Mom’s New Addiction Pt. 02


Mom’s New Addiction: Part 2

By Charlie Flemming

Copyright 2020 Charlie Flemming

We ate lunch of ham and bacon sandwiches and things seemed almost normal for a moment before Mom said, “Okay, I need another cigarette.” As she said this she reached under the table and grabbed my cock in my pants. However, I had cum so much that morning already that my dick only got to about half-hardness.

“Sorry Mom,” I said to her, “I don’t know if I can get an erection right now…” I felt a bit embarrassed by that.

Mom seemed disappointed but she turned to my sister and said, “Okay, then I guess it’s your turn, daughter.”

Kara opened her mouth, shocked, “What? What do you mean?” Though she seemed shocked I could see her nipples get hard under her shirt, no matter what she said about it, I knew she was turned on as much as I was at the thought of helping Mom.

“It’s simple, get naked, get on the table and I’m going to eat your pussy!” Mom said, obviously very excited about the prospect. Mom was more bisexual than she let on in the past. Who knew?

“But Mom-” Kara complained.

But Mom wasn’t hearing her, “JUST FUCKING DO IT!” She said, obvious those cigarette cravings were getting worse for Mom.

Kara glanced at me one more time, but then wordlessly got up and removed her shirt and pants. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. Her beautiful body was revealed to both of us. I was rock hard in my pants then as Kara got on the table, Mom moved the dishes out of the way as she did so, and put her butt on the edge of the table. Her pussy was not only wet but throbbing as she started leaking her juices from her cunt all over the table. Mom stared at her daughter’s cunt hungrily as she came across the table.

Mom dove right in as soon as Kara was close enough. I watched in horny aw as our mother started licking away at Kara’s cunt. I could hardly believe this was happening in front of me. But something was sure, my cock was rock hard again. I took my pants off and moved behind Mom, she stood up so her butt was in the air. She knew exactly what I was doing. She grabbed the bottom of her robe and lifted it up, revealing her glorious ass to me. I felt her ass as Kara started to moan and felt Mom’s glorious behind.

“Holy shit, Mom, you eat my pussy so gooood!” Kara moaned out. As she did I grabbed my cock and started rubbing it across our mother’s ass, and then down to her pussy. I knew it was wrong but I didn’t care. I was about to fuck my mother.

“NO!” Kara shouted as she noticed what I was doing, “You can’t fuck her David!” She scolded me.

“Awww,” Mom said, breaking her lip-lock on Kara’s pussy for a moment, “But I need to cum!” She complained, obviously Mom had no problems with me fucking her, so that’s cool, but obviously I was going to have to try again when Kara wasn’t around.

“I don’t care, Mom, that’s your son and if he fucks you, then you’ll be a slut forever!” Kara said that like it was common knowledge. I guess it was kind of slutty fucking your own children, but Kara didn’t seem to mind Mom tongue-fucking her pussy right then.

Mom broke away from Kara’s cunt again for a moment to say, “Then David, use your mouth.” She ordered and then went right back to licking away at my sister’s pussy.

I sighed but was actually pretty excited about that. It was the first cunt I got to taste. Might be a little fucked up that it was my mother’s pussy I was sticking my tongue in as I got down behind her and started eating Mom’s cunt from below. I loved her taste right away. Pussy was probably the best-tasting thing in the world, I decided right then and there as I stuck my tongue into Mom’s hole and tried to lick everything I could all at once.

Mom and Kara were soon moaning very loudly and suddenly my mouth was flooded with about ten times as much pussy juice as I was lapping up a second ago. Her body started to shake and jerk and I knew I had made her cum.

Kara too moaned out, “Oh, I’m cumming! Mom, you’re making me cum in your mouth!” God, this was so hot. I was really enjoying these new after-meal activities our family was getting up to now.

After calming down from their orgasms, Mom stood up. Mom then looked at me and noticed I had as much pussy juice shimmering on her face as she did. We laughed at each other. Then Mom noticed that my cock was rock hard and said, “Well, since your sister won’t let us, um, do more.” She said, “How about I suck your cock, son.”

