My Daughter Dani


My name is Amy and this is the story of how I unwittingly became cuckqueened by my own daughter. My boyfriend, Andy, is now fucking her and it makes me get all tingly every time I even think about it, and I absolutely love it when they let me join them or help them.

I suppose I should start at the beginning. As I said, my name is Amy and I’m 41. I have a 20 year old daughter named Danielle. I am a vice principal at the high school Dani used to attend. Dani got her looks from her dad’s side of the family. I am 5’7″, with a slim athletic build. I have wavy shoulder length auburn hair and brown eyes. If you saw me on the street, you’d notice me, but you wouldn’t likely crane your neck to get a third look. I’m not trying to put myself down or sound falsely modest; a woman just knows. I can get a date if I want to, but guys aren’t stumbling over themselves to pull out my chair or open a door for me or anything.

My daughter, on the other hand, is the American beauty. She’s blonde with big blue sparkling eyes and 34C breasts. She’s a couple inches shorter than I am, but she definitely has the curves that men notice. Do you know how I know that men aren’t tripping themselves to get a look at me? Because I see how they act when she walks by. It’s almost amusing, actually. It makes me proud that she’s my daughter, as long as she doesn’t get too princessy. But let’s be honest, what 20 year old college girl is NOT a spoiled little princess? She also gets some of her haughty attitude from her father.

Speaking of her father, if we can call him that, Jimmy is a truly shitty dad. We’d been dating for about 6 months when I realized that there was a problem with the birth control pills I was taking… something about mixing with other medication. Anyway, long story short, I was pregnant and he wasn’t pleased. I get the occasional child support check in the mail (he’s not delinquent, they just come in irregularly) so I don’t have that gripe that some of my friends have had. The problem is fatherhood. Every time Dani tries to reach out to him, he runs in the opposite direction. Or worse, he’ll interact with her just enough where she’ll start to trust him again, and then he’ll take off again, either chasing some floozy or a surefire get rich quick scheme.

Like most parents (especially single parents), I had my share of bedtime issues with Dani as she was growing up. However, where most kids want a drink of water or a snack or to be read a fair tale, Dani always wanted me to tell her something true. “Mommy, tell me a secret” got to be her catch phrase. This little bedtime ritual actually developed its own set of rules over the years. Anything that either of us said had to be true, anything said had to stay between us, and we had a 5-minute nightly dialogue time limit. These discussions were normally pretty benign – I saw her teach at the grocery store, or the roses in our flower garden look like they may be blooming very soon, etc.

What Dani was about 10, however, that time limit rule was altered. You see, she’d slept at a friend’s house for a birthday slumber party the night before so on this particular night, she argued that she should get 10 minutes of dialogue time since she didn’t get any time the night before. I should have put my foot down, but a part of me enjoyed her debating skills and I did sometimes enjoy our bedtime talks, especially as she grew older. Once, when she was about 13, she tried to pull a similar stunt pleading that she didn’t remember any bedtime talk time two nights prior. However, I reminded her that I had, in fact, tucked her in and she was able to mutter “Mommy, tell me a secr…” – she just fell asleep before any actual dialogue could take place. As a result of this, we actually developed our own method of tracking. We untied a beaded bracelet that she had and left only 7 beads on it. Each night, after we have our nightly talk and before we say good night, I slide a bead over.

When she was 16, I thought she was done with the game. I tucked her in and she simply smiled and me and said “Good night, Mommy. Love you,” which, I’m sure, is more than most mothers of 16 year old daughters get at bedtime. However, on Saturday of that week, she smiled, pulled out the beaded leather strip, with all 7 beads on the unused side. I raised an eyebrow and looked at her quizzically.

“Mommy, tell me a secret. Tell me why you’ve been hanging around Rachel’s sister so much.”


I gulped. How did she know? Okay, a bit of backstory. Rachel is classmates with Dani. Rachel’s older sister, Cindy, is 24. Cindy is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. She has gorgeous red hair, perfect lips made to kiss, breasts that only a 24 year old former cheerleader could possibly possess, and a pussy made to be worshiped. I call Dani a princess, but Cindy is my Queen (I must always capitalize the Q). I am submissive to her. I serve her. I had been serving her for about 3 months at the time Dani asked her question. I’m Escort bayan never allowed to say that we were dating – it was either that I was serving her or that she was fucking me.

