My First Time Sex with Uncle Pt. 02


Hi Friends,

My name is Sagar. This is second part of the story so if you have not read my first story go the profile and read the part 1 so you can understand it better.


Next day when I meet uncle he told me that he has new porn movie. My heart beat was raised when the movie started and uncle sit near me. As usual after few minutes we both were sucking each other’s cock one by one. It was amazing feeling. He asked me if I want some more fun. I asked what kind of fun. He asked me to see the tv. I saw that in the tv guy was now fucking girl in doggy position. Uncle asked me if I want to do the same. I was confused and before I understood it uncle told me that he will let me fuck his ass but he will also fuck my ass after that.

I was speechless. Uncle started rubbing his hand over my cock and said come on you will enjoy a lot. I was aware about this kind of sex because in my school some time friends were talked about some other guys who were having sex. I don’t know it was rumor or true. But now I was in situation where I was part of those things. Uncle came close to me and hugged me tight. He started kissing me on my cheek and neck. I don’t know what to do so I just let him do. Later he removed his pant and asked me to do the same. I opened my pant. Uncle went to kitchen and came up with oil. He told me to sit on bed and started rubbing my cock. Later he started sucking my cock. It was amazing and I was completely enjoying. My cock was now fully erect. Uncle stopped sucking me after some time.

He lay down on bed and now his ass was facing me. He asked me to put some oil on my cock and his ass and fuck him. I slowly took bottle and applied oil on my cock. Later I put some drop to his ass hole when he used his both hands to open ass chicks. I sit over his thigh and my cock was near his ass hole. He opened his ass chicks more using his both hands. Now I put my one hand on bed to make balance and used another hand to give direction to his ass. When I put little pressure with my cock to his ass hole gradually it opened and due to oil my cock went more and more inside him. My cock was feeling warm and smooth inside.

Now I have to sleep over his body because my cock was going more and deeper. Slowly my cock was completely inside him. He was moaning little bit. I put my hands on his shoulder and tried to fuck him as I have seen in movie. I felt very good while fucking him. It was even better when my cock was all inside his ass. I tried to go as deep as I can. Uncle was moaning whenever I push my cock more deep. After a few minutes I cum inside his ass. We just relaxed for while. I was still sleeping all over his body. My cock was inside him but later it came out. Later I lay down next to him. He went to bathroom and cleaned himself and told me to clean myself. I went to bathroom and cleaned myself. When I came back uncle was seating on bed and rubbing his cock. He told me that now it’s his turn to fuck.

Suddenly my heart beat rose. I sit next to him. He hugged me and started kissing my face and neck. He kissed me on lips. I does not like lip to lip so I removed. He understood that I don’t like smooch. He continued kissing my face and neck. He put my hand on his cock. I started rubbing it. Uncle was touching my body. He asked me start sucking. I started sucking his cock. It was unique or little awkward feeling when you know that you are caressing the cock which is going to fuck you later. He told me to take as deep as I can so I tried to take it as deep as I can. It was salty in taste. His cock was whole inside my neck. Some of his pubic hair was also inside my mouth. Later uncle told me to stop. He asked me to sleep next to facing my ass towards him.

When I slept like that uncle came over me sit gently over my thighs and applied oil to his cock. He told me to hold my ass chicks with both my hands so he can clearly see my ass hole. When I hold my ass chicks he put some oil drops on my ass hole and inserted his finger. I feel pain when he inserted finger. Later he stroked his finger back and forth in my ass. When I feel little relaxed he inserted two fingers instead of one. This time it was more pain because his fingers were big. The two fingers together were almost as big as his cock. I tried to control pain by holding the pillow tight. He removed his fingers and I feel relaxed. He asked me if I am ok. I said my ass is tight and I don’t think I can take your cock inside me.

He said I will do it very slowly that you will hardly feel pain. I thought for a while and said ok but if I feel pain than you will stop fucking me. He said ok. He put some more oil and again started with one finger. One finger was not hard for me it was just a little pain. Letter he increased speed. Once when his whole finger was inside me he made quick shaking which was good. Later he inserted two fingers together. This time he put slowly little pressure so I feel pain but not very much. Later both fingers were all inside me. He waited for while and slowly started finger fucking. After a few minutes he removed his fingers. He asked me to spread and hold my ass chicks once again. I feel the pressure of his cock to my ass hole. As i mentioned earlier that his cock is not so big so it went little smooth than i expected. May be due to fingering and oil it was much less pain. His cock opened my ass hole and went more and more deep.

He took a long time to enter his whole cock. After sometime I was relaxed because there was not much pain. Later I started feeling pain again when he tried to push more and more deep. I thought his whole cock was inside me but I was wrong. When he was pushing more I almost screamed little loud and said don’t push more now I can’t take it more. He said you there is only a little left now. He asked me to put my hand on his cock and check. He guided my hand to his cock. I touched his cock which was still inside me and understood that there is only one inch is left. I said it will be better if he can just finish without pushing more deep. He said ok don’t Beylikdüzü Escort worry. He removed his cock. I feel like it was more open than normal because there was cool air I was feeling in my ass now.

