Mom’s Lap Ch. 02: And Grandma’s Too

Anal Dildo

It was mid-morning, right around the time I’m usually getting up for the day. I was laying on the bed on my side, still covered by my blankets. There was a knock on my bedroom door.

“Uh…come in,” I said.

Dad opened the door and poked his head inside my room.

“Hey Tom, just reminding you that we leave for Grandma and Grandpa’s in a few hours, so make sure you’re all packed,” said Dad cheerfully.

“S-sure thing Dad,” I said, a little preoccupied.

“By the way, have you seen your mother?” asked Dad.

I certainly had. Mom had snuck into my room twenty minutes ago, as had been her frequent habit the last two weeks. Currently, she was hiding under the covers with my cock up her ass, another habit she’d recently acquired.

“Uh, no, Dad. I haven’t,” I said as Mom slowly ground her ass against my pelvis, my raging cock wedged firmly inside her asshole.

“She must have gone out back to her garden, she mentioned needing to get some seed in the rear,” said Dad casually.

I’ll bet she did, I thought.

“Well, I better find her and make sure she’s packed,” said Dad.

Mom’s asshole was flexing on my thick cock. I had both hands clamped on her mouth to stifle her moans.

“Don’t worry, pop. She’s definitely packed,” I said, burying my cock to the hilt as Mom squirmed in pleasured agony.

“I sure hope so!” said Dad. He closed the door and I could hear him heading downstairs. I threw the blanket off Mom, revealing our naked, intertwined bodies.

“Fill my butt with cum in the next two minutes and I’ll suck your dick in the shower,” Mom offered lustily.

“Is that a reward for me, or for you?” I asked with a smile. She slapped my arm playfully and smiled back. Whoever it was for, I picked up the pace of my humping, preparing to dump my load in my Mom’s sweet ass.

The last two weeks had been a blur. After fucking Mom in the family minivan with Dad driving, she and I had fucked an absurd number of times. I didn’t even bother to count; it felt like we were always fucking. It would have been easier to count the Moments we were in the same room without my dick being inside her.

Like me, she was on summer vacation. I was home from college and she was on break from her job as a teacher. That left a lot of free-time for us to copulate, and we would copu-late, early, and all the time in between.

The only thing that might have slowed us down was that Dad was working summer hours at his job so was at home much more often than usual. Ironically, though, Dad being around probably made us fuck even more, since Mom and I seemed to have developed a kink for having risky sex in close proximity to him.

We had fucked standing in the hallway outside of his home office while he was on an important teleconference. Mom had stroked me to release under the kitchen table during breakfast (more than once). On his birthday a few days ago, Mom had smashed a piece of his birthday cake onto my cock and asshole and licked me clean while he played around in the backyard with the little toy drone I’d given him as a present. Later that night, I snuck into their bedroom for a long fuck with her as he lay snoring next to us. It was a day.

About the only thing Mom and I hadn’t done much of was talk about our situation. I’d gotten over my initial reluctance towards incest (your uber-MILF mother being sexual dynamite will do that) but I was still shocked how quickly Mom had taken to it. Like Dad, she had always seemed like a very milquetoast person. She certainly had never talked about sex in front of me. In fact, until we’d started fucking eachother, I’m not sure I’d ever heard her swear.

But, she wasn’t offering any explanations for her actions and I didn’t want to press my luck. A gorgeous, busty MILF with a killer ass and a mouth that could suck out your soul wanted nothing more than to drain my balls half a dozen times a day. That she was my Mom was a minor speedbump on our non-stop sex highway.

Anyway, even if I’d wanted to talk about it, we were now in the shower and her mouth was full. I think it had probably taken me more than 2 minutes to cum in her ass, but she’d had a pair of orgasms in that span which put her in a giving mood. As she expertly swallowed my cock, Dad came knocking at the bathroom door.

“Hey, I think your Mom must have gone to grab something to eat,” Dad said loudly through the door, “Probably wanted something in her stomach before the long car ride.”

I looked down at Mom slurping happily away at my knob.

“I think that’s very accurate, Dad,” I called back.

“Anyway, when you’re done in there, would you mind coming down to help me load up the van?” Dad asked. I wished he would just go away and let Mom suck my cock in peace, though it was always thrilling to be talking to him while my dick was inside his wife.

“I just need a few more minutes, Dad” I said, looking down at Mom sucking on my nuts, “Then I’ll cum.”

“Thanks, son, I really appreciate it,” said Dad.

