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If you are new to my stories, I strongly, recommend that you read Neighborhood Moms and Daughters prior to getting into this story. It will help you with the characters and their motivations.

In this story, I recount Denise’s trip to the sorority as a sub to her daughter. Ray has a wild session with Samantha and her mother. Samantha then brings two sisters over to some more debauchery.

All characters are 18 years of age or older.


This is my second story ever. I really appreciated all the responses via messages and ratings that I got from my first. Please leave a comment, give a rating, or make it a favorite if you like this story. Thanks.

Based on the feedback I got, I have now used an editor to get a second set of eyes on the story. Thanks to blackrandl1958 for her efforts in checking consistency, grammar, and making great suggestions.

In the story arc, I am now playing down the lesbian sorority aspect as there was less interest in this. It does get some attention here, but I won’t go as deep as I originally imagined. I will also look to involve Ray’s kids in future chapters and have incorporated that into the narrative. This was a frequent request in the comments. I have more comments on this at the end of the story.


Chapter 1,

The alarm on my phone woke me early on Tuesday. I had to work and had to get my exhausted self in gear. Having sex with multiple partners was hard work, and Teena and Samantha had ensured my tiredness.

After getting coffee and rushing into the office, I had a bit of time at my desk to take stock. My sex life had gone from nothing to non-stop debauchery in only a few weeks. It had started with Denise on an innocent date and had quickly progressed to a threesome with Denise and out mutual friend, Teena. From that highlight, it moved on to first having another threesome with Denise and her lesbian(?) twenty-year-old daughter, Grace, and then another with Teena and her eighteen-year-old daughter, Samantha. More fucking with both daughters seemed likely soon. I needed to reach out to Denise to see how her weekend went as a submissive at Grace’s lesbian sorority.

I texted Denise to see how she was doing and when we might meet. She replied that she was still tired and had to run a few errands. She suggested dinner with Teena and me on Wednesday, so she could fill us in on her adventures. My mind ran wild with different scenarios that might have happened over the weekend, and I had to sit at my desk to avoid an obvious tent in my pants.

Samantha sent me a message saying what an incredible time she had last night and how close she now felt to Teena and me.

Teena also sent a message thanking me and said we could talk more when we would have dinner tomorrow.

After work, I stopped at a linen store and bought some extra sheets and new mattress pad. We had made a mess of the bed last night, and it was going to become a regular occurrence. After a quick meal and a workout, I headed to bed to recover and prepare my body for an evening with Denise and Teena.

We started the dinner early on Wednesday as we had a lot to discuss and would then move to Denise’s bedroom. I arrived at her place before six and was greeted by a new Denise. Instead of conservative attire, she dressed in black mini skirt, a tight black crop top (with no bra), and a satin collar/band around her neck. I leaned in for kiss when we were inside and got a surprise that she now had a tongue piercing, with a stud.

She asked how I liked the new outfit, which was Grace’s demand.

“Are there other surprises below your skimpy clothing?” I asked.

“I guess you will have to find out,” she said.

I thought of demanding that Denise strip right there, and had no question that she would do exactly as I asked, but that would leave Teena out. I wanted to hear about her weekend and get feedback from Teena about Samantha. It would be difficult for her to talk if we constantly filled her mouth with cock and pussy.

The doorbell rang, and we let Teena in. She took one look at Denise and said, “Girl, you clearly had a life changing experience. We want to hear all about it” Teena was in great spirits. I surmised that this was because she was no longer carrying the weight of keeping secrets from her daughter. She had resolved to make changes in her life going forward. That had to be empowering. Her husband, Rick, was going to be in for a surprise when he returned from his fishing trip.

We grabbed a bottle of wine and headed to the kitchen, where Denise had some appetizers set up. She poured us all large glasses, grabbed a stool and said, “Settle in for long story.” As she sat on the stool, I noticed that she wasn’t wearing any panties under her miniskirt.

“No holding back on details tonight,” Teena said “The words yada, yada, yada will not be accepted.”

Denise said that Grace had sent her instructions for arrival at the sorority. “I arrived in Silivri Escort the outfit that you see me in now. The only addition was a leather collar with a leash on it that Grace held as I made my entrance to a gaggle of girls who had gathered to see the entrance of the newest submissive recruits.”