Kara grumbled about that but didn’t complain openly. She got off the table and Mom quickly replaced her, with her pussy facing Kara, she lined on her back and took my cock into her mouth. I realized right Lefkoşa Escort away with her on her back and taking my dick past her lips while her head was essentially upside-down, I could easily fuck my long, thick cock all the way down her throat. I started going slow at first, but as soon as I realized that Mom could take my cock all the way without any issues I started fucking her throat fast and hard. I thrust my cock in and out of her mouth as she moaned around my shaft and my balls bounced against her nose. I looked up and saw that Kara was lapping away at Mom’s pussy with such desire that she didn’t even notice how obscenely I was fucking Mom’s mouth.

I noticed Mom’s breasts bouncing pervertedly as I recklessly fucked her down her throat and I was so horny I just grabbed at her tits and started fondling her huge melons without a care in the world. I really only cared about cumming in Mom’s mouth again.

But, just as my balls tightened, Mom, sensing how close I was, suddenly pulled off of my cock completely so she could beg me, “Please, David, cum all over my face. Your mommy needs it!” Then Kara started lapping Mom’s pussy even harder because Mom moaned out, “Oh yes, my daughter, your making me feel so goood!”

This was so hot I only just grabbed my cock and stroked it a couple of times before I started cumming all over Mom’s upside-down face. God, it was so hot watching my copious load covering Mom’s features from this angle. I watched as cum smothered her mouth, nose, eyes, forehead and hair. I then aimed higher so that cum could fly over her head to land on her boobs and belly. Just to see if I could, I aimed slightly higher and cum flew from my cock and landed from Mom’s belly button down to her pussy, where Kara was still lovingly licking away as Mom came all over her face at the same time.

Of course, what I didn’t expect from Mom’s incidental creampie was that Kara would then lick up and swallow my cum at the same time. Kara stopped licking Mom’s pussy for just a moment to blink in surprise. “Jesus Christ, Dave!” Kara moaned as she savered the flavor of my cum mixed with Mom’s pussy juices, “Your cum tastes amazing!” She then dove right back into Mom’s pussy in order to lick up all my cum from there.

Kara was a woman obsessed as she ate all my cum from our mother’s cunt, then continued to lick all my cum from Mom’s belly as she came up, then sucked and licked all of my sperm from mother’s perky and large tits. I watched in horny fascination as Kara sucked my cum off Mom’s nipples, from her cleavage, and everywhere else she could stick her tongue on our mother’s humongous globes. The entire time she was doing this, Mom was moaning underneath her with delight.

Kara continued up Mom’s body, licking Mom’s neck and along her face, they ended up making out, sharing my cum, and then Kara would lick more of my cum off of Mom’s face before kissing and sharing with our mother again.

Finally, there was no more cum and Kara simply looked up at my cock and shouted, “More! I need more!” She grabbed my dick and pulled it towards her, not even hesitating, my sister took my cock deep into her mouth and started sucking me off. With Mom’s face right beneath her, Mom started sucking on my balls as well. I grabbed my sister’s head and started forcing her further onto my cock so I could manually fuck her face on me. I began thrusting.

Kara wasn’t as good at sucking cock as Mom was, but I could tell she had a lot of experience. Soon, I was ready to cum again, but I decided not to warn Kara as revenge for her being such a bitch to me throughout most of my life. Instead, I just let out a throaty groan and then unleashed yet another enormous load of cum into my sister’s mouth. She couldn’t handle it at all, and after the first rope of semen flew from my cock into her sucking mouth and filled her oral cavity completely. She moved back to swallow but my dick just kept spewing and she ended up with cum dripping all down her face and landing on Mom’s features. Both my sister and mother’s faces were cummy messes by the time I was done.

“Fuck me, David!” Kara said in exasperated unbelieving as she looked down at the mess I made of both her and Mom, “How can you cum so much after all that?” Then she noticed something else, “And you’re still hard!” It was true, even after cumming twice in a row, the sight of my sister and mother’s faces dripping with my jizz was so hot that my cock was still active and ready for more.

Mom seemed ecstatic about that, “Oh goody!” She exclaimed under her cum mask, “Because now we should fuck!” She stood up on the kitchen table and sat back down again so her ass was on the edge Kıbrıs Escort of the table and her cunt only inches from my cock. She did this so quickly that Kara and I could hardly react.

