My Crazy Girlfriend Pt. 05 – Sorority


I finished with classes and started to walk back to my dorm when Liv texted me.

“Come study at the house instead, I miss you!” I smiled; it had been a few days since we’d hung out.

I changed course and headed for the sorority house. I had been hanging out with her at the sorority house as long as we’d been dating but ever since a few weeks ago when she deviously sic’ed her roommate on me while I was asleep I was always a little wary of what devilish mischief she might cook up.

After the game with her sister, it had sounded like those sorts of things would be occasional, but she hadn’t even gone a few weeks before her sorority sister was climbing into bed with me- not literally pushed there by my fiancée- but if she’d been awake, I’m sure that’s how it’d have played out.

My arrival at her room surprised me because it was open, and empty. I went in and found her bed made. Weird. It’s always made, but it’s still weird. No one in the bathroom either. I stepped into the hall and heard voices, so I went one door over and found it open also.

Sitting in the room was Liv, her neighbor Lacie, and a blonde girl I didn’t recognize. Lacie was extremely cute. She had a cheerleader, girl next door quality with rich brown hair, olive-tan complexion, and the pitch perfect sorority girl figure you would expect. That perfect figure was capped off by her very innocent, baby face. In my mind I had nicknamed her Bambi because of what could only be described as doe eyes.

Lacie was clearly the focus of whatever was taking place and they seemed to be deeply engaged. I knocked and they all looked up. Liv popped off the floor and hurried over to me and gave me a hug.


“What’s going on in here?” I asked.

“Come in, you can help!” Liv said excitedly. The petite ginger grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bedroom.

“Hi,” I said waving to everyone.

The blonde waved with her fingers, “I’m Dawn.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Liv’s boyfriend.” I said awkwardly.

“Okay, sit, sit, sit.” Liv said pushing me onto the bed and sitting next to me. “Dawn, tell him.”

“So Lacie here lost her virginity earlier this year, they broke up, and she’s had two hook ups, neither of which were any fun and we’re giving her tips.”

“Well, that’s too bad,” I said, “It sounds like they just weren’t fun guys.”

Lacie looked up at me with her big brown eyes, “What makes a guy fun, like, in bed?”

“Well, what do you do that’s fun?” Dawn asked.

“I just make sure whatever girl I’m with is getting as much stimulation as I am. I like to go overboard with attention and making them feel good as much as I can. The guys you’re with sound like they’re there for the experience or just getting laid. That’s no fun because its self-involved.”

There was a pronounced silence. “What?”

“Whatever girl you’re with? You mean Liv?” Dawn said raising an eyebrow.

“Well yeah but we weren’t like virgins when we met and I’ve always-“

A voice rang out from the open door and we all jumped and looked. Amy was leaning in, clearly having been eavesdropping. “Liv’s boyfriend is fun in bed, try him out.” As soon as she’d said it, she flitted away.

All eyes returned to me. Dawn and Lacie both stared at me. “What do you mean by ‘whatever girl I’m with?'” Dawn asked, “It’s not just Liv?”

“Well, yes, I just meant-“

“Of course, he’s very loyal to me.” Liv interjected.

“What did Amy mean then?” Lacie asked her eyes darting from Liv to me and back.

“Well, she’s shared a room with Liv for a bit now and-“

“A boyfriend apparently too.” Dawn said with a smirk.

“Ok fine,” Liv said crossing her arms, “Maybe I let him mess around with Amy. Fine, I encouraged him to. Knowing he’s with other very attractive girls turns me on. But he’s my boyfriend and I can do whatever I want with him. Even if its… other… girls.”

The room was staring at her and me. Lacie’s eyes especially seemed to migrate slowly between us. I sighed and hung my head.

“I am going to strangle Amy.” I said to Liv.

Liv smirked, “She might like that.”

“Ugh,” I groaned.

“So, wait, all that noise I heard the other night, that was you and Amy?” Dawn asked incredulously.

“Which night?” I asked turning red.

“It’s been more than once?” Dawn practically yelled. Then her face suddenly lit up. “Wait why doesn’t he show Lacie what a good time is like?”

This time Lacie blushed to a deep crimson. “Oh, no, I couldn’t.”

“Oh, we all could!” Liv said excitedly.

“Wait, what happened to studying?” I protested, “It’s why I came over here.”

Liv ignored me, turning to Dawn, “What do you say, lets teach Lacie all about quality sex.”

Dawn shrugged and smiled, “Listen if you get off on letting him run through ever girl in the house I will not stand in the way.”

Liv turned to Lacie, “Come on, I promise you won’t regret it. He’s seriously so much fun, and we’ll teach you.”

