My co worker Paul # 1


I had been working at this company for 2 years. Paul was already working there when I first got there but he wasn’t part of my team and so we rarely communicated. I knew he was married because I remember him and his wife and family at the last company picnic. I too was married at the time going on 4 years and loved very much my wife. My heterosexual life was good. Then came the phone call late one night the night I was worried because my wife had not yet gotten home and she had already left her work. It was the police calling to let me know she had been involved in a very bad car accident that caused her to break her bones in multiple places in her body. I had to take some family leave from work. I had just recently returned from 6 weeks of family time off from work after my wife had her terrible car accident that left her in a body cast. Knowing that the Dr. had given her up to 4 -6 months in her body cast before it came off, we decided that it would be better if she stayed with her parents 2 ½ hours away from our home and that I would visit her every weekend. During that first week back at work I was given lots of sympathy for my co workers and friends. Being left with just my income to pay the bills had left me low in cash and it was not very unusual to have some co workers invite me out to lunch during lunch time at work. I remember the day Paul approached me and asked me if I wanted to get a bite to eat, it was a Friday. Why do I remember? Paul was a loner. He hardly ever said a word to me before if it wasn’t work related and I had heard company rumors of him being gayish but I was hungry I thought he was just being kind so I accepted his invitation. We met at the parking lot to go out to eat and he suggested we get our meal to go and eat it at the park since it really was a beautiful day outside. So we took his truck and headed to the park after we got our food. Again he said very little and I felt awkward since I really had nothing to say to him so I just talked about my wife’s accident and up dated him on her progress all the while he just listened and said nothing. After the first 20 minutes I began to feel very comfortable with him because I felt he didn’t ask me anything about her accident just to be nosey like everyone else had. But all the time I was there I just kept thinking was he gay or not. I had never thought of being with a guy before ever! At the beginning this thought grossed me out but the more I thought of him wanting me was exciting me more and more. I tried to hide my boner that was just starting to rise but he saw me trying to adjust me cock in my pants. That’s when he asked me if I missed my wife and I said yes. He than clarified it saying if I missed having sex with her. His question Şişli Escort made me think more about sex and my cock got harder and harder and there was no way of hiding my boner any Longer. Then it happened, it was as if I was seeing his hand move in slow motion and I was frozen from moving away. His hand landed on my cock and he squeezed on it I was shocked I scooted back but his truck door stopped me and I felt him squeeze me again. Everything about me didn’t want this, everything but my cock. I just looked at his hand then back to his eyes over and over as he began to sorta jack me off through my pants. I was speechless. I was scared. I was horny. I was out of my mind! I swear I didn’t want this but I was frozen in shock and couldn’t move nor speak to say no. I saw his hands move to unzip me and even pulled it out and I said nothing to stop him. As I saw his head move down towards my cock I knew full well what he was about to do yet I did nothing to stop him from sucking on my cock. 7 weeks without sex from my wife was just too much, I was hornier than I’ve ever been in my life. I was very scarred of what was happening but I was more hornier than scarred I guess. It was just seconds that his mouth was wrapped around my cock and I could feel his warm moist mouth on my cock that I began to cum in his mouth. He stayed there as he swallowed all of it and I became limp in his mouth. Wow! Not even my wife swallowed me before. I was shocked and scarred as I zipped up but I was also very thankful as I starred at him without saying a word. We drove back to work and all I said was thanks for the meal and walked away fast. After lunch all I kept thinking was that every one knew what had happened and I was very ashamed. I was scarred and ashamed. I had never cheated on my wife before. I had the chances to but I never did I was faithful. But know guilt overwhelmed me, confusion and disgust was all I could feel over what took place at the park yet the feeling of having had my cock sucked and having a great orgasm was all I could think about. Time went by slowly that after noon and I tried to avoid running into Paul because I was not only ashamed but also mad and angry. Mad and angry because he took advantage of me and I felt violated. That Friday night after I finished talking to my wife on the phone letting her know I would be there Saturday around noon I couldn’t fall asleep thinking of what had happened to me at the park. I tried to think about my wife as I masturbated myself but the thought of seeing Paul going down and sucking on my cock and remembering how good it felt having him sucking and swallowing my cum, kept flashing over and over in my mind. I no longer came thinking that it was my wife sucking my cock but Şişli Escort Bayan I came having Paul sucking on my cock. That weekend my wife suspected nothing