Teena stopped Denise there and asked, “What is the deal with the sorority and submissive recruits?”

“Every year there is a little contest amongst the sisters to bring submissives to a weekend ‘showing,’ Denise said. “Grace had another candidate until she dommed me, and thought it would help her win respect and recognition for bringing in her own mother.”

“Grace and I were the first to arrive. There were a lot of comments when we came in, noting my height, dress, tits. ‘isn’t she a little old for this?’ The sorority president asked. “Grace’s response was that had brought a ‘true’ MILF to the evening. It took a bit, but I saw dawning recognition on the girls faces as they realized that I was Grace’s mother. I saw the president look at Grace and give her a nod of respect.”

“The other submissive girls started arriving. There was a small, nineteen-year-old Asian girl, Amy, dressed in a black body stocking. Next was a couple of big chested brunets, Heather and Erin. Heather had a catholic schoolgirl outfit and Erin was in a cheerleader outfit. Both were twenty years old. Lastly, Grace’s rival, Jennifer, showed up with blonde, eighteen-year-old twins, Rachel and Emma. They had matching outfits of miniskirts and crop tops on, and had their hair in pig tails. There was a buzz in the crowd about them and I saw a look of concern cross Grace’s face. The president, Katie, then told us all to descend to the ‘fun’ room. We all went in the ‘fun’ room with the subs in a small circle around Katie, and the sisters in a larger circle around us”

I interrupted and said, “Give us details about the ‘fun’ room.”

Denise took a moment and said, “It was a big room and had a padded floor in the middle. Around the edges of the room were several beds and two poma horses. There were rings hanging from the walls and there was a cabinet on the back wall with ‘fun’ box on it. Don’t worry, I will cover these later.

“Katie, the president, then went over the rules for the evening. The overall goal was to determine who was the best submissive slut. There would be various challenges. The winner would confer honor and status for their mistress and be included in future events. Any of contestants could tap out of the competition at any time. Personally, I only saw hunger in the eyes of the other subs.

“The challenges first started with just the subs and had us progress from kissing each other to removing all our clothes. None of us had an issue, and they didn’t make the twins kiss each other.

“The challenges then ramped up with a round of musical chair munching. Three of us would be on a chair in the middle while the other three circled to music. When the music stopped, they would drop to their knees and start eating out the sub in front of them. The first licker who could get an orgasm was the winner. I was in a chair first with the twins. I was able to hold off my orgasm until Rachel let go into Amy’s mouth.

“Then, it was our turn to do the licking, and I had a chance to sample Amy, Heather and Erin. Emma won that round when she got Erin to come first. Erin, who was a squirter, sprayed Emma with her juice. While Emma won, she was admonished for not opening her mouth to drink Erin’s squirt. Emma was then forced to lick up some of her juice off the floor.

“The next round started to involve the sorority sisters. We were each brought to a bed which had four sisters laying side by each with their skirts pulled up and bare bottoms. The first to get all the sisters off would be the winner. There were additional points for 2nd and 3rd, as well. I came in second on this one, as I was able to multitask by eating one sister and using my hands on two others to get them warmed up. Rachel was the winner. I think she got there by talking dirty between her oral licks.

“The second to last round was called the dildo challenge. Each sub was able to go to the ‘fun’ closet and pick out a selection of dildos for use on her. The winner would be judged on the number of inches taken in each hole, and there were extra points given for thickness. I was the easy winner on this one, due to my training. I went airtight but didn’t even have to use maximum size dildos to win, due to Ray’s training of my holes.

“Going into the last round, the descending point order was Rachel, Amy, Me, Emma, Heather, and Erin. There were a panel of Judges and each sub had to perform ‘something’ on the main mat. ‘Something,’ was left up to the mistress, in conjunction with the sub. Erin started, and proceeded to first get fucked by her mistress, lick the dildo, and then orally get off her mistress. She got an average score of 6.1 for her performance.

“The next performance was from Şirinevler Escort Heather, the busty brunette. She took a strap-on in her ass and then did ass to mouth on the dildo. This was got her a score of 6.5.

