mother in law seduced me…..part 2


mother in law seduced me…..part 2As karen was stood between my open legs in just her underwear and stockings, her arms wrapped round my neck. I was trembling nervously, ‘Relax, and enjoy’ she said.she pulled my head forward and rested it against her cleavage as I held her bum, then I looked up at her and she kissed me, just a peck at first then a full blown passionate kiss, her hands rubbing over my shaven head as she sat astride my leg and started to rub herself against it. my hands wandered up her back and stopped at her bra clasp, and karen stopped kissing me and looked at me, she reached round her back to my hands and undid her bra and took it off.’Is that better?’ karen askedI nodded my head and smiled as karen cupped a boob to invite me to suck it, I leant forward and took the nipple in my mouth, gently flicking my tongue over ankara escort it then sucking on it. As I sucked gently karen took my other hand and placed it on her other boob. I fondled and sucked each boob in turn and karen gently started to rub her herself against my leg. I could feel the warmth of her pussy thro her panties.’mmmmmmm…..what have we here?’ karen gasped as she felt my hard cock in my jeans.without saying a word she got stood up and took my hand, gently pulling me, she locked the door as we went past it to go up the stairs and then said ‘now we wont be disturbed’and gave me a cheeky smile as she lead me up the stairs, my eyes were glued to her shapely bum and stocking glad legs.Once in the bedroom, we stood at the bottom of the bed, karen kissed me, and as she did, she undid my jeans and pushed them down to my ankara escort bayan ankles, as I took my top off.She pushed me gently so I fell back onto the bed, then knelt on the floor. I looked down at her and she was looking at my bulging cock in my pants as she pulled my socks and jeans completely off.She knelt between my legs,’mmmmm I think its time I had that in my mouth’ as I felt her yank at my pants and my hard cock spring out. I looked down at karen and she had my cock in her hand’you have a lovely thick cock’she pulled my foreskin back then trailed her tongue around my balls, up the shaft of my cock then I watched her as she slowly took the tip of my cock in her mouth, her mouth looked like it was at full stretch to accommodate to cock.She started bobbing her head up and down on my cock, now and again making a slurping escort ankara sound and groaning, and every time her mouth went down on my cock she took abit more of it. By this time I was holding karens head gently and she was now taking me in, nice deep strokes. She pulled it out and wanked me as she smiled and looked up at me,’I want to cum’ I told her’Well, cum then’ and she took me in her mouth, she gripped my cock and wanked as she sucked me off then I could feel my cock tense, and I moaned loudly as I felt my cock twitch in karens mouth. karen moaned as my twitched in her mouth emptying my balls. I could feel karen swallowing as my cock was in her mouth. She kept it in her mouth as I felt it go limp, then she let it slip out and looked up at me’how was that? I bet that’s the best blow job you have had for awhile’ she enquired’Yes it is, and god I needed that’ I replied’well, I think its time you returned the favour and gave my pussy a bloody good licking!!’I never thought I would ever hear my mother in law talk dirty, let alone have my cock…..to be continued……

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