My First Affair Ch. 4


Chapter Four:The date continues.Before Mike went to his bag, he turned to look at Jackie laying on the bed with her legs spread wide for him to look at her pussy.“Play with yourself, Kitten, but don’t you dare cum yet. I want you wet when I start to do to you what I have planned for tonight,” then he smiled at her as he raised an eyebrow at the same time.Jackie immediately inserted a finger inside herself and pulled on her clit with her other hand. This caused her to moan and wish Mike was doing this to her.Seeing she had obeyed him, Mike turned back to his bag and got out some pieces of rope he had packed in it. He turned and showed Jackie what he had and she gasped in surprise.“Sir, what do you plan to do with those? I didn’t realize you were going to start with me tonight. I thought we were just going to fuck to see if we fit together.”“Well, I need to see how you handle my desires and how we fit together when we make love. One thing you need to know is that I don’t fuck! I make love so never ask me to just fuck you. If you do then I can’t promise how bad your punishment will be. Do you understand me, Kitten?”“Yes, Sir, I do understand and I will never make that mistake again. But please, can you tell me what you have planned to do with those pieces of rope?”“Showing is better than telling you. Spread your legs as wide as you can and place your arms above your head spread to each side of the bed.”Jackie looked at him and then did as he said to do waiting on him to show her how he planned to use the rope.“It won’t hurt me or mark me, will it, Sir? I don’t want to try to explain this and get you in trouble.”“As I have told you before, Kitten, I will not outwardly mark you, so no it won’t be tight or leave you marked. These are to only restrain you while I have fun with you and your body. Now I must tie you to the bed so you can’t get away later, should you decide you can’t handle this treatment.”Mike then proceeded to tie her hands and legs to the ends of the bed and then returned to get something else from his bag. He got a blindfold and placed it over Kitten’s eyes and a ball gag was placed in her mouth. Jackie never once tried to resist him which pleased Mike immensely.“Thank you, Kitten, for not trying to resist Anadolu Yakası Escort me. I do feel you will enjoy this in the long run. Now let’s begin in your training to follow directions.”Mike got a feather out of his bag and then got next to the bed but did not touch it. He did not want Kitten to know where he was or when he would touch her. He reached out and lightly touched the feather to her stomach causing Jackie to flinch and Mike to giggle.He continued to move over her body and around the bed so she would not realize where he would touch her next. He did this for several minutes and each time Kitten flinched and Mike smiled, watching her struggle with this torment.Mike then took off the ball gag and got a riding crop from his bag. And then turned back to the bed and gave Kitten these directions.“Kitten, when I whip you with this crop you must count it, thank me for it, and then ask me for another. Do you understand? Oh, and by the way, if you fail to comply with these directions we start over again even if that was going to be your last spanking. So, I would suggest you don’t lose sight as to what is happening here. You are becoming owned and controlled by me.”“I understand, Sir, and I am very glad to be owned by you. I will count each hit and then thank you and ask for another each time you strike me. However, with me on my back, can I ask where you plan to strike me?”“Kitten, this may sound like a smartass answer, but that is for me to know and you to find out.” Mike then struck her pussy real hard with the crop causing Kitten to flinch and scream. A tear started down her cheek as Mike waited to see if she remembered what her response was to be.Jackie caught her breath and then looked at Mike to try to figure out why that was so hard. Then it hit her and she looked scared as she started to talk to Mike.“Sir, I am sorry you caught me off guard. One, thank you, Sir, may I have another,” she stated before Mike could consider that to be a practice swing.“Very good, Kitten, I was afraid you had already forgotten what your response was to be. But you came through and answered correctly.”Mike then struck again but this time on her right tit, making it red immediately.Jackie Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan flinched again but responded correctly quicker causing Mike to grin.Mike continued until he had hit each tit and her pussy five times each. They were very red and sore when Mike stopped his punishment.