My birthday sex party


My birthday sex partyMY BIRTHDAY SEX PARTYIt was my 30th birthday, at about 6 o’clock my husband said to me you go have a shower while I take the k**s to moms. As they were about to leave he whispered to me there’s a couple of presents on the bed for you we can have some fun when i get back. So once gone I head upstairs for a shower and to see what presents he has left me, there are three presents on the bed, so I opened one to find a white pair of fishnet stockings, the next one had a white basque in and the third one had a white tie side thong in, I thought very nice but were they for my pleasure or his !!!!Anyway I had a shower and did all the necessary shaving of armpits legs and other parts. When finished I moisturised so my skin felt nice to the touch did my hair and make up thought I better make an effort lol. I slipped on my dressing gown and went down stairs to pour myself a big glass of wine to get in the mood and set off back upstairs. i sat on the end of the bed and painting my toe nails and finger nails, after they had dried i thought time to try my new underwear, once ready i looked in the mirror and thought to myself quite sexy for a woman in her thirties, sat back down on the bed and started to drink my wine when i heard the door slam hubby was back, so i lay back on the bed tried to look sexy.Hubby walks in the bedroom and looks at me on the bed and says oh my god you look gorgeous babe, I said you approve of my presents then do you. he said I certainly do shall I go get your other presents then I said oh yes please more pressies and bring me some more wine will you please. he returned with another glass of wine and more presents.Passes me my wine and one of the presents I shake it (the present not the wine) then open it, I laughed when I see what’s inside its nipple clamps with a chain connecting them I said who are these for me or you, there for you he said lets try them so he pulls down the basque a bit to release my breasts then teases my nipples for a bit until hard then with a bit of adjustment so it doesn’t hurt me too much he clamps them on my nipples and then tugs the chain a bit and says how does that feel, it hurt a little when he tugged the chain put otherwise it felt alright.He then passes me another present, i’m wandering what the hell is in this one after the first one so I open it to find a metal tin containing a mask/blindfold and some black straps with velcro fasteners, I said oh yes what are we going to do with these then, he said lie back babe and Escort Bayan i’ll show you, I could feel myself getting excited.So I had a big sip of wine and lay back on the bed he put on strap round my wrist and fixed it to the head board then the same with the other making sure he didn’t do them too tight as to hurt me, how’s that feel babe he said tugging once more on the chain of the nipple clamps to which I smiled and winked at him getting more and more excited, then he grabbed my ankle and fixed it to the bottom of the bed and then the other ankle so I was spread eagled on the bed and he tugged the chain again and said still ok babe, I smiled and said of yes. He slid his hand inside my thong and slid it over my pussy and said oh yes you are enjoying yourself.He then picked up the blindfold and slipped it over my head and down to eyes and I was in total darkness, he said lets see if I have anymore presents for you oh yes here’s one, I can hear him unwrapping it then a humming noise I felt my heart leap, and my body tensed up as he placed it on the inside of my thigh and slow moved it upwards stopping and the top of my stocking and then put it on the other leg and did the same and asked how it felt all I could muster was great. He then put it on to the outside of my thong so I could feel the vibration against my pussy through the material it felt fantastic…. But then he stopped and said was that the door bell I replied I bloody hope not just as it was starting to get interesting, then it rang again. He said wait there don’t go away laughing I’ll go see who it is. So off he went leaving me there blindfolded and tied to the bed for what seemed ages lay there pretty much helpless in the dark but it was probably only a couple of minutes.He eventually returned and said it was only Dave popped round with your birthday card. I said oh that’s nice of him, then hubby said only problem is he wanted to give it to you personally, I laughed and said very funny, then I felt a card placed on top of my panties and laughed again as a finger slow slid over my basque and tugged the chain. Then I nearly died when I heard Dave say or is this not a convenient time for you!!! Paul and Dave started laughing, I tried to compose myself and said no its fine I’m not up to much just lying around taking it easy on my birthday when my actually my heart was racing.Then Dave said happy birthday gorgeous and I felt his lips touch mine and he kissed me. As he kissed me the door bell Bayan escort went again and hubby said fucking hell I better see who it is you be ok here Dave for a minute and then we