My first Grandma


My first GrandmaMy first Grandma…This story involves the first time a fucked a 62 year old lady. This lady was a fucking sexual b**st and surprised the hell out of me more than once.Every year me and 6 or so buddies go up to Alaska to go fishing for big King salmon. We have a favorite fish camp where we go, only accessible by float plane. As the crow flies, the camp is about 90 air miles north east of Anchorage. We usually fly in to Anchorage and spend the night at a motel, then fly up to the camp the next day. As tradition, we go to the Bush Company strip club the first night and blow good money on lap dances, drinks, and generally get rowdy and have a good time.Life in the fish camp is pretty weird. First of all, it really never gets dark. The sun just dips below the horizon for a few hours between 2am and 5am so it pretty much creates a sunset effect with some terrific clouds and colors. The other thing is that life revolves around fishing. Telling fishing stories, who caught what, how big, where, what colors were you using etc… Oh yea, and there is no women. Well, that is not entirely true. There is the dish washer chick, who was 18 when this story takes place but weighed what I would guess to be about 180-200 lbs. And the owners girlfriend/common law wife who is a really hot brunette and tends bar at the only bar around for 50 plus miles. You have to take a little jet boat to get to the bar as it is along the river bank. Oh yea, and one year there was this other lady, who was also at the bar helping out by serving food during the day.I was at the bar one night, I think it was about day 3 when this lady sat down next to me and I offered to buy her a drink. I don’t why I did this, I think I was just being nice. Anyway, I had been drinking all day, and she had just finished working and was having a little booze to relax. So, we kept on drinking and talking and next thing you know, I am getting kind of turned on by this lady and I thought about fucking her. She had blond hair, wore glasses, and had big tits and a pretty nice ass for a 60 year old lady. Without thinking I started to rub my finger along her waist and she looked at me in surprise. “Oh, so you want to get some?” she said. I just looked her in the eye and smiled. With that she gulped down her drink and got up and walked out of the bar. I really didn’t know if that was an invitation or a “fuck off”, but something inside me told me to get up and follow her. By this time it was about 1 a.m. but still daylight like noon. About 10 minutes later, after I finished my drink, I paid my tab, said goodbye to everyone else in the bar telling them I would see them in the morning for fishing (which starts at 530 am). As I walked out the bar, I looked around the camp a little bit and went to take a piss in the woods behind the bar. It was back there that I noticed a little trail away from the bar deeper into the woods and I started to follow it. When I came upon a little cabin I hesitated, but then went to knock on the door. digitalbahis yeni giriş Looking back, I didn’t even think about if this was her cabin or not, and the idea of someone else answering the door did not occur to me. She did however answer the door in her night gown, and gave me a look of surprise and shock.“What are you doing here?” she asked. I said nothing but just pushed my way inside her cabin and grabbed her and started kissing her on the mouth. We made out for a few minutes while I rubbed her cunt through her clothes and squeezed her ass. Now it may surprise you (as it did me), but this lady had a firm ass body. I had incorrectly assumed that her tits and ass would be saggy, and maybe a grey haired cunt to match. This was not the case. Her tits were big and firm. So firm I wondered if they were real. Her ass was tight as well. I was kneading it through her flimsy night gown and her buns felt like they were made of steal. I had been with girls half her age that had fat sloppy bodies but this lady defied time. She dropped to her knees and began to suck my cock on the inside of her door. We said nothing, as she started to slurp away hungrily. She undid my pants buckle and slid them down to the floor without stopping on my cock and at the same time was making little moaning sounds around my dick.“mmfffggg, mmfffggg, mmfffggg, umm God yes,” she said as she sloppily sucked my cock.I could not believe how horny this lady was. It was like she could not get enough of my cock. So I placed my hands on either side of her head and started to throat fuck her and she responded with a “mmmhhhhmmmm” moan and pushed her hands around on my butt to push me faster into her mouth.“Fucking eh,” I thought. Normally when I do this to a girl she just gags and tries to push me away, but this lady took my whole fucking rod down her throat and started to push my ass to encourage me to throat fuck her. When I felt her fingers searching around for my asshole, I was equally freaked out. She found it and shoved her entire finger in my ass dry. Now that hurt a little bit, and I tried to pull away but she dug her finger in there further and held me in place by pulling on me to continue face fucking her. Literally she was controlling my movements with her finger in my ass and pulling on my butt checks with her other hand. My head started to spin and when I almost fell over her finger ripped out of my ass and she told me to lay down.I laid down on her bed and was breathing hard while she removed my clothes. I don’t know why but for some reason I couldn’t move. I was in a sort of catatonic state as I lay there with my eyes closed and breathing heavy from the tremendous blow job she had given me. She was all business at this point and removed my clothing like she was ripping open a Christmas present. When I was naked, I was still laying there with my eyes closed and I felt her naked body on top of mine as we embraced in a deep sensuous kiss. I started to let my hands digitalbahis giriş roam over body and I could not believe this lady had such hard body. I grabbed her steely buns and began probing for her asshole. When