My relationship with Cindy all started one day when I was late getting Dani to school. I dropped her off and had to sign in so that she didn’t get a tardy in her records. Cindy had dropped Rachel off just as we were getting in. As Dani and Rachel took off to class together, Cindy and I started to talk. I asked her how college had gone, if there was a man in her life, if she thought her job at the bank was going to turn into the upper management position that her degree qualified her for, etc. In fact, I realized after that I had done most of the talking. She answered my questions politely enough, but sort of smirked at me when I began to babble. Why did that look of hers make me squirm?

She took my hand in hers and said “Amy, let’s continue our talk over a cup of chai. Let’s go to Starbucks and you can order us both one.” I eagerly nodded and agreed. I actually beat her there and had two grande hot chais waiting for her when she walked in. She smiled as she walked in, took her drink, and declared – “I’ve changed my mind. My mom is away on a work trip and I have the day to myself. Follow me back to the house and we can have our chai date there.” Date? Did she just call this a date? Why was I blushing?

I don’t really remember if any actual words came out of my mouth, but the next thing I knew, I was at my friend’s house having chai at her dining room table with her 24 year old daughter. Cindy and Rachel’s mom is Susan, a friend dating back to grade school. Here I was, having a hot drink at a table I’ve sat at hundreds of times before, but feeling quite exposed, quite unsure… almost naked in front of this gorgeous goddess of a young woman, Susan’s own daughter. What kind of woman am I? What kind of friend am I? And is this all in my head? Surely she’s not attracted to me. This woman could get any man or woman she wanted.

Cindy moved her chair very close to mine. She removed the cap from her cup of chai, gathered some foam onto her finger, looked at me, and then offered her finger to my lips. As if in a trance, I opened my mouth and sucked the foam from her beautiful finger. The spark was instant. I wanted her. Badly. And I would do whatever she asked of me.

Next, she took a sip of her drink, but then gathered some of the foam on her outstretched tongue. She looked at me, expectantly. It had been years and years since I kissed another woman (her mom was one woman I had kissed, but that’s a story for another time), but at that moment, her tongue beckoned to me. I stood up, standing with my legs outside of hers, to get a better angle and wrapped my lips around her tongue, sucking the foam from it. Her hand moved to the back of my head and she held me there, giving me a kiss that soaked my panties. Her tongue probed my mouth and I sucked on it, then caressed it and tried to reciprocate as well as I could. Her kiss was so possessive though, like she was taking my mouth, my tongue, my throat (man she had a beautiful long tongue!) that it was all I could do to stay standing. She pulled me down to her so I was straddling her and she was still holding my head in place with one hand. Her other hand moved to the back of my skirt and lifted it up. She slid her fingers down the back of my panties to cup my bare ass and gave it a nice squeeze.

She broke the kiss by tugging my hair backward. I moaned in frustration both from the breaking of the kiss and because I really enjoyed how she was holding my ass.

“Remove your skirt and panties, Amy.” “What? Ummm… okay.” I sort of babbled, but in reality, I think I was bottomless in record time. I was so eager for her to touch me again, I’d have done just about anything at that moment.

“Good girl.” I blushed and my clit twitched at the words. “Now, Amy, I want to fuck you, and I think you want me to fuck you. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Cindy. Please.”

“Please what, Amy?”

“Please fuck me, Cindy. Please?”

“Oh, I will, my new pet. But first I need you to know something. I don’t take on girlfriends. I take on pets who serve me. I am sexually dominant and I only take on submissive women as my pets. If you agree to have me fuck you, you will need to do exactly as I say whenever I say, or you will be harshly punished. Is that understood?”

In hindsight, I should have asked for details: What kinds of punishments? What are my possible outs? What sort of privacy rules will we have? And probably a dozen more. However, at that moment, all my brain could muster was a breathless but enthusiastic “Yes, Cindy. I understand.”

“Good girl” again, and again the same physical reaction on my part “but you really need to stop calling me by name when we’re alone. When we’re together in public, you may address me as Ms. Kohler. In private, you will only ever address me as Queen. If you Bayan escort address me in any other way, I will slap your face and demand that you repeat yourself. I don’t think it will take you very long to learn, but some women can be pathetic little dumb cunts. Are you a dumb cunt, Amy?”