As Mom grabbed my dick and lined it up with her pussy, Kara had a reaction, “NO!” She shouted causing Mom to stop her motion entirely, but she didn’t take her hand off my cock.

Mom sighed and glanced back at her naked, smoking hot daughter, “Kara, you both promised you would help me get over this, and all this sexual release with orgasms is what’s helping me. It’s only for the next three days and I don’t-“

Kara interrupted her then, “But MOM!” She whined like I was playing with her favorite toy and wouldn’t give it back, “David is your son! You can’t fuck him! Jesus, it’s bad enough that we both sucked his cock!” I could tell from Kara’s tone that she was a lot more freaked out about the incestuous sexual touching going on in our house than she was moments ago when she was sucking my dick.

Mom licked her lips as Kara said this, obviously already picturing us fucking. Then she went, “Mmmm, delicious,” as she licked some more of the cum that was still splattered on her face at that time. But then she turned to Kara and said, a bit disappointed, “Fine, Kara, but I still need an orgasm or I’m going to go right out and have a cigarette and die only weeks from now from severe lung cancer.” Mom was obviously speaking in hyperbole, I think she was a bit angry at Kara for not letting her stick my cock in her pussy. I was a bit upset about this too, but I knew I was lucky to even get this far. Mom continued, “What do you suggest?” She said to my sister.

Kara stared at my dick still in Mom’s hand. My cockhead was within an inch of our mother’s tight hole. Cum dripped down Kara’s face and into her open mouth, she swallowed it quickly, her eyes rolling into the back of her head for a second as her pussy pulsated with need. I could tell that Kara was just as addicted to the taste of my sperm as Mom was. God, what a couple of cumsluts!

That taste of my cum seemed to cause Kara to come to a decision. “Sex in the vagina is off-limits, and if you weren’t craving nicotine so badly you would understand that, Mom.” Kara definitely seemed sure about that part, Mom just rolled her eyes at her though, “But,” Kara took a deep breath and wiped some more cum off her face and into her mouth before continuing, “I suppose anal sex would be okay.” She finally admitted.

Mom got so excited about it that she let go of my dick and then practically tackled Kara on the kitchen table. They started to lick cum off each other’s faces like they were cats craving milk. As she and Kara made out, Mom lifted herself onto her knees so that her bare, perfect ass was facing me. She swayed her hips back and forth on the table, teasing me. I knew she wanted to get assfucked right away.

I wanted to give Mom a little lubrication before I stuck my thick schlong into her puckered hole and I leaned down to lick her asshole, as soon as I did though I realized she didn’t need any lube because her pussy had been leaking so much that it had reached her ass and was already quite damp with cunt juice. Still, I tongued my mother’s asshole like a good boy because standing and sticking my cockhead right up to Mom’s tightest hole.

As I sunk my cock into my Mom’s ass for the first time, I noticed that Kara and Mom had changed positions on the table so that Mom was once again licking away at Kara’s clit and pussy. Kara was already moaning out like a porn star, squeezing her tits and pinching her own nipples as our mother worked her up into an orgasm using only her mouth. Meanwhile, Mom started moaning loudly as well into her daughter’s cunt as I slowly pushed my cock into her tight hole.

I seemed to not be going fast enough for Mom as she suddenly pushed her ass backward and her asshole engulfed the full of my ten and a half inch cock. I was starting to figure out that Mom liked fucking hard and fast, and I gripped her hips and that’s exactly what I started giving to her. Thrusting my dick in and out of her asshole so fast and furious I thought I must be hurting her immensely, but if Mom felt the pain she didn’t show it, instead she only attacked Kara’s pussy even more with her lips and tongue as she moaned out with intense pleasure as I, her own son, fucked her ass as if my life depended on it.

We continued like that for a while. Kara came in Mom’s mouth, and Mom came all over my balls but after cumming so many times so close together I wasn’t even close. We got off the dining room table and moved into the living room. Mom got on her back on the couch and I fucked Girne Escort her ass while she was spread eagle and Kara sat on Mom’s face, facing me as Mom switched between licking Kara’s pussy and her asshole. It seemed Mom wanted to get in on the anal play as well.