“After what happened to me, I guess I’ll give it a try.” She said with a bashful shrug.

Dawn çorum escort got up and closed the door, then went over to Liv. “How do we start this?”

Liv scrambled to her feet, “How else? Let’s put her in his lap and watch her squirm.”

They turned and pulled Lacie to her feet and led her over to me sitting on the bed.

“Ok so one of the most important parts of sex is the foreplay.” Liv explained, “And really emphasize the play.”

“I dunno, what if he doesn’t like me?”

“Lacie, come on,” Dawn scoffed, “Look at you, of course he likes you.”

“But he’s your boyfriend.” She said looking at Liv.

I was trying to concentrate and not be distracted by Lacie’s long tan legs coming out of her khaki skirt, or the way her collarbones framed her D-cups in the spaghetti strap top that could barely contain them. I’ll never understand how Liv manages to find girls like this who are so ready.

“Hey Romeo, help us out.” Liv said poking me.

I snapped out of it and took Lacie’s hand. “Relax, it’s always weird for me too when she does this.” I gave Liv a look, “But I promise she’s more excited about it than you are.”

“Are you?” She asked.

I looked into her youthful face, “It would be hard not to be.” Liv elbowed Dawn at the word hard. She’s ridiculous.

“Should I take my clothes off?” She asked grabbing the hem of her shirt.

“No.” Liv and Dawn said together.

“Let him do that.” Liv said, “It’s like opening a present.”

Lacie shrugged, looked over her shoulder at Liv, and then climbed onto the bed so she straddled me. I looked at Liv over Lacie’s shoulder before pulling her into a kiss. She relented letting me kiss her gently before kissing me back. Slowly her soft, pouty, lips opened, and her tongue flirted with mine. She slowly increased the passion from her lips as they pressed into mine.

She pulled away and giggled girlishly into her hand looking back at Liv, then the other way at Dawn, “He’s getting hard.”

I took advantage of her exposed neck and grazed her skin with my teeth before kissing from her jaw down to her chest. She gasped and laughed. I heard her make pleased noises as my lips felt the soft nape of her neck and my hands held her tight waist. I bit her neck again and she yelped grabbing my head. I leaned back and she pulled me into another kiss, her tongue not being coy this time. She moved her body with the kiss and was breathing more heavily.

I heard Dawn comment as they both watched, “You’re seriously not burning up with jealousy watching this? He’s lighting her up like a Christmas tree.”

“It wouldn’t turn you on knowing your boyfriend could go turn any girl’s world upside down, wear their bodies out and leave them cum soaked and blissful?” There was a pause in the conversation, and I heard Lacie make a quite pant through our kiss. She had scooted further in my lap until she was brushing up against the tent in my basketball shorts. “He can do that to anyone and still chooses to be mine. That’s fucking hot.” Liv said with finality.

Lacie parted the kiss and looked into my eyes, her nose against mine. Her eyes were burning me up and she was breathing hard enough that her chest rose and fell. She looked over at Liv and smiled, trying not to let her body roll. “Foreplay is fun, I want to keep going.”

“No one said stop.” Dawn said with a smirk.

“No,” Lacie said turning pink, “Keep going like, I want to do more stuff.”

“I think that’s what she’s hoping to watch.” I said in her ear. She looked at Liv who nodded.

Lacie turned back to me and smiled, her hand reached down and I felt her small fingers rubbing my stiff shaft that flexed against her touch. I panted into her kiss as she rubbed me through my shorts for several minutes before she pulled away and whispered in my ear, “I’m so wet already.”

I put my fingers in the straps of her top and pulled them off her shoulder. I expected her to hesitate, but she readily shrugged out of them. Beneath was a plain, white, bra that held her heavy chest above the top I pulled well below it.

There was a soft click and I heard giggling. I looked up and Liv was giggling herself red in the face and Dawn was covering up a smile too. The bra Lacie was wearing was being pushed off her chest and the straps were coming loose. Liv had unhooked it.

“Hey!” She protested playfully.

Liv reprimanded her, “Nuh uh, you are not playing with my boyfriend in a Sear’s discount-rack bra.”

She looked back at me holding the bra up with her hand. “It’s her rules.” I said with a shrug. She gave me a faux look of disapproval. “You just want to play with them.”

“Lacie, she wants to play with them.” I said putting a finger into the center of the bra and tugging so the straps slid off her shoulders and she was left topless covering her large breasts. I put my hand on her chest and leaned her back. She reclined resting her hands on my knees, so her full, naked torso was exposed to the girls behind her, and her heavy breasts with tan nipples hung softly from denizli escort it.

