my first fuck with mom


my first fuck with momThe night I first fucked my mother was undoubtedly the happiest time inmy life, although it has been nearly equaled many times since in ourtorrid love life. It happened in her father’s house way back in the hills of Kentucky. Wegot word that my grandfather was in very poor health, and Mom wanted togo see him right away. Since it was early in the week, Dad couldn’t getoff work, and my brother and sister and I were in school, but Mom didn’twant to travel alone, so she asked me, the oldest c***d still at home, togo along with her on this overnight visit. Grandpa lived so far back inthe country on a very rough mountain road, barely passable for regularcars.Well, to get to the heart of the story, that night we discovered thatMom’s stepmother was putting the two of us into the same bedroom. Therewas a cornshuck mattress on the floor for me to sleep on. It didn’t looktoo comfortable, but I was young and it would be no problem for me.However, Mom didn’t like the idea. “There might even be mice that wouldrun over you,” she said. “You might as well sleep in the bed with me.”I didn’t argue too much about that at all. For years I had been lustingfor Mom’s luscious big body, and had shed many a spurt of cum fantasizingabout what I would like to do to her. Mom blew out the kerosene lamp, andI could dimly see her getting into her cotton nightgown. I took off all myclothes except my shorts, and we got into bed. For a while we laysilently. Then Mom said, “I’m glad I brought you along. I’m feeling prettyblue about Dad, and I’d really like to have somebody hold me.” She backedover to me as she said this, and I put my arm over her. She snuggled up close against me, her big soft ass pressing right againstmy cock, which was already hard. I tried to draw back so she wouldn’tnotice, but she moved right with me. She put her hand over mine andsqueezed it. “That’s better. It feels really good to be lying close toyou, honey.””Yeah, Mom, it feels good to me too.”She sort of laughed and said, “I could tell that.” After a few moments ofsilence, while my cock was twitching uncontrollably in the crack of hernightie-covered ass, she said softly, “It’s sort of flattering that myteen-aged son could be aroused by his old fat mother.””You’re not old and you’re not fat,” I said, giving her a firm hug. “Ithink you’re beautiful.” She actually was 43 and somewhat overweight, buther curves were very well proportioned, just the way I like women. “Why, thank you, honey! I really appreciate that.” She put her hand backon my thigh and pulled me even closer to her delightful derriere. After awhile she said, “I’m afraid you’re not going to get much rest all workedup like that.””Who needs rest?” I happily remarked. She started running her hand up anddown my bare leg. In response I rubbed her bare arm and squeezed herfingers. Our caresses, though relatively innocent at this point, felt veryvery sensual. Mom kept just slightly moving her hips against my cock 1xbet yeni giriş fromtime to time.”Would it help if I let you feel my breasts?” Mom asked, and she startedunbuttoning the top of her nightdress.”Wow! It sure would, Mom!” I exclaimed. I gingerly thrust my hand insidethe open top of the nightie and for the first time since infancy touchedmy Mom’s tits. They were big and firm, and the ultra-smooth skin feltdelightful to me. I played with the large nipples, which were standing upstiff and hard. God, those tits felt good!”I remember when you used to nurse on those titties,” Mom said. “You werea real eager eater, and you hung onto them for dear life. You were theprettiest baby I ever saw, and it made me feel so happy to nurse you.” I had heard others remark that I was an exceptionally pretty baby. Momwent on, “I probably shouldn’t tell you this, and you mustn’t tell theothers, but you’re the one I’ve always loved most. I just couldn’t helpit.” Mom turned over onto her back to look at me. There was a nearly fullmoon outside, and we could see each other pretty well.”Gee, thanks for telling me, Mom. That makes me feel very proud.” Ileaned forward and kissed her on the lips for the first time. “Mom, wouldyou mind if I nursed your tits the way I used to?”Mom laughed softly. “I don’t think it would be quite the way you used to,and there wouldn’t be much nutrition there now-but OK. I think I could dothat much for my darling boy.”I pulled her nightie open farther and leaned over her tits. I begankissing each nipple in turn, burying my face in her mounds, then nibblingand sucking lightly. Mom held my head to her bosom gently. “Ooh, thatfeels good, honey!” she murmured. I kissed her on the lips again, and sheresponded enthusiastically. I began to alternate between nibbling hernipples and kissing her mouth. Her softened lips began opening wider andwider, and then I felt her tongue licking at my mouth. I responded, and wedeep-kissed for a long time.”Honey, would you like to see where you came out of me 16 years ago?” Momasked softly.”Oh God, yes! I’d love it1″Mom sat up and pulled the nightgown off over her head, leaving hercompletely naked. Then she lay back down, exposing her full body to me.She spread her legs, put her hand on her crotch and said, “Here it is.Right here is where you first came into this world.”I bent over her, peering closely in the dim light at her gorgeous bigwhite body, especially at the dark shadow of my mother’s cunt, abundantlycovered with crispy black hair, cradled in the vee of her full whitethighs and her slightly rounded belly. “Oh, Mom, you’re beautiful!Beautiful!” I exclaimed. I tentatively stroked her thighs and hip near herpussy, then riffled the hair.”Go ahead, honey,” Mom said. “You can touch it, play with it, put yourfinger in- whatever you’d like to do.” I didn’t need any urging. I pettedthe pouting damp lips which were peeping through the thick hair and gentlypushed them apart to insert 1xbet giriş a couple inches of finger. Mom was very wetinside.”Mmm, that feels good,” Mom purred. “Maybe I