“No ma’am… er… no, Queen” *slap* She wasn’t kidding! Even though I had corrected myself, my gut reaction to respond to her authority (her authority? what’s happening to me?) was to call her ma’am and I forgot the rule for that one split second. As she noted, it didn’t take me more than the one slap to learn my lesson. I never made that mistake again.

“Now, pet, come over here and eat my fucking pussy.” She stood up from her chair, pulled her running shorts down her perfect cheerleader legs, sat down, and spread herself wide for me. I was between her thighs in a flash. I kissed and licked her all over. I kissed back and forth along her inner thighs, I lapped up her slit, I tongued her pussy as deep as I could… I used all of the tricks that my past experiences had taught me. Fingers, lips, tongue, even my nose at times. I worshipped her pussy. I devoured it. And I was rewarded by having her grab my hair and fuck my face. She ordered me to stick out my tongue and she ground her pussy up and down my face, smearing her juices all over me before pulling me in so tight that I could barely breathe as her sweet juices filled my mouth. She continued to hold my face there, pressed against her pussy, as I knelt before my new Queen feeling both content and horny and she came back to earth.

“That was very good, pet. Your face was made to be cunt-fucked.” I’m sure I blushed as I replied “Thank you, my Queen”.

“Is my little slut horny?” At this point, my humiliation was going straight to my pussy. The harsher she got, the more excited I got. I knew I was hooked. She had me, and we both knew it.

“Yes, my Queen. I am so desperately horny for you. Please… I want to come for you.”

“Turn around, and lean over the dining room table, slut.” I did as commanded.

I heard Cindy rummage through her purse, then there was a pause, and a few moments later, I felt my pussy being stretched open as she pressed the head of a strap-on cock into me. I was so wet that its entire length (I later learned that it was 10″ long) sunk in fake balls deep. Her hand gripped my hair and pulled back hard as she began to fuck me hard, deep, fast. It was incredible. I don’t always come quickly and I’m not always multi-orgasmic, but that entire situation was so intense that I fucking came and came and possibly blacked out and came some more.

Next, she slapped my ass and ordered me over to their couch. She positioned us so that her wrists were holding the backs of my ankles, my feet up in the air, and I was bent in half, with my sex completely exposed to her. This time, as she pressed her glorious cock into me, she began to kiss me again. My head swam, her cock pounded into me again and again, and my orgasms seemed to multiply both in number and intensity. Her tongue in my mouth, the intensity of her passion, the way my entire being responded to her, and her overall presence were just all overwhelming for this single mom to take. It was, quite easily, the best first date ever.

Honestly, the next thing I remember was this smaller, younger woman, holding me on the couch, both of us naked, and me suckling one of her breasts. It was so sweet and tender. She looked down at me “You’re mine now, cunt. Period. No other men. No other women. Is that understood?”

I released her nipple from my lips just long enough to whisper “Yes, my beautiful Queen. Thank you. I will love serving you” and closed my lips around her nipple once again, feeling happier and more content than I had in ages.


And so began my submission to a girl 13 years my junior. I’ve had relationships with men before, and casually dated women, but this was like being possessed… owned. I worked as an accountant for a machine press company, so I had to dress pretty conservatively every day. However, that wouldn’t stop Cindy from sending random text messages throughout the day to remind me of my place.

#Queen Cindy: Come pick me up after work, cunt. You’d better be wearing a skirt as I ordered last night. And if you wore panties to work, you will remove them and put them into your purse before you meet me.#

#Me: Yes, Queen Cindy. I will be waiting for you in my car in the back lot of the bank, okay?#

#Queen Cindy: Bullshit. You will park your car and come in to get me.# (Oh fuck. Really?)

#Me: As you wish, my Queen#

She had a way of giving me simple orders that she knew would make me squirm. It’s one thing to be dating (serving) a 24-year-old girl in private, but our town isn’t exactly huge. People notice things. People talk. Rumors spread around. But I had agreed to serve her and she had her ways of making me glad I obeyed… or making Escort me severely regret disobeying.