and I repented of what had happened with Paul and I and swore that it would never happen again. “I promise!” I knew what I wanted to say to him if I ever saw him again. I had all weekend to come up with telling him “to stay the fuck away from me and that I wasn’t gay at all.” I wanted to tell him how angry I was and that I would beat the hell out of him if he ever tried that again. Monday came and went and I didn’t see Paul anywhere and was not comfortable asking for him. That night again I found myself wanking off to letting him know how I didn’t want him to suck my cock anymore they way he did. The way his lips kissed my cock and his tongue lick and swirl around my dick. How his warm breath and hot saliva danced on my hot hard cock. In how I blew my load deep into his throat and having him suck me dry till I was limp and satisfied. On Tuesday I saw him and let him know I wanted to talk to him in private after work after everyone else was gone. I knew exactly what I was going to say as he followed me into an archive room that I had a key to. “Ok, go ahead and speak, he said as he stood in front of me. My words came out starting to tell him that I wasn’t gay and that it was a mistake but his eyes were down to my groin area and that made me think he wanted my cock again. Seeing him lick his lips as I was telling him I didn’t like the way his hot juicy mouth kissed and caressed my cock. That I was disgusted on the way I saw him suck down every single drop of my cum as if it was as delicious as honey. With every word my mouth said no my cock said Yes! As it grew in my pants and once again as if it was in slow motion his two hands quickly reached and unzipped my pants and unbuckled my belt. This time I was able to push his head away but it wasn’t enough to keep him from pulling my cock out and stroking my cock. I kept saying no. No, but my cock could not lie. I wanted him to suck me again I know I did because I let go of his face and placed my hands behind his head and push him down to his knees to my pre cummed cock. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed a mouth on my cock not a guy sucking my cock but just a mouth. It was heavenly! I was able to last several minutes this time before I came, not in seconds like the last time. My eyes were still closed as I emptied every single drop into his sucking mouth and enjoyed every bit of it this time. I didn’t want to open my eyes as my cock went limp in his mouth because I knew that the best blow job I have ever gotten was from a guy. Not a word was said from him nor me as he rose from his knees. My head hung low Escort Şişli with shame. I wanted to run from there as soon as I got my pants zipped and buckled. He said “Look at me” I didn’t want to but I slowly did and when I saw him he was smiling and his smile just matched how happy I felt inside. I smiled back and said “ thanks, I needed that” I felt a load lifted off of me. I didn’t feel shame anymore nor guilt I just felt sexually satisfied to the max! and that’s the truth. He said “Anytime you want” and left. Later that night the thought that I had cheated on my beautiful innocent wife kept consuming me. I had mix emotions. I felt bad that I had stuck my cock in another mans mouth and he swallowed me but I also felt good that I had stuck my cock in another mans mouth and he swallowed me. that night I talked to my wife on the speaker phone I desperately wanted to tell her that I had cheated on her but I also kept telling myself “What she don’t know wont hurt her.” Before I hung up with her I had already convinced myself that I had not cheated on her because it was with a guy and not another woman. It was my own little secret but a secret that I was only going to let happen twice and not anymore at all. I was sure of that. That Wednesday I looked for him but I didn’t see him at all. Wednesday night I mentioned to my wife how close a friend from work was with me. How he was helping me to cope with the accident and on our separation from each other. She was glad for me and said she was looking forward to meeting him. I know I wasn’t gay because I know I loved her I know I do but why do I keep on thinking of Paul over and over now more than my wife? I masturbated to Paul again that night. I woke up Thursday morning with a killer woody I tried to cum before I left for work but it was too hard and I didn’t have the time to. By 10 am. Paul sticks his head into my office and tells me that he heard I was looking for him and with that he winked his eye at me. I had the mind to say No, I wasn’t but I didn’t have the will to say it. I said “You think you have the time to meet with me at lunch?” he said “ I have the time right now.” I was floored! Right now? Right now here at work? I said to myself. I was just about to say no, not right now we are at work. But I had never had a blow job at work before. It sounded exciting yet very risky. All he said was “ I’ll follow you”. With that I took my keys and opened that archive room and we both stepped inside. Just as the door closed I unzipped my self and popped my cock out that he was all over it. Once again he was wonderful at sucking my cock and swallowing my cum. Just like that he was gone and I had the happiest face that day. Friday same thing happened too, he sucked me off at work that morning. Friday by 4 pm. I answered my office phone and it was Paul he wanted to know if I was free that night for some beers. I never thought id see him after work for that but I agreed.

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