shouldn’t have let you dothat. It feels too good.” She humped her hips against my probing finger,sending it farther inside the slippery way.”Gee, Mom, thanks for letting me do this. I won’t do any more than youwant me to, but I’ve dreamed of this since I was 11 or 12 years old, evenbefore I had any idea what sex was.””I know that,” Mom said with a little giggle. “Did you think I didn’tnotice you peeping at me whenever you got a chance. I even gave you anextra little show sometimes. And I know about how you’ve played withyourself so much. It’s just normal. I was hoping that you were thinking ofme sometimes when you did it.”I know I was blushing furiously. “Gee, Mom, I didn’t think you knew! Youshould have smacked my face!””Oh, no, I was much too flattered. I wanted to kiss your face. I like tohave your admiring eyes on my body.””And Mom, when I was ‘playing with myself,’ it was almost always you Iwas thinking of.”Mom laughed softly, “Hallelujah! My dear little boy really loves hisplump old Mommy!””You bet he does!”Then she said the words that changed my life forever: “Honey, would youlike to just go ahead and fuck me? No one will ever know, and I think itwould be good for both of us.””Mom, I’d rather fuck you than anything else in this world!”Mom laughed gaily, helped me tug off my shorts, and then pulled me overon top of her, my knees between her legs. She took hold of my cock andsqueezed it lovingly for a few moments. “Ooh, that’s even bigger than Ithought. That’s going to be a nice tight fit in Mommy’s pussy.” She guidedmy eager prick to her cunt lips, and I pushed it inside.God! What a feeling to have one’s cock entering his own mother’s cunt forthe first time! And my first piece of ass at that! There can be no greaterthrill in the world!”Push it way in, honey,” Mom whispered, pulling on my ass with both hands.I slowly sank all the way into her, right to the hilt, our bellies rightagainst each other. Mom’s knees were bent and her big soft thighs werespread wide on each side of my legs. “Is this your first fuck?” Mom asked.”Yes, Mom,” I grunted.”I’m glad! I’m proud to be your first woman! Now just pull out and pushin the way it feels natural. Not too fast, though. Make it last. Oh, youfeel so good in there, honey!”It felt tremendously good from my side too. My cock was more arousedthan ever before, and every thrust was pure pleasure. Mom felt very hotinside, which (I have later learned) meant that she was as aroused as Iwas. Soon we were in a steady slow rhythm to keep me from coming too fast.Mom pulled my head down to kiss me again, and soon we were trading salivaby the bucket as we fucked. Mom started making little humming sounds intomy mouth, and her hips started moving more insistently. The tempo of mythrusting gradually increased. I was amazed that 1xbet güvenilirmi I was able to keep fromcoming so long. Sometimes an extreme erection actually prolongs theintercourse, and fortunately this was happening for me.We kept kissing lovingly, sloppily, as we fucked harder and faster. Momwas really humping now, and my thrusts into her juicy cunt were gettingharder. Mom was constantly making some kind of muffled vocal noise,sometimes words, sometimes groans or hums or almost purrs. Then she pulledher mouth away long enough to say pantingly, “OK, honey, really give it tome now! Fuck me as hard as you can!”I was ready for this, and I began to really pound it to her, but theharder I rammed that big rod in there, the more fiercely she humped andbucked, demanding even more. I would never have dreamed that my propermother could move her big ass so fast and fuck so lustily. I felt myorgasm begin, and I intensified my pistoning even more. Mom apparentlyfelt that I was near coming, and she just went wild. God, what a terrificlover she was! With a muffled roar, I began spurting into Mom’s belly, mycock on fire with the hottest sensation I have ever known. It went on andon, feeling as if I were pouring a gallon of cum into her, the delicioushot feeling flooding my entire body.Then Mom suddenly stiffened up like a board, her back arched, holding usboth up off the bed. She was absolutely motionless on the outside, but inher cunt I could feel the muscles churning and grasping, squeezing myemptying cock. For a long time we hung like that, suspended in a giganticmutual orgasm. Then she suddenly gave a violent shudder and collapsedunder me, and I let go as well. We lay there exhausted, panting together,my mouth still on hers, my cock still trembling inside her quivery cunt.For a long time we lay motionless. Then Mom finally murmured in a husky,slurred voice, “Oh God, honey, if I’d known it would be this good, I’dhave ****d you years ago. That was the best fuck I have ever had-and I’vehad some good ones.” After a while we started kissing and caressing again, and before long myhard cock was in her pussy again for a long slow fuck. After that we sleptfor a few hours, then fucked again in the pale light of dawn. On the tripback home, Mom had to have it again, so we found a park where we drove wayback into the woods and fucked in the back seat of the car.My affair with Mom continued for many years. Back home it wasn’t easy tobe alone together for very long at a time, although Mom became veryskillful at creating opportunities. But all through the day there would bequick moments of fondling and groping. We got into oral sex, which she hadnever done before, and we gave each other a lot of instant pleasure incountless furtive exchanges. We almost got caught many times, but we werelucky enough to get away with an amazing amount of sex. We just couldn’tget enough of each other. Even after I was married, I would sneak backhome when Mom was alone to fuck her again and again. My wife is a greatlover, and I have no complaints whatever, but my best fucks were alwayswith Mom. She’s gone now, but she left me with a lot of great memories. Noone could possibly have a more loving mother than mine was.

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