Mollie And The Hot Tub


A couple I am friends with invited us over to their house for dinner and drinks one evening.  Tina and Chris had always been a fun couple to hang out with and it was better than being at home.  My husband and I had been seeing each other for a couple of months but I was still living with my asshole boyfriend.  I invited future hubby to join us, hoping he and I could find a few minutes to ourselves.  Which we did, although it wasn’t enough.  It was never enough.  There was a third couple at dinner that night as well.  I had never met Alan and Kim, but they seemed fun.   Unfortunately, my husband had to leave early that evening.  I thought my night was going to be a bust.  Then Tina suggested we all get in their hot tub.  I had brought a bathing suit with me just in case the opportunity arose. My asshole boyfriend, who was never interested in having a good time, decided he was tired and laid down on the couch.  Maltepe Escort That was perfectly fine with me. In the hot tub, Tina, Chris, Alan, Kim, and I had a couple more drinks and talked.  We were sitting girl-boy-girl-boy-girl with me in the middle.  The conversation eventually turned to sex.  It always does.  As we talked about our different sexual experiences and things we liked, Tina sat up and took her top off.  Her fake tits sat up firm on her chest.  Kim and I looked at each other and followed suit.   I was the youngest of the group and my full, perky tits glistened in the soft evening light.  The questions started coming quickly.  “Have you ever been with multiple people at once? Ever have a lesbian experience? What’s the biggest cock you’ve ever had?”  I was still early in my adventures and had to answer no to a lot of the questions.  But I let them know Maltepe Escort Bayan it was not for a lack of interest or wanting.   I knew where all this was heading and I was excited to be the center of attention.  Soon I felt Alan and Chris’s hands on my thighs.  They were working their way up as they pulled my legs apart.  I didn’t offer much resistance.  I looked at the other two women and got their nod of approval.    I kissed Chris.  One hand worked its way to my breast while another pulled my swimsuit bottoms down.  I lifted my ass to help them slide off.  I continued to kiss both men as their two sets of hands explored my entire body.  I looked across the hot tub and saw Tina and Kim making out.  I wanted to join them.  To feel the soft touch of a woman.  But I was being fingered and having my tits sucked by this point.  I wasn’t about to move.  This was fun.  I was coming over and over. Not as hard as my husband made me come, but I was getting off.  Then their hands moved to my ass.  I felt my hips being lifted out of the water.  I opened my eyes and saw Tina poised between my legs.  As my pussy broke the surface, she leaned in. Her tongue split my lips and licked me from my pussy to my clit.  My back arched as I gasped.  I’m not sure I could feel a difference, but I knew it was a woman eating me and it drove me wild.   Chris and Alan were completely supporting me now. My arms came off the edge of the hot tub and I floated in ecstasy.  Tina’s tongue explored me with an expert’s knowledge.  She had mentioned during our sex talk earlier that she loved eating pussy and it showed.  The men resumed playing with my tits in their mouths.  I let myself go and enjoyed the waves of orgasms cresting over me.   As my arms sank into the water, I realized the guys had removed their trunks at some point.  My hands fell to their stiff cocks.  I wrapped one hand around each and held on for the ride.  Alan was average, but Chris was thick.  I knew where I would go next if the night took me that way. 

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