True to my word, after I’d filled his wife’s rokettube mouth with hot jizz, I went down to help Dad pack up the car. There really wasn’t much to load up. I’d secretly been hoping that Mom and I would be forced to share a seat as we had two weeks ago, but it wasn’t to be. Dad had even set up the front-passenger seat all nice with some magazines and snacks for Mom. He was a sweet guy; it almost made me feel bad about what Mom and I were doing. Almost. Sorta.

Mom came out, wearing a cute, flowy skirt and top.

“Hey! Where have you been hiding?” asked Dad, giving her a quick peck on the cheek.

“Oh nowhere, just laying in bed then had a shower,” said Mom, shooting me a glance.

“Well I hope Tom left you some hot water,” Dad joked.

“Oh yes,” said Mom, “It was very, very hot.”

Dad went back to loading the car and I pulled Mom aside, out of earshot.

“Looks like we won’t get a repeat of our last car ride.” I said, gesturing to the empty front seat.

“Phooey,” said Mom, making a little mock-pouty face. She grinned, “Hopefully we’ll find a way to get our rocks off at your Grandparents…”

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that,” I said, nervous about the ground I was about to tread, “You and Grandpa…”

Dad called for Mom’s help and she flashed me a smile and went to lend a hand. I sighed. One of the stranger revelations of the last two weeks had been that Mom might possibly have some sort of sexual relationship with Grandpa (Dad’s Dad). I’d been trying to ask Mom about it for a few days now, but I wasn’t really sure what to say. How do you ask your Mom if she’s fucking her husband’s Dad, especially when you’re also fucking her? They don’t cover that one in health class.

Alas, I never got the chance to ask again. We hit the road a short time later, and two hours after that we were pulling up to Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

Grandma opened the door and immediately threw her arms around me, wrapping me up in a great, big hug. As I always did (at least since I hit puberty) I pretended not to notice the diving neckline of her top that showed off an impressive amount of cleavage. I also tried to ignore the feeling of her massive, soft titties smooshing against my chest as she hugged me.

She hugged my Dad in a similar fashion and gave a slightly less enthusiastic hug to Mom. Their relationship had always been somewhat cool. Not hostile, but something just a little bit off.

We went inside, Grandma asking us all sorts of questions and helping with our bags. From the back of the house, Grandpa entered.

“Well, welcome, all!” he said, beaming as usual.

He shook Dad’s hand, then mine, clapping me on the back. I watched carefully as he gave Mom a hug, but I didn’t notice him react any differently than with Dad or I. Mom, however, seemed much happier to see him than she had Grandma, and her hand trailed for a Moment down his arm as they broke their hug.

“How was the drive?” asked Grandpa.

“Oh the usual,” said Dad, “You get this family in a car and it’ll be a pretty dull affair.”

Mom and I shared a quick glance.

“Oh by the way, Mom,” said Dad, “We hit some antique stores a while back and Tom found a great oil can for your collection.”

I dug through some bags and found the can, which I presented to Grandma. She was delighted.

“Oh it’s wonderful!” said Grandma, “I’ve added a few to the shelves myself since your last visit. Tom, why don’t I show you.”

“Awesome!” I said, internally groaning. Somehow Grandma had gotten the idea that I shared her weird hobby and now I’d get to listen to even more boring stories about it.

Grandpa cleared his throat.

“That reminds me, Beth,” he said, addressing Mom, “I’ve been trying to perfect that pie recipe you gave me and I can’t seem to get it quite right. Mind helping me out?”

My ears perked up.

“Of course!” said Mom, “I’d be happy to help you with my pie.”

Ok, now that I was on the “outside” of one, I could not fucking believe that Dad has never once picked up on any of these innuendos. But, true to form…

“You all go ahead, I’ve got some more things to get from the car, then I’ll get started cooking up dinner,” said Dad.

We broke off: Dad to unload the car, me with Grandma to look at vintage oil cans, and Mom with Grandpa to deal with his urgent “pie” problem. I tried to shoot Mom a “WTF” look, but she seemed to only have eyes for Grandpa at the Moment. I did notice that I wasn’t the only one who seemed unamused: Grandma stared down Grandpa for a long Moment before taking my arm and leading me into the other room.

For the next half-hour, Grandma droned on endlessly about her oil can collection. Normally, I’d zone out by trying to sneak peeks at her tits, but this time all I could think about was what was happening elsewhere in the house. I had a pretty fair notion that Mom had fucked Grandpa before, and their little coded conversation had pretty much sealed that idea. I found myself kind of angry. How could she asyalı porno cheat on Dad? Well, ok, that argument was a non-starter I guess. But with a family member? …Yeah, that didn’t really work either.

