My cuckold Life


My cuckold LifeIn an earlier posting I mentioned that even before we were married Nancy, my Wife, said that she intended to keep her sexual freedom and did so by screwing her Aunt’s well hung boyfriend. She’s doing as she said and we both enjoy the lifestyle. Being married to a hot wife is different – very different. Unlike most women Nancy never dresses casually unless she’s at the beach. For Nancy it’s heels and hose, immaculately done makeup, a nice dress or skirt and blouse, and plenty of eye-catching jewelery, And she acts the way she dresses. Even when we are out together Nancy flirts, quite openly with men who she finds attractive. This can be a hunky younger man or it can be the husband of one of her girlfriends – it doesn’t matter to Nancy what anyone thinks, especially me. And since Nancy is bi-sexual, she might just flirt with a woman. Or sex life together is on the kinky side but rarely includes my fucking her and she never gives me a blow job. Sex is centered on my satisfying her and that is the only objective. We do have sex frequently but it’s usually my eating her pussy; it’s the only sexual compliment she pays me, “You know how to eat a cunt”. Sex usually occurs digitalbahis yeni giriş when she comes home from work. She comes in and says “Let’s go!” and I make my way up stairs where she stips off her pantyhose and lays on the bed or sits in a chair. I service her orally and using one of her dildos or vibrators. After a days work she has the strong smell of a woman that I enjoy taking in. When Nancy is satisfied she often allows me to masturbate but not always; whether I’m allowed or not haas less to do with my please than it does if Nancy watches – and she usually does – or whether she simply wants to deny me to punish me or simply to exert her authority. If she has me on ‘denial’ then there is no sex of any kind and if I’m caught jacking off there will be hell to pay – she will beat my ass with one of the leather paddles she keeps for disciplining me. She often extends ‘denial’ so long that I’m begging her for permission to release.Nancy has a number of men; some are regular partners and some are casual hook-ups. Her Aunt has a ‘little black book’ of men – well endowed men – who make house calls. I’ve been at home when some of these studs have been digitalbahis giriş summoned to service some of Aunt Judy’s friends. WOW! As a bi-sexual man I’d suck any of these cocks! Nancy is particular as to who she screws. A man either has to be sexually attractive of have something else that Nancy wants; power, for example. She screws her boss even though he doesn’t do a damn thing for her – but he does have the power that Nancy craves and she uses it. She has a good position and travels regularly with her boss. Of course she’s fucking the guy but as she says, “That’s what it takes to climb the corporate ladder”. Nancy also enjoys screwing the husbands of her girlfriends; they don’t know this is going on and she likes it that way. She loves seeing a girlfriend at work knowing that she fucked the guy the night before. Screwing her girlfriends husbands started when one of the women was constantly bitching about him; Nancy decided to do a little ‘field work’ to see if the girlfriend’s claims were true – they weren’t. The girlfriend is getting even less sex now that Nancy’s moved in! Nancy dates and goes out with her girlfriends regularly and is always digitalbahis güvenilirmi dressed to the nines. She has male visitors at home but when she does I’m not allowed to be home. I’ll notice her getting dressed and made up and then she’ll tell me “get your ass out of here until I call you”. This is not an evening out for me; rather, it’s time I have to spend at the mall or sitting in the local McDonald’s drinking coffee until I’m given permission to return home. So, what’s in it for me? Well a dominant/submissive lifestype which my wife and I both crave. And then there’s knowing that Nancy is sexualy satisfied. As for my own sex life, I’m bisexual and permitted to hook up with men of my choosing. And there are a lot of opportunities to hook up for me, thanks to Aunt Judy. Her little black book also lists men and women looking for some sex and she gives me opportunities to do hook up with them. Many of the women are the older women and BBWs who I crave. The women are usualy looking to cheat; I love it when they cheat! Aunt Judy makes arrangements and sends me off with some Viagra and a bag of sex toys to one of the hook ups; it’s great sex and the only place I get a blow job. Aunt Judy tells them that my satisfaction is secondary but most of the hook up girls accommodate me. The women are anywhere from 40s to 70s. As for the men they’re usually just looking for a blow job that they can’t get from their wives. Always willing to discuss and share with others; let me know

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