Mom’s Christmas Cookie Pt. 3 of 3

Big Tits

My cock was bouncing up to tap against her as she moved into position. Then she grabbed my erection, stood it up, and wiggled it through her damp pussy hair. I drew in a deep breath of anticipation just before she slid me into her.She whimpered and I groaned in almost perfect counterpoint as she slowly sank down on top of me. She felt like pure heaven.“Your cock feels so good inside me, baby,” she said as the last of me vanished into her.“I love your pussy, aunt Cookie,” I responded.“Take a picture,” she said, and tossed her phone to me.When I picked it up, I saw that the camera was already open. Cookie leaned back, showing off me buried inside her. I aimed the camera and took the picture.She held out a hand and said, “Let me see.” When I handed over the phone, she checked the picture, licked her lips, and said, “Don’t you look so good, deep in your auntie’s pussy?”I nodded and said, “So hot.”“Here, put it back,” she told me, while holding out the phone.I took it, and reached out to deposit the phone on the nightstand, but nearly dropped it when she started grinding on top of me. I summoned up enough control to put it down, and then focused all my attention on her.A sexy growl escaped her, and then she tossed her hair. “Tell me if you’re getting too close to coming, okay? You want me to come for you, don’t you?”“Yeah, I want you to come, aunt Cookie.”To those ends, she slid a hand between her legs. “Mmm… I wish Mommy was here to rub my clitty and play with my titties for me while I ride your cock.”I gasped at the image that conjured up. “Oh yeah.”She circled her hips, which felt amazing. “She’s so good at making me come. It’s like she’s made for me. I bet she’d be even better at making you come. She actually did make you for her.”It just came out. “I wish she was here.”Cookie let out a squeal and threw her head back. “That turned me on so much,” she said in a husky voice. Then she started rocking her hips a lot faster. “I can almost hear her. Ride my son’s cock, Cookie. Come all over it. What would you say to her?”I was totally in the moment. “Play with aunt Cookie’s pussy, Mom. Make her come.”“Yes!” she screamed.There’s only one way to describe what happened next. She absolutely went wild. Her fingers were a blur between her legs. Her hips lurched forward and back, up and down, and in circles. I could hear a soft patter from her tits clapping together and against her chest. They were swinging and bouncing everywhere. The look on her face was the sexiest, hungriest thing I’d ever seen, when it wasn’t hidden by her hair.“You okay?” she half growled, not slowing in the slightest.The truth was, she was wrenching my cock around so much that the twinges of pain were keeping my march toward orgasm in check. Only in check, mind you. It was amazing.“I’m good,” I answered. “Come for me, aunt Cookie.”“Yes! Oh, baby! Yes!” she screamed.The redness that always filled her face went even farther, down to her chest. Her forehead glimmered with a sheen of sweat. I could feel her juices dripping down my balls because of how wet she was.Suddenly, her eyes widened, her mouth drifted open, and she let out a series of short, squeaky cries. “Oh! Oh god! Oh god! Oh baby! Oh yeah!”My heart racing, I told her, “Do it. Come for me, aunt Cookie.”She did, with an ear-piercing screech and a lurch that I thought was going to break my dick off. That acute stab of pain wasn’t enough to dull my amazement by any means. It looked as if she had absolutely no control over her body as she thrashed on top of me, screaming and gasping for breath. Her pussy was squeezing so tight around me that it felt like a second skin.On and on it went, until she froze sitting almost straight up. Her body quaked, and her mouth hung open in a silent scream for long sweet seconds. A pained-sounding whimper passed her lips, and then she fell forward atop me. My cock slipped out of her as she collapsed, and the nails of her left hand bit into my side.For some reason, it felt right to wrap my arms around her. Her skin was so hot as she lay on my chest, panting and wheezing for breath. Those Girne Escort big tits were squished against me, and every inch of her skin was slippery with sweat. Every so often, she would tense up and quiver, though the intervals grew longer each time.Once her breathing slowed a little, she groaned, “Oh my lord.”“That was so hot, aunt Cookie.”One last shudder ran through her body, and she let out an exhausted laugh. “Aren’t you… Aren’t you a naughty little nephew?”“Uh huh, aunt Cookie.”It looked as if it took quite a bit of effort for her to lift her head enough to look me in the eyes and ask, “Did you come?”I shook my head.She let out a long, languid moan. “Good boy. I sure did.”“It was amazing, aunt Cookie.”“Mmm… Is that turning you on as much as it is me? Calling me aunt Cookie?”“Fuck yeah,” I answered.She took several deep breaths, put her arms beneath her, and sat up. Then she leaned back. “Look at the mess you made,” she said while raking her fingers through the hair between her legs.The hairs were all wet, and stuck together with her creamy juices in an oval around her pussy. There was a trail running down where she’d dripped, too.Cookie straightened her knees a little and craned her neck, looking toward her phone. Then she looked down at me and asked, “Feel like making your auntie even more messy?”