my fantasy…35

Double Penetration

my fantasy…35it is almost time 4 u 2 get homeso i squirt 3 syringes full of lubein2 my cock-craving ass-holethen wait 4 u at the front door…as soon as u open the doori reach out & grab your cock & pull u 2wards me as i moan ” i wanna cum on your cock !!! ” u just smile as u follow me stripping off your clothes as u walk… since my ass is already lubed & primed 4 your pulsating cock 2 fuck me i just bend over & lick a big drop of stringy pre-cum from the tip of your huge glans then turn slowly around away from u still looking back over my shoulder as u stare at my tight & slippery ass… u groan ” u always make me so fucking horny !! “i lean 4ward over the foot-stool with both my knees in the center so my feet hang off one edge & both my hands grip the other side…i press my chest down on2 the topwith my elbows outside my knees& my head hangs off the other edgeas i wriggle my ass suggestively… saying ” cum here !! bring your cock 2 me !!put sum hard meat in2 tempobet yeni giriş my tight heat !!! “u step closer & your hands grip my hips tightas your fully distended cock-head finds my tight greasy opening & u press 4ward as your thick glans fights 4 entry against my tightly clenched sphincter… i press my ass-hole outward & let your insistent cock-head slip in2 my tight & lubricated ass as it stretches my anal opening wide… i groan as u press further not showing any mercy as u force inch after inch of thick cock in2 the depths of my tight hole until i finally feel your thighs rest up against my open ass & u moan ” i can’t believe your ass is still so fucking tight !! “i slowly twist my tightly clutching ass in tiny circles around your long thick dick & whisper ” fuck me hard !! fuck me fast !! fuck me deep !! pound your big cock all the way in2 my ass !! make me cum on your big fucking cock !! FUCK ME !! FUCK ME !! FUCK ME !!! “my cock tempobet giriş is already throbbing hard & it leaks tiny wet droplets of pre-cum as i press back against u even harder… u tighten your grip on my hips & start 2 slam your thick prick in & out of me just as fast as u can move your ass… i groan as I feel your big cock-head slide back & 4th over my aching prostate as it brings me closer & closer 2 orgasm… i moan ” fuck me !! fuck me with your big fucking cock !! FUCK ME !! FUCK ME !! FUCK ME !!! “then i reach behind my ass 2 caress your balls & i can feel them already pulling closer 2 your body the skin on your ball-sack tightening & i know that u will be cumming inside me very soon… i groan ” deeper !! harder !! faster !! fuck my ass hard !! fuck my ass deep !! cum deep inside my ass !! cum deep in me !! i wanna feel your cum in me !!! “i feel your thick cock swell longer & bigger & then it throbs & pulsates sending spurt after spurt tempobet güvenilirmi of juicy heat deep deep deep deep deep in2 my ass… as the first hot spray of cum splatters on2 my inner hot-spot i scream & my own pulsing cock explodes & sprays the top of the foot-stool with wet splatters of cum & my ass clenches tighter & tighter with each deliciously excruciating spurt & milks every drop out of your twitching prick… i grind my ass against u & take your thick cock in2 me as deeply as i possibly can as u fill my ass with sticky juice… u moan ” take it all !! take it deep !! ” i moan back ” fuck me !! fill my ass !! fill my ass !! fill me full !! shoot my ass full of cum !! fuck me full of cum !!! “your spurts finally subside & your big cock starts 2 soften then u slowly pull out of my ass allowing the hot splooge trapped inside 2 ooze obscenely from my ass & run down the inside of my thigh… i turn around quickly & sit up& my mouth engulfs your rubbery cock as i take u all the way in2 my throat & clean your slippery cock then slowly slide my lips off u as my wet tongue teases the super-sensitive glans & makes u squirm & then pull away quickly & your legs quiver unsteadily as u step backwards from me…( do u wanna ??? )

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