I found it, I rubbed up and down, and then circles, then I went for her vagina. “WTF?” I thought. This chick is shaved? You’ve got to be k**ding me! I pulled her up above me and attacked her tits. She was sitting on my cock rubbing back and forth like a hot dog in a bun while I licked and sucked on her firm D cups for all I was worth. She responded in a moan and pumped her clit across my cock at a faster pace. With both of my hands on her firm breasts (they had to be fake), I pushed them together to where her nipples were touching and licked back and forth as fast as I could. I would stop every so often and blow on them to make them hard and then go back to sucking.When she began to moan nonstop, I let go of her tits and grabbed her hips and quickly rubbed her cunt up and down the length of my cock faster. She moaned that she was going to cum, and I moved her sloppy wet cunt to the end of my cock and rammed it all the way inside her snatch in one stroke. Again she moaned loudly as I pushed and pulled her hips so her clit could rub across my pubic bone. I knew she was close and I arched my back so she was almost up in the air off the bed grinding on my cock lodged deep inside her. I knew I had found the right spot when her clit was firmly nestled at the base of my cock and she was impaled on my length. Her mouth was open but no sound was coming out and her body went stiff. I still kept up my push/pull on her hips and had my hips arched high into the air. She finally started to shake and the high pitched, “nnngggghhhh” was now escaping her lips. “Ohhhhhhhh God, Oh God, Oh God” over and over, she said, until she collapsed onto me gasping for breath. I deep french kissed her as her body continued to spasm on me.When she calmed down I figured it was my turn. I flipped her over on her back and started to deep thrust inside her slowly. Her cunt was soaking wet and making squishing sounds as her cunt juice squirted out of her with each thrust. Her legs were back and I was staring at her bald cunt as I plunged my thick rod in and out of her. I pushed her legs back so her cunt was arched up a little and I could stroke her G spot with the tip of my bulbous head. This had the desired effect as she began to moan again and I picked up speed. I pulled out and attacked her cunt with my mouth. Sloppy wet and dripping with juice, I found her clit and sucked it into mouth and stroked it with my broad tongue. Pushing one finger inside, I arched it upward and stroked her G spot while mauling her clit with my tongue as fast as I could.“Oh my God! I’m going to cum again. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Here it comes. Make me cum with your mouth baby,” she said. With that I pulled back to watch her orgasm but kept up my furious finger fucking. Her cunt lips seemed to pulse digitalbahis güvenilirmi and expand a few times and then she let loose her first stream of hot clear liquid straight into my face. I was totally not ready for something like that and pulled my finger out of her and wiped my face. She grabbed my head with both hands and shot two more solid streams directly onto my nose and in my mouth. I had never been with a squirter before much less had a female cum like that on my face, and she sensed my apprehension. With her hands on my head she said, “I’m so sorry. I should have warned you. My husband used to call me the geyser”. No fucking shit, I thought to myself. She then pulled me up to her and tongue bathed all her juices off my face.As we lay there in each other’s arms we talked for a while and she told me how her husband had died several years ago and she was tired of being alone, so she came up to Alaska this summer to help out with the bar. She asked me my age and when I told her, she said I was young enough to be her son. So I promptly turned her over into the doggy position and began to lick her ass while I stroked my cock. I pushed my nose deep into her asshole and licked her clit some more with broad strokes. I told her it was a good thing I didn’t discover this pussy on my first night there and when she asked why, I told her “because I would be back for this pussy every night!” She responded by pushing her ass into my face and told me to ass fuck her.I pushed my dick into her and past her sphincter and felt her asshole close down hard on my dick. She was complaining about the size and told me to stop so I held it there until she adjusted, and then proceeded slowly. As I continued to thrust into her soft pink asshole, I stretched her ass cheeks wide and spit on my cock. Here I was fucking a grandma in the ass who had fake tits, a shaved cunt, and was a squirter 90 miles into the Alaskan bush. Fuck my sex life was weird.I really wanted to cum and told her. She told me to cum inside her and her tight ass was too much for me to hold out any longer. I straightened up plunged deep as I shot heavy stream after heavy stream deep into her bowels. When I pulled out and lay down next to her she further surprised me by grabbing my dick and cleaning it off with her mouth. Then she lay down next to me and we fell asleep.I awoke at 6am with her sucking my already hard dick. I had a huge hangover but shot my load into her mouth which she swallowed. She told me she was late for the restaurant/bar, and had to go. I kissed her on the lips and tongued her mouth which still had some of my sperm inside. I then tried to sneak back to the fish camp but was unsuccessful as dogs were barking, people were already up getting ready for fishing, and people were having breakfast at the bar. I know people saw me, but I just tried to act nonchalant and walk on by. No boat was left for me so I had to stumble my way along the river bed and sneak back into camp. I laid down in my bunk and when the guys woke up about 15 minutes later I pretended to wake up with them.The boys all gave me a pretty hard time about fucking an old lady but fuck them! You cannot deny a woman with a tight body, shaved cunt, fake tits, plus a squirter who can take my cock in her ass? I will take that any day.

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