Mother and Son: The Prequel


Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. After an overwhelming response from my first two stories, especially Mother and Son which has attracted over 350,000 readers; I have decided to open up and reveal my first incestuous experience. Reflecting back over the years, there is no doubt that what happened between my brother and I planted the seeds for the present day. I would like to share these experiences with you all. I was born back in January of 1964 and lived outside a small country town in Victoria, a township called Yallourn North. My earliest recollections of my life go back to when I was four or five years old. These memories and flashbacks go through my upbringing, schooling, moving to Melbourne and ultimately to New South Wales where I met my husband in the army. This story is a combination of reflections and memoires over a 15 year period from 1968 to 1983. Unlike the great movie, Summer of ’42, this is the Summer of ’82. I can clearly recall the old farm that we lived on. The rent was free in exchange for the upkeep and minding of the place, which made it quite attractive for mum and dad. We had a cow to milk, some chooks, dogs, cats and two horses. There was electricity to the place, but there were no water mains or flushing toilets. The house was a two-bedroom bungalow type building, with a kitchen, lounge and bathroom. The laundry was in a shed outside and the toilet was an outhouse with a septic tank. Fresh water was limited and supplied from rainwater gathered in a large şişli escort bayan tank. There was also a dam in the paddock for general watering purposes of stock and a small vegetable garden. The dam also doubled up as a swimming hole in the summer months. I have an older brother, Stephen, who is 16 months older than me. Being a two-bedroom house, we had to share the same bedroom; He had a double bed and I slept in a single bed. I can still recall every night after dinner, mum or dad would put us in the bath together where we would play and splash water everywhere. What we never washed ourselves, mum or dad washed afterwards. In the evening, we would watch black and white television before going to bed. Bathing together and dressing and undressing together was a normal everyday practice as we shared the same bedroom. I guess, even to this day, this is the reason why I have no inhibitions; and why I have never been ashamed of my body. Steve and I both went to the Yallourn kindergarten, then the Yallourn Primary School, followed by the Yallourn High School until it closed in 1977 when I was in year 8. When the town was dug up for the brown coal, we finished our schooling at the Newborough High School. At this stage I was 13 years old and Steve was 15 years old. There was nothing ever sexual between us, not even a hint of it at this stage in our lives. Nothing happened that shouldn’t have. In the winter, I can recall times of heavy rain on the tin roof we had, as well as thunderstorms near summer with hail. I was always scared of the lightning and thunder, and on those nights mecidiyeköy escort bayan I always crept into Steve’s bed for comfort. Apart from that, like any brother and sister, we would play together on the double bed every morning before breakfast and before going to bed at night. The next three years passed pretty uneventfully. I had just turned 16 during the school holidays before commencing year 11 at high school. Steve had completed his high school and about to start university at the Gippsland Institute of Advanced Education. After having a bath one night we got dressed in nightclothes, played a game of monopoly and went to bed. Before putting the bedside light out, I had been reading my favourite book, JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Steve was lying back in bed with a sheet over him and he asked me to get out of bed and stand at the end of his bed. “Tracey, can you please stand over here for me?” he said, pointing to the end of the bed. Without giving it a second thought, I did as he asked. “Tracey, take your nightie off please and stand here.” I thought he was playing a game so I played along with him. “Tracey, take your panties off, I want to look at your tits and your pussy.” Quite bemused, I obeyed again to his desires. “Just stand there for a few minutes, Tracey,” was his comment. Unabashedly naked, I looked at him, smiling, not knowing what to expect next. Looking down at the bed, I noticed that Steve’s sheet was still pulled up to his neck, but there was obvious movement beneath the sheets. I could hear his breathing becoming a little more escort şişli rapid, his face was beginning to redden. “What are you doing Stephen?” I innocently asked. “Nothing Tracey, just looking at you,” was his reply. Shortly after that, the movement of the sheet stopped and he gave out a deep sigh, before asking me to turn out the light and go to sleep. Bewildered, I turned off the lights and we both went to sleep. The previous procedure happened again the next night. I knew something funny was going on but I didn’t know what. After the movement stopped and the gasp came out, instead of turning off the light, I tore off his top sheet. To my amazement, Stephen was naked under the sheet, his penis was big and hard, and he had all this gooey white stuff on his chest and tummy. I learned later on, that he had been shown how to masturbate by one of his classmates while at high school. This was a real eye opener for me as I had never seen cum before in my life. On commencing year 12 in February 1980, a few of the other girls in my class talked about masturbation and what they did. I told them that my brother rubs himself until something comes out of his penis. They laughed and told me he is just jacking off. It was then that I started to masturbate myself and discover the pleasures that it gave. I guess it was just a part of growing up and discovering things for oneself. The next time he wanted to go through his ritual before going to sleep, instead of standing naked at the end of the bed for him, I took off the top sheet revealing his engorged cock in his hand. I sat down on the bed beside him and asked him to jack off and that I wanted to see him cum. Although sheepish, bordering on embarrassment, Steve proceeded to jack off and squirt his cum over his tummy and chest. I can still remember looking in absolute amazement as the ropes of cum were shooting out.

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