Morning Desires


Mornings are for usas I feel your handreach across to caress my hipYour breath warm on my neckurging me to slide closeras my skin meets your lipsIn my half-awake stateI comply and nestle intoyour form we become spoonsThis time of year it’s still darkUsing just our hands and mouthSoft light guiding us from the moonA hand reaches down and parts my lipsYou sigh into my ear as you find me wetI love that most mornings I wake to desireHow did I get so lucky you murmur to meMornings for us are a slow smoldering burnYour hardness pushes Sincan Escort to where I need it to beIt’s so quiet I can hear your cock slide inWet sounds all around as I envelop youRocking back pushing to and froI wipe the sleep from my eyesI seek out to find my favorite button and rubThe room now echoes our moaning and sighsFeeling hot breath in my ear I’m warm but I shiverGripping your hard sleep warmed cock in meI glance at the clock as we start to movePurposefully Etlik Escort wanting to make this time lastAround I circle and run a finger across my magic spotIt never fails and I cum in a series so very fastTaking a grip on my hair you murmur moreThrusting again and again until it’s your turnA bite on my shoulder and I can feel the signsYour body begins to shake and move more fiercelyI know just what to do and whisper your nameUrging you to spill your seed and fill all of Çankaya Escort meI am rewarded with your head resting nowWe settle and wiggle like a pair of nesting dollsIt’s not fair we both sigh that this time cannot lastWork and obligations call I but I try to keep them at bayOur mornings seem to go by so quickly and fastI’m grateful for time we do have, I awake eagerly each dayNow to make it through the day and not thinktoo deeply about the myriad of problemsthat each of us must tackle day in and day outI focus on the tasks at hand but I recallour morning desires and feel a warm wetnessI long for evening so again into bed I can fallMorning desires are for usThey sustain and feed me each dayI’ll shut my eyes now and wait for your touchagain on my hip and warm sleepy formBecoming one we can face life with a smileA morning ritual that has become our norm   

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