After 15 minutes of fucking like that I finally came deep in Mom’s asshole and we all kind of collapsed on top of each other in mutual satisfaction.

“Oh my darling children,” Mom moaned happily as if we were still young kids and not fully grown adults of 18 and 19 years of age, “after that I’m so orgasmed out that I couldn’t have a cigarette even if I wanted to.” Then Mom sighed as she realized something, “Dammit, now I want a cigarette.”

I got really close to Mom then. I caressed my hand up her belly to her beautiful breasts. I ran my other hand through her hair, and our eyes met. She smiled at me, both motherly and sexily at the same time, and I kissed her. Our tongues entered each other’s mouths and played with one another for a moment before the kiss was broken, “We’re here to do anything you need, Mom, to get you over this addiction.” I then kissed her again, tasting her sweet saliva, and Kara started sucking Mom’s tits.

Though my cock didn’t come back to life just then after having such a strong orgasm in my mother’s asshole, we worked ourselves up enough that both Kara and I started licking Mom’s pussy together as she came on both of our faces. But we then started sucking Mom’s pussy juice off each other’s faces which then turned into Kara and I making out on the floor. My cock was fully engorged again then and rubbing right against the entrance to Kara’s wet pussy, I could feel as we rolled on the ground as my cockhead brushed up against my sister’s entrance to her moist cunt.

“No!” Kara shouted as she moved back, “We can’t fuck!”

“Actually,” I pointed out, “You only said Mom and I can’t fuck…” As I said this I grabbed one of Kara’s tits and pinched her nippled lightly, Kara’s leaned back and moaned, obviously turned on beyond all reason.

Kara wasn’t backing down though, “Please,” she begged, though she knew she was beat, “please, don’t fuck me.” She practically whispered the “don’t” part so I could barely hear it, “Just, ugh, just, fuck, oh fuck, oh,” Kara was so turned on as I fondled her giant breast, she was squirming from wear she sat on the living room floor. “FUCK ME IN THE ASS INSTEAD!” She finally let out as her whole body shook as she had an orgasm just from me playing with her nipples.

I glanced at Mom, who was watching us from the couch, lazily masturbating as she watched us, her own children, fool around on the floor. She smiled at me, “You heard her. Fuck her in the ass.” Mom suggested.

I really wanted to fuck them both properly but decided to give into my mother and sister’s wishes. I simply nodded at Kara and she got on her hands and knees on the ground and glanced at me over her shoulder and said, “Meow,” sexily, but it was so surprising that all three of us laughed at it.

I lined my hard dick up with Kara’s asshole. Unlike Mom, she yelped in pain as I started inserting my thick shaft into her young, tight butt.

I stopped immediately, “Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked my sister, I knew she sometimes bit off a lot more than she could chew when it came to making decisions.

Kara bit her lip, “Yes, fuck my ass, brother.” as i continued my journy into her tight hole, Kara yelped slightly again but her eyes rolled into the back of her head, indicating she was also feeling incredible pleasure at the same time. God, my sister was so fucking hot, hotter than any porn star, especially while my cock was halfway up her ass.

After a while, my cock completed its journey into my sister’s tight asshole and we worked ourselves into a steady rhythm. Mom wanted to get involved too so she plopped herself in front of my sister and Kara ate Mom’s pussy while I fucked her in the ass.

It took me so long to have an orgasm this time that Mom and Kara had to pull out all the stops to get me there. After I fucked Kara’s ass until she came several times and got sore, Mom took over and let me fuck her in the ass again, this time she rode me reverse cowgirl style while Kara road on my face. Finally, because we all needed a shower anyway, we took a shower so they could clean my cock and then take turns sucking me off again until I came all over their faces. I made a total mess of them, luckily we were in the shower, I thought anyway until Mom complained about not getting to lick all my cum off Kara’s face afterward. Oh well, live and learn I guess.

It was late after that so we all had dinner of ordered Chinese food. Mom said she was tired after and said she didn’t need another cigarette and was too tired anyway from all the fun. We went to bed in our own bedrooms that night. I wasn’t sure how Mom or Kara felt but I was sure looking forward to whatever I had to do tomorrow to help Mom get over her addiction.

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