“Emma, the first of the twins was quite creative in demonstrating her lesson from earlier and offered to lick any squirting sister to orgasm and swallow it all. She had three takers. After she finished, she made everyone laugh when she let out a belch after finishing her last sister. The panel gave her a score of 8.2.

“I was next and had to up the ante. I talked to Grace and we planned our debauchery. It started with Grace leading me in on my leash as I crawled next to her. Grace donned a 10” dildo. She made a big show of first having me deep throat the dildo and then take it in my ass. She finished with dildo by fucking me in the birth hole that she came out of. After taking my holes, I removed her harness and licked Grace to orgasm. The panel gave me a 9.0, taking into account the incest taboo that we had broken, along with my ability to handle huge dildos in all my holes.

“Next up was the Asian slut, Amy. She was an impressive slut, first rimming and probing her mistress and then being sodomized by her for the first time. Her screaming and nasty mouth added to the excitement. In the end, though, she only scored an 8.5.

“The last up was Rachel, the second twin. She started with her mistress by eating her out and then asking her sister to sit on her mistress’s face. After she got her mistress off, she moved up behind her sister and was reaching around to fondle her sister’s breasts. We all thought that the twins were going to go the whole way with Rachel moving her sister to a 69 position. Emma broke, though, couldn’t go through with the deed and tapped out. Both twins left shortly after. There was the odd boo from the audience, but after she refused, everyone accepted it and we moved on.

“That left me as the winner. Both Grace and I were smiling. My reward was to get the ‘fun’ room for the rest of the weekend, while Grace offered me to many of the sisters. I don’t remember how many pussies I licked, or dildos were shoved in me. By Sunday afternoon, I could barely walk, and my neck and tongue hurt from overuse. Grace drove me home and was so proud of me. She said that this would springboard her to run for the presidency the following year.”

“Wow, Denise, that is wild,” Teena said. “I have so many questions. Did you enjoy it and what was your favorite part?”

“I loved the part with Grace where we performed, and loved the pride that Grace showed in me for helping her win,” Denise responded.

“That must have been pretty intense with all those girls over the weekend. Are you okay now?” I asked.

“I think I have recovered,” Denise said. “Walking on Monday was uncomfortable. My bowels are a bit upset, but I think that is partly due to your monster residing there last week as well as the workout this weekend.”

“What does your future look like with Grace?” Teena asked.

“I think you are looking at it,” Denise said. “I will be dressing more provocatively and need to be ready on demand for her or you. Grace suggested a tongue stud for enhanced oral pleasure, so I did that yesterday. I will say that I am still not comfortable with it. My other hesitation is when Jenny gets home. She will clue in quickly, and I don’t know how to tell her.”

“Just be honest with her,” Teena said. “I had quite the weekend with Samantha and I know it is the best solution.”

“Sounds like you need to fess up this evening as well. I know you had a big discussion with her on relationships. I hope she is okay,” Denise said.

“We had a big talk on Friday, and she opened up,” Teena said. “Once I opened the dam on this, she kept asking. I ended up taking her to Ray to get a male perspective on sex and relationship. That snowballed into Samantha wanting to get a demonstration from him. Ray was a gentleman when she propositioned him that night, but I thought it through and believed that this was the right decision. We went back on Monday where he showed her what a great a lover he is.”

“How did you participate? I can’t imagine you ever being a bystander in sexual situation,” Denise asked with an eyebrow raised.

“I chose to be voyeur from his chair for the opening round. Samantha was able to see that we had been intimate, and I came clean with her on our history. She started asking about anal sex and demanded that I give her a demonstration. I did not refuse, and Ray fucked my ass then sprayed his load in Samantha’s mouth. It was very erotic to do that with her.”

Denise had a huge grin on her face and said to Teena, “Welcome to the club! We have both bonded with our daughters through Ray. It seems weird, but I have to say also exciting and liberating to have it out in the open with our daughters.”

I spoke up and asked, “My only worry is how this is going to work going forward. I have had sex with Şişli Escort both of you, and now Samantha and Grace. Two women at the same time has been amazing, but I am not sure that I can handle three or four”

“Ray, don’t you worry. Teena and I have had a lot of fun before you joined. We will just have to ensure we have some toys and an open mind,” Denise said.

