Mom Runs Interference Pt. 02


The next morning Barb made coffee and started making breakfast. She poured two cups and took them to Don and Lisa’s rooms to wake them up. They came out to the kitchen just as Barb was dishing up.

Besides the usual exchange of ‘good mornings’, Don and Lisa didn’t say anything while they were having breakfast. Barb finally got to the topic she wanted to talk about.

“Look. I know both of you are adults now. And I know you are both old enough to make your own decisions. I would like to ask just one thing. Please, and I mean PLEASE,” looking at Don “I only ask that you don’t put that,” nodding toward his lap “inside that.” nodding at Lisa’s lap.

“There are a number of ways to relieve sexual urges that don’t include intercourse. It would be a disaster for Lisa to get pregnant. For all of us. So please, just don’t go there. Okay?”

Looking at the table, Don said “So. Like what you and Lisa did last week is, you know, okay? But just not have intercourse?”

Lisa looked at Barb with a surprised expression like Barb was the one that spilled their secret to Don. Barb had a similar expression looking at Lisa. They quickly realized neither had said anything to Don.

Barb replied “What do you know about last week?”

“When I got up, I heard you. I did take a peek to see what it was.” he said.

“I see.” After a long pause Barb continued “Well, I guess it isn’t a secret anymore, then. Yes. We have been available for each other for a couple years. We both have needs, and this way, we can help each other. And Lisa can’t get pregnant with me.”

“Or you, too?” Don added.

“No, I can’t get pregnant anymore. Look, until last week, we’ve never even seen each other completely naked. But we have been helping each other to relieve our urges.”

While Don was processing these images in his mind, Barb continued “Back to what I wanted to discuss. There are times when we can be there for each other. I get it. We’re all adults and we are all sexual beings and that’s okay. I only ask that you two draw the line at intercourse.”

Both Don and Lisa looked at each other nodding and said okay.

“I want both of you to know, I’m here for you, too. What we did last night was really something. I’m glad we could do that, and I think we can again. That is, if you want.”

Don and Lisa looked at each other again smiling. Not their usual smile, but a loving smile that warmed both of their hearts. Barb noticed this change as well. She realized this brought the family so much closer than they have ever been before. It wasn’t just three people living under the same roof anymore, or just three roommates, it was three people that truly love and care for each other in a new way.

After breakfast, Don and Lisa cleaned up the kitchen together. Barb sat at the counter as they all chatted. For the first time in years, they were enjoying each other’s company as a close family.

# # # # #

That evening, Don turned on the TV to watch a movie shirtless in his gym shorts with no underwear on under them. There were two chairs facing each other with a couch and coffee yalova escort table between them He sat in a chair next to the couch.

Barb and Lisa came in a few minutes later. They were both wearing over-sized t-shirts, ready for bed. Barb sat in the chair opposite Don and Lisa took the center of the couch.

It wasn’t long before Lisa noticed a new bulge in Don’s shorts. She looked at her mom. Barb noticed Lisa out the corner of her eye looking at her. Barb turned her head to see if Lisa wanted her attention. Lisa had a big grin and used her eyes to direct Barb to look at Don.

Barb had a better view since she was directly across from Don. She could see up the leg of his shorts. She saw the head of Don’s cock almost coming out of his shorts. Barb looked back at Lisa and gave her a knowing grin.

Barb wanted to have a little of fun with this. She changed from crossed legs to placing both feet on the floor then relaxing her knees, opening the view for Don to see up her night shirt. She was wearing panties, but knew he would want to look anyway.

Barb gave Lisa a wink then returned to watching TV but kept watching Don out the corner of her eye. As she hoped, Don did notice his mom with her legs opened and started staring at her pantie covered pussy.

It wasn’t long before the head of Don’s cock was past the end of the shorts and exposed. Lisa noticed his cock peeking out the leg of his shorts and instinctively slid her hand down to rub her pussy through her panties as she stared at it.

Barb looked at Don. Their eyes met. Then she lowered her eyes to his shorts.

“Looks like you need to take care of that.” she said staring at the head of his cock peeking out the leg of his shorts.

She stood up and slipped her panties off and sat back down opening her knees. Barb began tracing the outline of her pussy with her finger. She could see Don trying to adjust his cock in his shorts.

“Y’know, you might as well take him out so you can take care of him.” she said.

Don stood for a second and slipped his shorts off releasing his very hard, and long erection.

They both heard Lisa say “Damn!” under her breath when she saw it. She quickly slipped her panties off and sat back down spreading her legs wide.

Don turned the TV off to eliminate the distractions. All sat quiet as they looked at each other’s bodies and masturbated together.

He admired Lisa’s young woman pussy and his mom’s mature woman pussy. He noticed his mom’s clitoris standing at attention. It was hard for him to look at anything else. He was fascinated how it stood straight up and protruded from her lips.

It wasn’t but a few seconds later, Barb and Don heard Lisa making grunting and gurgling sounds. Her knees slammed shut with her hand jammed between her thighs. They watched and could see her body quivering.

That made Don start jerking faster. Barb put her legs over the arms of the chair spreading wide with her cunt pointing directly at Don. She started fucking her vagina with her two middle fingers slapping against her clit with the palm of her hand.