Liv had jumped at the opportunity to participate and ran a hand over her soft flesh. Lacie gasped and her hips flexed as Liv groped her. The sight of my fiancée’s pale fingers grabbing Lacie’s olive, tan-lined, breast made my cock ache. I leaned over and took her other breast in my mouth sucking her nipple.

She cried in surprise and bit her lip moaning quietly as I teased her breast with my mouth. She rocked and moaned, digging her nails into my knees, my nose pushed into her soft flesh for several moments and I leaned away looking at her flushed face.

She panted for several moments and then started laughing, making her breasts shake. She looked back at Liv fighting back her nervous giggles, “Are you still ok with this? I don’t want to cross any lines but…” She bit her lip, “If I do anymore, I won’t want to stop.”

Liv pushed on her back to lean her toward me again, “That’s the point.”

Lacie was on her knees with her face above me and she leaned down and started to kiss me again, hotly, her nipples catching on my shirt. As we kissed, I put a hand on her soft, taught, thigh and slid my fingertips up making her breath catch until I reached the fabric underneath that was completely saturated with fluid.

I ran my fingers over the folds I could feel through the wet cotton and she moaned into the kiss before pulling away and hanging her head. Her hips rocked as my fingers ran across her, paying attention to where I felt her clit. She moaned in my ear and reached down grabbing my shaft through my shorts and started to stroke me blatantly.

I looked up and Liv and Dawn were watching intently, Dawn biting her lip. Dawn turned to Liv, hands shoved her in tight denim shorts. “Do we need a ticket to this ride or…”

“That’s up to Lacie,” Liv said, her voice requiring effort to keep steady, “She’s the one learning what a good experience is like.”

I pulled my finger from between her legs and showed her how glossy and wet they were, making little strings between my fingers. She blushed and looked around at Liv and Dawn, “Y’all can play too, he isn’t my boyfriend or anything.

“You guys can jump in, but you have to undress yourselves. We promised her foreplay.”

Lacie leaned over, her brown hair curtaining around her face and smiled, “We’re way past just foreplay.” She said breathily before putting her lips to my neck and sucking, her tongue pushed against me through the motion.

She reached into my shorts, past my boxers and grabbed my bare cock, as she stroked precum spread across the shaft making it slick. She panted against me when she felt that I’d been dripping. She panted into my ear as she stroked, “Mmm precum already…”

Behind her Dawn had moved to Liv and grabbed the hem of her shirt. “Can I undress you?”

Liv giggled and wiggled her hips putting her hands in the air, “I’m not shy.”

Dawn laughed back and pulled Liv’s tank top up, exposing her white, narrow waist and long belly button. Up over her little b-cups and then threading it through thick red hair. “Yes you are.” Dawn said, dropping the shirt and slapping Liv’s ass. Liv yelped and laughed.

“Ok, I am. But not when he’s here.” Liv replied.

Dawn’s shoulders sagged, “Awww,” She said putting her hands to her mouth, “That’s so cute.”

“Hey, come on, I’m ready to be naked here.” Liv stamped her foot.

“Right sorry,” Dawn apologized and wrapped her arms around Liv from behind unbuttoning her jeans. Liv playfully leaned back into Dawn and rocked her hips seductively.

Dawn smiled, “Oh it’s that kind of undressing?”

“He’s playing with a girl I’m just following his example.” Liv said devilishly.

“Alright, I’m not shy.” She said raking Liv’s hair to one side, “And that’s actually true.”

Dawn put her hands on Liv’s hips, pulling her close and started kissing her neck. Liv gasped and giggled as Dawn kissed down her neck and tickled her ear with her tongue. Her hands ran over Liv’s exposed stomach before unbuttoning her jeans and unzipping them.

I tapped Lacie’s shoulder, and she looked at me, running her thumb under my tip. “What’s wrong?”

“Absolutely nothing, but I thought you’d want to watch this too.”

Dawn slid her hand into Liv’s pants which clearly surprised Liv who cried and jerked at the feeling of her friend’s fingers against her panties. Liv closed her eyes and rocked back against Dawn who kissed her neck and teased my girlfriend with her finger.

Liv moaned quietly and her whole body reacted to the sensations her friend was causing her. Lacie and I watched as Dawn pulled a wet finger out of her jeans and used her thumbs to tug Liv’s pants off. Liv’s slender legs stepped out of them easily, so she was in her underwear. She turned around quickly pulling Dawn into a heated kiss. She grabbed the hem of Dawn’s black Harley Davidson shirt and pulled it up.

Dawn leaned out of the kiss letting Liv pull the shirt off exposing her chest. I was surprised diyarbakır escort that it was about the same size as Liv’s, held up by a lacy black bra. I wondered if Liv would say anything, but she didn’t, opting instead to fill her palm with one and resume passionately kissing. I had met Dawn a few times and never knew that she had a small tattoo of birds across her right ribs.