Ultimately, I settled on being frustrated that the woman I was fucking was getting fucked by someone else. You had to boil away all of the really screwed up angles to it, but that was the crux of my frustration. I stewed in silence.

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” Grandma asked.

“Nothing, Grandma,” I said, unconvincingly.

“Well there must be something,” said Grandma, sweetly, “Usually you can’t take your eyes off my breasts, but you’ve hardly looked at them.”

I nearly choked on the iced tea I was sipping.

“W-what did you say?” I sputtered, certain I’d misheard her.

“My breasts, Thomas,” she said, casually, “What’s the matter, do you not like staring at them anymore?”

Grandma thrust her chest out at me, squeezing her huge tits together to form a massive canyon of cleavage. I put my hands above my head in self-defense.

“I-I…t-they…” I said, unable to think straight.

“Oh, are you thinking about your mother and Grandpa?” asked Grandma, just the slightest twinge of vitriol in her voice, “Well, I’m sure they’re doing exactly what you think they’re doing. They always are.”

“I don’t…uhh…” I said, backing away and Grandma moved her big hooters closer to me.

“If you ask me, I don’t see why they should have all the fun,” said Grandma. Suddenly, her hand shot out, grabbing the noticeable bulge in my pants. I think I yipped slightly in surprise, but can you blame me?

“You’re not the only one who likes to stare when we talk,” said Grandma, “You’ve really grown into quite a man, you know.”

She squeezed my cock through my pants. Her rack was pressed against my chest, looking so smooth, so inviting…

“Dinner!” Dad called from the kitchen. I froze. Grandma froze, her hand still holding my cock through my pants.

“Maybe later, sweetie,” she said with a cheerful grin, releasing my cock and heading to the kitchen.

I stood there for a minute, finally able to breathe. When my cock had deflated passably enough to be presentable, I went to the kitchen for dinner. Dad, Mom, Grandma and Grandpa were already there.

“Get it while it’s hot, son!” said Dad. I glanced at Grandma, who gave me a sly wink.

“I’m starved,” said Grandpa, looking a little worn out.

“Did you guys finish up that pie?” Dad asked, looking at Mom and Grandpa.

“Well, it’s not quite finished,” said Grandpa, smiling at Mom, “But we’ll work on it some more after dinner.”

I scowled and pushed the food around my plate.

After dinner, as usual, all five of us went into the den to watch TV. The den was fairly small, with only a loveseat and Grandpa’s big recliner for seating. Usually, I sat on the floor and Dad and Grandma sat next to each other on the loveseat. Most of the time, Mom and Grandpa would share the recliner, even though it really wasn’t big enough for two. I have no idea why I never thought that was strange before.

In any event, I was glad to have a bit of distance from Grandma, who had been making eyes at me throughout dinner. I don’t know what had gotten into her, but clearly she wanted it to be me.

As Mom settled into Grandpa’s lap, throwing a blanket over themselves, I was ready to nope out of the whole fucking situation. As Dad turned on the TV, I stood up to leave.

“What’s wrong, son?” Dad asked.

“I’m, uh, not feeling well,” I lied.

“Aw, I wish you’d stay. This is our only time together as a family,” said Dad.

I eyed Grandma, her huge titties practically falling out of her dress, then Mom and Grandpa, who were no doubt feeling eachother up under that blanket. Some family time, I thought.

“I think I’ll just go to bed,” I said, gloomily.

“Nonsense,” said Grandma, “You come rest on the sofa with me, I’m sure you’ll feel much better soon.

Fuck. Even knowing what it might mean, this was the kind of family pressure I wouldn’t be allowed to resist. Dad took my spot on the floor and I sat down next to Grandma, cautiously.

“Now lay your head down,” said Grandma, patting her thighs.

God damn it. I slowly laid down on my side, facing the TV. I could feel Grandma’s big tits heaving just above my right ear.

Dad started flipping through the channels like always, looking for something to watch. As he settled on a cooking competition, Grandma’s tits settled on the side of my face.

“This alright for everybody?” asked Dad without turning away from the TV.

“It’s lovely for me, dear,” said Grandma, “I’m just going to settle in.”

Grandma reached her hand into her deep neckline, pulling out one of her big, soft titties and letting it plop onto my head. She followed a moment later by pulling out the other, plopping it down as well.

“Wow, those look amazing!” said Dad.

He was referencing whatever dishes were azeri porno being prepared in the show, but I was too mesmerized by my granny’s jugs to care.

“God, wouldn’t you just love a taste of those?” Dad asked the room.

