each other for comfort. This rapidly developed into a sexual situation, and we surprisingly had wild sex one morning after my father left for work. Instead of going to school that day we carry our relationship further.

After our terrific sex and my hot cum was deep inside Mom’s pussy, Mom says, “That was terrific Son. Sex like that with a wonderful cock like yours is what I have always desired. You filled me so deep with the tender sex that every woman wants!”

I say, “I’m so happy that I was able to satisfy you. Let’s spend the whole day with you teaching me different ways of making you happy. But first, let’s shower together.”

Under the warm shower we continue to explore each other’s body. My hands thoroughly enjoy washing Mom’s nice tits, playing with her nipples, and feeling their firmness. Mom’s soft ass is two large handfuls, but the real turn on for me is her sweet little belly above that wonderful pussy. I am thinking of my sperm swimming way up there searching for one of Mom’s eggs to fertilize. Mom’s hands are washing and feeling of my balls. Her hands move up onto my cock which begins growing again as she squeezes and tugs on it. As it grows our kisses get more passionate.

Mom says, “Son, I absolutely love your cock! I really need it deep inside me again. But first I want to suck that beautiful cock until you come deep in my throat. I want to taste all of you!”

We slowly dry each other off and walk back to the bed. We hold each other tightly as our bodies wrap around each other. Our legs are rubbing together as our güvenilir bahis hands explore. My fingers are in Mom’s pussy with my thumb softly rubbing her clit. I move my middle finger back to slowly circle her ass. Her clit begins swelling and hear her start panting. I slowly put pressure on her anus until my finger enters her ass, Mom grinds her clit faster under my thumb as she starts ass fucking my finger. She moans deeply as her climax explodes and she shivers all thru it. She whispers into my ear, “Wow! Where did you learn that?”

I smile at her as she slides down between my legs. Her tongue leaves a wet trail down my chest and stomach as she kisses my large cock head. She licks my precum off and slowly engulfs the head between her beautiful lips. Mom slides my cock in deep as I feel my cock head enter her throat. I slowly fuck her mouth and she fondles and squeezes my balls. She drops down to lick and nip my balls, driving me wild. Her tongue drifts down to circle and then tickle my anus. Mom moves back up and takes me deeper in her throat than before. This makes my balls and cock swell tremendously and I feel my climax explode into Mom’s throat. I hold her head and drive my cock deeper as she chokes on my huge load of hot cum. I let her head loose and she comes up gasping for air with my cum running down her chin. We smile at each other, and Mom says, “That was a huge load! Your cum is delicious.”

We hold each other tightly and drift off to sleep as our bodies relax.

I awake an hour later and look down at my wonderful mother in my arms. She looks so young, sweet, and innocent laying there in sleep. My heart feels my love and feelings for her. Mom stirs as I softly kiss her lips. Her eyes open and güvenilir bahis siteleri she lovingly looks into my eyes.

Our kissing starts, getting deeper with each breath. Our tongues move, our hands start exploring. Mom’s hands caress my cock and balls. My hands are busy with one hand behind her on her ass and the other massaging her pussy. Soon she is very wet. I turn Mom onto her hands and knees and easily slip my big cock into her pussy. Pumping slowly, soon I am balls deep into her. Her hot pussy wraps around my cock and is a tremendous feeling. I could easily come again but I hold back enjoying the feelings. I reach under Mom to finger her pussy while playing with her clit. With my other hand, I wet my fingers and slide them up and down her ass crack. Soon I stop at her anus and put pressure on it. My finger slides in and Mom really goes wild. Her clit is huge as I rub it and her ass moves back and forth on my finger. As she comes, I have to hold her tight to keep my cock from slipping out. She screams and falls forward on her chest. I continue slowly fucking her with long strokes. Her pussy grasps my cock, and I can feel the tightness of it all the way to her cervix. What a wonderful feeling to fuck my mother like this.

As Mom catches her breath, I turn her over and she feeds my cock back into her pussy. Mom says, “Son, please fuck me deep and hard now. I can’t get enough of your size and stamina!”

I do as Mom wishes and fuck her deep, slamming my cock all the way into my balls. After several minutes I feel my balls tightening up and my cock reaching its maximum size. I know that I can’t hold my climax back any longer and I slam my cock all the way in and hold it there as cum shoots out iddaa siteleri streams of cum deep into Mom’s pussy. I’ve never had such a tremendous climax before. Mom holds me tight with her legs wrapped around my ass, pulling me in as close as possible. When she is sure that she has all my cum deep in her pussy, she lets me go. We lay sideways holding each other and drift off to sleep again.

We awake two hours later, still exhausted from our wonderful sex. We go take another shower together, feeling our love for each other.

In the evening we have dinner with my father. Mom and I banter back and forth some while Dad quietly sits there.

Mom asks me, “How was school today, Son?”

I choke on my iced tea and say, “It was absolutely great Mom! If every day was like today, I would like to be a teacher.”

Dad surprisingly says, “I’m glad that you are liking school, Son. College will be here soon.”

The rest of dinner was very pleasant with the three of us talking. As I gave Mom a kiss goodnight, she says, “What a surprise! Dinner was very nice for a change.”

As I lay in bed I can hear Mom and Dad having a pleasant conversation with several compliments about me.

Mom came to my room after Dad left for work and lay down beside me. She says, “No playing this morning. You have to go to school today.”

Over the next few weeks, Mom and I enjoy fucking whenever we can. It is sometimes in the morning or in the afternoon. Mom always wants me to shoot my cum as deep in her pussy as possible. I am happy to accommodate her request.

Dad ‘s attitude has changed, and we all have a pleasant relationship. I even listened as they were fucking one evening.

As we are having dinner one evening, I see Mom with a different glow about her. I follow her into the kitchen to help with the dishes. Mom gives me a nice kiss, and then she puts my hand on her tummy which feels a little swollen. I look at her face as she gives me a wink.

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