My favorite night part 1


My favorite night part 1I arrive home late, really late. I see that the light around the house are all off except the front porch light. I curse under my breath knowing you are gonna be mad at me. I loosen my tie I walk through the door. I quietly put my keys and wallet on the table and take my shoes off so as not to disturb you. Slowly I make my way down the hall towards our room. A light scent fills the air, jasmin and rose. I think to myself as to what is happening. I see a faint light flickering under the bedroom door. A soft moan fills my ears as I reach for the handle. I slowly turn the handle and let the door open itself. “What a sight to behold” I think to myself. I look out across the room and see you laying on the bed. I hear another moan escape your lips as I see you arch up off the bed. My eyes adjust to the soft candle light and I see clearly now you are lying on the bed one hand between your thighs and the other grasping on of your breasts. I stare in amazement as I have just interrunpted one of your private moments. I just stand there like some sort of peeping tom enjoying the scene that has befallen me. Your moans are are getting louder your breathing quicker, I can tell you are close. I admire your body, you lush little curves, your firm plump breasts, and the way your skin glows from the sweat in the candle light.I see you grasp your breast hard pinching your nipple between your fingers, you groan tipobet365 yeni giriş loudly, your other hand rubbing your bald little pussy fast. I smell your sweet and musky aroama across the room and sigh to myself. Your finger is digging between your lips working you tight cunt hard as your moan loudly and whither into the sheets. I gasp slightly as I can tell you have reached your peak. Your beathing is labored as you continue to finger yourself through your orgasm. I watch intently as you finish.You look up at me and our eyes lock. I see that mischeivous look in your eyes as you smile at me a crawl to the end of the bed. I am locked still in the moment admiring what I just witnessed. You get off the bed and wander over to me. I see you knees shcking as you walk. you look me over and lick your lips as you stare down at the buldge in my pant. you reach up and pull me down into a hard passionant kiss. I wrap my arms around your waist you close to me as your tongue begins to rub and caress at mine. I caress the small of your back before gripping your hips and guiding you back towards the bed. Youu put your hands against my chest and push me back. I watch as you unbutton my shirt and pull it out of my trousers. Your hands slip down and undo my belt, then the button holding pants closed. I let out a low groan as your fingers trace my hard cock through the fabric. You smile evilly at me as tipobet365 giriş you reach up and push me down onto the bed. You reach up pulling my zipper down. I star to push my pants down when you slap my hands. I let go and lay there at your mercy. You slowly pull my pants down as I pull my tie and shirts off. I now sit on the bed in just my boxers.You look up at me with lust in your eyes. I feel your hand run up my thighs. I look down and see your object of desire. You eyes are fixed upon the head of my cock peaking out of the top of my boxers. I fall back onto the bed as your delicate hand reachs its objective. I moan soft as you grasp me firmly. You lean in and softly kiss the head still protuding from the waistband. I sit up and push you gently back. You growl at me and slap my across the face. I look down shocked slightly at your behavior. I stand up accidently knocking you back on your knees. You are quick and stand up before me, I see see you lustfulness in your eyes as you command me “Back on the bed, now!” I openly defy you command and walk toward you. You look up backing towards the wall. “Now it is my turn” I think to myself. I grasp your hips as you bump to the wall. I look down upon the beauty that stands before me and start to kneel before you. I slowly kiss down your neck and chest and slowly lower myself to the floor. I kiss down across your tummy, my hands kneeding at your hips tipobet365 güvenilirmi and ass. You moan gently as your fingers instictively run through my hair. I smile know how much you enjoy this. My lips move slowly down across your thigh. You cunt utterly dripping with antisipation of what is to come. Slowly as if by themselves, you thighs open, showing the blossom within.I gently drag my hands down caressing every bit of flesh as I go you grab a handfull of my hair and groan. My hands slip between your legs and wrap up and around your thighs. The smell is almost over powering as I lean in and run my tongue over your lips. You shake and quiver in my grasp as I run my tongue over you again using to tip to stroke at your clit. You gasp loudly as my tongue rolls over it again, your grip on my hair tightens and you force my face against you. I growl as I suck your pussy into my mouth, my tongue working at your lips, licking ans spreading them, my teeth pressed to you clit virbrating gently from the noise i am making.You groan louder as my tongue slowly works into you. I push it further with each thrust. Your grip tightens as you rock your hips against my face. I moan slightly tonguing you faster and deeper. Your moans on the verge of scream as my teeth vibrate more and more, my tongue fucking you, the tip flicking and rubbing your insides. I suck ever so gently as you start to cum, my tongue slowing but still fucking you deep.I release my grip and let you slide down into my lap. Your body shakes lightly as I hold you to me. You kiss me deeply, then pull back and slap me calling me an ass for screwing up your fun. I smile and let you go, You take my hand pull me towards the bed.To be continued…

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