So, as always, I did as my Queen demanded of me. I parked my car in the street in front of the bank and went in to look for her. She smiled as she saw me and gave me a kiss right on the mouth! It wasn’t inappropriate and if it were a wife greeting her husband, nobody would have thought anything. However, with the age difference, and us being two attractive women, I did notice a few heads turn. My Queen is smart, however, and knew that we live in a new age.

“Did you find a parking place nearby, Amy? These heels are starting to hurt my feet.”

“Yes, Ms. Kohler. I found one right outside. No far walks necessary.” I blushed and smiled… addressing her so formally while she called me by my first name… the age difference. My head was swimming.

As embarrassed as I was, I was also turned on by her brazenness and her ever-present control of all situations. She took my hand and we walked out to my car. I opened the passenger door for her and then sat down in the driver’s seat. Before I could start the car, she leaned over and gave me a soul-sucking kiss. Her tongue invaded my mouth and I sighed in aroused submission. I didn’t care who could see us – we weren’t in a place of business anymore, but we were in public.

She stroked my cheek as her tongue probed my mouth. Anyone watching would have immediately known that I was under her spell.

“I’ve been thinking about cunt-fucking your pretty face all day, pet. Unfortunately, my mom and sister are already home. Is Dani at your place?”

I sighed “Yes, my Queen. We can’t do it there either.”

“Fuck. Okay, give me a minute.” After a quick text conversation, she told me to start driving and gave me directions to a different house. She instructed me to pull into the driveway. I got out and opened her door for her. She led me by the hand to the front door and inside, without even knocking. It turned out it was her friend Cheryl’s house. Cheryl was another former cheerleader. She greeted us as we walked in, and was not at all surprised to see me.

“Hi Cindy. You can just take her to my room.”

“Thanks, Cher. I owe you one. I’ve been waiting all day to grind my cunt on my bitch’s face and need some release. But actually… I think we’ll just use your couch if you don’t mind.”

“Sure! You know I love to watch you in action,” Cheryl replied.

Cindy walked to the couch, lifted her skirt, slid her thong down her gorgeous legs and tossed it at her friend, who gave a soft giggle and held it up to her nose to take in the scent of Cindy’s arousal. Cindy beckoned me with her finger, and I dropped to my knees and began to lap at her sweet young cunt.

“Oh no, pet. This is not a pussy worship session. This is a face fuck. I want to mark you. Your only task is to accept my juices all over that pretty face of yours.”

I didn’t even get a chance to reply. She grabbed my hair and began to rub her pussy all over my face. I did stick out my tongue to try to taste as much as I could, but I could tell that she was being quite literal. She didn’t want me to lick her; she just wanted to use my face to get herself off and to coat me in her sweet nectar in the process. I can’t explain why, exactly, but I began to move my face at times, to try to help her to coat me completely in her musk. She was so wet (it made me wet to know that I had turned her on so much) that my entire face was soon covered. Before long, I could tell that her orgasm was close.

“Oh fuck, bitch. Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck here it comes ohfuckohfuckohfuckohfuck”, she was squealing now and her orgasm hit her… well, it hit me more literally. She came and squirted some and my face caught it all, greedy cunt juice drinker that I had become for her, I drank whatever I could get into my mouth. As she started to come down to earth, her fingers never unclenched from my hair. She still held my face right against her pussy. When I tried to lick, she gripped my hair tighter to pull it at the roots to indicate that she was too sensitive for anything more – she just wanted my face to stay right where it was. I was quite happy to oblige.

“Wow, that was fucking hot!” Cheryl exclaimed. I had completely forgotten about her, even though we were in her parents’ living room. “Can I borrow your pet sometime? She looks like you’ve got her pretty well-trained.”

“Sorry, Cher, but you’ll have to find your own old bitch to train. This one is taken.”

“Hmmmm… your mom’s pretty hot. Can I take her for a ride?” Cheryl joked.

Cindy looked at her, surprised, but not laughing. Instead, she looked… contemplative?

“Now, pet, you’d better get home and prepare dinner for your little angel. Don’t even think about washing your face. You’ll greet her, eat dinner with her, and go to bed tonight wearing my scent on your face. I’ve marked you. I want you to stay marked for as long as possible.”

I blushed again. She seemed to never run out of ways to turn me on and remind me of my place. “Yes, my Queen.”

“Good girl. You can drive yourself home. I’m going to stay and talk to Cheryl for a bit, and I can walk from here.

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