My Elder Assistant, The Honeymoon Concludes


Everyone agreed, and moments later, we were heading toward their cabana in the buff.   As soon as we entered, we all jumped on the bed while Lucy grabbed a bag from her closet.  Pouring out a bevy of toys, Lucy asked, “What would you like to try first?  Oh, and obviously, everything has been cleaned thoroughly.”Looking through the pile of assorted gadgets, I noticed Mary eyeing up the double-ended dildo.  I’m sure she was thinking that she and Lucy could use it together.  Wanting her to have every experience that she craved, I picked it up.  “Why don’t you girls share this for a while.  I’d love nothing more than to see you two fuck each other.”Mary turned to me and said, “God, I love you!” before kissing me passionately.Then Jim added, “How about a couple of buttplugs to go along with your dildo?””Oooh, that’s a great idea, honey,” Lucy directed toward Jim as she kissed him as well.Without much thought, Mary dove into the pile and pulled out a medium-sized plug.  Turning to me, she asked, “Could you help a lady out with a little insertion?””Why certainly, young lady.  Just bend over for me, and I’ll get you filled up,”  I offered with a chuckle.  Mary laughed too and kissed me again before getting on all fours.  I grabbed the lube and began to oil up her pucker while slowly inserting a finger.  As I was working on Mary, Lucy selected the largest plug and had Jim working on her.After a few minutes of lubing and stretching, I eased Mary’s plug inside her.  As she moaned, so did Lucy from hers.  Then both of them lay down with their cunnies facing and about eight inches apart.  Mary had ahold of the dildo and pushed about six of the eighteen inches inside herself.  She offered Lucy the other half by holding it up, but Lucy replied, “Do me, Mary.”That seemed to excite Mary.  I noticed that her nipples swelled and became quite rigid.  Pulling herself up onto her left elbow, Mary finagled the other end toward Lucy’s entrance.  Once it was lined up, it quickly slipped kaçak iddaa into Lucy’s slick box.  After a lusty moan, Lucy grabbed Mary’s legs and pulled them both closer.With their pussies only a few inches apart while sharing an eighteen-inch dildo, the carnal sounds began.  Their fingers were intertwined as Lucy pumped her hips up and down to give them movement.  Within seconds Mary started to cum and joined in on the motion.  It was something to watch as our women pleasured themselves and each other.  Lucy came next, but before she was finished, Mary was climaxing again.  Their vaginas must have started to open up because, after only a few minutes, their lips were rubbing together.  When they felt each other, their collisions turned to grinding.   They hit a whole different level and swiftly started peaking again.  But this time, one or both of them began to squirt.Their nectar was flying everywhere as their screams also spiked.  Then, suddenly they both stopped.  They were exhausted and covered in a sheen of sweat and cum.  Though their hearts raced and they panted wildly, they never let go of each other’s hands.With her breathing somewhat under control, Mary croaked, “What a great idea, you sexy bastard!  Now, stick that cock in my mouth.”I moved to her face and placed my enlarged pole against her lips.  As she sucked me in, Mary began to grind on Lucy again.  Lucy opened her mouth for Jim, and we both started to fuck our wives’ mouths.  It wasn’t long until the room was filled with moans, screams, and grunts.Both of our ladies were cumming again as their grinding was at a fever pitch.  I didn’t know about Jim, but I was already on the brink. It was watching them so lost in lust that brought my orgasm about so quickly.  Not wanting to drown Mary while she was already breathing hard, I withdrew just as I started to shoot.  The first batch hit her lips and chin, but I directed the rest at her heaving breasts.  As she licked her lips, I reached out and began kaçak bahis to smear my cum all over her chest.  This seemed to turn her on even more.  Feeling her nipples harden, I began rolling and pinching them.  Mary was flailing and grinding Lucy aggressively as the cum flew from their mashed loins.I could no longer tell who was climaxing as they writhed passionately.  After they both seemed to crest, everything slowed.  They panted like bitches in heat as they kept a gentle kneading of their labia.  Their passion was still flying as they seemed almost inebriated.I wondered what they would do next, whether it would be more of the same or something new.  Seemingly having read my thoughts, Lucy moved her free foot toward Mary’s head.  She stroked Mary’s cheek and ear before pressing her big toe into Mary’s open mouth.  I don’t think Mary even thought about it; she just sucked it inside.As Mary sucked, scraped, and licked Lucy’s toes, she commenced squirming like a wiggly worm.  It wasn’t long before Lucy came again and coated their conjoined crotches in her sweet nectar.How did I know that it was sweet, you might ask?  Well, it was Jim who started it.  He couldn’t resist lapping at Lucy’s abdomen to taste her, so I did the same with Mary.  Our heads were side by side as we both tried to get to their pussies.  I had no idea whose cum I was tasting, but there was no doubt that it was yummy.Amid our spree, Lucy muttered, “Give me your foot, Mary.”Mary slid her foot over to Lucy’s mouth.  Lucy grabbed her big toe zealously with her lips and worked it like a stubby cock.  Mary seemed surprised by the intensity of her gratification.  She growled powerfully before she started to climax once again.  Throughout their tootsie suction, neither of them stopped the slow grind of their groins.”I think that you’ve created a monster by suggesting the double-ended dildo,” Jim suggested.”I want her to have many different experiences.  This woman is the love of my life and deserves illegal bahis everything that I can give her and more,” I replied as I stroked her damp hair.  Both of our ladies seemed exhausted but continued to hold hands as they took a short nap.Jim grabbed a couple of beers, and we headed out onto the deck.  Watching the waves in the moonlight just reminded me of what a paradise this place was.  As we talked about inconsequential things, I remembered Mary’s offer.  Allowing us to start our retirement immediately was quite tempting after this week.Jim and I finished our beers and were contemplating another when we heard soft cries coming from the bedroom.  Upon entering the cabana, we saw Mary on all-fours with Lucy behind her.  Lucy had a double dong dildo and was filling both of Mary’s holes at once.  I was thinking what Jim came right out and said, “She’s insatiable.  How do you ever expect to keep up with her?”Snickering softly to myself, I remembered that I’m the younger person in this relationship.  Then replying to Jim, I answered, “I have no earthly idea.  But I’m very sure that I’ll enjoy the ride.”Moving to the toy pile, I found two weighted nipple clamps.  I moved around to Mary’s face to see her mouth open wide as she moaned from the stimulation.  When she noticed me, Mary pulled me in for a kiss.  I set the clamps on the bed as our tongues dueled and her climax approached.  Breaking away from me for a second, she cried, “Faster, Lucy, faster!”I lay on my back with my face under hers and tweaked her nipples as we frenched some more.  Once they had thickened, I grabbed the clamps and smoothly attached them.  Mary’s peak came hard and fast.  I slid further underneath her to lap at her fountain of nectar as it was unleashed.  Lucy eased out the dildo as she saw my face nearing.  When they were removed entirely, I pulled Mary down to my waiting mouth.I could tell by her ragged breath that Mary was done for the night.  After cleaning her meticulously, I rolled her onto her side and let her rest.  “I think you wore her out, Lucy,” I teased.”Believe me when I say that she did me in also.  I’ve never been with a more giving and tenacious female lover before.”

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