Staring yalova escort bayan at his mothers gaping pussy being fucked by her fingers, Don couldn’t last any longer, he grunted out “Oh shit, OH SHIT! UGHhhhh!”

Barb saw Don erupting cum all over his chest. That was the icing on the cake. Barb began convulsing as a huge orgasm rushed through her body. Don kept stroking as he watched his mother being consumed by her own orgasm. He kept jerking until he was completely drained and his body went limp in the chair. Barb put her feet down and sank back into the chair catching her breath.

They all sat quiet for a full minute or two before Barb said “Well. I think my point earlier has been made. There are ways to relieve yourselves that don’t include intercourse.” After a short pause she continued “I don’t know about yow two, but I’m tired. I’m going to bed.”

# # # # #

Sunday morning Don was the first one up. He made a pot of coffee and took a cup to Linda’s room setting it on her nightstand, and then got a cup to take to his mom’s room.

A few minutes later, both Barb and Lisa joined Don in the kitchen with their coffee. Lisa was in a hurry to go meet a friend so after a piece of toast and a few sips of coffee, she flew out the door.

Don asked Barb if he could take her out for breakfast. While looking over the menus at the restaurant, in a low voice Barb asked, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No. Not for a while.” he replied.

“Oh good. After last night I realized I might have stepped on your girlfriend. I’d feel horrible if that happened.” she said with relief.

“No. That’s fine. In fact,” he changed to a low voice, “even my wildest fantasies have never been that good!”

“I’d like to hear about some of those… later.” Barb replied with a knowing smile.

“I hope you can share some of yours with me, too.” he said.

“Of course. Although thinking about it, some will probably sound pretty strange. At least they do to me thinking how I might explain them.” she replied.

“Likewise. I’m not sure I should share some of these with anyone. They sound pretty twisted, even to me. But they do help… at times.” he said smiling.

Most of the drive home was silent. Barb finally broke the silence “So. Do you want to share any of your fantasies?”

After thinking long and hard, Don replied “Okay. I have one, if you have one.”

“Deal.” she replied instantly.

Don continued “But it has to be something you have thought about… over and over. One of your favorites.”

Several seconds of silence passed and Barb spoke up “Okay, I have one. You first.”

“Honestly, I’m a little concerned what you would think of me after I tell you.” he said.

“Believe me, I’m thinking the exact same thing. But we are just talking about a fantasy. Something that has flipped your switch. Let’s be honest.” Barb reassured him.

Don thought about it for several seconds. “Okay.” after another pause “Well, I’ve done this a thousand times in my head. When I’m, you know, jerking off… I am imagining jerking off and finishing escort yalova on your boobs.”

There was several seconds of complete silence in the car. Don was scared what his mom must be thinking about him at this point. Every second of silence that passed made him feel worse and worse. He was sorry he ever told her.

Finally Don broke the pregnant silence. “I’m sorry, mom. I shouldn’t have told you that. I should have just kept it to myself!”

“Nooo, Sweetie. I’m glad you did. I was just playing that vision in my head. I have to admit, I like it… A lot!” she said. After another short pause “I think we can do that, and even add a few twists to it for fun.”

Don felt the crushing weight of shame lifting off him. After what seemed forever, he asked “And what is yours?”

“Well…” Barb thought about it for a few seconds “I have imagined being with another woman. In a scissor position, rubbing up against each other. And since I just started thinking about it again, having you watch the show while we do it.”

“You mean with Lisa?” Don asked.

“No. It has always been with another woman. But now that you mentioned it, I guess that does work on so many levels and is a more likely scenario that what I was thinking.”

When they went into the house, Barb suggested they take their clothes off and come back to the kitchen table. Don was in the kitchen about half erect when Barb came in naked. His cock instantly became as rigid as a piece of lumber when he saw her. “Oh shit you look hot!”

Barb smiled to herself as she walked over to the kitchen table. Don admired the view of her hourglass figure above her swaying ass. Barb turned a chair around and sat down. “Come over here.” she said nodding toward the floor between her knees.

Don stood in front of his mom between her knees. Barb said “Let me help you get started.” Leaning forward she took his cock in her mouth. Reaching behind him, she gripped his ass cheeks in her hands and squeezed as she started moving her head up and down pulling his ass toward her, pushing his cock into her mouth.

After a few seconds, she released his cock and lifted her tits. Don didn’t need to be told, he started stroking his cock inches from her face.

Neither was aware that Lisa came home and was looking through the window of the back door and saw Don stroking himself in front of their mom. She didn’t come in or make a sound.

It wasn’t long when Don said, “I’m there, I’m THERE!” He bent his knees slightly and held himself steady with his free hand on his mom’s shoulder.

Barb sat up a little straighter lifting her tits where she was touching the tip of his cock. Don’s knees shook as he stroked his cock, causing ripples through Barb’s tit flesh as his cock made contact. Just then, several large streams of cum shot onto Barb’s tits. When Don felt completely drained, he stood up straight, still shaking a little, “Holy crap!”

“Was it all that you hoped?” Barb asked.

“And then some. I never imagined I would ever be able to do that.” he replied.

Lisa saw they finished and walked into the house. Both were shocked at her appearance at the door and instinctively tried to cover themselves. Lisa giggled and walked past them to the kitchen. Barb and Don looked at each other and silently giggled together.

End of Part 2

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