Lacie looked back at me, “That’s really hot.” She whimpered.

As they kissed, Dawn put her hand between Liv’s legs again and Liv moaned hard into Dawn’s mouth and broke away, leaning on her. “I can’t get your shorts undone when you do that.” She gasped through a laugh.

Liv struggled with the denim shorts that were practically painted onto Dawn’s waist and peeled them off, revealing a matching black thong. She kicked the shorts away and reached to Liv’s ribs and putting her fingers under the elastic of her sports bra. She pulled that away with great effort, the garment unceremoniously getting stuck at Liv’s head before tugging free.

Liv’s small breasts came free, bouncing as they did, her pink nipples standing off the hand-sized mounds. She stood in just her underwear looking over Dawn’s firm body that was wrapped up in black lace, “Damn Dawn you are so hot.”

Lacie smiled at me and resumed stroking. I reached behind her and pulled on the zipper to her skirt. It fell off easily and I tossed it on the bed. I grabbed her waist and rolled her onto her back. She giggled playfully as I did, rolling her body excitedly.

I slid off the bed and peeled her panties off her hips, down her legs and off her ankles. Her pussy had a trimmed, practically manicured strip just above it and her pink lips were creamy and soaked. She spread her legs eager for me to give it attention.

Just before I was ready to lean in Liv bounced suddenly onto the bed next to her- completely naked, a blur of white and copper. She scooted in close to Lacie who smiled and giggled. I leaned in between Lacie’s legs and tickled her folds with the tip of my tongue. She moaned quietly and her legs flexed around me.

As I played my tongue across the creamy mess, lapping at her clit and exposed lips she whimpered and cried, one hand holding her breast. She looked at Liv as I ate her, “Your boyfriend is so fun, I’ve never been this wet. Mmmm…”

I dragged my tongue across her pussy and flicked it over the hood of her clit. She cried and rolled her tan body on the bed biting her lip and nervously watching Liv’s reaction. I reached up and slid a finger into her and she groaned. Her walls fluttered against my knuckles as I slid my finger in and out. I was savoring the tart taste of what my finger pulled out of her, smearing it across her pussy to keep lapping up. As my finger passed over her clit she shuddered and so I gently rubbed her wet pussy with my finger.

“He’s gonna make me cum…” She heaved desperately. Liv smiled at her and nodded encouragingly. “No he can’t, I’m gonna cum… Liv…” She begged.

She groaned hard straining her voice and her legs pulled open as her stomach and hips shuddered. She moaned loudly grabbing the bed and squeezing her breast violently. Suddenly clear liquid began gushing out of her pussy onto my face and the sheets in several slow bursts. Liv had covered her mouth laughing with surprise. Dawn who had climbed onto the bed opposite her looked on craning her neck.

Lacie laid on the bed fighting to regain control of her breath as climax passed and covered her face. “Sorry,” she panted. Her face had flushed red with humiliation. “I should have warned you.”

Liv pulled her hand down laughing excitedly, “Don’t be sorry, that was extremely hot.”

“No its not.” She said.

I patted Lacie’s leg, “Lacie I think Liv would pay you to film squirting on my face so she could watch it happen over and over again.” Lacie looked at me, my face still wet, and then at Liv who nodded.

Dawn moved on the bed, laying her head off the end so her long, fit body stretched out across it. She grinned at me, and wagged a finger. “Get those shorts off so I can make something else shoot.”

Lacie clapped excitedly, “Trade spots.” Lacie climbed over Dawn so she was in the middle next to Liv and Dawn opened her mouth with her tongue out. I stood up and dropped my shorts and boxers and stood over Dawn’s face. She leaned up and licked my shaft, teasing below my tip with her tongue and lips.

Liv goaded me on, “Fuck her face and cum on her tits.”

Precum stringed off her chin as she lapped at my cock. She smiled up at me, clearly relishing having it near her face, “I want it rough, don’t stop if I gag or choke.”

Liv looked at her and smirked, “I won’t let him.”

Dawn smiled at Liv and wrapped her lips around my tip. I started fucking her mouth, her tongue playing with my tip and shaft as I did. I didn’t hold back, I held her head with one hand and jammed my cock into her throat.

She made sucking and gagging noises, her lingeried body arching and her ribs flexing for air as my cock plugged her throat with each stroke. I couldn’t see her eyes clearly but her throat and chest told me she was gagging and fighting for breath. Occasionally her lips would open and she would gasp and drool ran down her cheeks before closing around me and allowing my cock to abuse her mouth more.

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