“Sir, may I ask what that punishment was for? Did I displease you tonight in some way? If I did, I am sorry and if you tell me what it was I will never do it again, I promise, Sir.”“I don’t owe you any explanations but I will this time only since it is the first time you have been punished. I just felt like whipping you so you would see that I do mean business here.” With that said, Mike got some lotion from his bag and gently massaged some into her tits and pussy to relieve her pain.Jackie laid there and just tried to slow her breathing down, but then felt how wet she was and worried she had cum during her ordeal.“Sir, can you tell if I came while you were punishing me?”“No, Kitten, I don’t feel you did but I am really surprised how wet you are after that punishment. Did it turn you on to be spanked like that?”Jackie started to blush before she answered him. “Sir, I am also surprised but it really did turn me on. Is that what you were hoping for or do I just enjoy pain?”“I am not sure I can answer that, Kitten, but if you do enjoy the pain then my job will be a lot more fun here. Sorry, but I do want you to feel the pain to know I mean business. Are you okay with what I did?”“Yes, Sir, I am okay with it but I do need to cum so can you please assist me in some way so I can do that?”“Sorry, Kitten, but I am not ready to let you cum. I have other plans for you instead,” Mike said before he just looked at her very sternly.Jackie got worried she had gotten herself into something she couldn’t get out of.“Sir, may I ask a question? Please.”“Okay, Kitten, what is it?”“I can hold my cum for you but can you tell me at all what your plans for me are?”“Yes, I can,” Mike said with a smirk on his face. “But if I do then I would lose all the fun I have planned for you. I don’t want to do that as that will take all of the excitement out of it for you, Kitten.”“I understand and thank Escort Anadolu Yakası you for answering my question, Sir.”Mike then turned on the rabbit again and Jackie let out a scream as he put it on high.“Oh, Shit!!!!!! Sir, that is too much. I will cum and I can’t fight it.”“Good, then cum and show me how hard you can cum. You better scream, Slut or else I will punish you.”“Thank you, Sir. Oh My God, here it comes!” Jackie spayed her cum all the way to the floor at the end of the bed. After four pulses she started to pass out.“Hang in there, Kitten. Don’t pass out as you need to clean your mess on the floor, while it is still fresh.”“Yes, Sir,” Jackie answered but there seemed to be a lot of stress in her voice. “I have never cum that hard, Sir. Thank you so much for allowing me to experience that. I hope you have more planned for tonight.”“Oh, I do, Kitten. I have not cum yet and I have some large loads for you. Tonight, I will claim all three of your holes and you will not want to ever return to Sam again. Can you handle that, Slut?”“Yes, Sir, and thank you for claiming me tonight. I definitely now realize how excited I am to be owned by you.”“I am glad as I have wanted to own you since the first time when we met during orientation weekend. The big question from here is what will I do with Sally?”Mike removed the rabbit from Jackie’s pussy and felt how wet she was. He then crawled on the bed and sank his cock to the hilt inside Jackie in one plunge. He loved how tight her pussy was and thought he might cum right away.“Oh, My God!” Jackie screamed as she felt fuller than she ever had before. “Your cock is amazing, but please, Sir, go slow as I have not had a cock inside me for some time.”“Really, I figured Sam had fucked you already by the way he is bragging about it.”“Oh, he has been bragging? He is such an ass. I have not let him get past kissing me as I am not sure I really want to get involved with him.”“I understand as I have been upset with him for telling some of the things he has about you. But we can talk about that later, right now I need to make love to my submissive slut.”“Yes, Sir, please ravage me and make me beg for you to cum inside me.”Mike winked at her and started to pick up his pace making both of them moan and sweat from the action.Mike could feel his cum boiling and knew he was getting close when he felt Jackie stiffen and scream as her body shook from her own orgasm. It was not as powerful as her last one but was still very intense causing her to start crying.“Have I hurt you, Kitten?”“Oh no, Sir.”“Then why are you crying?”

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