can have a drink and a chat laughing as he walked away. As hubby went off down stairs Dave had another tug on my chain and said you look so sexy, thank you I replied they are my birthday presents from Paul. Shall I but my card on the dressing table for you save you getting up he joked, I said yes please I’m a bit tied up at the moment he laughed and I felt him move the card then he reached inside my thong and felt my very wet pussy I sighed and he said wow that feels fantastic and he slid a finger up and down between my lips I nearly climaxed with another mans hand on my pussy. He stopped and pulled his hand from inside my thong when he heard hubby coming up the stairs.Hubby walked into the room and said who’s a popular girl then that was Steve with a card for you. I said well when you are as nice as me everyone loves you don’t they Dave replied of course they do we all love you. Then I said I bet he wanted to give it to me the card personally as well giggling. At that I felt a card rest on my thong again and laughed saying very funny and then the finger sliding over my basque and the tug on the chain as before when Dave had got here, then Steve said or is this not a good time I nearly wet myself.They were all laughing so I said well thanks for the cards boys I’ll look at them after, see you soon. Dave said we can’t go yet Paul has got us a can and at that I heard a couple of cans open that’s not fair I said I can’t reach my wine you will have to untie me. Dave said no its ok I think we can sort that for you, I heard him move around and could feel the warmth of his arm by my body tilt your head forward a bit and I could feel the wine glass against my lips and he tilted it forward and I sipped at it, there you go no need to untie you and they all laughed againI nearly died when I heard the door bell go again and I said what’s going on and hubby said I don’t know I’ll have to see who it is and off he goes. Dave then says to Steve move that card on to the dresser mate with mine and as I felt it move Dave added and have a feel of that pussy it’s fantastic, there was a moment were I held my breathe then I felt Steve’s hand slip into my thong I gasped as he felt my pussy wow you are right Dave fantastic. He moved his hand away as we heard footsteps and then a voice said eye eye Escort whats going on here then it was John I thought bloody hell how many more people had Paul invited to look at his wife on the bed half naked and helpless tied to the bed or was this his idea of a surprise party my heart was pounding like mad, there was the usual hi mate how are you, hi beth how are you looking very nice, then John said this is my old friend Joe from uni popped down for the weekend. I thought oh my god not another one and a stranger as well, they all said hi Joe and then I heard a woman’s voice say hi back obviously Joanne then. I said hi Jo I can’t get up at the moment she laughed and said I can see that don’t worry about it nice underwear.So I’m there blindfolded and tied to the bed not knowing what the other 5 people in my bedroom are up to apart from drinking and complementing Paul on his choice of underwear for me. Then Dave says I hope you don’t mind mate but my hand slipped when I was moving the card and I felt the Mrs’s pussy, hubby laughed and said was it good, yes it was fantastic so smooth and so wet, then Steve said sorry mate I had a feel when I moved my card too and I must agree it was fantastic, to which John said bloody hell you turn up late for a party and you miss everything. They all laughed and so did I just about thinking god is he going to have a feel too. Then hubby said don’t pull a face mate have a feel she won’t mind said not if he hasn’t got me a card, its a good job I have, I felt the card placed on my and then the finger slide up my body and the tug on the chain like the other 2 had done, then the card and his hand slip down to my pussy, bloody hell that is fantastic and so bloody wet, he pulled his hand out and said Jo you should have a feel you are the only one who hasn’t and they all laughed again and I tried to join in with the laughing but felt sort of not included as if I was the butt of the joke. Not without a card I said laughing. Jo said oh no I haven’t got a card but I do have a present. I felt the present placed on me and the finger slide up my body and the tug on the chain the present move and to my astonishment I felt a female hand sliding inside my thong and down to my pussy I arched my and nearly climaxed with the excitement, I heard one of the blokes say well are we right, to which Jo replied oh yes it does feel fantastic sliding a finger between my lips and I love this pretty thong with the bows on the side, to which Dave said I bet the undo really easy though for easy access, she needed no more encouragement to undo the one side then the other and I felt the material fall away and her fingers were sliding up and down my lips and I suppose the boys were getting a great view of a woman feeling there mates wife’s pussy……………….

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