“Oh yeah.”She licked her lips, hefted and jiggled her breasts, then moved back over my hips again. When she lifted my cock, I could see that it was covered in her pussy cream, and the hairs at the base had a ring just like her pussy. I barely had time to see it before she impaled herself on my dick.She moaned as I vanished inside her, and almost immediately lifted back up, until the head was barely inside her before dropping down again. The sensation of sliding in and out of her pussy was even more intense than when she was grinding on me.“Looks so good, doesn’t it, baby?”“Feels so good, aunt Cookie.”That drew out a long, excited moan, and she picked up the pace of her hips. That in turn summoned up the first tickle in the head of my cock.“Oh, I wish Mommy was sitting on your face while you fuck me.”I swear I could almost taste it. “I’d love to eat Mom’s pussy, aunt Cookie.”“Make her come all over your face, and then climb on this cock and come again?”“Yeah. Yeah.”She started bouncing faster, making her tits dance. Her butt slapped a little louder against my legs.“Would you like to come in aunt Cookie’s pussy, baby?”I nodded so hard I could feel my cheeks quivering and said, “Oh wow. Yeah.”She asked, “Have you ever done that before?”I only shook my head no with slightly less energy.Her growling moan was so sexy that it gave me goose bumps. She followed that up with a breathless, “Do it.”She wasn’t giving me much option in that regard. Her pussy was milking me so well. I was already well on my way. “I want you to come, too, aunt Cookie.”“Just do it, baby. Fill me up. Come in aunt Cookie’s pussy.”Hearing her begging for it hastened the inevitable. Grunts and groans burst from my lips in a steady stream as I fought against it. It only took a few seconds more to know the battle was futile.She was looking deep into my eyes and smiling. “Are you about to come?”I gave a terse nod and clenched my teeth.“Going to come deep in my pussy, baby?”My voice was loud and tight when I answered, “Gonna come in your pussy, aunt Cookie.”“Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes,” she cried out with every bounce, pushing me to the edge, and then over.A loud, almost barking sound blasted from my lips as I thrust up into her, and exploded into orgasm.“Oh yeah. Give it to me. Give me all that cum.”I thought that she’d probably sucked me dry for a week when I came in her mouth, but I was wrong. I had reserves somewhere I guess. My hips thrust beyond my control, jamming my cock into her depths every time I ejaculated. She was cooing to me the whole time, but I was honestly so lost in the ecstasy that I couldn’t make out a word.I have no idea how long it was before she said, “Okay, get ready.”I lifted my head up, planning to say, “Huh?” I never Magosa Escort got the chance before she pushed off my cock, leaving it to drop with a wet plop against my skin. The sound I made probably resembled a dying animal. She giggled as she quickly crawled over my body, which was as taut as a bowstring at that point.When I finally forced my eyes open, she was squatting over my dick, aiming the camera at her pussy. I was just able to see around the phone when she pushed, making my cum well up and dribble out of her pussy. I could feel it plopping onto me. She snapped three pictures, and then scooted back to check them.I let my eyes drift closed for a second, or so I thought. A kiss on the forehead and a little laugh awakened me.“Come on, sleepyhead. You need to get up, clean up, and write down the username and password for the camera app,” she said.“Why?” I asked.“Well, because you’re covered in cum and pussy juice, and because I saw an upgrade of your camera that has sound while I was researching. I’ll need to register it in the app when I replace it.”“Sound?”“Uh huh. You’ll be able to hear me come, and with any luck, hear your mom too. We need to hurry, because it’s not that long before she’ll be home from work, so you need to be gone before then.”“Maybe I could just stay,” I suggested.She shivered. “Oh, baby. She’s not ready, even if you are. Let me work on her.” Cookie winked, and then said, “Come on. Up, up, up.”Sitting up took me a couple of tries.****Cookie sent me a text late that night. She’d got Mom in bed and they’d fucked each other with the strapon. Unfortunately, it was in Mom’s room, so I didn’t get to watch. She kept sending me sexts with naked pictures for the next two days. A few of them she’d even taken in the bathroom at work. It was hot as hell to me that she was taking pictures of her pussy in the stall at work.I got a text just after I’d finished my final lecture before Christmas break. They extended it almost a week starting that year, because we had a really large number of out-of-state students who needed time to travel.“Just got the new cam. Going to set it up,” her text said.“Great,” I replied.A few minutes later, she sent a text that said, “Working on my end. You try.”I opened the app, and tapped on the new cam she’d registered. I smiled when I saw that she’d festooned the room with garland, lights, and a small Christmas tree. She was wearing a Santa hat. I gave the controls of the camera a little wiggle, and she smiled.“Can you hear me?” she asked aloud. The sound was crystal clear.I sent her a text that said, “Yes.”She looked at her phone, and then said, “I’m going to call you.”I closed the app, and the phone rang almost immediately. “Hey, aunt Cookie,” I answered.She greeted that with a purring moan. “So, the sound is good?”“It’s great.”