I couldn’t stop myself. Turning face up, I let Grandma drop one of her plump, succulent nipples into my mouth. I reached up and grabbed her free titty in my hand, enjoying how squishy and soft it was. Dad turned up the volume as the host of the cooking show chimed in.

“The key is finding a pair that are ripe,” said the host, holding up two avocados, “If they’re too firm, they’re no good. Too soft, the flavor won’t be there.”

I tugged on Grandma’s nipple with my lips, flicked it with my tongue, let my teeth gently grind against it. She was ripe, alright.

“Hmm, this looks like something I’ve had before,” said Dad, talking about the meal being cooked on the show.

“You certainly have, dear,” said Grandma, pulling my face harder against her as I sucked her titty.

I suckled Grandma’s fat boobs for a couple of minutes, so enraptured that I didn’t realize her hand was back on my bulge, rubbing my hard cock over my pants. I wanted more.

I released Grandma’s nipple from my mouth with a *plop* and sat up. She got to work undoing my pants while I shook her big tits around in my hands. I looked over and lo and behold, Mom was leaning back hard against Grandpa, her tongue down his throat. The blanket had been tossed aside, revealing that Grandpa’s cock was out, sticking up between Mom’s legs as she stroked him up and down.

I could see why Mom liked him: Grandpa was packing some heat. Without pulling out a yardstick, I’d guess his cock wasn’t quite as long or as thick as mine, but even still it was damned impressive. His saggy ball sack pooled at the base of his meaty hog.

“Oh come on, nobody could take all that!” Dad shouted at the TV. He had switched over to some 80’s action movie and was laughing at the main character shrugging off bullet wounds like nothing.

Grandma got my cock out and in a flash her head was in my lap, stuffing her mouth full of it. I leaned my head back as Grandma sucked my cock. On TV, the action hero was diving into the ocean to save his love interest.

“Hope she’s good at holding her breath!” said Dad, to no one in particular.

Indeed, she was. Grandma gave some really, really good head: super wet, but not too sloppy. My arm was draped over her, still playing with one of her huge tits.

Dad switched over to a women’s basketball game. I used to get annoyed at his channel-surfing, but with his Mom swallowing my big cock not ten feet behind him, I really didn’t mind.

Mom and Grandpa seemed urged on by Grandma openly blowing me. Mom’s skirt was pulled up above her waist, her legs spread as she eased her pussy onto Grandpa’s dick.

“She’s wide open, give it to her!” shouted Dad, urging a player on TV to pass the ball.

Mom slid down Grandpa’s cock, impaling herself and releasing a soft moan. She looked right at me as her pussy swallowed Grandpa’s giant spear.

She was clearly jealous that Grandma was sucking my cock, even though she and Grandpa had been the ones who started all this. If she was trying to show off, I could play that game.

“Stuff her!” shouted Dad as a player blocked a shot on defense.

I grabbed my cock at the base, shaking it around in Grandma’s mouth. She had only been able to take about half my length at most, so I thrust my hips up while pushing her head down, forcing most of my thick meat down her throat.

“Go! Go! Go!” cheered Dad.

When she started sputtering, I bucked my hips up and down, fucking her mouth rapidly, my fingers wrapped up in her perfumed, curly hair.

Grandpa watched as I facefucked his wife. Serves him right for fucking my Mom all these years (and right now).

I let Grandma catch her breath, pulling my cock out and slapping it against her plump, wet lips. She looked up at me lustily.

“I want that big thing in my snatch,” she said, by far the nastiest thing I’d ever heard her say.

“What’d you say, ma?” said Dad, leaning his head back but not looking at us.

My cock was back in her mouth so I answered for her.

“She, uh, wants to watch ‘Deadliest Catch’,” I offered.

“Hmm, not sure it’s on but what Grandma wants, Grandma gets!” said Dad cheerily.

I had to agree with him on that. Grandma got my dick a little wetter, then bent over, her elbows on the armrest and her big butt sticking right in my face. One of the sexiest things I’ve ever witnessed is a closeup of her ass as she pulled her pants and underwear down, revealing her big, round cheeks with her perfect little dimple of an asshole in the middle, while in the background Mom now rode Grandpa cowgirl as he munched on her big tits. Even Dad would have to admit how awesome that view was. Maybe. Probably not.

“The key is the filling,” said the cooking show host (Dad was back on that channel), “If it’s too thick, the pastry won’t be able to take it.”

I lined my fat cock up with Grandma’s slim little slit of a pussy.

“Oh, that’s too thick,” said Dad, watching a contestant filling their pastry.

I pushed my cock into Grandma, her warm pussy wrapping around my cock like a glove.

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