“I was thinking the same thing, Ray,” Teena added. “I had to fight Samantha as she wanted to join me here tonight. I left her with the big red phallus, some butt plugs and a promise that we would include her in the future. She was very excited to experience more. I am not sure how she will take to the woman-on-woman aspects of our play.”

“I can show her some of that,” Denise volunteered. “She has an incredible body and a great attitude, which she gets from her mother.”

“I think that you could ease her into it, Denise,” I said. “I would avoid Grace being involved until Samantha is comfortable. Grace might try and domme Samantha as a lesbian slave. While Samantha might choose this, I think she needs a bit of time and maturity.”

“I believe that Grace may have had a girl crush on Samantha,” Denise said thoughtfully. “I agree with Ray on this.”

“Grace scares me a bit,” added Teena. “I am not sure I could handle her whims and orders”

“Don’t knock until you try it,” responded Denise. “It feels great to let go of choice. I think it was best said by Frank N. Furter in Rocky Horror, ‘Give yourself over to absolute pleasure, Swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh, Erotic nightmares beyond any measure, And sensual daydreams to treasure forever.'”

Teena smiled and said, “Nice reference! It would be fun for a weekend. I don’t see making my lifestyle though.”

Denise retorted, “I get that you wouldn’t do that for Grace. If Ray was that way, we would both be slaves to him and his monster. He is the reason I am back. I might have just stayed in the ‘fun’ room otherwise.”

“I think Grace has a submissive side to her as well. She was turned on when I took control. I think she liked dropping the domme act. At least for a while,” I added.

“She was just under the spell of your huge magic wand, Ray.” Teena added. “Speaking of the magic wand, we better get some food and get busy with that magic wand or my fairy god daughter might show up and turn us into pumpkins.”

Chapter 2

Denise served oysters on the half shell which were not lost on me and then followed that up with seafood linguine. “Oysters for the libido and carbs to make sure we have the energy,” Denise added.

After eating the oysters, Teena and I hammed it up and started copping feels of Denise whose skimpy clothes provided easy access. Teena started to clear the dishes. I thanked her and said I would start on dessert.

I gave Denise a big kiss and reached around and grabbed her ass cheeks and lifted her onto the island in the kitchen. I reached up and put my hands under crop top and tweaked both of her nipples. I put my palms on her breasts and pushed her back to lay on the island with her bum at the edge and her legs in the air. Denise, true to her new lifestyle, didn’t have panties on and as her skirt was now up around her waist, I noticed a big pink plastic disc indicating that she had a butt plug in. I turned to Teena and asked, “How should we serve dessert?”

Teena came over and held Denise’s legs up while giving the plug a pull before rubbing her fingers along Denise’s labia. She pulled the butt plug in and out a few times which got Denise moaning.

I moved around to her head which was past the end of the island. I leaned down and gave her an upside-down kiss while pulling up her top to expose her beautiful full breasts with her nipples doing a fisheye imitation looking out from her body. It was a new experience kissing her with the tongue stud in her mouth.

Teena now had multiple fingers in Denise and suggested, “Ray, drop your drawers and start feeding her. Let me know how that stud feels. I am looking forward to some firsthand experience later tonight.”

I undid my belt and dropped my shorts and boxers to my ankles. My cock was at its full nine-inch length and I wanted to see how Denise’s tongue stud would feel on it.

Denise got the idea of what was coming and tilted her head back an opened her mouth and moaning from the rubbing and now licking she was getting from Teena.

I put the head of my cock in her mouth, and she ran her tongue and stud around the head. It felt different and I decided that I liked it. I started moving in and out and feeling the stud go over the edge of my head was great.

Teena kept fingering Denise while moving to her side and using her other hand to pinch Denise’s sensitive nipples. She encouraged me by adding, “Ray, start feeding her more. She has been practicing and I am sure all those strap-on lesbians worked on her gag reflex.”

Denise moved her head up and down a bit which I took to be agreeing.

I pushed to the back of her mouth and then felt the head of my cock penetrate past her tonsils.

Denise didn’t gag and I saw her extend her tongue which was now on top of my shaft. I went in to about an inch short of being balls deep and then pulled back and out of her mouth so she could breathe. Denise gasped for air a few times and extended her neck again and opened her mouth silently asking for more.

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