He slept next to me and started hugging and kissing. He asked me to sit on him and take his cock in my ass. I asked him to not to push more deep this time. He said now you are on top so you can take as much as you can. I took position where I tried to sit on him. He holded his cock and I tried to position my ass hole on his cock. When the top of his cock touched my ass hole I tried to sit. His cock was going deeper and deeper when I tried to sit on him. Once again I reached the point where we stopped last time. I slept on him and tried to relax myself. He was caressing all over my body. I was sleeping on his chest while holding his shoulders. It was good feeling. He has some hair on chest but my chest is smooth. It was pretty good feeling of his hair on my smooth chest. His most of the cock was inside me. Later he started fucking slowly which was not bad. When he saw that I am comfortable he asked me to try once again to take his whole cock in my ass. I said ok but only one time I will try and if there is pain he will stop. He asked to sleep near him. I removed his cock and sleep next to him. I was slipping on my stomach.

He asked me to hold my ass chicks and put some drop of oil on my ass hole. Some oil went directly inside my ass. He came over me. His cock was once again touching my ass hole. He inserted it smoothly. Without much pain his half cock was inside me. He slipped on me. He was kissing my face and neck from behind. He put his hands on my shoulders and holded it. I know he is going to push his cock deep now. I asked him to go slow. Suddenly he made big thrust and before I could react, his cock was completely inside me. It was a lot of pain. I screamed a little and tears came out. I tried to wake up but he was all over me and also holding shoulders. He told me to relax. I said there is pain. He said wait for a while and If pain will continue he will remove his cock. I tried my best to wait. After sometime it was ok. It was less pain now. Uncle started fucking me slowly and I was just expecting to end this asap.

After a few strokes he cum inside me. We slept together in the same position for more than 5 minutes. He asked me if there is any pain now. I said no. He put me on side slowly and gave to cloth to clean my ass. I cleaned my ass. He looked at me and kissed me on my chick. I feel good with that kiss. He started wearing his cloths so I also took my cloth. When I finished I said I want to go now.

He said if you want to relax for a while than you can relax. I said no I am fine. He hugged me and kissed me on chick. He told me to come next day for sure. When I walked to home I was little uncomfortable in walking. I went to toilet. I tried to remove all his cum. My ass was now little different than normal. It was more open now. That day I was just thinking all about our fucking. It was mixed feeling. On one side it was pain and other hand it was some kind of adventure and excitement. It was my first sex so it was pain but excitement also. I decided that we will do just little bit sucking and other thing but not fucking. Because sucking was not bad and it was without pain. Next day when I reached to uncle’s home he closed the door and started hugging me immediately. He said that he missed me all the time. He kissed me on chicks, neck and later on lips. I don’t like lip to lip with man but I let him do it. This time we went to bed directly without watching any movie. I said we will only do sucking no fucking. He said come on dear I know there is little pain but it will be no pain if we do this regular. I don’t know what to say. He said just let him fuck two or three time and decide after that. I said ok. He removed his cloths and I also removed my cloths.

He took me to bed and started kissing me on my body parts. It was good feeling. After kissing he asked me to suck. I sucked his cock and when it became full tight he asked me sleep. I know what he meant by sleeping. I laid down next to him. He took oil bottle and put some oil over his cock. He put some oil drop on my ass hole. He came over me and asked me to spread my ass chick and hold them. I opened my hole for him and asked him to go slowly. He said darling don’t worry. This time his cock glided in my ass. It was all inside with little pain. He relaxed for while and started slow fucking. Once he inserted his complete cock inside me. Once again it was pain but not like yesterday. After few seconds I was little comfortable. I don’t know how long he fucked me like that but I cum before him. Finally he cum inside me. This time I enjoyed more than last time. We slept together after fucking. Later he asked me if I want to fuck him but I said not today as I already cum when he was fucking me. He smiled at me.

Now uncle regularly fucked me like two or three times in a week. Normally he fuck me first and later offer me to fuck him. Most of the time I cum when he was fucking me so I don’t like to fuck him after that. Apart from this later it became so good without pain that I started enjoying when he was fucking me. After a month he stopped asking me to fuck him and he just fuck me whenever I go to his house. I don’t mind with that because I think I started enjoying when he was fucking me. I also know that he is also more interested in fucking me rather than getting fucked by me.

Later after a few weeks we became so comfortable with each other that fucking was our routine thing. Initially he fucked me twice or three times in week but letter when I started enjoying I tried to have sex each time we meet. It was like whenever I see him I want to get fucked by him. Later we decided to have sex once in two days. After 8 month he was transferred to new city so he left. I was alone for long time without anyone who can fuck me. I was shy and living in small town so I can’t go to someone and ask him to fuck me. More than four years I was not fucked by anyone until the day when I met one more uncle at theatre. That story I will post asap. For any feedback or if you want friendship with me you can email me.

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