“Perfect. I got your mom all hot and bothered before we went to work this morning, and I’ve been teasing her with texts all day. Her panties are probably soaked. I’m going to make her come in here to get it, so be ready.”“Can’t wait.”“Want me to make Mommy scream for you, baby?”“Make Mom come hard for me, aunt Cookie,” I answered.“Then take a picture for me after you come. I know you’re going to, and I want to see it.”“Promise.”“See me soon. Bye.”I’d barely hung up the phone before I put in my wireless earbuds, and opened the app to mirror the screen to my television. Cookie was stripping out of her work clothes. She turned toward the camera while taking off her bra, winked, and said, “Peek-a-boo, I see you, naughty nephew.”She laughed, and then went back to undressing. She left on her thigh-high stockings – which were a slightly darker shade than nude. The only other article of clothing she left on were her off-white, skimpy panties.She walked over and seemed to be taking inventory in the top drawer of her nightstand. I could hear things moving around in it. Once satisfied, she turned around, looked up at the camera, and let her hair down. She shook it out, and then ran her fingers through it. When she was finished, it was artfully Kıbrıs Escort mussed. After a quick look in the mirror, I saw her perk up.Cookie looked up at the camera, pointed toward her bedroom door, and mouthed something. Then she hurried to the bed, jumped in, and posed on her side, facing the door.I got chills when Mom walked in. Her work clothes suddenly looked far sexier than I’d ever noticed before. The skirt showed off her gorgeous, stocking-clad legs. The vest she was wearing couldn’t hide the way her top could barely contain her tits. She looked incredible.Mom put her hands on her hips, stared Cookie down, and said, “You’re terrible.”“What do you mean, Sis?” Cookie asked while absently tweaking her nipple.“You know what I mean. Do you know how hard it was to concentrate today?”“Well, come here and I’ll relax you,” Cookie said in a voice full of suggestion.“I need a shower,” Mom protested.Cookie countered with, “I could give you a tongue bath.”Mom shivered. “You are such a dirty little sister.”“You’re the one who just said you were dirty. I like dirty.”The banter was incredibly hot. I was throbbing like mad, and fit to burst with anticipation of more.Mom said, “I…” She trailed off, and then said, “Fuck it.”Cookie got up on her knees on the edge of the bed while Mom shrugged off her vest – letting it fall forgotten to the floor – and walked toward the bed. They came together in an almost violent kiss. Mom’s hand was on the back of Cookie’s head, crushing their lips together. Cookie was wasting no time bunching up Mom’s top in her fingers.“Do you have any idea…” Mom began, then crushed her lips back to her friend’s. “How bad you made…” She lifted her arms and let Cookie jerk her top over her head. “My pussy ache today?”“Did I make your panties wet, Sis?” Cookie asked while popping the clasp to Mom’s bra.“I’ll show you, you little cunt.”Damn. Mom rarely cursed around me, so hearing her cut loose caught me off guard. Not enough to keep me from taking control of the camera when her bra dropped to the floor, though.I could see how much smoother Mom’s areolas were compared to Cookie’s when I zoomed in. Her larger nipples also announced more dramatically that she was turned on. They were stiff – standing proud. I wanted them in my mouth so bad.Apparently, I wasn’t the only one. Cookie leaned in and started swirling her tongue over the right one. Mom drew in a shuddering breath and entwined her fingers in her friend’s hair. At the same time, she was unbuttoning her skirt with practiced skill.I kept a close eye on Cookie, because she was giving me some new ideas. She used her tongue to tickle, flick, and circle around Mom’s nipple between sucks. Those sucks looked as if they alternated between hard ones and soft ones that were almost kisses. Mom’s whimpers and moans certainly suggested she was enjoying it, so I took mental notes.Mom’s skirt slid down her legs. Cookie reacted almost instantly. She switched nipples, and at the same time, pushed Mom’s panties down. When they were stretched between her thighs, Cookie slid a finger in Mom’s pussy.“You are wet,” Cookie said.“Are you going to do anything about it, Sissy?” Mom asked.Cookie came right back with, “Are you going to get in the bed, or stand there bitching?”Mom pushed Cookie, and she sat down dramatically on the bed. There was no way that playful shove actually knocked her back like that. Mom kicked off her heels, and then bent over to drop her panties. Her tits looked incredible, hanging down and swinging. Clad only in stockings at last, she climbed into the bed. She spread her legs wide open the moment her head hit the pillow.I couldn’t help but smile when Cookie moved to one side, making sure I had a full view of that. I zoomed in and could see Mom’s folds peeking out from the short blonde hairs. They were symmetrical, somewhat heart-shaped, and looked so delicious.“Stop teasing me,” I heard Mom say.I zoomed back out to see Cookie rise from where she was kissing Mom’s neck. She said, “Sis, there’s something I should tell you…”“What did you do now?” Mom asked.“Well, Wayne was here a couple of days ago.”“What, doing laundry?”“I think that’s what he came over for but… Uhm… I found him on my tablet. He was looking at those pictures we took.”Mom gasped. “Not the ones where we were…”Cookie nodded. “The ones of us going down on each other. He was…

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